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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

In Irene's flat, Roland is telling Andy angrily that he's amazed he had the nerve to come and face him. Andy retorts that he would have had to sooner or later. Roland goes on at Andy that he actually liked him; nothing to do with him being his son, but he thought he was a decent kid; he couldn't have been more wrong if he tried... He adds angrily that he hopes Andy and his friend, Hamilton, enjoyed themselves. Fiona chips in and suggests that perhaps Andy didn't 'enjoy' himself. Roland, though, says he suspects he did. He adds that at least Hamilton had the excuse that he was doing it for his father; it wasn't some ridiculous desire for revenge. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Irene gets up to open it and finds Barbara standing there. She asks to speak to Roland. Roland walks over to them and Barbara tells him there's something she'd like to discuss with him. The two of them head out. Irene closes the door and, returning to Andy and Fiona, tells Andy that if he and Wayne dished out to her the sort of treatment they dished out to Roland, she wouldn't want to know them anymore; he'd better wake up to the fact that Roland is his father. Andy mutters it's not his fault. Irene snaps that if he wants to bear a grudge about the way it happened, it's up to him, but it's no reason for the treatment he's dished out - and if he thinks there is, then Roland isn't the only one who's misjudged him. Andy looks guilty.

A short time later, outside, Gordon looks at his watch. Irene comes down the path and comments that she saw him from the window. Gordon explains that he's waiting to see what Barbara decides. He adds that he's given her ten minutes with Roland; if she's not out by then, he'll have to leave the catch the 'plane. Irene asks him if he wants her to wait with him, adding that it might help pass the time. Gordon muses that he's not very good company at the moment. Irene just smiles hesitantly.

In Roland's bedsit, Barbara is pacing the floor as she tells a seated Roland that she knows they were together for twenty years - she can't forget that; but she can't forget the two years she's had with Gordon, either. She asks him, "Don't you understand I love you both and I'm going to have to turn my back on one of you?" Roland insists that he can't help it; he wants her to stay with him, but she has to make the decision. Barbara asks what if she can't make that decision; he and Gordon have sat back and heaped the whole responsibility on her shoulders as if the whole thing were her fault; how would they like it if she asked the two of them to go away and work it all out and then come back and tell her what they'd decided? Roland replies that he's sure he and Gordon would both like to make the decision for her, but they can't. Barbara sniffs that she's sorry. She then sits down and says she's being selfish - she wants her cake and eat it too. She then tells Roland, "I'll stay with you." Roland cries in relief that he was terrified she was going to choose Gordon. Barbara asks weakly, "How can I? We were married for so long; I can't dismiss that. And I have a duty to you and to the children." Looking surprised, Roland queries, "Duty?" and Barbara murmurs, "Yes." Roland tells her curtly, "Barbara, I don't want you to come back to me out of a sense of duty. I want you to come back because you love me more than you love Gordon. That's what you've got to decide." Barbara sobs, "I know." Roland goes on sadly that, he thinks in her heart, she's already decided.

Outside, Gordon lifts Barbara's suitcase out of the boot of the taxi. Irene asks him if he shouldn't wait a bit longer, but Gordon explains that he'll miss the 'plane - and he doesn't want to see Barbara and Roland together; a couple of weeks by himself, he'll be fine. Irene says she thinks he's being unfair, expecting Barbara to make a decision more quickly, but Gordon retorts that there's no other way; the more she thinks about it, the more confused she's going to become. He adds, "It's done. She's chosen Roland." Irene tells him that he can't be sure of that, but Gordon just replies that he'll see her in a couple of weeks, and he gets back in the cab and asks the driver to head to the airport. Irene watches him go, sadly.

A short time later, Irene is picking up Barbara's suitcase when Barbara and Roland come down the driveway. Looking aghast, Barbara cries, "Where's Gordon?" Irene explains that he's left for the airport; he thought she wasn't coming. She then asks Roland what's going on. Roland explains sadly, "Barbara's decided to stay with Gordon." Barbara cries that she's got to catch him. Irene tells her that they'll take her car.

The cab is driving along the road and the driver is chatting to Gordon about football when Irene's car comes up behind them tooting its horn. It draws level and Irene calls across, "Pull over - I've another passenger for you!" The driver calls back that he's not a bus! Gordon, though, asks him to stop. The taxi pulls up at the side of the road and Irene, Barbara and Roland climb out of Irene's car. Barbara tells her ex-husband gently, "I'm sorry. I hope you can understand." Roland hands Gordon Barbara's suitcase and tells him ruefully that he should have waited a few more minutes. Gordon smiles at Barbara that they'd better hurry - they don't want to miss that 'plane. He then helps Barbara into the taxi as Roland looks on sadly.

Spider is pacing the hallway at Dural, listening to Wayne and Julie talking in raised voices as they stand on the upstairs landing. Wayne asks if they can talk, but Julie retorts that they have talked. Wayne points out that it was hardly a conversation: her locked inside the room and him outside. Spider ducks into the lounge room as the two of them come downstairs and Julie walks over to the 'phone, putting down a suitcase as she does so. She asks Wayne what the number for the cab is, but Wayne cries, "Don't do it. You know you love me. You have to give me another chance." Julie tells him that it's impossible to trust him. Wayne insists that he'd never do anything to hurt her, but Julie cries, "What have you just done? That's the trouble with you, Wayne: you think you know what's best for people. Any time you and I disagree, it's me who's wrong. I'm sure there are plenty of girls out there who'd like to have their lives organised, but I'm not one of them." She then suggests that they face it: they're not right for each other. Wayne, though, insists that they are; she remembers how happy they were in Melbourne. Julie cries that he was a different person then: she thought she'd met a decent, ordinary bloke who wasn't worth a fortune and who liked her for what she was; she was wrong. She tells him, "You're a spoilt little boy, Wayne. You think you can do whatever you want to get your own way." Wayne admits that, alright, sometimes he is, but he doesn't have to be; he loves her; he doesn't want to lose her; she has to give him another chance - and he promises he'll try to change. Julie stares at him for several seconds before murmuring reluctantly, "Alright, one more try. But no more games - I mean that." Wayne assures her, "I swear." Julie then adds, "There's one other thing: dad has to go - 'cos as long as he's around, we're wasting our time even trying." Spider listens in the lounge room as Wayne insists that it wasn't all Spider's fault that she lost her job; he knew the old bloke was up to something, but he didn't try to stop him. Julie retorts that he shouldn't have been up to something in the first place - and if Wayne wants her to stay, he has to go. Wayne murmurs, "If that's what you want."

At the boarding house, Irene and Roland head back into Irene's flat, and Roland asks Irene if she thinks Barbara really did the right thing. Irene replies that she did what she thought would cause the least unhappiness; only time will tell if it does. Roland comments that he could see Fiona thought it was the best news she'd heard in years! Irene points out that Fiona has known Gordon a long time. She then suggests that there's no point brooding about it, but Roland asks what else he can do. He adds, "Have you any idea what it's like to find someone you thought you'd lost forever and then lose them again?" Irene nods sadly, "Yes - it happened to me last year. And I know it's not easy, but you've got your health back; you've got your friends. You'll find someone special again." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and she gets up to answer it. STD pips sound and David comes on, saying he's 'phoning to see what happened with Roland. Irene replies awkwardly that she can't really talk right now. David asks her to call him back when she can. Irene then asks how Shane is and David replies that the hospital says they can bring him home. Irene smiles that that's good. She adds that she'll be in touch again soon and hangs up. In the kitchen at the country house, David looks surprised. From the table, Leigh asks, "How are they?" David, though, sitting down, explains that Irene couldn't talk. He adds that he guesses Roland is upset - although Irene's looking after him. Leigh muses, "I'm sure she would be." David just murmurs, "Yeah..." Sensing something in his voice, Leigh asks him if he's jealous, but David assures her that nothing would please him more than to see Irene pair up with someone. Leigh asks him when he's going to pair-up with someone, adding that it must get a bit lonely. David, though, smiles, "Not anymore - I have a daughter to keep me company now!" Leigh smiles at him, happily.

Irene hands Roland a glass of sherry and tells him to drink up. He takes a sip and then tells Irene that he'd like to say thanks - for all her help. Irene asks what else friends are for. There's suddenly a knock at the door and she answers it to find Andy standing there. He explains that Fiona told him what happened, and he asks if he can talk to Roland. Irene calls to Roland that it's Andy, and Roland comes to the door. Andy tells him, "I want to say I'm sorry. I won't pretend I'm glad Mr. and Mrs. H. are staying together, 'cos that's the best thing, but what I did to you was pretty rotten and you didn't deserve it." Roland asks, "You're sorry?" Andy explains that he was hoping maybe they could give it another go. Roland just snaps, "Get out."

A while later, Andy leaves his bedsit with a packed holdall. Fiona comes round the corner and asks him gruffly if he's spoken to Roland, but Andy explains that Roland doesn't want to know him. He adds that the stupid part is, he really liked the guy until he found out he was his father; they could have been really good friends, but as it turned out, he needn't have bothered. Noticing the holdall, Fiona asks him if he's going away, and he explains that he's off to Woombai - he should be helping to look for Amanda. Fiona asks him if he can wait for a few minutes, and Andy replies that he's waited a whole week - a few more minutes won't make any difference. He asks why, and Fiona explains that it'll give her time to pack and tell Irene that she's going with him; she feels she wants to give a hand, too - and apart from that, Jill 'phoned: she's got a job in Chandler, working near Terry. Andy exclaims that that's great, and he asks if Jill's going to stay there. Fiona smiles, "Just for a little while. I'm going to miss them both, but I'm just so happy she's made friends with Terry."

Julie is cleaning in the lounge room at Dural when Spider walks in. He tells his daughter that he's packed his suitcase, rung the Home and told them he'll be back tomorrow. Julie just ignores him. Spider goes on that he didn't realise she'd be so upset losing that job; he was only thinking of her. Julie, though, sighs and tells him not to try to worm his way around her. Spider assures her, "A man's just trying to part good friends, that's all." Wayne suddenly comes in and asks Julie to come outside, as he's got something to show her. He grabs her hand and leads her to the front door.

There's a gleaming new black car standing in the driveway, and Wayne asks Julie what she thinks. She asks what it is, and Wayne explains, "A car!" Julie laughs that she knows that! She then asks what it's for, and Wayne tells her that that's up to her - it was going to be a wedding present, but he thought she needed some cheering up. Spider joins them as Julie insists that she doesn't need a car; she wouldn't be game to drive it. Spider, though, asks her where her manners are, adding that she should say 'thankyou'. Wayne suggests that at least she could say she forgives him - and better yet, she can say she loves him! Julie smiles, "Would I still be here if I didn't?" Wayne hands her the keys and tells her to try it out. As she walks to the driver's door, Spider says quietly to Wayne, "Good on ya, mate - dead on the mark. Reminds me of something I can do for her, too." He walks off down the driveway, leaving Wayne looking bemused.

David and Leigh are fussing over Shane in the kitchen at the country house, and Leigh smiles at her son that he bets he's glad to be home! David takes him and says happily, "My grandson!" He then tells Leigh that he's never felt like Shane's granddad before; with young Davey, it was different because he was there when he was born; he was his grandson from the start; Shane seemed to have come out of nowhere. He adds that so did she, for that matter - but he reckons they feel more like a family now. Leigh tells him, "It's hard not to think of Ray as dad - he was really good to me; it was awful when he died. And then George came along... I never did get on with him - although I suppose it was my fault as much as his." She adds, "Anyway, I've got you now - and that's good. I'm pleased." David hands Shane back to her and then says he'd better get to work. He heads out the back door and bumps into a young man coming towards him. He asks him if he can help him and the man explains that he's looking for a job; he's been doing the rounds of all the farms but there's not much going. He asks David if he's got anything for a few weeks, but David says he's sorry. The guy adds that he doesn't mind working hard. David asks him where he's from, and he replies that he's from Perth originally; he's been about for years - done everything from grape-picking to shearing. David asks him cautiously what he knows about market gardening, and the guy replies, "A bit, yeah." David invites him in to have a beer and talk about it. He then introduces himself and shakes the guy's hand. The guy introduces himself as Neil Duffy. The two of them head into the kitchen and David introduces Leigh and Shane. He then tells Neil to sit down and he takes a couple of beers out of the 'fridge.

Spider is back at the pub where Julie was working. He walks over to the customer that he'd caused to tip drink over himself, saying to him that he hoped he'd find him there. The customer retorts that he thought they threw him out, but Spider explains that he reckons they ought to straighten things out. The customer tells him that they're 'straight', as far as he's concerned. Spider, putting his hand on the guy's shoulder, explains that he just wanted to apologise. This act, though, causes the customer to spill his glass of beer down himself and he exclaims in horror, "He's done it again!" Looking sheepish, Spider insists that it was a mistake, but Thurgood, who's sitting opposite the customer, suggests testily, "I'm going to have to teach you the hard way, aren't I...?

Julie is standing by the bar at Dural, the 'phone in her hand. Wayne comes in and says he hopes she's not calling the car yard to take her car back! Julie, though, assures him that she really likes it; she just has to get used to it. A 'phone starts ringing at the other end. STD pips sound and a woman then answers, "Sunnyville Retirement Home." Julie asks her if a Mr. Arthur Webb has made any bookings with them. The woman, sounding surprised, replies, "Spider? He's not coming back, is he?" Julie explains that that's what she wants to find out. The woman asks her to wait while she checks. Julie then whispers to Wayne that she's checking up on Spider - he says he's made arrangements to go back but she bets he doesn't give in that easily. After a few seconds, the woman comes back on and tells Julie that Spider has made a booking - he's told them he'll be returning tomorrow. Julie thanks her and hangs up. She then muses to Wayne, "Well, what do you know?" Wayne replies, "See, he's not as bad as you thought. It's hard not to feel sorry for him." Julie, though, retorts that she's felt sorry for him lots of times and it's always cost her. There's suddenly a noise at the front door, and Wayne comments that that must be him. Spider calls weakly, "Jules..." Julie calls back that she's in the lounge room. Spider staggers in, clutching his arm and not wearing his glasses. Julie stares at him and asks in concern what happened. Spider tells her that he went back to the pub to try and get that job back for her, but they're the most unfriendly mob of people he's ever met; it wasn't his fault - he tried to apologise but he just wouldn't listen; then that gorilla threw him out onto a pile of rubbish bins. Julie asks Wayne to get the first aid kit, and he runs off. Julie cries at her father, "Dad, how could you?" Spider, though, mutters, "That's right, make out it's all my fault. I was just trying to do the right thing, that's all."

In the kitchen at the country house, David hands Neil another beer and tells him that he can doss in the shed they fixed up for Leigh's brother. Neil exclaims that that would be great - after the last few days, any kind of bed would be a nice change! David asks him if he's been on the road a while, and Neil explains that the last job was up at Hay; he hitched his way down. David asks who owns the hotel up there now. Neil asks, "Which one?" and David replies that he means the big one on the left as you head north, near the petrol station. Neil, suddenly looking shifty, turns away to avoid David's gaze as he goes on that it's a great place to stop for a couple of quiet ones on the way up to Idlehoe, then across to Broken Hill. Neil just mutters that he thinks it's still the same guy. Leigh comes in from the hallway and David asks if Shane's asleep. Leigh smiles that he went off no trouble. David then explains to Neil that the little fella's been a bit crook; he's alright now, though. Neil comments, "They breed them tough in the bush, eh?" Looking surprised, Leigh asks him how he knows they're from the bush, and Neil quickly points out that they're there aren't they? Leigh comments that it's hardly the bush, though - although it is to some people! David laughs and tells Neil that he'll show him the shed. The two of them head outside.

Roland is wiping up a mug in his bedsit when Irene appears in the doorway and tells him that she's just off to the Hamiltons' - it seems Spider's has had some sort of accident and she wants to check on Wayne as well. Roland asks her if she'll come in before she goes. She does so and Roland announces, "I'm thinking of leaving." Looking surprised, Irene asks why, and Roland explains that he thinks it would be a good idea if he was gone before Andy gets back. Irene asks if that isn't just running away again; it would be a shame if he and Andy couldn't find some way of coming to terms. Roland sighs that he's not sure he wants to. Irene quickly tells him that she still thinks he should stay for a while - at least until he knows what he wants to do. Roland shrugs, "Maybe you're right. Perhaps there is a good reason to stay...?" Irene looks at him and then quickly blusters that she'd better go and check on Spider; she'll see him when he gets back. She goes. Roland watches her as she goes.

The 'phone rings on the desk in a smart-looking house. It's answered by a young man dressed in a smart suit. Neil comes on - calling from a public 'phone box - and says it's him. He then adds, "It couldn't have worked out better - I met Leigh and I got a job on the farm." The smartly-dressed guy asks about the kid, and Neil nods that, yeah, he's there - they had to put him to bed early, though - he just got home from hospital. The smart guy asks sharply, "What's wrong with him?" Neil explains that he's been a bit sick, that's all; he's alright now. The smart guy mutters, "He'd better be. If she hasn't been looking after him..." Neil says that, from what he saw, she's crazy about him. The smart guy suggests that that could make things a bit tricky, and he asks Neil if he's going to be able to handle it. Neil, though, tells him, "Don't worry - I know what to do. It'll be easy and they won't suspect a thing." The smart guy retorts, "Good."

Leigh carries Shane into the kitchen at the country house and coos that she'll get him an orange juice. She then kisses him and soothes gently that it was horrible having to stay in that hospital by himself - but he's not to worry: she'll make sure no one ever separates them again...


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