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    Written by: Jane Seaborn   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Vince Martin

Out in reception, Samantha stares at a couple of patients that are sitting waiting. She looks worried. Irene suddenly comes in and smiles, "Morning, everyone." Samantha quickly stops her heading into her surgery and explains that Jenny's inside; she talked her into staying until Irene got back. Irene asks her if she's called Stephen, and Samantha replies that he's on his way. She adds, "She seems a lot worse..." Irene opens the door to her surgery and heads in there. A moment later, she returns to the reception area and says, "Samantha..." Samantha heads into the examination room and Irene tells her, "She's gone." Samantha cries, "Oh no..." Irene then notices the bottles of pills lying on the desk and asks when they arrived. Samantha replies, "This morning. There should be four of them." Irene examines the bottles and then picks up the 'phone urgently. Samantha asks her who she's calling. Irene replies quickly, "The police. If Jenny's got the other bottle, we mightn't have much time."

Colin and Andy walk into Dural through the front door, Colin growling that Stephen should have run Wayne over when he had the chance. Andy tells him that he should just try and forget about it, but Colin yells that he can't. Andy tells him that knocking Wayne isn't going to do anything for Jenny; he should think about his mum; when Stephen brings her home she's going to need him. Colin storms into the lounge room.

Irene escorts a patient from her surgery into the reception area and sees her out. She then turns to Samantha, who's sitting at the reception desk. She hands Irene the next patient's card. Stephen suddenly bursts in and cries to Irene, "Thank heavens you're here. Where's Jenny?" Irene turns to her next patient and asks him if he'd mind waiting a moment. She, Stephen and Samantha then head into the examination room and Irene closes the door. She turns to Stephen and explains worriedly, "Jenny's not here." Stephen asks where she's gone, but Irene explains that they're not sure. Stephen turns to Samantha, who tells him that Jenny slipped out through the patio door. Irene adds, "Stephen... she took a bottle of sleeping tablets." Looking shocked, Stephen cries that they've got to find her. Irene, though, points out that they wouldn't know where to start. She goes on that she's 'phoned the police and they'll do what they can; the best thing he can do is be somewhere where he can be contacted. Looking shocked, Stephen murmurs, "Alright. I'll stay here." Irene, though, tells him gently, "It might be hours before we hear anything. Go home."

Jenny is sitting in her car in the middle of a country area, crying and staring at the bottle of sleeping pills...

The front door opens at Dural and Stephen walks in slowly. Colin and Andy stare at him from the lounge room and Colin demands, "Is mum alright?" Stephen, though, comes in and tells him, "She'd gone by the time I got there." He then asks if the police haven't called, and Andy murmurs that he's sorry. Stephen says he'll give them a ring, and he heads back out to the hallway. Colin snaps at Andy, "I feel so useless." Out in the hallway, Stephen finishes dialling the police and is waiting for the call to be answered when the front door suddenly opens and he turns to find Jenny standing there, tears streaming down her face. She walks in slowly and Andy and Colin look on as she tells Stephen tearfully, "I didn't want my family to think I wasn't brave enough to face this. But I can't do it alone, Stephen..." She breaks down and flings herself into Stephen's arms as he assures her, "You don't have to. We're here."

A while later, Jenny is sitting on the couch in the lounge room as Stephen dials a number on the telephone at the bar. Andy suddenly sticks his head into the room and tells Jenny that he hopes the trip goes well. Jenny thanks him and he goes. Stephen's 'phone call is answered by Gordon, at Woombai. Gordon asks how Jenny is, and Stephen replies that she's fine. He continues that the two of them have decided to go away on a trip, and Gordon smiles that that's wonderful. Stephen adds, "So I won't be going back to Woombai." Gordon assures him that he understands. Stephen adds that it should make things a bit easier with Wayne. Gordon tuts grimly that he doubts that... Stephen says he's sorry things have turned out like this, but Gordon laughs, "I'll make sure there's a large severance pay as compensation!" Stephen thanks him. Gordon adds that he'll let the other Board members know Stephen's decision. Stephen thanks him again and then hangs up. At Dural, he turns to Jenny and tells her, "That's settled. Where do you want to go?" Jenny stares at him lovingly and replies, "I don't care - as long as it's with you." She then adds quietly, "I'm not going to be too much trouble, am I?" Stephen warns her softly, "None of that..." and he gives her a loving kiss.

At Woombai, Barbara says gruffly to Gordon that she knows Stephen doesn't want his job back, but she hates the thought of Wayne being able to dismiss him. Gordon agrees, "So do I..." He then suddenly quotes loudly, "But with Cleopatra on-side, Caesar reigns supreme!" Barbara smiles but points out quietly that that doesn't make it any easier. Gordon muses, "I know - and that is why I've decided to sell." Barbara stares at him in surprise as he continues, "I am not going to play lackey to Wayne and Caroline and I doubt that Roland and Beryl will either, so we'll simply sell all our shares and they can put up with the new buyers for them." Looking shocked, Barbara cries that that means leaving Woombai. Gordon, though, murmurs that he doesn't have any choice. He then sighs, "I'm going to miss this place. It's been a great part of my life." Mary suddenly wanders in, and Gordon tells her that they really should go into town and see Detective Dunross; he didn't finish talking to her yesterday. Mary murmurs, "Yes, of course." She turns to leave the room again, but suddenly pauses and says to Barbara, "Why don't you like me?" Barbara looks at her in surprise and blusters, "Don't be silly. Of course I like you." Mary just stares at her and then walks out again. When she's gone, Gordon tells Barbara, "I'll talk to her on the way to town. We shouldn't be long." He heads out, leaving Barbara looking worried.

A short time later, outside, Gordon is telling Mary that Barbara's a very direct woman - but she means well. Mary, ignoring this, asks, "How could your son make you give up this place when he knows what it means to you?" Gordon explains that he doesn't believe Wayne thought he would. Mary says, "If you don't have to, why...?" Gordon, though, replies, "But I do, in a way. It wouldn't feel right, somehow, staying on." Alan Pascoe suddenly walks up to the two of them and he tells Gordon that there are a few blokes coming in this afternoon for some workmen's jobs; since Stephen's away, he thought Gordon might like to see them. Gordon, though, tells him, "I'm sure you can handle it." He then adds, "Also, I'd like you to take over as acting manager." Looking surprised, Alan agrees, "Sure," and he asks how long Stephen's going to be on his honeymoon. Gordon, though, explains that, actually, Stephen's not coming back, and he can't appoint anybody to replace him. He goes to climb into his car before going on, "It's only fair to tell you the future of Woombai is rather doubtful. I'll tell you more when I get back." With that, he gets in the car, starts the engine and drives off, leaving Alan looking thoughtful.

Spider is approaching a barn in the grounds of David's country house. Leigh is sitting in there, and as he enters, she snaps that the police left hours ago; she's going stir crazy sitting in there. Spider explains quietly that Alison had to wait until Beryl was out of the way to pack her things. He adds it's safe for her to leave now. Leigh starts to protest, "But I don't know where I'm going to--" She breaks off as they suddenly hear a noise outside and Leigh cries in alarm, "What was that?" Spider tells her to stay there, and he goes and looks outside. Brett is standing out there, and Spider smiles that it can't be much fun sleeping in the barn. Brett asks him if he's been catching forty weeks, but Spider replies that he thought he heard a possum, as a matter of fact. Brett says he'll have a look, but Spider quickly stops him, saying he had a gander and found nothing. He then asks Brett if he could give him a lift home later, and Brett agrees, "Sure." Changing the subject, he asks where Leigh has got to, adding, "What sort of mother would leave her own baby just to save her own neck?" Spider retorts, "One who wouldn't like to take care of him in jail, I'd imagine." Brett mutters, "Well she's not there yet, is she?" and he walks off. Spider returns to Leigh, who murmurs, "Brett's right: I shouldn't be leaving Shane. Maybe it would be better if I did give myself up?" Spider, though, insists that Alison and Charlie can manage until it's safe for her to have him. Leigh cries that she doesn't even know where she's supposed to go. Spider, taking a piece of paper out of his pocket, explains that he and Alison worked it out. Leigh looks at the paper. Spider tells her, "Cheer up. It's not the end of the world." Leigh stares at him.

Andy is leaning on the reception desk at Irene's surgery, telling Samantha that he thought he'd better leave Jenny and Stephen to talk on their own. Samantha sighs that she feels so stupid about leaving those tablets out when Jenny was in the surgery; she was in such a panic to ring her dad, she didn't think. Andy points out that it's all turned out OK now. He then adds, "You know, Wayne turned up as Stephen was driving out? He nearly knocked him over! I don't think he would have hit him, but he sure as hell gave him a fright!" Samantha smiles, "Good!" Andy, though, tells her, "Not really. Wayne reckoned he'd come to offer Stephen his job back. There's no way he's going to do that now." Samantha points out to him that at least talking to him must have done some good. She turns to pick up some papers next to her, but accidentally knocks them on the floor, and cries, "Oh blast!" Andy tells her that he'll get them, and he bends down behind the desk. He doesn't notice as Chris Bainbridge suddenly walks in through the main door. Chris says to Samantha, "Excuse me. I was wondering if I can see Dr. Fisher. I'm looking for Fiona Thompson. I was told she could help me." Andy stands up and, staring at Chris in shock, demands angrily, "What the hell are you doing here?" He then explains to Samantha, "He's the guy who tried to kill Fiona."

A moment later, Andy snaps at Chris, "What, you disappointed you missed the first time, hey? Well don't think you're going to get another chance. I'm amazed you're even game enough to show your face around here." Irene emerges from the examination room, sees a patient out and then says to Andy quietly, "I don't know what's going on, but you're in my surgery, not a pub." Andy indicates Chris and retorts, "This guy wants to know where Fiona is. He's the one who tried to shoot her up at Woombai." Turning to Chris, he adds, "Last I heard, you were in a nuthouse." Chris insists that he's not there to cause any trouble; he's just come to find Mrs. Thompson. Andy asks incredulously, "What, you want to have another crack at her?" Chris, though, retorts, "No, I want to apologise." Irene tells him to come into the surgery. Andy snaps at her in shock, "Irene, you just can't go and tell--" Irene interrupts him and retorts, "I'll handle it." She then follows Chris into the examination room and shuts the door. Andy growls to Samantha, "I thought they'd locked him up for good." Samantha comments that he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd try to kill someone.

In Irene's examination room, Irene says to Chris, "You're Chris, aren't you?" Chris confirms, "Chris Bainbridge. My father was mentioned in Barney Adams' Vietnam memoirs." Irene explains that Fiona told her when she got back from London. She adds, "You said you wanted to apologise to her...?" Chris replies, "Yes. I understand why she had the diaries published now. Just seeing what it did to the Colonel... I don't know... something snapped. I realise it wasn't her fault... I just wish it hadn't affected dad so much." Irene asks how he is, and Chris tells her that doctors say it's unlikely he'll ever recover. Irene asks him how his mother's coping, and Chris replies that she and the kids went to stay with her brother. Irene asks, "Why didn't you?" and Chris explains, "He knew what I'd done. Made him nervous. I don't want to cause any more problems for mum." Irene asks him what he's going to do, then. Chris tells her, "I've been sleeping at Crossley House for a while. Do you know it?" Irene replies that she's heard of it. Chris goes on that it's staffed mostly by volunteer social workers: they give up their free time to help people with emotional problems, and he was one of them. He continues that he stayed on as part-time gardener, but he'll have to leave there soon as they're running short of accommodation; he was thinking of going up to Brisbane. He goes on that he's been meaning to see Fiona for weeks; he went upstairs and knocked on the door and one of the neighbours said she'd gone overseas-- Irene interrupts him and comments that some people would think it strange him even wanting to see Fiona after what happened. Chris, though, explains, "One thing they taught us at the hospital was that we have to face our past. I only want to write and apologise and thank her for not pressing charges." Irene smiles, "That's very good of you, but even so, I don't think she'd want me to tell you." Chris sighs, "Well, if you write to her, would you mention me?" Irene nods. Chris adds, "She's got a lot of close friends, hasn't she, who want to protect her?" Irene agrees that she certainly has. She then asks if there's anything else she can do for him. Chris replies, "No thanks - unless you've got any free time. Crossley House is always looking for volunteer medical help." Irene says she'll see what she can do, and Chris thanks her. He then heads off, leaving Irene looking thoughtful.

Gordon and Mary head into the lounge room at Woombai, having arrived back from the police station. Gordon puts a suitcase down in the doorway. As Mary sits down, Gordon tells Barbara that it's all over for now. Mary cries, "But they think I'm the murderer because I said I hated granddad." Barbara, though, tells her not to be silly: they'd have arrested her if they thought that. Gordon assures Mary that the detectives know she didn't do it. Turning to Barbara, he adds that the Brolga Times is re-running Mary's story, explaining that she can't identify the murderer, so she should be quite safe now. Mary murmurs sadly, "Probably won't be here much longer, anyway..." Gordon explains to Barbara, "It seems that Mary's nan has a nephew. When the police track him down, she can stay with him." Mary murmurs, "I'd have a mum here if Patricia was alive..." Gordon, changing the subject, suggests to her that she go and unpack, and she stands up, picks up the suitcase and heads out. When she's gone, Barbara asks what's in the case, and Gordon replies that it contains a few things from Brolga; mostly Mary's, but some of her grandmother's. He adds gently, "She hasn't got much in this world, has she?" Barbara, looking down, mutters, "No..."

Bart is working in the grounds outside when a motorcycle roars up and stops next to him. A guy in leathers calls out, "Hey, mate! I'm looking for the manager." Bart asks him if he's after the job, and the motorcyclist mutters, "Yeah." Bart tells him, "Alan Pascoe's the bloke you want. He's up by the house." The motorcyclist thanks him and drives off. Bart watches him go.

Inside, Barbara hands Gordon a cup of tea and then tells him assertively, "If you really want to know what I think, she could be totally innocent. On the other hand, she could be a very cunning little rascal who's lying like hell to protect herself. I don't know what she is. You always just seem to see the best in people as a matter of course." Gordon murmurs curtly, "Thanks for the tea, Barbara. It's lovely." Barbara goes on, "And what happens if the nephew doesn't turn up? She can't stay here forever." Gordon retorts that he's not going to stand by and see her dumped in the gutter. Barbara suddenly snaps, "Why do you always have to protect every waif and stray that happens along?" Gordon retorts, "As I said yesterday, if it upsets you, then I'll arrange for her to stay--" Barbara, though, interrupts and retorts, "No, no, she can stay here. It's up to you." Gordon asks, "What have you got against the girl?" He then pauses before adding, "You're jealous of her, aren't you?" Barbara, ignoring this, asks, "When are you going to tell Roland and Beryl that you've decided to sell out?" Gordon, though, retorts, "Answer the question." Barbara sighs, "Gordon, I don't know. I am just not sure about her yet." She then asks him if he's seen Alan, and he replies that they had a brief word before he left: he'll stay on until further notice. He adds that Wayne will be mad to get rid of him. Barbara demands, "Does he know what Wayne's done?" Gordon replies that he knows that Stephen isn't coming back; he'll tell him the rest later. Barbara asks about Beryl and Roland, and Gordon retorts that he shall ring them tomorrow. He then gets up to go and see how Mary's coping.

Mary is sitting on her bedroom floor, the items from the suitcase strewn around her. Gordon appears in the doorway and Mary murmurs, "Reminds me of nan. Especially the shawl - she always wore it." She then cries, "What am I going to do without her? I don't want to live with nan's nephew. I don't even know him. I wish Patricia was alive - she'd want me; nan always said she'd come back for me." Gordon points out that she has the job with him and Barbara, now; she can stay as long as she likes. Mary, though, cries, "I can't. Mrs. Hamilton hates me. I don't know what I've done." She then asks, "Did she hate mum, too? Maybe that's why she doesn't like me..." Gordon points out that he's already explained that there's no way Patricia could be her mother. Mary, though, insists sharply, "Nan wouldn't have lied." She then calms down and says she might lie down for a bit. Gordon tells her that he'll see her later, and he goes. Mary picks up an old envelope that's lying on the floor and pulls out a sheet of paper that's inside. She glances at it and then drops it on the floor. She then takes a photo out of the envelope and climbs onto her bed. She stares at the photo for several seconds before letting it slip to the floor. It's a photo of a young Patricia...

Stephen and Jenny are looking at holiday brochures in the lounge room at Dural, and Stephen smiles that Tahiti looks nice! Jenny points out that she thought they'd decided on New Zealand; she'd love to go there, and she's sure Denny and Colin would enjoy it. Stephen smiles, "New Zealand it is!" From the bar, Colin calls out that honeymoons don't usually include the kids. Stephen tells him that they'd like theirs to. Colin points out to Jenny that Denise doesn't even know she's sick. Looking at Stephen, he continues, "I think you should go off on your own. After all, Denise and I have been looking after mum for years. It's only fair that we should give you some of the responsibility!" Stephen smiles and tells Colin that he and Denise are still more than welcome to come if they'd like. Colin, though, says, "No thankyou."

In the reception area at Irene's surgery, Irene is standing with Samantha and Andy and she asks, "Who's got to gain the most?" Andy replies, "No one." Samantha points out to him that he had to buy another van, but Andy laughs that he doesn't think the guy at the car yard would have organised it! Irene points out that he had to sell his shares, too, and she asks, "What about that stockbroker woman?" Andy shakes his head, but Irene points out that it gave her the deciding vote in company decisions, didn't it? Andy explains that that's only because Wayne and Caroline got together. Irene asks, "So, what about them? In the long-run, burning your van gave them control of the company. That sounds like a pretty good motive." Samantha cries, "Mum wouldn't be involved in anything like that." Andy, realisation dawning, snaps, "No - but Wayne would. That's just his style..." With that, he storms out.

In the grounds at Woombai, Alan and the motorcyclist are walking along and Alan is telling the guy, "Well, none of the other blokes made the grade, so it looks like you're in." The motorcyclist thanks him. Alan then points out the men's quarters. The motorcyclist climbs on his bike and Alan walks off. The motorcyclist's boots have a distinctive logo on them.

Mary is lying asleep on her bed at the homestead. She starts dreaming back to lying under her bed in Brolga and the intruder coming into her room. She dreams of staring at the intruder's boots: they have the same logo on them as the boots the motorcyclist that Alan has just employed is wearing... Mary suddenly wakes up with a start and screams loudly. Gordon and Barbara come running in and Barbara asks what the matter is. Mary cries, "He was in the room. He's coming to get me." Gordon, putting his arms round her, assures her that it's alright. Barbara adds that it was a bad dream, that's all. Gordon insists, "You're OK with us. He won't hurt you. Come on, you're safe with us..."


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