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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

Charlie has arrived back at the country house. In the kitchen, Leigh immediately asks her when she's going back to Sydney, but Charlie retorts that she's not: she's decided to stay there until Adam decides to give her a fair hearing. Leigh asks her how she'll manage it. Charlie just muses that she'll think of something. She adds that, if she could talk to Sally alone, she's sure she would give her a fair hearing. David suddenly wanders in from the hallway, still holding the letter and cheque, and Charlie asks him if he minds if she stays there a while. David assures her, "As long as you like, Charlie." Leigh then tells David excitedly to tell Charlie the good news. Before David can say anything, Leigh goes on, "Someone overseas has sent him a cheque for a fortune." Charlie asks who, and David tells her that he's just going to find out; it came from his solicitor. He adds that he won't be able to keep it, though. Charlie asks why not, and David insists that it has to be a mistake - he doesn't know anyone overseas; someone's got their wires crossed. With that, he heads out. Charlie comments to Leigh, "How mysterious." She then asks, "You don't really think he'd give it back, do you?" Leigh shrugs that she doesn't know.

Beryl is talking on the 'phone in her lounge room, saying to the person at the other end, "I'm looking forward to it, Brett. It's been ages since I've seen my favourite nephew!" At the other end of the 'phone, Brett laughs, "Thanks, but you're only saying that because you like me!" Beryl then asks him when he's leaving, and he replies that he's got to help his dad load some pigs on the truck for the market tomorrow, so probably in an hour or so. Beryl tells him that she'll see him at about dinner time, then, and they hang up. Fiona joins her from the kitchen and asks if he's coming. Beryl nods, adding that he was a nice kid - even though he did kick a football through their side window once! She adds that he used to like her pasties, too - she had to make one every time the family came down! Fiona suggests to her that she make one tonight, and Beryl smiles, "I suppose I could!" Changing the subject, she then tells Fiona that she knows she wants to go to Stephen and Jenny's engagement party; she'll be alright now, so why doesn't Fiona get a 'plane in the morning? Fiona smiles at her, gratefully.

Caroline is letting Barbara into the Morrell apartment, and Barbara tells her that Gordon is just trying to find a parking space - he wants to discuss some business with her and she thought she'd pop in first and see how she is. As they sit down, Caroline replies quietly that she's OK. Barbara asks if Samantha's home, but Caroline replies, "No." Barbara goes on that Irene told her about the letter - she's lucky Samantha didn't read it. Caroline muses that it's burnt now, so they can all forget about it. Barbara tells her that she's sorry Wayne caused her so much trouble - and he's going to get a hell of a tongue-lashing from her. Caroline, though, asks what the point is: he nearly died, and if that hasn't shaken him up, she's sure a lecture won't. Barbara, however, insists that she's still going to say something. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Caroline calls out that it's open. Gordon comes in and sits down. Caroline says to him that Barbara told her that he wanted to discuss some business. Gordon explains that he was hoping they could discuss her opposition to Roland - he was hoping they could both stay on as Directors. Caroline assures him, "Of course. I'm sorry for kicking up a fuss. It's fine for Roland to stay on as a Director." Gordon, looking surprised, asks if it's no longer a problem, and Caroline tells him that it was just a misunderstanding. Gordon smiles that he's glad that's settled. He then looks at Barbara and, changing the subject, suggests that they head up to Woombai. Turning back to Caroline, he asks if Samantha is alright for a lift, adding, "She's going, isn't she?" Caroline stares at him in surprise and asks, "To Woombai? What for?" Gordon explains, "Jenny and Stephen's engagement party." Barbara asks Caroline if she didn't know. Caroline shakes her head. Gordon tells her that Stephen said he'd put a note with Samantha's invitation. Caroline murmurs sadly that she didn't see it, and she sits there, looking upset.

Samantha and Andy sit down with Irene and Roland in Irene's flat at the boarding house. Irene asks Samantha when she's leaving, and Samantha replies that it'll be tonight - Andy's driving her. She adds that it'll only be for a week or so. Andy chips in that one of the guys he knows down there rang about an hour ago - he runs the disco and wants a break; asked if he could fill in for him. Samantha adds that she asked if she could tag along. Roland asks, "What about your father's party?" Samantha replies that she'll give him a call; he'll understand. She goes on that she feels pretty bad about running out on Caroline, but if she doesn't get away, she'll go crazy. She asks Irene if she could keep an eye on her mother for her. Looking wary, Irene explains and she and Roland were going to go up to Woombai, and she asks Andy if he couldn't put it off for a week or so. Samantha quickly comments that it seems a pity to pass up a free lift. She then declares of her mother, "Oh, she'll be alright 'til I get back." Roland, looking worried, suggests to Irene that he supposes they don't have to go to Woombai, and Irene, looking disappointed, agrees that she supposes not - they can always catch up with Stephen and Jenny another time. Samantha, a smile on her face, thanks her.

David arrives back at the country house and joins Charlie and Leigh in the kitchen. Charlie asks what happened, and David replies that the the solicitor couldn't tell him much. Leigh asks, "Did you give it back?" David stands there and Leigh realises, "You kept it, didn't you!" Charlie, looking intrigued, asks who sent it. David explains, "I went to the bank where it was drawn and they told me it came from Rio. They didn't say who, but it isn't hard to guess, is it?" Charlie, her mouth wide open in shock, exclaims, "It couldn't be..." David goes on, "They were told it had to be delivered yesterday. On the way home, I was trying to think 'what was so important about yesterday?' It was the anniversary of when Pat and I first met. She has to be alive!" Looking gobsmacked, Charlie insists that she can't be, but David asks what else it would mean. Charlie points out that she brought back the death certificate, but David reminds her, "It wasn't in her name." Charlie agrees, "Of course not - she made me get her a false passport." David insists, "Exactly. She wanted to disappear completely, and what better way to do it than to fake your own death?" Leigh asks how you could fake your own death, and David points out, "Roland Armstrong did." Charlie, looking puzzled, asks, "Why wouldn't she let me know what was going on? I was in on everything else. No... she must have organised it before she was killed. The bank has probably been holding it for months." David suggests, "When you went to Rio... now what if she heard you were there... maybe she thought Roger Carlyle had followed you? Or maybe she was just sick and tired of being on the run?" Charlie muses that it is the sort of thing Patricia would do. David tells her decisively, "If you ask me, it's exactly the sort of thing she'd do."

At the Morrell apartment, Caroline exclaims to Samantha, "Melbourne?" Samantha smiles that she's going tomorrow morning; she won't be long. Caroline cries at her that she needs her there, but Samantha insists that her mother will be alright on her own; Irene and Roland will be there if she needs anything. Caroline pleads, "Samantha... Roland and Irene will not be here. They're going to be up at Woombai along with you and everybody else. I happen to know that Jenny and Stephen are getting engaged, so it's no good you lying to me about going off to Melbourne." Samantha insists, "I'm not." Caroline glares at her and snaps, "Just go. I couldn't care less what you do." Samantha insists that she's not going to Woombai, and so Caroline asks her why she can't stay with her. Samantha explains that she just needs a break; it hasn't been easy on her, either. She goes on that she's sorry she didn't tell Caroline about Stephen and Jenny, but she thought she had enough on her plate. Caroline murmurs, "I still love Stephen. I know it's useless, but it's just one of those things you can't help." Samantha gives her a hug. Caroline then asks her if Irene and Roland are really going to stay there, and Samantha nods. Caroline suggests to her that she tell them not to bother; she's sure they'd much rather go to the party. She adds that she'll spend her time looking for a new apartment! Looking relieved, Samantha smiles, "OK. I'd better get packed!" With that, she heads off to her room, leaving Caroline looking thoughtful.

It's dark as Gordon and Barbara arrive at the Woombai homestead. As Stephen and Jenny escort them into the lounge room, Gordon asks where Wayne is and Jenny explains that he's over at the Reid House. Gordon comments that he thought he would be there to meet them, but Jenny tells him that Colin challenged him to a game of snooker; they must have made it the best of three. Gordon accepts this and takes his and Barbara's cases off to their room. When he's gone, Barbara asks Jenny and Stephen to remember that Wayne has been there ever since Caroline's trial. She adds that she knows it's all very secretive but she doesn't want Gordon to know what's been going on. Stephen responds that Wayne told them what happened when he arrived; it must have been a dreadful experience. He adds that Wayne has been moping around like he's in a cell on Death Row. Changing the subject, Jenny asks if Caroline's coming. Barbara, though, replies that it's a bit embarrassing, actually: Samantha hadn't told her that they were going to have a party. Stephen muses that he didn't know whether to invite her or not. Barbara assures him that she didn't seem too put out by it.

Caroline is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment as Andy paces the floor and comments that he can understand why she wants to sell, but it's such a nice apartment. Caroline smiles, "The hot water's dreadful!" Samantha comes out from her room and exclaims, "Ready!" Andy, looking surprised, asks her if she wants to leave straight away, and Samantha tells him that there's no point in hanging around. She gives her mother a kiss and then takes something out of her handbag and, handing it to her mother, explains that she's found the invitation. She and Andy head out. Caroline calls out, "Have a good time." Samantha tells her, "See you in a week or so." They go. Caroline opens the invitation and starts reading the enclosed letter. She then sits there, looking thoughtful.

Fiona is sitting at the living room table at Beryl's, looking at a magazine. Beryl joins her and comments that Brett should have been there hours ago; so much for the pasties... Looking worried, she asks why he hasn't called, but Fiona assures her that he'll be OK. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Fiona smiles, "There you are, you see! I bet he got in early and decided to go to a movie." Beryl goes and answers the door to find a rough-looking young woman standing there, with a blond-haired guy - who's clearly drunk - slumped over her, with his arm round her shoulder. She asks, "You Aunty Beryl?" Beryl, looking surprised, agrees, "Er, yes..." The woman tells him, "Got your nephew." Brett looks at Beryl and he slurs, "Hi, Aunty Beryl. Top night!" The woman asks Beryl, "Well, do you want him or not?" Beryl muses, "Er..."

A few minutes later, Brett is sitting on the couch, unconscious. Beryl is shaking him, trying to get him to wake up, as the woman tells Fiona that it took her a few goes to get the right house - he wasn't too clear on the address. Fiona asks where he's been, and the woman tells him, "To the pub - rolled-in wanting a drink and a good time." Beryl suggests that she'd better get him to bed, and she leads him off to his room, leaving the woman with Fiona. She tells Fiona, "He, um, set me back a bit - I had to get a taxi to get him here." Fiona asks warily, "How far did you have to come? And don't say Geelong." The woman replies, "Carlton." Fiona nods tautly, "In my day, we would have given the address to the taxi driver and then told him to charge whoever was at the other end." The woman just mutters, "Yeah?" Fiona murmurs that she supposes things change, and the woman agrees, "I suppose they do." Fiona reluctantly hands over some money and the woman, saying, "Ciao," heads off. Fiona mouths, "Ciao?!"

The next morning, Wayne is sitting playing cards on his own at the Woombai homestead when Barbara comes in and asks who's winning. Wayne doesn't answer. Barbara goes on that he could at least offer to help - everybody else outside is. Wayne mutters that it's not his party. Barbara tells him that Gordon's beginning to wonder why he's looking so depressed. Wayne stares at her and asks, "You going to tell him?" Barbara retorts, "I don't want to - the whole point is not to upset him - but if you don't start making an effort--" Wayne interrupts her and snaps, "Do you think it's been easy? I was kidnapped by a basket-case and almost burnt to death. It takes a while to settle down, you know?" Barbara replies sarcastically, "Oh, I can imagine - although I'm not overwhelmed with sympathy." Wayne grunts, "What a surprise." Barbara snarls, "Blackmailing Caroline was one of the most despicable things that you ever--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "You can talk. My room had more people going through it than Central Station." Barbara growls, "You can at least try and look a little happy--" She quickly breaks off as Gordon comes in. She asks him cheerily if all the tables are up, and he replies, "Nearly." Looking at Wayne, he adds, "No thanks to lazybones, here." Wayne murmurs that he's sorry. Gordon then asks him how the development scheme's going, but Wayne replies that he hasn't done anything about it, actually. Gordon, looking surprised, comments that he's been up there for days. Wayne looks down at the floor. Gordon asks what's wrong, but Wayne insists, "Nothing - really. Stephen's been organising the party; we haven't had a chance to go over the plans yet." Quickly changing the subject, he offers to drive into town and get some drink.

Stephen and Jenny are standing by some tables outside, along with Colin. Stephen indicates one table and suggests that they can use it as a bar and put the food on one of the other tables. Colin asks how long they think it'll go for, and Stephen replies, "All afternoon, at least, and I hope well into the night. You don't get engaged every day!" Colin asks him who his best man is going to be: Mr. Hamilton? Stephen replies, "I was going to ask you - if that's alright." Colin smiles, "Thanks - I'd really--" He's interrupted by a young woman suddenly running over and calling, "Hi everyone!" Jenny looks at her and exclaims, "Denise! Your train isn't due for nearly three hours!" Denise laughs that she's not going to miss half the party; she decided that, if they're boring enough to hold it on a weekday, she could take a few periods off school!" She goes and gives her mum a kiss, and Jenny asks her how she got up there. Denise explains, "Hitched." Jenny stares at her and exclaims in shock, "Hitched?" Wayne suddenly comes out of the house and Denise, staring at him, whispers to her stepmother, "Who's the spunk?" Wayne comes over and joins them and, handing Stephen a piece of paper, tells him that he and his dad have worked out a drinks list; is there anything else they need? Stephen looks at the paper. Denise introduces herself to Wayne and Wayne introduces himself. Jenny tells Wayne, "She hitched all the way up here. Can you believe that?" Denise retorts indignantly, "What's wrong with hitching?" Jenny points out, "Well, for a start, it's dangerous." Denise exclaims, "Oh piffle!" but Jenny insists, "It is, Denny. It's only a few months ago there was a girl killed up on Thompson's Ridge." Denise mutters that she couldn't have known how to handle herself. Stephen hands the paper back to Wayne and tells him that it looks fine. Colin asks Wayne if he needs a hand, and Denise adds, "Me too?" Wayne says, "Come on," and the three of them head off. When they've gone, Jenny sighs to Stephen, "What am I going to do with her?" Stephen points out, "It's nice she wanted to come," and Jenny agrees, "Yes, it is." She adds that it's a pity Samantha couldn't come - she'll have all her family there and he won't have anybody. Stephen warns her not to let Barbara hear her say that!

Brett is sitting at the living room table at Beryl's, trying to eat some breakfast, but he pushes the bowl away in disgust. Beryl comes in and asks him how he's feeling. He replies that he feels like the bottom of a birdcage! Beryl tells him that she's sorry he wasn't there when he woke up, but she went to see a friend off at the airport. Brett assures her that he saw her note. He then goes on that he doesn't know what to say about last night: he feels pretty rotten. Beryl agrees that it wasn't quite what she expected! Brett explains that he hit the city at about half-past-four and thought he'd go and have a couple; he knew it would be an hour or so before tea was ready. He adds, "Last time I go to that pub again, I'll tell you!" He then asks if he drove home, but Beryl assures him, "No," and Brett muses that that's something, he supposes. Beryl, clearing her throat awkwardly, explains that, actually, a young 'lady' brought him home in a cab. Taking out his wallet, Brett murmurs, "Oh God..." He finds it empty and explains nervously, "I thought..." He breaks off before telling Beryl, "Look, it won't happen again, honest... I'll go to the pub, pick up my car and start the hunt for a job. I'm not here for a bludge. I'm going to pay my board and split the 'phone bills; all that." Beryl asks him if he'd like to visit David first, adding that she doesn't suppose it would hurt to have today off!

Leigh and Charlie are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. Charlie muses that she supposes she could simply try talking to Adam again, but she rather fancies that she wouldn't get far. David suddenly comes in from the hallway, and Charlie asks him where he's been. He replies that he's been thinking. He then continues, "Charlie, that passport you fixed up for Pat..." Charlie asks, "Yes?" David tells her, "I need one too. I let mine run out and I can't wait for that nonsense you go through to get one these days." Charlie asks why not and David explains, "I want to get to Rio as soon as I can." Charlie starts to say, "But it--" David, though, interrupts, "No 'buts', Charlie. Now, if Pat's alive, I have to find her. It's as simple as that."

A few moments later, Charlie mutters, "I am not arranging any false passports. What do you people think I am?" David points out that she did for Pat, but Charlie reminds him that that was a matter of life and death. She then adds that he has the enquiry into the truck and the inquest into Richard's death... he can't drop everything and just dash off to Rio. Leigh adds that Charlie has got a point, and so David sighs reluctantly that he supposes he can use the time to organise things properly. He adds that he's still going; there's no two ways about that. The back door suddenly opens and Beryl comes in with Brett. David smiles at him and the two of them shake hands, David adding, "G'day, cobber! Long time no see." Charlie introduces herself and David introduces Leigh. Beryl asks what's been happening. David, though, indicating Charlie and Leigh, just replies that he'll let them tell her; he's got a few things to fix up in town. With that, he heads off, leaving Beryl standing there, looking surprised.

Fiona is standing with Stephen and Jenny outside the Woombai homestead; Stephen is wearing a tuxedo and Jenny is wearing a blue dress. Fiona tells them that she's so glad she could come along. She then asks Jenny if Stephen gave her a ring, and Jenny shows her. Fiona exclaims that it's gorgeous, and Stephen smiles, "She's worth every carat." A few yards away, Wayne, Gordon and Barbara are standing together, and Gordon comments that Stephen looks very happy. Barbara says she really hopes it works out for him this time, and Gordon replies that he doesn't see why it shouldn't. Wayne offers them more drinks, but they both decline, and so Wayne returns to the drinks table on his own. Colin is manning it, and he comments that Wayne is back already; he's a hard man to keep pace with. Denise looks on as Wayne asks Colin for another scotch. Colin suggests to him that he have some water with this one, but Wayne demands bluntly, "Scotch." Denise suddenly comes up behind him and puts her hands over his eyes. Wayne says, "I bet it's not Julie." Denise, looking disappointed, removes her hands and asks, "Who?" Wayne muses, "Thought not." Denise asks who Julie is, and Wayne explains, "A girl I knew once." He takes his drink and goes to walk off. Denise calls after him, "Wayne..." Wayne stops and tells her that it's nothing personal, but he just doesn't feel like talking. He walks off again. Denise goes to follow him, but Colin calls, "Denny, don't." Denise asks indignantly why not, and Colin tells her that Wayne doesn't want her around. Denise insists that he will when he gets to know her, but Colin warns her not to make a fool of herself; Wayne is ten years older than she is - and from what he's heard, he's a bit of a louse. Denise snaps, "Well I think he's cute," and she heads off after him.

Wayne has gone inside, and he sits down in an armchair. Denise follows him in and he mutters, "Didn't you hear right?" Denise, sitting down on the couch, assures him that she heard, but he looked so sad. She then asks, "Is Julie someone you've just broken up with?" Wayne ignores the question, instead taking a sip of his drink. After a few seconds, Denise adds flirtatiously, "I'll help you forget her, if you like..." Wayne stares at her and comments, "Don't mince words, do you?" He then asks her how old she is, and she replies, "Sixteen." Wayne, looking thoughtful, mutters, "Karen... Julie... the next one will be in a cradle!" He then tells Denise that her mother would kill her if she knew what she was doing, but Denise flirts, "I haven't done anything yet..." Wayne stands up and goes and sits down next to her on the couch. Looking deep into her eyes, he tells her, "It wouldn't mean anything..." Denise assures him, "I know." She then adds, "I'm a bit cold; aren't you?" Wayne pulls her towards him and starts cuddling her...

Outside, Stephen is standing with Jenny, addressing the guests: "Oscar Wilde used to say that he wasn't in favour of long engagements because it gave people too much time to get to know each other!" There's a smattering of laughter from the guests. Fiona suddenly looks round and notices a taxi pulling up. Stephen goes on, "Well, Jenny and I aren't going to have a long engagement - it's over a year since we met and I think we know each other pretty well." The taxi door opens and Caroline climbs out. Fiona sighs heavily and murmurs to Barbara, who's standing next to her, "Here's trouble..." Stephen, his arm around Jenny, continues, "As far as I'm concerned, she's the loveliest girl in the world and always will be, so I'd like you to raise your glasses and I'd like to--" He breaks off as he suddenly spots Caroline approaching them. The guests all look round at her. Stephen walks over to her and she smiles, "Hello, Stephen." Stephen demands, "What are you doing here?" Caroline points out that she was invited, but Stephen retorts that she might have let them know she was coming. He goes on that he doesn't know what she's planning to do this time, but she might as well forget about it. Caroline, though, insists, "I'm not planning anything. I brought you a present. I just came to wish you and Jenny all the very best." As the guests look on, she continues, "I didn't want to make any trouble. I just wanted to say I hope you're very happy, that's all." Stephen stands there, looking worried.


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