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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Roland is reading the newspaper in Irene's flat at the boarding house. Irene and Andy join him and Irene tells him that Caroline is out like a light. Roland comments that if there's anything about the fire in the paper, he can't find it. Irene points out that it's only the early edition. The 'phone starts ringing and Irene answers it. Samantha immediately comes on and, sounding upset, asks, "Is mum there? I have to speak to her." Irene explains that she's just given her a sedative; she's sleeping. She asks if she can help. Samantha, though, cries, "No. I found a letter that she wrote and I have to talk to her about it." Irene's face drops and she says hesitantly that the state Caroline has been in, she really needs all the rest she can get. Samantha asks Irene to get her to call as soon as she wakes up - and tell her it's urgent. Irene says she will, and she hangs up. She then turns to Roland and Andy and tells them that Samantha has found Caroline's letter. Andy curses, "Oh hell." Roland comments that Samantha is on her own; he thinks one of them should go and join her. Andy volunteers, adding that he was once involved with a cult; he might be able to help. Irene asks Roland to look after Caroline and she and Andy head out.

Samantha is wandering round the Morrell apartment, the letter in her hand, looking upset. She goes and sits down on the couch and puts the letter on the coffee table. There's suddenly a knock at the door and Samantha tries to ignore it, but the person knocks again and she cries, "Go away." Irene calls out that it's her. Samantha calls back to ask if Caroline is with her, but Irene replies that it's just her and Andy. Samantha hides the letter under a magazine and then reluctantly goes and opens the door. She immediately demands of Irene, "Is she coming?" Irene replies, "Yes, later." Samantha then asks Irene why she's come, then, and Irene tells her that she sounded pretty upset. Samantha snaps that she doesn't want to talk about it. Irene, though, tells her, "Samantha, I know about the letter." Samantha stares at her, and Irene clarifies that she knows of the letter... Samantha, looking shocked, asks, "She hasn't been telling everyone, has she?" Irene doesn't answer, but Samantha asks her, "Do you know what's in that letter?" Irene points out that it all happened a long time ago - she was a different person then; it's better to forget it. Samantha, though, asks angrily how the hell she can do that. Andy tells her to not even think about it - there's no point getting worked up about something that happened when she was in the cult; he knows. Samantha asks bitterly, "Why did she have to write it all down?" Irene explains that she had to tell someone and she knew she could trust Amanda. Samantha cries that she could have destroyed it - and why didn't Amanda?; how come this has to turn up now...?

Caroline emerges from her bedroom at Irene's and declares that she feels terrible. Roland tells her that she's supposed to be asleep, and Caroline replies that she was for a time, but she kept dreaming about Amanda and Samantha. She then asks where Irene is, and Roland quickly replies that she and Andy went shopping. Caroline announces that she'd better get going, as Samantha will be wondering where she's got to. Roland, though, tells her that there's no need - Irene's going to call in and see her. He then suggests to Caroline that she go and get some rest. Caroline admits that the last few days have been terrible, and she thanks Roland for caring. She adds, though, that she'd better 'phone Samantha first - she'll want to know where she is. Roland tells her that he'll do it; she should go and get some rest and she'll find things will clear up from now on. Caroline muses grimly that she hopes so...

At the Morrell apartment, Samantha snaps incredulously, "Then Wayne knows?" Andy, though, tells her not to worry about him - he won't risk Gordon finding out what he was up to. Irene adds that, even if Wayne did say something, what would it matter? - she was a different person when she was with the cult; she didn't even know what she was doing. Samantha points out that she knows now; she can't just forget it. Irene asks why not, and Samantha retorts, "Because... I can't." Irene tells her curtly that Caroline went to a lot of trouble to get that letter back so that she wouldn't see it; a friend of hers almost died helping her; if she knew that she'd found out... She breaks off and admits, "She's very close to a nervous breakdown, Samantha." Samantha comments that she knew she was under a lot of strain... Irene explains that it's a lot more serious than that; that's why she and Andy came around. She then pleads with Samantha to not tell Caroline that she's seen the letter - for her sake. Samantha murmurs, "I hate that cult... they can't be allowed to get away with it; there must be something we can do." Andy muses, "Better guys than us have tried," and he adds that he reckons they've got themselves pretty well covered. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Samantha looks at Irene and asks her to tell whoever it is that she's not there. Irene goes to the door and opens it. Ron is standing there, burn marks over his face, and he demands, "I want to see Caroline. Please." Irene asks him if he's Ron Castle. Ron just asks, "Is she here?" Irene tells him, "I'm a doctor. Let me help you." Ron, though, retorts, "No, you keep away. I don't want to see any doctors."

A few moments later, Irene tells Ron that his burns need dressing. He snaps, though, that she's not going to send him back to the wards. Irene insists that she just wants to help, but Ron cries at her that she'll call the police. Irene assures him that she won't, adding that, if anything, she should call an ambulance. Ron cries that he's not going back to the hospital, but Irene tells him that he won't have to if he lets her look at him. He gives in, and she helps him inside. As she does so, he repeats, "I want Caroline." Irene tells him that she'll be round in a little while, and she helps him to the couch. She then hands Andy her car keys and asks him to get her medical case from the car. Andy runs out. Turning back to Ron, Irene asks him how he got out. Ron explains weakly, "I was trapped. I tried to get out through the door but there were flames everywhere. I smashed the window." Irene comments, "It's a miracle you're still alive..."

Beryl is sitting in the lounge room at her house, looking thoughtful. Fiona is with her and she suggests that they go into town, adding that Beryl will feel so much better if she gets out and about. Beryl, though, replies that she's not in the mood. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Beryl goes and opens it to find Heather standing there. Heather says to Beryl that she hopes she doesn't mind, but she just wanted to see her again before she and Mike go back to Brisbane. Beryl invites her in and asks if Mike is with her. Heather explains that he stayed at the hotel with Jamie. They head into the lounge room and Heather and Fiona exchange greetings. As they sit down, Heather says hesitantly to Beryl that she didn't know what to do about Jamie... Fiona asks her if they're all happy together, and Heather smiles that he's a beautiful boy. She adds that Katie and Tim are fine; Katie's planning a trip overseas. Fiona asks where she's going, and Heather laughs, "London... Paris... Rome... You name it, she'll be there!" Beryl asks Heather nervously if she'd like a cuppa. Fiona quickly says she'll get it, and she heads to the kitchen.

Charlie and Leigh are sitting at the kitchen at the country house when Charlie suddenly leaps up as she hears the sound of a car pulling up outside. She goes and looks out of the window and tells Leigh that he's there. She then goes on that Leigh knows what she has to do: talk him around a little before she appears; then she'll go out the front and double round and act as if she's just arrived. Leigh muses that she doesn't think it's the right way to go about it, but Charlie snaps at her that she never used to mind being involved in little schemes. Leigh mutters that that was before. Charlie points out that she promised to help, and Leigh reluctantly sighs that she'll do what she can. Charlie then cries that she hopes David stays out in the garden. Leigh suggests to her that she have a chat to him on her way round. There's suddenly a knock on the kitchen door and, with that, Charlie dashes out the front. Leigh goes and lets Adam in and offers him a seat. He asks her if she's ready, but Leigh asks if they can wait a few minutes: Shane's still asleep and she'd like to bring him with them, if Adam doesn't mind. Adam assures her that there are no worries. He then adds that he's glad she called - he's been looking forward to them going out together...

Fiona, Beryl and Heather are sitting at Beryl's living room table, but Heather announces that she must go. She adds that she's glad they had a chance to talk. Fiona stands up and tells her that she'll show her out. Heather suddenly recalls that she's got some photographs of Jim that they took up in Brisbane, and she hands them to Beryl, who thanks her. Heather adds, "Beryl, I am sorry. It's really terrible." With that, she and Fiona head to the door. Beryl sits down again at the table and stares at the photos. By the door, Heather says quietly to Fiona that maybe she shouldn't have given them to her. Fiona, though, assures her that, although it might be hard for her to look at them now, she'll treasure them in a week or two. With that, Heather goes. Fiona returns to the living room and asks Beryl if she'd like another cup of tea, but she declines. She then asks Fiona if she'd stay for a while. Fiona replies that Stephen and Jenny have invited her up to the engagement party - but of course she could stay if that's what Beryl would like. Beryl, looking relieved, smiles, "You could?" Fiona assures her, "Of course I could."

At the country house, Leigh is telling Adam that, once he gets to know her, he'll know what she means: Charlie would give her right arm if you needed it; she's very genuine. Charlie is standing just outside the back door and can hear as Adam comments, "It's just a pity she left her brains in the bank." Leigh retorts that he couldn't be more wrong - she might appear scatty, but underneath, she's very intelligent. Adam asks Leigh suspiciously if Charlie has been talking to her, but Leigh replies 'innocently', "No, why?" Adam explains that he's just wondering why she's giving him the big sell, that's all. Leigh insists that she's just talking about a friend. Outside, David suddenly comes up behind Charlie, and, looking surprised to see her, asks her what she's doing there. He then opens the back door and heads inside. Charlie has to fall in behind him, and Leigh quickly exclaims, "Charlie, what are you doing here? I thought you'd gone back to Sydney!" David looks at Charlie and comments, "You didn't tell me you were going anywhere." Adam realises angrily, "I've been set up, haven't I? You did a nice job, Leigh; I nearly fell for it." Charlie pleads with him not to blame Leigh; it was all her idea - she just wanted to see him and talk to him. Adam snaps, "You were both in on it." David, looking puzzled, asks, "In on what?" Charlie explains that Adam is her son - and she just wanted to talk to him. Adam tells her curtly to just leave Sally and him alone; they don't want anything to do with her. With that, he storms out, leaving Charlie looking upset.

At Irene's, Roland is looking at some business papers when Caroline emerges from her bedroom again. He asks her how she's feeling, but Caroline replies that she couldn't rest; she was thinking. She then tells him that she's sorry she tried to force him out of the company; she can only apologise and say that she's glad she didn't have to go through with it - she didn't want to; it was only because of Wayne... Roland quickly assures her that it's alright. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Roland goes and answers it cautiously. Samantha comes on and asks if her mum is awake. Roland tells her that she's right there, and Samantha says, "You'd better bring her home. Ron Castle's turned up." Roland asks if that's a good idea, and Samantha tells him that Irene seems to think that her mum might be able to help - he's very badly burned and nervous. Roland agrees to bring her over. At the Morrell apartment, Samantha hangs up and rejoins Andy and Irene, who's still treating Ron. She tells him that she's going to have to get him to a hospital. Ron asks Samantha who she was calling, and she tells him, "Caroline. She'll be over shortly."

A short time later, Caroline and Roland are standing outside the door to the apartment. Caroline puts her key in the lock, opens the door and heads inside. She immediately goes and sits down next to Ron - who now has cream covering the burns on his face and head - on the couch and murmurs, "I am sorry. Really." Irene, Roland, Samantha and Andy head off to the kitchen. When they've gone, Caroline tells Ron that she talked to his sister and she told her about his breakdown; she had no idea. Ron cries, "I'm glad you could make it. I know you can help me." Caroline, though, tells him, "I can't, Ron. Only the doctors can." Ron cries that he doesn't want any doctors, but Caroline tells him that he needs help; he's got to do it for his own sake. She goes on, "You used to be so strong. Show me that you still are." Ron stares at her and asks quietly, "Will you make the call?" Caroline, though, tells him, "You've got to face it yourself." Ron cries, "Will you help me?" Caroline stands up and, taking his hand, helps him to his feet. She them leads him over to the 'phone, telling him as she does so that Ruth will help him too; they're not going to leave him - but he's got to try and help himself: all he's got to do is pick up the telephone and call a psychiatrist and tell him that he'll meet him at the hospital. Ron gingerly picks up the 'phone and starts dialling.

Charlie is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, looking glum. David and Leigh are with her, and David tells her that he's sorry - if she'd told him what was happening, he wouldn't have mucked everything up. Charlie, though, assures him that it's not his fault - it was a silly idea in the first place. Leigh suggests that perhaps she didn't sound convincing enough, but Charlie cries that she's only got herself to blame and now she's ruined everything. With that, she announces that she's going to go for a walk, and she heads out. When she's gone, Leigh suggests to David that she should go with her, but David tells her that she needs to be by herself for a while. Leigh cries that she just feels so sorry for Charlie - all she wants is for Adam to talk to her, and she can't see why he won't. David murmurs, "She's got a heart of gold. She deserves a better break, I reckon."

At the Morrell apartment, Andy asks Roland how they explained Ron's burns to Samantha. Roland replies, "We told her the house caught fire and he was trapped inside. We didn't say anyone else was there, though." Andy asks if she believed that, and Roland agrees that she seemed to. The front door suddenly opens and Caroline and Irene come in. Roland asks how it went, and Irene replies that the psychiatrist was there with the doctors when they got there; Ron freaked out a bit, but he went with them. She adds that she only hopes he'll be alright; they'll just have to wait and see what happens. Caroline, sitting down, murmurs that he'd be fine if it weren't for her. Roland points out to her that she helped him all she could when he needed her, but Caroline muses that it doesn't stop her feeling guilty. Samantha comes in from the kitchen with a tray of coffee things. As she goes to put it down on the coffee table, Caroline picks up the magazine that's lying there, to clear some space. The letter from Caroline to Amanda is lying underneath, and Samantha quickly whips it away. It's too late, though, and Caroline asks her daughter nervously how it got there. Samantha quickly excuses, "I found it in one of your pockets when I was doing the laundry." Caroline asks her if she read it, but Samantha tells her, "No. I forgot it was there. I didn't know if you wanted to keep it or not." Caroline grabs the letter from her and stuffs it in her pocket. Samantha then announces that she has to go out, as she promised to meet someone. She asks Andy if he'd mind giving her a lift, as she's late. Andy agrees and the two of them head out. Irene and Roland stare at Caroline as she murmurs, "Thank God she didn't read it." Irene looks at Roland.

Out in the corridor, Andy asks Samantha where she wants to go. Samantha replies, "Your place." Andy asks her who she's going to talk to there, but Samantha explains that it was just an excuse to get away. Andy asks, "What for?" and Samantha tells him, "I want to talk to you about the cult." Andy advises her that she should forget all about them, but Samantha cries, "I can't, Andy. I'm sorry, but I just can't."

A while later, Andy and Samantha are heading into Andy's bedsit and Andy apologises for the mess. They sit down at the small table and Andy then says, "Samantha, before you do anything, there's something I want to say." Samantha stares at him as he continues, "We've both been in the cult and I know as well as you do how it... feels when you do things that you never would normally. But there's really no point in dragging it all up again." Samantha, looking away dismissively, asks sharply, "Isn't there?" Andy goes on, "If you hadn't have found the letter, then everything would have been alright." Samantha, though, points out curtly, "But I did find the letter. And now suddenly I know I've been used as a play thing by those animals - and what's worse, it's all on tape. The fact that I wasn't myself at the time doesn't matter; I did it - and there's a tape to prove it. And as long as that's around, I'm going to feel cheap and dirty." Andy insists, "But I can't see what you can do about it." Samantha growls, "I can find Lloyd Donovan." Andy asks what he's go to do with it, and Samantha, standing up, retorts, "He's the man who made the tape." Andy, looking surprised, asks, "In America?" Samantha nods and Andy tells her, "He was the guy who was running The Farm in Melbourne when I was there." Samantha suggests, "Let's hope he still is. It'll make it a lot easier." Andy points out, "Not much. You still have to get the tape off him." Samantha retorts, "I will - somehow." Andy warns her that she'll have to be very careful, but Samantha assures him, "Don't worry, it's my middle name." With that, she walks over to the 'phone.

Charlie has turned up at Beryl's, and as Fiona escorts her into the lounge room, she explains that she called over to see when Fiona was going back to Sydney; she thought maybe they could go together. Fiona asks if something's wrong, and Charlie explains that the children and her haven't got on as well as she hoped; in fact, they don't want to have anything to do with her, so she doesn't see the point in staying on. Beryl suddenly comes in and, saying she thought she heard voices, asks Charlie how she is. Charlie replies that she's fine. Beryl is holding a piece of paper in her hand and she tells Fiona and Charlie that she's just got a letter from her nephew, Brett: he's coming down to Melbourne tomorrow and he wants a bed. She adds that he's a nice young kid - or he was! Fiona asks how long it is since she's seen him, and Beryl recalls, "A few years - he's a couple of years younger than Kevin. His mother and I watched them grow up together." Charlie has a thoughtful look on her face as Fiona muses, "I suppose that means we've got to listen to Billy Idol all day!" Beryl, looking puzzled, asks, "Who?" and Fiona tells her, "You know: the singer guy with the funny blond hair." Beryl laughs, "No, it was Abba the last time he was here!" Charlie suddenly says, "I don't think I will go back to Sydney." Beryl and Fiona look at her as she goes on, "I never saw my children growing up. I can't just walk away from them again. I know it's not going to be easy to get them to listen to me, but I have to make them understand that I do care. Beryl smiles, "Good for you."

David is standing in the kitchen at the country house, a thoughtful expression on his face as he stares at a piece of paper that he's holding in his hand. Leigh comes in and asks what's up. David tells her that it's a letter from his solicitors: they've sent him a cheque. He hands Leigh the cheque, adding that, apparently, someone's giving him a lot of money. Leigh asks who, but David replies that the letter doesn't say; they want to remain anonymous. He adds, "Just someone from overseas, that's all they're telling me." Leigh, staring at the cheque, asks in shock, "Who'd want to give you this much?" David, though, taking the cheque back from her, muses, "I don't know..."

Samantha hangs up the 'phone at Andy's bedsit and tells Andy that she's sorry about all the STD calls. As she sits down again at the table, Andy mutters that he can't believe she's going through with it. Samantha points out that she said she'd find him and she has; they wouldn't let her talk to him, but they did tell her that he's in Melbourne. She pauses before adding, "I'm going down there. Are you coming?" Andy stares at her and points out, "Lloyd Donovan is one of the most powerful men in the cult. He'll grind you to the dust." Samantha retorts, "Somebody has to stand up to him. What if he's getting other girls to do what he got me to do?" Andy tells her that she can't fight him or the cult; it's just too big. Samantha, though, insists that she has to try - and it's not just for her sake, it's for those other girls - and anybody else they've trapped into joining them. She asks Andy if he wouldn't like to see Donovan get what he deserves. Andy retorts, "Oh yeah, but I want to stay alive at the same time." Samantha shrugs and tells him, "Andy, I am going whether you come or not. I have to get that tape - and if I can fix Donovan at the same time, I will."


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