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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Fiona lets Andy into her flat at the boarding house. He asks what her problem is, and she replies that Irene called; it seems like his little scheme is now common knowledge. Andy asks how Irene found out, but Fiona snaps that that doesn't matter; the important thing is that they clear it up once and for all. She goes on that Irene and Roland are flying back to Sydney this afternoon; the one thing he can do to try and salvage a small element of decency is to go and tell Gordon and Barbara the truth; save them the embarrassment of finding it out second-hand too. She adds, "I'm afraid you've made your bed, young man. You're going to have to lie in it." Andy looks worried.

A while later, Andy and Fiona are sitting in the lounge room at Dural, with Gordon, who asks, "And there was no genuine threat?" Andy admits, "No." Gordon comments sadly that he thought Wayne was past that sort of thing, but Andy insists that they honestly felt they were helping him and Barbara stay together. Gordon murmurs that the hardest part will be telling Barbara that Roland's coming back; he'd hoped that business was over.

Stephen sits down in the office at the riding school and dials a number on the 'phone. Jenny answers and he asks her how she is. He adds that he wondered if she'd like to have lunch today; he could do with a friendly ear. Jenny asks what's wrong with Caroline's, and Stephen explains that she seems to be spending the day with Mr. Bourke - and she's a bit too close to things, anyway; he needs someone more objective. Jenny, though, apologises that she's busy today; she really can't spare the time. Stephen suggests half an hour, but Jenny retorts that she's got way behind with everything lately. Stephen asks if she's sure it's not a prior engagement with Ken. Jenny snaps that she told him that's over; she's simply going to have to spend more time at home and less time socialising. She then adds that she'll see him later and she hangs up, leaving Stephen looking surprised.

A while later, Stephen pulls up in his jeep outside Jenny's and gets out. Jenny walks over to him and mutters that she thought she told him she was busy. Stephen tells her that she sounded so hassled on the 'phone that he thought he'd see if she could use a couple of his blokes to help out for a few days. Jenny, though, insists that she can handle it. Stephen points out that she implied that it was his fault that she got behind, and he asks to at least let him make it up to her. Jenny, walking away, snaps that she said she can handle it. Stephen puts his hand on her shoulder and insists that he's only trying to help. Jenny mutters, "I thought you'd have been all tied up trying to pull your family together." Looking surprised, Stephen asks what that's supposed to mean. Jenny retorts, "You can hardly expect me to dangle on the end of a string, waiting to see what happens between you and Caroline. Quite frankly, with all this uncertainty, I'd rather not see you at all." Stephen stares at her and then mutters, "Fair enough. If that's the way you feel." He goes to walk back to his jeep, but Jenny calls after him, "If things were different...; if they were up to me... ;but they're not, are they?" Stephen stares at her.

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne pleads, "Dad, please, what did you expect me to do? You're my father and here's some jerk trying to take your wife away." Gordon assures him, "I'm not denying that your intentions were good, but dear God, your methods... Why do you always go about things in the wrong way?" Wayne mutters that someone had to do something, but Gordon tells him that Barbara has to make up her own mind and that's all there is to it. Wayne growls, "If you're not going to try and keep her, who the hell is?" Gordon repeats that it has to be her decision, but Wayne cries, "Dad... Roland has muscled in on your wife and now he's pulling out all the stops to get her - and if you just sit there and let him do it, he will." Gordon says he doesn't see what else he can do, but Wayne tells him, "Play the game his way. You can't afford to be chivalrous; not when your marriage depends on it." Gordon looks thoughtful.

Sometime later, Barbara pulls up in her car out the front and Gordon runs out to help her unpack the shopping from the boot. As he does so, he asks humorously if there's anything left in the shop! Barbara smiles, "Just a little. Remind me next time not to let the cupboard get so bare." Gordon tells her, "Actually, it's a shame I didn't mention it before you left. You needn't have got so much." Barbara asks, "Mention what?" and Gordon explains, "Our trip to the Bahamas. You keep saying you want to go there; I thought it was time we stopped dreaming and actually went." Looking shocked, Barbara asks him if he's serious, and he smiles that the bookings are made; they leave this afternoon. Barbara asks suspiciously what brought on this sudden decision, and Gordon tells her, "Instinct. I thought it was about time we got away from the hustle and bustle. We both need a holiday." Barbara muses, "I suppose so." Gordon adds that he won't take 'no' for an answer! Barbara smiles that, in that case, she'd better get packed, and she heads inside, leaving Gordon with a smile on his face.

A while later, in the lounge room, Wayne is pouring some mineral waters at the bar. He then hands them to Gordon and Barbara and smiles that he couldn't think of anything better: nothing to do all day except sleep, sunbathe and shake the sand out of your clothes! Gordon adds, "Not to mention catching up on all the reading I've been meaning to do!" Barbara says that she really doesn't like leaving Caroline and Stephen and she asks if they can't put it off for a few days. Gordon, though, tells her that it might be difficult to change tickets. Wayne chips in that they're not to worry; he'll keep in touch - and if the worst comes to the worst, they can always cut their stay short. Barbara asks Gordon if they need visas, but Gordon replies that they don't; they're passing through the States, but they got five-year visas last time they were there so they're still valid. Barbara gets up and heads out of the room, saying as she does so that she'll take the bathers out of mothballs! When she's out of earshot, Wayne smiles at his father, "A few weeks in paradise and Barbara won't give Roland a second thought." Gordon muses, "I hope you're right." Wayne insists that it can't fail - not when he tells Roland that it was Barbara's idea in the first place - "After she decided to stay with you." Gordon comments that Barbara will never forgive him if she finds out; he doesn't know if he can even forgive himself. Wayne, though, points out that they both agreed it was the best strategy. Spider suddenly chips in and asks if he's interrupting. Wayne and Gordon stare at him in surprise, having not heard him come in, and Wayne asks him curtly what he wants. He explains that he was getting a bit bored by himself, out in the flat. Wayne, though, tells him that he and Gordon are talking business, and Gordon adds that they could do with some privacy. Spider says he might pop his head in down at the local, then, and he goes to head out. However, he suddenly realises that he's out of change. Gordon takes out his wallet and, handing over some notes, tells him to have a couple on him. Spider tells him that he's a scholar and a gentleman - but he's not to tell Julie. He then adds, "I might pop in and see if the lady next door would like to come along. Real looker, that one." He goes, and Wayne exclaims quietly to Gordon, "Spider and Charlie?!" Both sit there looking amused!

A short time later, next door, Charlie says to Spider, "Tell me, Spider, how are the Hamiltons?" Spider explains that Gordon and Barbara are jetting off on a holiday somewhere. Charlie comments that that's rather sudden, and she asks if they said why they were going. Spider replies that he heard someone talking about that Roland bloke again; they seem to talk a lot about him over there. He then asks, "Anything else you want to know?" Looking surprised as hit bluntness, Charlie asks about Wayne and Julie, and Spider tells her that Julie hasn't been herself lately - she gets a bit impetuous; she's very young and doesn't know she's upsetting people. Charlie comments that, for her and Wayne's sake, she hopes the girl soon grows out of it. Spider assures her, "Same here, Charlie, same here. First sensible thing she's done, marrying into a good family. Just hope she doesn't ruin it." Charlie sighs and looks at her watch. She then tells Spider, "You'll have to excuse me, darling. If I don't go now, I'll never make that appointment!" Standing up, Spider suggests that she can spare a few minutes to moisten the old tonsils, can't she? Charlie, though replies curtly, "Somehow, Mr. Spider, I don't think so."

Wayne is on the 'phone in the lounge room at Dural, talking to Julie. He suggests that she take the afternoon off and come and say goodbye to Gordon and Barbara, but Julie replies that she can't; the manager's really strict about that sort of thing. Wayne asks, "Who's more important: me or him?" Julie, though, just retorts that she has to get back to work - she's really busy. Wayne insists tautly, "I want you here to say goodbye, Julie," but Julie tells him that she can't hear him properly and he mutters, "Forget it," and hangs up. He suddenly becomes aware of Spider standing in the doorway and he growls that he thought he'd gone out. Spider explains that it's his back - it's playing up something terrible. Wayne asks if he's saying he wants a lift. Spider replies that he'd catch a cab if he had the money... Wayne points out, "We're not a bank, you know, Spider." Spider tells him, "I know what you're thinking about Julie working and not being here with you. I think I can help you." Wayne asks him what he's got in mind, and Spider replies, "I just might go down and pay her a visit. Reckon anything might happen..." Wayne, realising what he's implying, takes out his wallet and, handing over some cash, tells him, "Get yourself a cab." Spider smiles, "You and me are two of a kind, mate. Get the job done, eh? That's what counts." He heads out, leaving Wayne with a thoughtful smile on his face.

A while later, Julie is standing outside the pub where she works, clearing glasses from tables, when she spots her father approaching. She walks over to him and demands to know what he's doing there, adding angrily that there are five pubs between there and the Hamiltons'. Spider asks if a man can't choose his own watering hole. Julie cries that she doesn't want any trouble, but Spider assures her that he just wants a drink. Julie gives in and asks him what he wants: a midi or a schooner. Spider replies that he doesn't think he can tackle a schooner of whiskey - not before lunch! Julie cries at him not to make things difficult. Spider sighs, "Jules, love, now listen to me. We're sitting on a goldmine; we both are. Why do you want to mess things up by working here?" Julie snaps, "I'm working here so I can earn enough money to send you away. You promised, remember?" Spider, though, tells her that he didn't make a promise; she just said that's what she was going to do. Julie points out, "And you agreed." She then tells him that she has to get back to work, and she orders him to sit tight and she'll get him a drink.

Gordon and Barbara walk downstairs at Dural, Gordon carrying two cases. Barbara says she hopes she's packed everything; she's never been so rushed! Gordon says he might order a taxi now, in case they have trouble later. Barbara asks if she can use the 'phone first - she'd like to call Roland. Gordon, looking slightly nervous, quickly tells her that she might have trouble getting him: Irene called while she was out shopping; he didn't say because he didn't want her upset before they left, but Roland slipped out of the country; he supposes he thought it was safer. Looking shocked, Barbara exclaims, "Without telling me?" Gordon says he supposes Roland didn't want her to worry, but Barbara snaps that of course she's worried; how could he do that? Gordon suggests that maybe it's only for a while, but Barbara mutters, "No. No, I've been fooling myself. I thought he needed me. Well, I was obviously very wrong." Gordon looks worried.

A short time later, Wayne walks into the lounge room and asks his father where Barbara is. Gordon replies that she's in the kitchen, tidying up. Wayne asks what for, and Gordon explains that she wants to keep busy, he supposes. Wayne warns his father that he and Barbara had better go soon; Roland will be arriving in Sydney any moment; the last thing they want is him running into Barbara. Gordon adds, "Especially now that I've told her he's overseas." Wayne stares at him and he explains that Barbara wanted to ring Roland in Melbourne, and it's all he could say to prevent it. Wayne comments, "Quick thinking." He then adds that, in an hour or two, Gordon's troubles will be over; he can forget about Roland for good. Gordon tells him that it's not that simple. Wayne, though, asks, "Why not? You've got everything you wanted, haven't you?"

Beryl is preparing a salad in her kitchen when the front door bangs and Jim comes in. He mutters, "Talk about being grilled. You'd think I was applying for Lord Mayor, not a construction manager. Now I know what Mike went through." He opens a beer as Beryl assures him humorously that she won't throw him out! Jim insists that it's his responsibility to support them, but Beryl mutters, "Don't you start." Looking surprised, Jim asks, "Sorry?" Beryl explains, "David used to say the same thing. I think it's absurd - he wouldn't let me pay for anything, either. I really don't want to have that argument again." Jim quickly tells her to slow down; if she wants to buy them things, he's not going to stop her; all he's saying is that he's a pretty independent sort of fellow who likes to feel he's pulling his weight; he wants a job, that's all. Beryl says she's sorry she went on, and Jim heads off to change.

At the pub in Sydney, Julie hands her father another glass of whiskey, asking him as she does so if he hasn't had enough. Spider, though replies that he's just getting the taste for it. Julie stands there and Spider asks if something's wrong. Julie points out that he hasn't paid. Spider says he's sorry. He then starts feeling around for his money, but 'suddenly realises' that he seems to have miscalculated. Julie snaps, "Honestly, dad!" Spider insists that he always pays for his drinks; he'll fix her tomorrow. Julie snaps at him not to bother - he can have it on her, but he's to leave as soon as he's finished, because there won't be anymore. She goes to head back inside. The publican is standing by the door and he asks Julie if she knows the bloke she was just talking to. She explains that it's her father. The publican asks suspiciously, "Not giving him free drinks, are you?" Julie assures him, "He's just running a bit short, Mr. Kitchener. Don't worry, though, I'll fix you up." The publican tells her to make sure she does; he's not running a charity organisation.

At her flat at the boarding house, Fiona finishes speaking to Irene on the 'phone and hangs up. She then tells Andy that Irene and Roland have just arrived at the airport; they'll be leaving their baggage there at the boarding house and then Roland is going straight out to the Hamiltons'. Andy comments that he sounds pretty fired-up, and Fiona asks, "Do you blame him?" The 'phone suddenly starts ringing again and Fiona answers it. Wayne comes on and says he'd like to talk to Andy. Fiona snaps, "I would have thought you'd done enough talking to Andy." Wayne just asks impatiently, "Is he there or not?" and Fiona reluctantly hands the 'phone over. Andy says, "Hi." Wayne asks him if he's heard when Roland's arriving. Andy explains that he's already arrived in Sydney; he's on his way to the boarding house now. Wayne tells him to keep the guy there as long as he can; Gordy and Barbara are going on holiday and he doesn't want to risk Barbara running into Roland before he leaves. Andy asks what he can do about it, but Wayne just tells him to stall him as long as he can. Andy, though, mutters, "Sorry, mate, you're on your own. Let them sort it out for themselves." Wayne asks in surprise, "What the hell's got into you?" Andy retorts, "A bit of common sense." Wayne growls, "Don't pull out on me now, Andy. You're in too deep as it is." Andy, though, retorts, "Not me. Best of luck." With that, he hangs up.

Spider finishes his drink at the pub and then stands up and puts on his jacket, muttering as he does so, "Now, where is she?" He looks around and then deliberately bumps into a patron sitting at the next table. The guy spills his drink over himself and, standing up, warns angrily, "Hey! Watch it, granddad." Spider asks tauntingly, "Can't you hold your beer, mate?" The guy snaps, "You owe me a schooner, pal." Spider mutters that it was an accident, but the guy snaps, "Bull. You'll pay to have my pants dry-cleaned, too." Spider asks him if he's calling him a liar. The man retorts, "I'm saying you knocked my beer over." Spider holds up his hands in a fighting position and growls, "Get them up. No one calls me a liar." Another man suddenly walks over to them and, putting his hands on Spider's shoulders, gently pulls him away. Julie runs over and snaps at the second man, "What do you think you're doing? Leave him alone." The man warns, "Stop barging in here," but Julie snaps, "I wouldn't have to if customers like you didn't go round causing trouble all the time. Who do you think you are?" The publican suddenly walks over and tells her, "Mike Thurgood. My co-owner." He then adds, "There's the door, Miss. Webb. Take your father and go - and don't bother to come back." Julie leads Spider off angrily.

Charlie is in the hallway at Dural with Gordon and Barbara. Gordon asks Barbara if she's sure she's got everything, but Barbara mutters that it's too bad if she hasn't. Charlie says to her that she must feel so much better now that she finally knows what she's doing. Barbara comments that she hasn't had much time to think about it. Wayne joins them and says he's checked upstairs and thinks they've got everything. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Gordon says he'll take it in the living room. He heads in there. Barbara calls after him that, if it's Stephen, call her. Charlie tells Barbara that she's green with envy; she loves sailing in those fabulously wealthy millionaires' yachts! At the bar in the lounge room, Gordon tells Beryl on the 'phone that he hasn't heard anything since then, but Stephen and Caroline aren't giving up hope. Beryl comments that it's awful not knowing. Gordon tells her that he really must go - he and Barbara were just about to go for a holiday; they're half way out the door; he'll ring her when he gets back. Beryl, though, quickly explains that she was going to ask him something to do with the company: the possibility of Jim taking over the Melbourne end, if Gordon's still interested in going ahead with it. Gordon replies that, so far, he's only spoken to Mike about it. Beryl suggests that, with Mike happily settled up in Brisbane-- Gordon interrupts and says briskly that he really must go; he'll talk to her about it when he gets back. Looking surprised, Beryl just says, "Bon voyage," and Gordon hangs up. Wayne comes into the lounge room and Gordon tells him that that was Beryl. He then looks at his watch and says he wishes the taxi would turn up; he can't take much more of this! A car horn suddenly sounds outside and Gordon exclaims, "Thank goodness!" Out in the hallway, Charlie tells Barbara that she wants postcards with a full description of everything! Barbara opens the front door and Julie suddenly bursts in and runs into the lounge room. Spider follows her in and Wayne asks what's going on. Spider explains, "She got the boot from the pub she was working at." Barbara says sympathetically that she'd better see if she's alright, but Wayne quickly tells her to leave it to him; she'd better grab that taxi before it drives off. Barbara asks him to tell Julie how sorry they are, and she heads outside. Gordon tells Wayne that he'll see him when he gets back. Spider chips in, "I hope my back's better by the time you get home." Gordon, looking bemused, says, "So do I," and he goes. Wayne closes the door. Spider says to him, "Awful about Julie losing the job, wasn't it?" Wayne just suggests that they talk about it later. He heads into the lounge room, where Julie is standing with her arms crossed, an angry expression on her face. Wayne goes and puts his hands on her shoulders. She tells him that she's sorry she didn't say goodbye, but she couldn't. Wayne assures her that Gordon and Barbara understand. He then asks what happened, and Julie cries, "It's dad. He made me lose my job. Why couldn't he stay out of things?" Wayne points out that it wasn't much of a job anyway. Julie snaps, "I don't want him here anymore, Wayne. Tell him to go back to that Old People's Home." Wayne points out, "He's your father," but Julie retorts, "He's a nasty, selfish old man. I can't stand living in the same house as him." Wayne suggests that she shouldn't go making snap decisions. Julie stares at him as she realises, "You're pleased I lost that job, aren't you?" Wayne tells her that he knows how important it was to her, but Julie retorts, "No you don't. You couldn't. You're glad it didn't work out." With that, she storms out into the hallway - where Spider is listening with his ear to the lounge room door. As Julie goes to head upstairs, he tells her, "Don't feel bad, Jules. It's all for the best." Julie just snaps, "Whose? Yours or mine?"

Gordon and Barbara's taxi is driving along the street and stops at a 'Give Way' sign. Barbara is sitting behind the driver, staring out of the window, thoughtfully. Gordon looks at her and then asks the driver if they can turn left there; there's a stop he wants to make before they get to the airport.

In the hallway at Dural, Wayne hands Spider $50 and tells him that it should keep him in drinks for a while. Spider suggests that they leave it this time; he didn't know Julie would be so upset; he feels real rotten about it. Wayne, though, assures him that he did the right thing; the job was getting a real hassle between them. He hands him the money and tells him to have a big spend-up. The two of them suddenly become aware of Julie standing on the stairs, staring at them furiously...

Gordon opens the rear passenger door of the cab to let Barbara out. They're outside the boarding house, and Barbara asks if they have time to be saying goodbye to Fiona. Gordon, though, explains, "It's Roland. I lied to you. He's not overseas, he's here." Barbara stares at him and says she doesn't understand. Gordon tells her to go in, talk to him and make the final decision as to who she wants to stay with. Barbara demands, "Then why did you tell me he was overseas?" Gordon explains that he had some foolish idea that she'd forget about Roland if she believed he'd disappeared, but when he saw the effect it was having on her, he realised how selfish he was being. He adds, "I'll wait ten minutes. If you're not out by then, I'll carry on to the airport alone; that'll give you and Roland time to work out your future, if that's what you both want." Barbara stares at him as he concludes, "I'm sorry. You have to make you mind up. Now: Roland or me?" Barbara starts heading uncertainly up the driveway of the boarding house. She turns and looks back at Gordon leaning on the cab, looking worried.


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