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    Written by: Alister Webb    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Vince Martin

Leigh shrugs and tells Diane, "That's crazy." Beryl chips in that there must be dozens of girls who look like Leigh; perhaps she's mistaken? Diane, though, tells her, "You know me better than that, Beryl." Shane suddenly starts crying in his bedroom and Leigh asks Charlie to go and see to him. She then sighs and tells Diane, "You're right. It was me. But I only did it because I thought he'd be better off. It's not a crime to want the best for a baby, is it?" Diane admits, "No, but there are certain formalities to go through when you put a child up for adoption." Brett and Tim come in from outside as she adds, "What I can't understand is why you even considered it. You have somewhere nice to live; you seem to be alright financially. Why hand the child over in the first place?" Brett suddenly says, "I wouldn't mind knowing that, too. And why you haven't done anything about it." Beryl stares at him as he goes on, "If it was my kid someone gave away, I'd be onto the cops like a shot." A look of guilt crosses Leigh's face. Diane, looking puzzled as realisation dawns, asks, "Robert?" Beryl tells her reluctantly, "It's not as simple as it sounds, Diane."

Jenny is packing her suitcase into the boot of her car at Dural. Colin is crying at her to at least talk to Stephen; she can't just leave for no reason. Jenny retorts that she's already given him a reason - and her mind's made up: she needs to do some of the things she should have done years ago. Colin asks, "Why can't you do that with us?" Jenny retorts, "Because you all know what's going to happen and I need to be with people who don't." She walks round to the driver's door as Colin pleads that they're a family; they've got a right to be with her. Jenny, though, snaps that she's got a right to spend what little time she might have left the way she wants. She adds, "I'll be in touch," and then climbs in the car and drives off. Colin watches her go, helplessly.

In Melbourne, Alison pulls up in Charlie's car outside the hospital, turns off the engine and climbs out. She then takes off her coat to reveal her cleaning lady outfit underneath. She pulls on some scruffy shoes and a headscarf and then closes the car door, approaches the hospital and heads inside. Adam has pulled up nearby and is watching her. He climbs out of his car. Inside the hospital, the receptionist asks Alison if she can help her. Alison - putting on a working-class accent - replies, "Yes, I'm from the hospital staffing agency. I had a call to fill in for May Jenkins. She's off sick today." She doesn't notice Adam walking slowly into the hospital behind her. The receptionist asks, "What was your name?" Alison replies, "Jess Morris." The receptionist opens a folder, seems to accept that everything is in order and then points to a door and says, "I think you'll find everything you need is in there." Alison pauses momentarily and then heads through a door marked 'Cleaners. Staff Only.' Adam watches her, suspiciously.

Brett, Tim, Diane, Beryl and Leigh are all in the kitchen at the country house. Beryl is telling Diane, "Naturally, my first thought was to call the police, but there is the question of Shane." Tim suggests that, maybe once the police understand, they'll let her off or something. Brett, though, growls, "Fat chance. Shane would be better off with someone else, anyway." Leigh cries that at least Robert will be back with his real mother soon. Tim points out that it's rough on Heather, but: she was always saying how Jamie helped her get over Jeff, and now she's going to lose Mike and the kid. Charlie comes back in and tells Leigh that she managed to get Shane back to sleep. Beryl tells her that Diane knows about it being her baby, not Leigh's, and Charlie murmurs, "Oh..." Beryl then suggests to Diane that surely they can sort this out without causing too much trouble: if Leigh does go to jail, they'll end up taking Shane away from her and that would only make matters worse. Diane, though, says it's not that simple: the Children's Home receives a government subsidy; if the story of what happened ever got out and people heard that there was a cover-up, they'd risk losing the Home altogether. She adds, "When I think of that poor baby being shuttled from one person to another..." Beryl points out that it isn't as if he's not being cared for. Diane retorts that she realises that, but she just doesn't feel that she can ignore it. Brett mutters, "I'm with you." Beryl, though, snaps at him to stay out of it. Spider suddenly comes in from outside and smiles, "G'day, everyone! Not interrupting, am I?" Everyone looks away in annoyance. Spider then turns to Diane and tells her that that's offer's still open for the dance tonight! Diane, though, just says a blunt, "No thankyou." Charlie grabs Spider's arm and leads him off to the lounge room.

Alison is mopping the floor near the reception desk at the hospital. The receptionist leaves her post, and Alison immediately picks up her bucket of water and heads through the door that leads behind the desk. She puts it down in front of a filing cabinet and opens a drawer. She starts looking through the files contained inside and eventually pulls out one with 'Jeff O'Brien, Ward 14' printed on it, on a label. She looks inside briefly before suddenly hearing approaching footsteps and putting it back in the cabinet. To her surprise, Adam appears in the doorway. Staring at her, he says curtly, "Hello, Alison. I hope it's a good explanation, whatever it is..."

A few moments later, Alison is saying to Adam that she has to keep the wolf from the door somehow: she works part-time as a cleaner. Adam asks her why she was looking through those files, then. Alison, though, retorts, "I think you owe me an explanation for following me here in the first place." Adam grabs her arm and suggests that they go down to the station and discuss it there. Alison, though, pulls her arm away and retorts, "No - and I wouldn't force the issue, if I were you. Not if you want your mother kept out of it..." The receptionist suddenly returns and she warns Alison, "You'd better have this area finished before Matron comes." Alison, indicating Adam, says, "Sorry. Family matter." She then tells Adam that she'll meet him outside in five minutes, and he goes.

Five minutes later, Alison emerges from the hospital and Adam demands, "You going to tell me what's going on?" Alison sighs that, if he must know, it involves a friend of Charlie's: Patricia Palmer. Adam comments that he thought she was dead. Alison replies, "Officially, yes. Death certificates aren't difficult to forge - especially in Rio. We're trying to clear her of the murder charge that forced her to leave Australia in the first place." Adam muses, "Luke Carlyle." Alison asks him if Charlie told him about it, and he nods. Alison goes on that David is in Brazil now, looking for her; she and Charlie want the way clear for her to come home when he finds her. Adam asks how the files fit in. Alison explains, "Information about Jeff O'Brien. We think he was the one who killed Luke." Adam asks her in surprise why she didn't go straight to Police Headquarters and have the whole case re-opened. Alison laughs, "As far as they're concerned, Patricia was guilty the day she left the country." She then asks, "You still going to charge me for trying to prove a friend's innocence?" Adam just stares at her, and she goes on that maybe he could suggest a way to get to Jeff's file, considering he just bungled her attempt. Adam assures her that he wants to help, but you can't just go snooping around confidential files without permission. Alison asks, "Any more ideas?" Adam tells her that he wouldn't mind talking to Charlie first. Alison sighs, "If you must." She then points out that he still hasn't said why he was following her. Adam explains that someone asked him to. Alison asks, "Who?" Adam replies, "Caroline Morrell." A look of shock crosses Alison's face.

In the lounge room at the country house, Charlie is telling Spider that she doesn't mean to be rude, but it is rather private. Spider assures her that he wouldn't go around telling anyone, but Charlie insists that it's something they've got to sort out for themselves. She then suggests that he watch a video while he's waiting. With that, she heads back to the kitchen. A few moments later, Spider follows her out to the hallway...

Charlie is back in the kitchen as Diane Ball tells Beryl assertively that she has to go to the police; there's no way round it. Beryl, though, retorts that she thinks they've all been through quite enough. Brett mutters, "You just let her off and forget it?" A furious look on her face, Beryl snaps at him, "Leigh is not being let off, Brett. I'll be watching her like a hawk. If she puts one foot wrong, then I will go to the police." Charlie appeals to Diane that surely that's fair. Diane, though, snaps that she doesn't agree - and she can't see how Beryl can, either. With that, she stands up and announces, "I'm going to the police." Beryl pleads, "Please, Diane." Diane reminds her, "Beryl, we're talking about your baby." Beryl retorts, "Yes, and I've got him back. Isn't that enough?" Diane just stares at her and then turns and walks out. When she's gone, Leigh asks quietly, "Do you think she will report me?" Beryl points out, "We'll soon know, won't we...?"

Colin is sitting on the stairs in the hallway at Dural when the front door opens and Stephen, Samantha and Andy come in. Colin comments to Stephen that he thought he had some job interviews to go to, but Stephen explains that he didn't feel up to it. He adds that he found Samantha and Andy outside! Andy indicates a bunch of flowers that he's holding and says he thought they might cheer Jen up. Stephen tells him to come into the lounge room. The three of them head in there, but Stephen discovers that Jenny's not around and he remarks that she must be upstairs resting. Colin, though, follows them into the room and announces, "She's gone." Everyone turns to look at him and he continues, "She just walked out - with a suitcase. I couldn't make her change her mind." A look of shock crosses Stephen's face and he asks if she said where she was going. Colin murmurs, "No." He adds, "I tried to get her to talk it over with you first, but she just went on about needing to do things; to make up for lost time." Stephen murmurs, "She's trying to make it easier on us..." Samantha asks if there's anywhere she's likely to go. Stephen pauses and then says, "Woombai. I'll 'phone Gordon and let him know. The last thing she needs to know is that I've lost my job." With that, he heads out to the hallway. When he's gone, Andy curses, "If I hadn't have sold my shares, none of that would have happened." Samantha tells him not to blame himself. She then goes on that if she could only contact her mum, she knows she could get her to change her mind about the job; that just leaves Wayne. Andy tells her to forget it - the guy's a moron; and besides, Colin has already tried. Samantha suggests, "Then we'll just have to try again, won't we?"

Diane Ball pulls up in her car outside a police station, climbs out and heads into the building...

Samantha, Colin and Andy are at Charlie's, and as Wayne escorts them into the lounge room, he smiles nastily, "If you're here about Stephen..." Samantha tells him that they're not there to make him change his mind. Colin chips in that they just want to understand why he's doing it; why he seems to enjoy hurting people. Wayne muses, "Business is business." He then tells Samantha, "If you want someone to blame, visit your mother. It was her idea, not mine." Samantha retorts, "You know she'd change her mind if she knew how sick Jenny was. Why does gaining control over the company mean so much?" Wayne tells her, "I don't have to justify myself to anyone - especially not to you." Colin glares at him and growls, "What is it with you, hey? The power or what?" Wayne retorts that he wouldn't have got this far if he hadn't bent a few rules. Samantha, though, asks him bitterly, "Where have you got? No friends, that's for sure: everybody hates you; even your own father." Andy chips in, "It's too bad if you get into trouble, mate. No one's going to want to help you." Wayne glares at him and then growls at everyone, "You've had your say. Now get out. And tell Stephen that if he wants to beg for his job, to do it in person." With that, Andy, Samantha and Colin storm out.

Alison and Charlie are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. Adam is leaning against the sink, telling Charlie that once Alison had explained it all, the cleaning lady bit made sense. Charlie asks him if that's the only reason he's t here, and Adam asks, "Why? Is there something else I should know?" Charlie quickly tells him, "Of course not. Why should there be?" Alison explains that she told Adam about David and Fiona looking for Patricia and how they think she's still alive. Charlie smiles, "Actually, I had a call from Fiona this morning." Alison asked if she said how David was, and Charlie replies, "As well as can be expected. They're going to get on with the search as soon as he's up to it." Adam comments that Alison told him how much this means to them both and he'd like to help; he thinks he can persuade the Sarge to let him look into the case when he's got a spare minute; he can even do a check on those hospital files. Charlie smiles that that would be wonderful! Adam suggests that, in the meantime, she and Alison stay right out of it! He heads off and Charlie closes the door behind him. She then says to Alison, "For an awful moment, I thought he was going to stay." Alison asks what on earth is going on, and Charlie explains, "Diane Ball was here. She recognised Leigh as the girl that left Robert at the Children's Home." Alison asks what she's going to do, but Charlie says she doesn't know yet; she threatened to go to the police, but Beryl might have talked her out of it; they'll just have to wait and see...

Brett and Tim are working outside, and Brett is saying that there's no way Diane won't go to the cops. Tim, though, points out sourly that they haven't turned up yet. Spider suddenly walks up and joins them and says, "G'day boys." Brett and Tim both look at him sharply, and Tim says in relief, "Oh, Spider!" Spider asks them who they thought it was, and Brett replies, "The boys in blue." Spider tells him that one of them was there just a little while ago: Adam - to see his mum. Brett growls, "Wish I'd have known. I would have told him what Leigh's been up to." Spider warns him not to be too hard on the girl; the whole thing was all a mistake. Brett mutters, "Been listening in to keyholes, have we?" Spider tells him, "Now don't you be too clever, young fella. I know your type: sit in judgement on people. One of these days, your turn will come. Mark my words."

Diane Ball emerges from the police station followed by two plain-clothes detectives. She asks them if it's absolutely necessary for her to come with them, and one of them replies that he's afraid so; they'd like her to be there for the questioning. He adds that she shouldn't worry about getting a cold reception; nothing's going to happen while he and his colleague are out there - and besides, it'll make things a lot more difficult for them if she doesn't come. Diane sighs, "Alright."

Leigh is sitting on the floor in the lounge room at the country house, holding Shane and looking worried. Alison comes in and says that Charlie told her what happened. Leigh asks tersely, "Did she also tell you Diane's going to the police?" Alison tells her, "If it was me, I wouldn't wait around for the police to pick me up. Not if it means spending time in jail." Standing up, Leigh asks where she'd go; she doesn't have any money and people would recognise her straight away with Shane. Alison points out, "At least you'd have him. What's the boy going to think when he grows up and finds out his mother's in prison? He'll want to know why, and they'll have to tell him." Leigh looks at Shane and murmurs, "I don't know." Spider suddenly bursts in and says, "They're here. The police. Come on, Leigh, you can't let them take you away." Alison tells Leigh that Spider is right; there's still time. Spider tells Leigh that he'll help cover for her; anything's better than jail. Leigh cries, "What about Shane? I can't just take off with him." Alison tells her, "Leave him here for the time being. I'll get him to you as soon as possible." Reaching into her handbag, she adds, "Hide out in one of the sheds until the police leave. After that, Spider and I will find somewhere for you to go." She puts a roll of banknotes in Leigh's pocket. Leigh cries, "I can't take your money." Alison, though, retorts, "Don't worry about it. Just go." Leigh looks at Shane and then pleads to Alison, "You'll look after him?" Alison assures her, "I will." Leigh kisses her son and then hands him over. As she takes him, Alison tells her, "Now go. Quickly." She runs out. When she's gone, Spider says to Alison, "Just in the nick of time, eh?" Alison, though, tells him, "It's not over yet, Spider. You and I have got a lot of quick thinking to do..."

A short time later, in the kitchen, Charlie is saying brightly to the detectives that they must know her son: Adam Tate; he's in the police force. The first detective, though, ignores this and asks bluntly, "Where's Miss. Palmer? You understand there's a few questions we'd like to ask her?" Charlie trills, "I wouldn't worry about that. If Beryl wanted the police involved, she would have called you herself." The detective, though, retorts, "Nevertheless, there's been an official complaint and we're obliged to act on it, so if you wouldn't mind telling us where we can find her...?" At that moment, Beryl walks in from the hallway, and the detective says to her, "You're...?" Beryl introduces herself, adding that she supposes they're there about Robert. The detective tells her that, right now, they'd like to talk to her niece - if someone would tell them where she is. Spider and Alison suddenly burst into the kitchen and Spider exclaims, "She's gone!" Beryl, looking surprised, comments that she saw her half an hour ago, hanging out some washing. Spider suggests that that must have been before the taxi arrived. Looking puzzled, Beryl asks, "What taxi?" Spider replies, "The one Leigh left in, about fifteen minutes ago." Diane comments that she didn't see any taxi; they would have passed it on the way there, surely? Spider, though, explains that she didn't head towards town; she headed in the other direction. The detective asks him if he happened to get the number plate. Spider replies, "Well, there was a P... and some numbers after it. Does that narrow it down for you?" The detective retorts, "Not a great deal. Let's get a description of the girl, shall we?"

At Charlie's, Wayne is sitting on the couch, looking thoughtful. After a few seconds, he sighs heavily, stands up and heads out.

At the boarding house, Samantha is sorting out some bottles of pills in Irene's examination room where there's suddenly a knock on the front door by the reception. Samantha heads out there to find Jenny standing there. Jenny, looking down at the floor, murmurs, "I suppose Colin told you about me leaving?" Samantha replies, "I was out there a while ago. We were all worried. Dad was frantic." Looking surprised, Jenny comments that she thought Stephen was supposed to be out all day, on business. Samantha, though, explains that he must have cancelled. She then goes on that Stephen knows why she left; he thought she'd gone to Woombai. Jenny murmurs, "I knew that would be the first place he'd think of." She then announces, "I've come for a second opinion. If the results are the same, I definitely won't go back. It's not fair to Stephen. It's not fair to anyone." Samantha pleads, "At least let him know you're safe." Jenny, though, murmurs, "Not until I know the results." She then adds, "I'm sure Irene won't mind giving me another referral." Samantha explains, "She's on house calls at the moment. She won't be much longer." Jenny thanks her and sits down. Samantha, though, suggests to her that she go and wait in the surgery, and Jenny gets up and heads in there. When she's gone, Samantha picks up the telephone in the reception area and dials a number. In the examination room, Jenny sits on a chair, staring into space, looking upset and worried. She suddenly notices the bottles of pills that Samantha had been sorting through - they're marked as sleeping pills. She sits looking thoughtful again and then stands up. She suddenly becomes aware of Samantha saying on the 'phone outside, "I don't know how long I can keep her here. I feel bad calling you as it is. So just hurry up; Irene's due back any minute." She then hangs up. Jenny stands in the examination room, looking worried.

At Dural, Stephen climbs into his car, saying to Andy and Colin, "I should have realised she'd go to Irene's." Andy tells him to take it easy; Samantha should be able to stall her. Stephen starts his car engine and drives off. As he heads down the driveway, he suddenly spots Wayne in front of him, approaching. Wayne waves to him, but Stephen, looking furious, pumps his foot on the accelerator pedal and speeds up, forcing Wayne to dive out of the way. Stephen then pulls the car to a halt with a screech of the brakes and yells back at Wayne, "Show your face round here again and you mightn't be so lucky." With that, he drives off. Andy and Colin run over to Wayne and Andy asks him if he's OK. Wayne growls, "He's a maniac." Colin asks him what he came there for, anyway. Wayne retorts, "I was going to tell him he could have his job back. Fat chance after that little stunt." He storms off.

Jenny is staring out through the open french windows in Irene's examination room. She sighs heavily and then heads back to the door leading out to reception as she hears Samantha saying to someone, "She rang just before you arrived to say she'd be a few minutes late. I hope you don't mind." A strong female voice replies indignantly, "I'm supposed to be meeting my daughter for lunch." Samantha soothes, "She shouldn't be much longer." Jenny goes and looks out through the french windows again. She sighs heavily and then picks up her bag. Her gaze falls again on one of the bottles of sleeping pills, and she picks it up and heads out through the windows...


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