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    Written by: Anthony Wheeler    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

That evening, as Leigh holds two empty plates, Neil tells her that he's been eating out of tins for so long that he'd scrub the floor for a meal like that! Leigh smiles that he can do that later! Neil then goes on that, when she's finished the washing up, how about they go out somewhere? and he asks if there are any good clubs around. Leigh, though, quickly replies that she can't: it's Shane: they say he's OK, but you never know with kids. Neil comments that it must be a drag to be tied to the house, but Leigh replies that it isn't really; she thought so at first but now it's different. Neil asks her if she enjoys the mother bit and Leigh says she does. Neil goes on that he bets she'd rather be raging. Leigh, though, replies that she can't with Shane - and it's different out there in the country; they're happy. Neil looks thoughtful.

Wayne is talking to Ted Morgan on the 'phone on the bar at Dural, as Julie sits listening. He tells Morgan that he'll check with Julie, and he then explains to her that the Morgans want them to go to a dinner party next week, adding that Vera probably wants to check her out! Returning to the 'phone, he tells Ted Morgan that that will be fine, and he hangs up. As soon as he does so, Julie asks him if the Morgans are business friends. Wayne replies that Ted is a bit of a stuffed shirt, but he's a nice guy. Julie asks what his wife is like, and Wayne explains, "Pushy. Likes to be seen. Runs umpteen committees. Made Ted a millionaire by the time he was 35!" Julie looks downcast and tells him that those women scare her! Wayne laughs that they scare him, too! Julie insists that she'd feel ridiculous; she wouldn't know what to say. Wayne, though, tells her to just gab on about anything - that's all they ever do. He adds that at least she can drive them there in style! There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Wayne heads out to answer it to find Irene there. She explains that she had a flat tyre. As they head into the lounge room, she then asks where Spider is, and Wayne tells her that he went to say goodbye to Charlie. Irene mutters that she'll get cleaned up then have a look at his chest - although why she's bothering, she doesn't know, after what he did to Roland. She storms out and Julie immediately asks Wayne what that was all about. Wayne quickly retorts, "Nothing. Just talking through her hat as usual..."

Next door, Charlie hands Spider some painkillers and he swallows them with a glass of water. She then comments that he looks like he's had an argument with a bus, and Spider replies that they were built like buses. Charlie queries, "They?" Spider holds up three fingers and Charlie asks him in admiration if he took on three men. Spider points out that a man's got to protect his daughter; no one fires old Spider's daughter, so the guy sent three yobbos after him. He adds that they guy didn't know he'd been a bit of a boxer in his time, so he flattened them; they didn't know what hit them! Charlie asks Spider about his elbow, and he quickly explains that while he was bashing the living daylights out of one bloke, there was another one creeping up behind him, and as he swung his arm back, he must have hit his elbow against this big chunk of four-by-two that he was carrying! Charlie comments that it looks as if it wasn't all one-sided, and Spider admits that they might have got in a few punches - he couldn't keep up his guard altogether; there were four of them... Raising her eyebrows, Charlie queries, "Four?" Spider quickly corrects, "Three. Sorry, three." He then adds that it was no big deal; his elbow just hurts, that's all. Charlie warns him that he should be more careful at his age, but Spider assures her that there's life in the old bloke yet!

Desmond Bourke is back at Woombai, and Caroline introduces him to Fiona, who's sitting on the couch with Samantha, drinking a cup of tea. Fiona tells Bourke that Caroline has told her all about him. Caroline then introduces Andy, who comments sourly, "So, you're the fortune teller, eh? What's your crystal ball got to say about Amanda?" As Caroline warns, "Andy..." Bourke tells him, "Not much, I'm afraid." He then hands Caroline a newspaper and she asks what's in it. Bourke explains that it's about Amanda. As she sits down and reads the article he points out, Samantha asks him if he'd like a cup of tea. He declines, though, and Andy snaps, "Don't you read tea-leaves?" Bourke growls, "No." Fiona tells him, "I used to - until some of my predictions began to come true." Bourke admits that it can be frightening. Andy mutters that nobody can predict the future, but Bourke insists that he has been able to find other missing people. Caroline suddenly snaps, "How can they print this? They've go not right to assume that she's--" Samantha interrupts and asks what they say. Bourke explains that they compare Amanda's disappearance with several other cases where the girl is found dead. Samantha looks at him and then quickly changes the subject and comments to Fiona that she hasn't told Stephen that she's there yet. She gets up and heads out to the office. Bourke takes her place on the couch and Fiona immediately asks him when he first realised he had this 'gift'. Bourke explains that he was about four or five - he didn't realise it was anything special; he thought everyone could see the same things - but his mother made him promise never to talk about it. He adds that she had the same ability; she was scared. He goes on that he broke that promise when he was ten - after his father died; he decided it was sometimes better to be laughed at than to keep things to himself. He explains that, one night, he dreamt his dad was killed in a car smash; he didn't say anything... and a couple of days later, it happened; he could have warned him... Fiona tells him mutedly that she feels dreadful for him. Bourke explains that, since then, he's always spoken out, even when people think he's a fraud. Caroline asks, "Are you?" Bourke shakes his head and replies, "No. I'm not."

In the office at the riding school, Stephen sighs, "Well, if she's that upset..." Samantha replies that she is; she needs him; they shouldn't have printed that story. Stephen points out that it was bound to come out. He then adds that he doesn't know what he's going to say to Caroline when he sees her. Samantha realises, "You think Amanda's dead, don't you?" Stephen admits, "After what Bill Ashley said to you, I think it's possible." Samantha points out that Caroline is going to need him even more, but Stephen tells her not to start; it won't work. Samantha asks him if he's still seeing Jenny, but Stephen replies that he isn't - but only because she's not seeing him. He adds that he'd like to know why, but he'll worry about that when he has more time. With that, the two of them head out.

Caroline is sitting in an armchair at the homestead, looking distant. Desmond Bourke asks gently, "Mrs. Morrell?" Caroline, handing him the paper, murmurs, "They're saying she's dead..." Bourke apologises for showing it to her, but Andy snaps, "It's a bit late now." Bourke tells her not to give up hope. Stephen and Samantha come in as Caroline asks Bourke if he's saying Amanda is still alive. He replies, "Yes." Caroline asks him if he's sure, and he tells her, "As sure as I can be." Stephen asks him angrily how he can know, as there's no proof. Caroline points out that there's no proof that she's dead, either. Looking at Samantha, Stephen tells her that she'd better tells her mother what Bill said. Samantha explains to Caroline falteringly, "He told me that Amanda was probably buried in some shallow grave somewhere." Stephen adds that it's pretty certain that Ashley had something to do with it. Caroline mutters that he wouldn't kill her, but Stephen points out that he tried to kill Samantha. He adds that she has to face it. Caroline, though, cries that she won't; Amanda is alive - she's sure she is.

At Charlie's, Charlie pours Spider another glass of scotch as he tells her a story about his time in the navy. As he finishes, Charlie smiles that they must have been great days! Spider downs his scotch and then says he'd better get home and have a rest. He adds that he just came in to say cheerio - and if ever she's in Melbourne, she should look him up at the Sunnyville Retirement Home. He adds that it gets a bit lonely there sometimes. Charlie smiles that she will. She then asks him what time his 'plane goes, but he replies that there's no 'plane - he's a pensioner; the best he can do is hitch. Looking shocked, Charlie exclaims, "To Melbourne? You can't do that." Spider points out that he hasn't got much choice. Charlie asks him if he can't even pay for a bus, but Spider explains that Julie is so crooked at him at the moment... Charlie, looking shocked, retorts, "Well I'm not. It's barbaric!" She then asks rhetorically where her purse is. She finds it, but Spider tells her that he couldn't take money from a lady. Charlie, though, retorts that she insists: he's catching a 'plane. With that, she hands him some notes, and as he stuffs them into his jacket pocket, he suggests, "Well, I suppose I could pay you back... sometime..."

Julie is sitting in the lounge room at Dural when Irene comes back in. She asks how Wayne is, and Irene retorts that he'll live. She then asks if Spider's back yet, and Julie replies, "No." Irene stands there, her arms crossed in frustration. Julie asks her why she's so angry with Wayne. Irene explains that she can't stand conniving people. She then sits down and admits that she shouldn't have said that, but Julie must know what he's like; she's marrying the bloke. She asks Julie if she loves him. Julie hesitates before admitting, "Yeah, but I don't fit in here. His whole lifestyle; I'm not used to it - and I can't talk to anyone." Irene asks her if she's having second thoughts, and Julie admits that she supposes she is. Irene invites her to come over to the boarding house one day soon, and they'll have a chat. Julie smiles that she'd like that. Wayne is just coming downstairs out in the hallway when Spider comes in from the flat. Wayne asks him how he got on, and he smiles that Charlie is a real lady. He then adds that he sees the doc hasn't gone yet. He heads into the lounge room where Irene tells him that she was just about to give up on him. Spider asks her if she's got some pills, as it's still hurting a bit. Irene asks him if he picked a fight with someone, but he insists that he was just protecting himself. She checks his right elbow and then tells him that she'll give him something for the pain, but she thinks he'd better have the arm x-rayed first thing in the morning. Spider tells her that he can't - he's leaving tomorrow. Irene cries at him that he can't travel like that, but Spider retorts that he's got to. Julie quickly tells him not to be silly - he can't go until he's well. Wayne adds cheerily, "Can't have you going home a cripple!"

Leigh is talking to her mum on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house. She tells her that she'll talk to her soon and she then hangs up. David comes in with Neil and asks her how Frannie is. Leigh replies that she's fine, but she said Richard's been asking about her. David explains to Neil, "Shane's father." Leigh goes on that Richard asked how she's getting on and where she's living now and her mum told him. She adds in concern, "What if he turns up?" David, though, asks, "What if he does? He can't do anything." He then tells her to forget about him and he'll make a cuppa.

Stephen is looking at some files in the office at the riding school when Caroline comes in and comments that he looks tired. He explains that he's just trying to clear the backlog. Caroline closes the door and mutters, "Can't it wait?" Stephen looks at her and she goes on, "Does it help? Losing yourself in paperwork: does it help you to forget?" Stephen murmurs, "Sometimes." Caroline cries, "I can't get her out of my mind." Stephen stands up and goes and puts his hands on her shoulders, saying gently, "I know." Caroline insists, "I can't get through it without you, Stephen. I need you. Do we have to have separate bedrooms?" Stephen looks at her and then starts kissing her passionately...

In the living room at the homestead, Samantha puts down a plate of biscuits on the table and joins Fiona and Desmond Bourke. Bourke says he'll leave in the morning, but Fiona pleads with him not to do that; it's not going to help the situation. Bourke comments that he's only causing trouble, but Fiona tells him not to let Andy worry him. Bourke asks, "What if I'm wrong? I'm beginning to wonder." Samantha points out that he said he was sure that Amanda was alive. Bourke, though, points out that all he said he had was a feeling - but he doesn't know any more; he's not infallible - and he's got no right to build up false hopes if he can't be certain. He adds that he'll just tell Caroline that there's nothing more he can do and there's no point in him staying. He then stands up and says to Fiona, "Thankyou for having an open mind. There aren't many." He walks out. When he's gone, Fiona comments to Samantha, "You know, I'm convinced that he's genuine. I feel so sorry for the man... any insight he's got should be a gift - instead of which, it's a burden."

David and Neil are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house while Leigh is running water in the sink. David yawns that he's going to turn in soon - it's going to be a big day tomorrow. Neil comments that it's still a bit early for him. Leigh heads out of the room and Neil immediately asks David what's wrong with her, as she seems a bit edgy. He asks if it's something to do with that Richard bloke she was talking about earlier. David explains, "He, um... well, let's just say she's got pretty good reason to." With that, he heads off to bed. Neil sits there, looking thoughtful.

The next morning, Fiona, Caroline, Samantha, Stephen and Desmond Bourke are having breakfast at the Woombai homestead when there's a knock at the front door. Samantha goes to get it. Caroline, staring at Bourke, asks him if he's alright, but he explains glumly that he can't help feeling he's let them down. Caroline tells him not to be silly. Samantha escorts Bill Ashley's workman, Fred Ogden, in, and Stephen immediately snaps at him, "What do you want?" Ogden explains that he just wanted to let everyone know that he'll be supervising the abattoir construction from now on - and the company has asked him to express their sympathy about the trouble with Bill Ashley - they had no idea what he was like; they only wish there was something they could do. Stephen retorts, "Yes, there is: you can stay off our property." Ogden assures him, "Yes, of course." He adds that they'll be in contact about some sort of compensation, but naturally, they don't accept any liability. Caroline asks him curtly, "How much do you think the loss of our daughter's worth, Mr. Ogden?" Ogden, though, points out, "Yes, well, you can't blame that on the company." With that, he adds that he won't keep them and he goes. As he does so, Fiona murmurs that she wouldn't trust that man as far as she could throw him. Bourke suddenly declares, "That man knows exactly what happened to Amanda. He was there."

A few moments later, Caroline tells Stephen that they've got to get the police. Stephen, though, replies that they can't. Caroline points out that Ogden knows where he is, but Stephen tells her that they don't have any proof. Fiona says to Bourke that he's sure, isn't he? Andy sighs loudly, "Let's not start that all over again," and he adds that he thought Bourke was leaving. Bourke tells him that there's no need to raise his voice, and he asks him what's upsetting him so much. Andy explains curtly, "I've seen what your supernatural rubbish can do to people. I've been there." Turning to Samantha, he adds, "So have you. You know how dangerous these people are. All they want to do is hook into your mind until you haven't got another thought left of your own." Samantha cries that this is different, but Andy mutters that they're all the same: all they want to do is control you. Caroline insists that Desmond isn't part of a cult, but Andy points out, "He's got you hooked, hasn't he? Carrying on about Amanda? How does he know?" Fiona explains that there are some people who can sense these things. Andy snaps, "Tell me something about myself, then." Bourke, though, retorts that he doesn't play party games. Andy tells him not to wriggle his way out of this; prove to him that he's not a con artist. Bourke hesitates and then says, "I can tell you a girl's name: someone you were involved with, here at Woombai." Andy smiles, "OK, so you heard about Helena. Big deal." Bourke, though, replies, "No. It's not Helena. It's Lynn." Andy looks shocked.

A few moments later, Andy is standing outside, looking puzzled. Samantha comes out and joins him and asks him if he's OK. He nods. Samantha asks who Lynn is, and Andy explains, "I loved her. When I was involved with the cult, she came up to help me. I nearly killed her, but she managed to get me out of it. He couldn't have known." Samantha points out that he did somehow. Andy cries, "Stephen knew. He must have mentioned it." Samantha, though, asks why he would tell Bourke when he didn't say anything to the rest of them. Andy realises, "If he is fair dinkum, then Ogden knows where Amanda is." Samantha comments that it wouldn't surprise her; he was Bill's assistant. She then adds that maybe they worked together; there had to be two of them, anyway. Andy looks at her and she goes on that when the brakes failed on Jenny's car, Bill was with her the whole day; she said at the time that he couldn't have done it. Andy muses, "And Ogden could've..." Samantha tells him that it makes sense. Andy growls, "But we'll have to find out for sure, won't we?"

Neil carries a box of vegetables into the kitchen at the country house and puts them down on the table. He then starts looking around to see if there's anyone there. Finding there isn't, he goes to the 'phone and starts dialling. As he does so, Leigh comes in from the hallway and puts a basket of washing down on the table. Neil quickly hangs up and smiles, "Caught red-handed." He adds that he thought she'd left for the shops. Leigh tells him that she doesn't mind if he uses the 'phone. Neil replies that he was just sneaking a call in to an old flame; she's just moved to Melbourne and he thought she might be lonely - and seeing as she won't go out with him... Leigh smiles, "Go on, give her a call. See if I care - but I want a full report!" With that, she heads outside with the washing. Neil returns to the 'phone and dials again, looking round carefully as he does so. The 'phone at the other end rings, STD pips sound and a male voice comes on and says, "Richard Crampton." Neil says it's him. Richard - the smart-looking young man - asks if there's any news. Neil tells him, "Nothing definite, but I reckon I can make her tired of life in the bush." Richard retorts, "Good. Work on it. And get a move on, will you? I want some results." Neil insists that it won't be that easy, but Richard retorts that he's not paying Neil to tell him how hard it is. Neil sighs, "Yeah, alright." He then asks, "Hey, what did you do to her? Her mum said you asked about it and she nearly freaked." Richard replies, "We had a bit of a disagreement, that's all - and I had to teach her a lesson. If she still hasn't learnt, I might have to see about a repeat performance..."

In the grounds at Woombai, Fred Ogden is talking to another workman, telling him angrily that they can't wait anymore; they're two weeks behind as it is. The workman, though, retorts that they can't rush things; it's got to be done properly. Ogden suddenly notices Samantha wandering towards them, a smile on her face. He walks over to her and asks her cheerily what brings her out there. Samantha explains, "Dad wondered if he could have a word with you." Ogden comments that he thought Stephen wanted them to stay away from his place, but Samantha explains that he said it was important. Ogden insists that he's on a pretty tight schedule, but Samantha assures him that it'll only take five minutes, and he gives in. Samantha asks if she can have a lift back, and Ogden smiles, "Sure." He then tells the workman that he'll be a few minutes, and he and Samantha get in his jeep and drive off.

A short time later, standing in the corridor at the riding school, Samantha opens the door to the office and tells Ogden, "Go in. Dad's waiting for you." Ogden walks into the room but finds Andy sitting at the desk. Samantha closes the door behind him. Ogden asks Andy where Stephen is. Andy explains, "He's had to go out on some business - fortunately. Gives us a chance to talk." Ogden asks curtly, "About what?" Andy replies, "Amanda." Ogden insists that he's already told the police all he knows. Andy, though, mutters, "I don't believe you." Ogden snaps, "Tough." He goes to walk out, but finds he can't open the door; Samantha is pulling on the handle out in the corridor. He turns back to Andy and demands, "What the hell's going on?" Andy stands up to reveal a rifle in his right hand. Aiming it at Ogden, he growls, "I said I don't believe you. Now, what happened to her?"


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