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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Vince Martin

Barbara is sitting reading a magazine on the couch at Woombai when Gordon wanders into the room. Barbara asks, "How is she?" Gordon retorts curtly, "Not as hysterical as she was ten minutes ago, but you'll be pleased to know that she's still quite upset." He adds angrily that there was no need to mention the grandfather. Barbara, though, asks what the point is of the police asking questions if they don't give them the full story. Gordon snaps that he had the devil's own job to convince the police to let Mary stay there. Barbara mutters that it would have been a damn sight better if he hadn't. Gordon growls, "You don't give up, do you?" Barbara snaps that that's because there is no reason on earth for Mary to be there in the first place, and she can't understand why he's so insistent that she stays. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Gordon goes and answers it. STD pips sound and then Wayne comes on, calling from Charlie's. He immediately asks, "Made a decision on Stephen yet?" Gordon, though, snaps, "No I haven't, because I haven't had time to worry about you and your stupid pettiness." He then tells Wayne that he'll get back to him as soon as he's had time to work something out. Wayne, though, retorts lightly, "Sorry, you had your chance. Now you've blown it." With that, he hangs up. Gordon does likewise, looking annoyed.

Caroline is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, staring at Charlie and Alison and saying tersely, "The last I heard, Cynthia Hemingway didn't know Alison from a bar of soap." Charlie quickly blusters that Cynthia has a memory like a sieve; she rang back later to say she'd made a silly mistake and of course she knows Alison. As Caroline sits there, a look of disbelief on her face, Charlie goes on that it's perfectly understandable: Alison isn't so much a 'friend' of Cynthia's but more an 'acquaintance'; they met through a friend. Caroline demands, "Who?" and Alison tells her, "Cindy Myler. Cindia. Awfully confusing." Charlie smiles nervously and laughs, "Dear old Cindy. Who could possibly forget her?!" Caroline asks suspiciously, "You know Cindy too, do you?" Charlie smiles, "Absolutely, darling - which is why I simply had to take Alison under my wing when she was in town. Any friend of Cindy's..." Caroline murmurs, "Yes, of course." Hurriedly changing the subject, Charlie then tells her that it was lovely of her to bring Isabella down to her. Caroline points out tautly, "You've already thanked me." Charlie, looking uncomfortable, tells her that she'd ask her to stay, but they don't have the room at the moment. She adds that she supposes Caroline is heading straight back to Sydney...? Caroline, though, replies that she has one or two matters to attend to; she's taken a room in a motel for a few days. Alison asks, "Business matters?" Caroline just replies with a sly, "Yes..." She then tells Charlie that they must have lunch while she's in Melbourne. Turning to Alison, she says, "Goodbye, Alison. No doubt we'll run into each other again." Alison nods, "Yes, I'm sure." Charlie and Caroline then head outside, leaving Alison looking slightly worried. Just outside the back door, Caroline asks Charlie, "Does Alison have a hold over you?" Looking surprised, Charlie retorts, "Of course not. I told you: we have a mutual friend." Caroline mutters, "I don't believe it." Charlie, though, retorts that that's just too bad. Caroline warns her, "Be careful of Alison, Charlie. She'll stop at nothing to get what she wants." Charlie tells her curtly that the warning is quite unnecessary - and she resents any insinuation that she's lying. Adam suddenly walks up and joins them, saying he just thought he'd drop in before he went on duty. Staring with interest at Caroline, he introduces himself and Caroline tells him that she's pleased to meet him. Charlie explains that Adam's her son. Caroline and Adam look at each other, intently. Charlie quickly says, "Caroline was just leaving." Adam tells her that he could offer her a lift, but Caroline explains that her rented car is parked out the front. Adam suggests, "Maybe some other time?" and Caroline smiles flirtatiously that she'll look forward to it! With that, she walks off. As Charlie and Adam head inside, Adam comments, "Nice lady." Charlie retorts curtly, "Isn't she...?"

In Brisbane, Heather and Tim are standing outside the O'Brien house and Heather is thanking Tim for everything. She adds that she doesn't know what she'd have done without him at times. Tim assures her that she and Mike have been pretty good to him, too. With that, he goes and carries his suitcase to the cab parked nearby. Heather turns to Leigh, who says, "Goodbye, Heather. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused." Heather points out that that's all sorted out now; there's no use going over it again. She then looks at Beryl, who's holding Robert, cuddling him tightly. Heather says to her softly, "I'm very, very grateful for what you're doing, Beryl." Beryl just says, "Give Mike our love." She then turns back to her son and says sadly, "Goodbye, Robert... er, Jamie. I don't want to confuse you any more than you already are. Be a good boy. I love you..." She then hands him sadly to Heather and tells her to take good care of him, before climbing into the front passenger seat of the taxi, which drives off.

Sometime later, Charlie is talking to Heather on the 'phone at the country house, saying she'll expect them at about 9pm. With that, she hangs up. Alison comes in from the hallway, having changed out of her charlady clothes, and Charlie laughs, "That's a bit of an improvement!" Alison sits down and Charlie then tells her that that was Heather who just 'phoned: Beryl's on her way back. Looking annoyed, Alison mutters, "She's got a house of her own. Why can't she stay there?" Charlie points out that David invited her to stay; she can't just turf her out. Alison comments, "A bit of an imposition, all the same." Charlie asks her in surprise why she's worried about Beryl. Alison retorts that she'd just prefer she wasn't around; she's bound to start asking questions. Adam comes in from outside as Alison adds, "You know she and Patricia hated each other. It's bad enough having Caroline sniffing around. She's a dangerous woman: I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her." Adam chips in that he thought she was quite a nice lady. He asks Alison if she's had dealings with her before, and Alison replies, "Of one kind or another, yes." Charlie tells Adam that Caroline does have a nasty side to her; he shouldn't get mixed up with her. Adam just says he'll reserve his judgement, and he heads back out.

That night, Samantha is sitting working at the reception desk in Irene's surgery when Irene emerges from her examination room and comments that it's been a long day. Samantha agrees that it sure has! Irene hands her a patient's card and thanks her for staying back. Stephen and Jenny suddenly appear in the entrance way, and Stephen tells Irene that Jenny wanted to see her. He adds that he knows it's late, but he hopes she doesn't mind. Irene leads Jenny into the examination room. When Irene has shut the door, Samantha asks her father, "What did the specialist say?" Stephen replies slowly, "Irene was right: Hodgkin's Disease." Samantha just murmurs, "Oh. I'm so sorry." Stephen asks her not to say anything to anyone just yet, and Samantha assures him that she won't. She adds that she thinks he should tell Caroline, though: she's sure she wouldn't insist on having him sacked if she knew. Stephen, though, mutters, "She'd only gloat if I went and pleaded for my job back. I won't give her the satisfaction." He pauses before going on, "Jenny doesn't think she has much time left." Looking shocked, Samantha cries that she doesn't know that; she could have months; even years. Stephen, though, explains that she's had the symptoms too long; she just didn't say anything. He adds that, however much time she has, he's going to make sure she has the best damn time.

In Irene's examination room, Jenny cries to Irene, "They must have made a mistake. They do, you read about it so often." Irene tells her that Dr. Edwards is one of the best in the field, but Jenny cries that that doesn't make him God. She goes on that all she needs is to go back to Woombai; all she needs is fresh air and hard work. Irene, though, tells her that hard work is out of the question: she won't have the energy and she'll only end up making herself feel worse than she does already. Jenny suddenly yells, "It doesn't matter what I do; you've got me in the grave already." She calms down slightly before going on that she and Stephen can fight this; she knows they can; they've just made a life for themselves and nothing's going to destroy that. With that, she storms out, leaving Irene looking worried.

Beryl, Leigh - holding Shane - and Tim are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. Charlie is standing by the sink, telling Tim that of course he can have a job in the market garden; she's sure Brett will be glad of the help. Tim exclaims that that's great! He then stands up and tells Leigh that he'll give her and Shane a hand to get settled. The two of them head out. Charlie sits down at the table with Beryl and tells her that Heather rang earlier to say Beryl had left - and she has to admit that she was stunned when she heard what happened. Beryl assures her that it was the last thing she wanted, but with the situation with Mike... Charlie sighs that she just hopes Leigh's learned a lesson. Beryl says she hopes so, too - and Leigh won't get a chance to try anything like it again, as she's taking her home with her and she'll be watching her like a hawk. Looking surprised, Charlie asks her if she's moving out, and Beryl replies that she'll pack the rest of her things later. Charlie tells her that she'll be sad to see her go. She then adds that, in one way, it's probably for the best: if Adam found out, his sense of duty would probably make him report Leigh. Beryl agrees, "Yes, and Leigh would probably go to jail and they'd take Shane away from her, which would only make a bad situation even worse." Charlie comments that it's probably just as well that Brett's out tonight, too; the less people that know about this, the better. From the doorway to the hall, Alison suddenly asks, "And what's that, Charlie?" Charlie turns to look at her and Charlie quickly replies, "Oh, a friend of ours. In Brisbane. He's very ill and doesn't want anyone to know about it yet." Alison accepts this. She then looks at Beryl and says, "You're Beryl, aren't you?" Beryl, looking surprised, says, "Yes, but I'm afraid I...?" Alison introduces, "Alison Carr. Friend of Charlie's." She adds, "You used to be married to the man who owns the property." Beryl, comments, "It seems you know all about me." Alison smiles at her and replies quietly, "Yes, I know all about you, Beryl..."

Jenny and Stephen are sitting in the lounge room at Dural with Colin. Jenny is saying to her stepson, "Have you heard of Hodgkin's Disease?" Colin nods his head and Jenny goes on that that's what they say she's got. She adds that it's hard to believe. Colin murmurs, "I don't." Jenny continues that they might be right about the disease, but she's determined; she's not finished yet. Colin glances at Stephen. Noticing this, Jenny demands, "What are you looking at Stephen for? Don't you believe me?" Colin quickly assures her that of course he does; he just doesn't know what to say. Jenny tells him, "You don't have to say anything. Just be around. If there's one thing this whole business has taught me, it's how much I love my family - and I'm going to spend as much time as I possibly can with you all from now on." Stephen suggests that they get her upstairs to bed, as she's been rushing around all afternoon. Jenny, though, insists that she's not an invalid yet; he and Irene are as bad as each other. She stands up, but suddenly wobbles and Stephen grabs her as she nearly falls over. She insists that she's OK, but Stephen helps her back to the couch. He tells her to take it easy there for a minute. He then heads out to the hallway, with Colin, who says slowly, "She's not going to get over it, is she?" Stephen replies, "She's going to need a lot of love and care, Colin." Colin assures him, "Whatever I can do," and Stephen puts a grateful hand on his shoulder. He then returns to the lounge room. Colin stands in the hallway and sighs heavily.

At Woombai, Gordon is sitting in an armchair, apparently deep in thought. Barbara comes in from the hallway and puts a tray down on the table, saying, "She didn't touch it." Gordon stands up and says he'll go and see what's wrong. Barbara, though, snaps, "Leave it. She'll eat when she's hungry." Gordon stares at her and Barbara reminds him that the police told her about Mary's tantrums; he's not going to do the girl any good by mothering her; he should just leave her until she comes to her senses. Gordon mutters that he doesn't agree, and he goes to head out to the hallway. Barbara, though, orders, "Gordon, you stay out of that room." Gordon turns back to her and yells, "When she first came here, you were most sympathetic. Now you're trying to make her life as difficult as possible. Now what the hell has got into you?" Barbara yells back, "I just don't see why you have to jump at her every beck and call. I've been through this once before and I'm damned if I'm going to go through it again." Gordon stares at her in surprise and asks, "What the hell are you talking about?" Barbara yells back, "Liz." G, looking shocked, assures her, "I don't feel that way about Mary. I thought you knew me better than that." Barbara, breaking down in tears, cries, "Sorry. I'm just scared, that's all. I can't help it." Gordon tells her that if she feels that strongly about it, he will find somewhere else for Mary to stay. Barbara, though, quickly assures him that there's no need. She adds through her tears, "It's just that there have been so many problems lately... and Mary's just another one I can't seem to handle." Putting his arms around her, Gordon comforts, "You don't have to. We'll work something out. Somehow."

Colin is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's. Wayne is smiling at him nastily and gloating, "Bit weak, don't you reckon? Stephen sending a boy on a man's job." Colin retorts that Stephen doesn't know he's there. Wayne, though, tells him that it doesn't really matter who comes begging; Stephen's still out on his ear as far as he's concerned. Colin stands there and, after a few seconds, says, "My mother is sick." Wayne laughs, "Oh yeah?" Colin goes on, "She's dying." The expression on Wayne's face suddenly becomes serious, and he demands, "What are you talking about?" Colin explains, "She's got Hodgkin's Disease. Mum doesn't know about Stephen losing his job. I'm trying to save her the worry in case she finds out." Looking shocked, Wayne starts pacing the room, looking thoughtful, and he then goes and pours himself a drink. After a few seconds, Colin asks, "Well?" Wayne takes a sip from his drink but doesn't say anything. Colin eventually snaps, "Thanks, Wayne. I just hope you're in the same situation one day. People like you don't even deserve to breathe." With that, he storms out. Wayne sits down, looking thoughtful.

Leigh is sitting in the lounge room at the country house. Brett is with her saying he doesn't understand it: she's obviously up to her neck in trouble but everyone seems to be protecting her; hasn't she got the guts to tell him what she's done? Leigh retorts that she just doesn't want to keep going over it again and again - and anyway, it's got nothing to do with him. Unknown to either of them, Alison appears in the doorway as Brett says snidely, "Poor Leigh. Reckon you've had enough of it already, do you?" Leigh retorts, "If you knew how I was feeling, yes." Brett says, "I don't - so why don't you tell me?" Leigh mutters, "Just leave me alone." Alison suddenly calls to Brett that the light in her room keeps flickering, and she asks him to check it out. Brett goes. Alone with Leigh, Alison comments to her that it seems everyone's out to give her a hard time. Leigh just stares at her. Alison goes on, "If you need a friend, perhaps we should take the trouble to get to know one another?" Leigh demands, "Why should you care?" Alison, sitting down, replies, "You remind me of myself at your age." Looking surprised, Leigh muses, "Someone else said that to me once. I took her advice on how to get somewhere in the world and it's got me nothing but trouble." Alison pauses and then says, "Charlie told me about the baby. I understand why you did it. We all try and do things we hope will help everyone. Sometimes that just doesn't happen." Leigh growls, "Certainly didn't this time." Alison tells her that punishing herself isn't going to do any good. Leigh, though, retorts, "That's what they all want." Alison tells her, "It's what you want that's important. Don't let other people try and run your life for you." At that moment, Beryl comes in and suggests to Leigh that she should finish her packing; she doesn't want to be late leaving in the morning. Leigh stands up, says goodnight to Alison and walks out. When she's gone, Alison comments to Beryl, "Certainly know how to crack the whip, don't you?" Beryl retorts that someone has to keep her in line. Alison says she'd have thought the poor girl had suffered enough. Beryl retorts, "I think you should mind your own business." With that, she walks out, leaving Alison staring into space, thoughtfully.

Adam is emerging from the police station when he hears a female voice calling his name. He looks across the road to see Caroline approaching him. She smiles at him that he wouldn't believe the trouble she went to tracking down the station he worked at. Adam laughs that he'd be interested to know how she did it! Caroline smiles, "Girl's got to have some secrets...!" Adam then asks her what he can do for her. Caroline explains, "I'm a little worried about your mother - well, about her friend, to be more precise. I had some business dealings with Alison Carr and she tried to... 'con me' would be the best way to put it. I was frightened she might be trying to pull the same sort of trick on Charlie." Adam asks her if she's spoken to Charlie, and Caroline replies that that's why she really went over there this morning - to try and warn her - but she didn't get a very good hearing. Adam comments, "And you want me to say something?" Caroline tells him, "You could, except that... well, there is the chance that I could be wrong and we'd all be embarrassed then. I thought that maybe you could keep an eye on her - you know, find out where she goes... what she's up to. At least we'd have something to go on, then." Adam points out, "I'm a cop, Caroline. Putting a tail on someone is not something I should become involved in." Caroline tells him that Charlie is too nice a lady to let a hard type like Alison take her down; she really does think this is a family matter more than a police matter; doesn't he? Adam stands there looking thoughtful.

The next morning, Brett and Tim are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house as Beryl works at the sink and Leigh prepares milk for Shane. Charlie comes in from the hallway as Brett asks Beryl if she minds if he stays there. Beryl assures him that of course she doesn't. Brett adds that it might be sensible if Tim stays too. Looking surprised, Tim says he promised Heather he'd give Beryl a hand. Leigh heads off to feed Shane and Brett and Tim stand up and head outside. Alison comes in from the hallway and asks Charlie if she can borrow the car again. Charlie smiles that of course she can, and Alison asks her to wish her luck. Charlie replies, "Good luck!" and Alison goes. Left alone with Charlie, Beryl asks her how she got to know Alison. Charlie quickly replies that it was through a friend of a friend. Beryl goes on that she's glad she's leaving this morning because they don't seem to get on. She then heads off to her room, leaving Charlie to comment, "So I noticed..."

Diane Bull has pulled up in her car outside. Alison is walking past her and Diane calls out that she's looking for Beryl Palmer. Alison just mutters that she's inside and she walks off. A short distance away, Brett and Tim are picking up some kindling when Tim suddenly spots Diane. He cries, "That's Diane Ball - from the Children's Home. And Leigh's in the house. There could be trouble." He goes to head inside, but Brett tells him to hang on, adding that he wants to know once and for all what the hell's going on. Alison heads off down the driveway in Charlie's car just as another car is coming in the opposite direction. Adam is the driver. He brings his car to a halt, sits there thoughtfully for a few seconds and then turns round and heads off after Alison.

At Dural, Jenny runs downstairs, carrying a suitcase. Colin suddenly comes out of the lounge room and calls, "Mum? Where are you going?" Jenny looks at him and replies, "Tell Stephen I don't think I've got much time left. There must be something I can do." Colin cries that she can't go anywhere; she's too sick. Jenny, though, just says, "Colin, I've left a note upstairs for Denny." She then gives him a hug and heads out. Looking shocked, Colin cries, "Mum..."

In the kitchen at the country house, Beryl is saying nervously to Diane Bull that she could have called first; they could have arranged a better time, as she's going home today. Diane, though, explains that she was in the area. Beryl, changing the subject rapidly, asks her what she wanted to talk about. Diane replies, "I want to take you up on your offer to come back and work at the Children's Home." Beryl smiles, "Of course!" She then adds that she doesn't mean to be rude, but she really does have so much packing to do..." She opens the back door to let Diane out. At that moment, though, Charlie and Leigh come in from the hallway, and Diane smiles, "Hello, Charlie." She then looks at Leigh and says, "And you must be Beryl's..." She breaks off as a look of realisation crosses her face, and she eventually goes on, "You're the girl who... the girl with the baby." Leigh looks at her 'innocently' and asks, "What baby? What are you talking about?" Diane retorts angrily, "I almost lost my job because of you. You're the girl who left the baby at the Home and then ran away." Leigh stands there, looking defiant.


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