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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

A while later, Barbara is in the kitchen, filling the kettle with water, when Gordon comes in. Barbara asks how Mary is, and Gordon replies that she's still upset. He adds that it must have been one hell of a dream. Barbara murmurs, "I think I might have been a bit hasty in thinking she was a suspect..." At that moment, Mary comes in and Barbara offers her a cup of tea. Mary accepts. Gordon says he might go and catch some sun outside for a while, and he heads out. Mary offers to make the tea for Barbara, insisting that it keeps her mind off things. She takes the kettle. Barbara pauses and then says, "Mary... I owe you an apology. I haven't been very fair to you, have I? I've never disliked you - I don't want you to think that; it's just that I'm a naturally cautious person, I suppose, and you coming out here out of the blue... well, I put two and two together and I came up with the wrong answer." Mary smiles at her as she continues, "Gordon has this happy knack of being able to accept people straight away; I take a bit longer, that's all. Anyway, if you have any problems or you want to speak to either of us, we're both here." Mary thanks her, gratefully.

Outside, the motorcyclist is up a ladder, checking some brackets attached to a tree as Alan stands on the ground watching. The motorcyclist suddenly notices Mary emerging from the homestead with a cup of tea for Gordon, and he stares at her intently. He then climbs down the ladder. On the verandah at the homestead, Mary tells Gordon that she's sorry if she was a bit rude to Mrs. Hamilton this morning. Gordon, though, assures her that, as long as it's all sorted out... Mary smiles that she thinks it is. By the trees, the motorcyclist asks Alan who the girl is: the boss's daughter? Alan, though, tells him, "No. Mary someone. Only been here a week or two." The motorcyclist comments, "A newcomer, eh? Just like me." He then goes on, "Nice looker. Anyone got there yet?" Alan, though, snaps, "No, mate, and I wouldn't bother trying, either. She's going through a pretty rough time at the moment: some maniac shot both her grandparents." The motorcyclist looks away momentarily before turning back to Alan and asking, "Did she see who it was?" Alan retorts that he doesn't know the details. The motorcyclist muses, "How would you feel, eh?" Alan retorts, "Yeah, well she's in good hands now: the Hamiltons are taking care of her." The motorcyclist looks at Mary intently.

Colin is sitting in the lounge room at Dural as Andy paces the floor and growls that he ought to kick Wayne's head in. Colin points out that it's a pity he hasn't got any proof. Andy suggests curtly that they should go and do it anyway; it's the only language he understands. Colin points out that he can't just walk in and belt him up. Andy, though, snaps, "Why not? That van was my bread and butter. At least we can make him own up to it. You don't want to see him get away with it, do you?" Colin stares at him and then sighs, "OK." Out in the hallway, Jenny is coming downstairs and she says hello to Andy as he emerges from the lounge room. She then asks him and Colin where they're off to, and Colin replies that they're going to see Wayne. Jenny asks what's happened. Andy growls, "Nothing yet." He and Colin go, leaving Jenny looking worried.

Wayne is sitting out by Charlie's pool when he spots Andy and Colin approaching, and he mutters sarcastically, "If if isn't Batman and Robin." Andy growls that they've got a couple of things to talk about. Wayne mutters, "Call me tomorrow. I'm busy." Andy orders him to get up, but Wayne retorts that he said he's busy. Andy grabs the book that's lying on Wayne's chest and flings it into the pool. This prompts Wayne to stand up and snap, "What do you think--? I just bought that. You owe me five bucks, thickhead." Andy snaps, "You owe me twenty grand." Wayne asks, "What?" Colin chips in, "His van." Andy growls at Wayne, "You organised to have it wrecked." Wayne tells him not to be stupid; he can't prove a thing. Andy, though, poking Wayne in the chest, warns him, "You're going to admit it." Wayne asks, "Yeah?" Andy nods, "Yeah." He then punches Wayne in the stomach, causing him to double up in pain. He and Colin then grab Wayne and push him down onto the patio so that he's leaning over the pool. Wayne growls, "I'm not telling you mongrels anything." Andy snaps, "All you have to do is admit that you set it up." Wayne snaps, "Go to hell." Andy and Colin then push Wayne's head under the water and hold it there for several seconds. Beginning to look nervous, Colin warns Andy that they'd better not leave it too long. Andy, though, retorts that they'll let him panic a bit. He eventually pulls Wayne's head back up and demands, "Well?" Wayne coughs and splutters, but doesn't answer. Andy pushes his head under again.

Jenny is sitting in the lounge room at Dural when Stephen wanders in and smiles, "Signed, sealed and delivered: two return tickets to the land of the long white cloud!" He sits down with his wife and asks her if she had a sleep this afternoon. Jenny assures him that she had a lie-down. Stephen comments that she still looks tired. He then asks where Colin is, and Jenny replies that he's with Andy, seeing Wayne - and if she looks a bit worried, that's why: they were all geared up for war when they left. She adds, "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind going round there... just to make sure things don't get out of hand." Stephen kisses her and smiles, "Of course not."

Andy and Colin pull Wayne's head out of Charlie's pool again and Andy demands, "You changed your mind?" Colin warns Andy that they shouldn't push it too far, but Andy retorts, "He's still conscious." He pushes Wayne's head under again. Stephen suddenly appears and snaps, "Andy! What the hell do you think you're doing?" He goes and pulls Andy and Colin away from Wayne, warning them that they'll kill him. Andy glares at Stephen and, pointing at Wayne, snaps, "Twenty thousand bucks, burnt out on his say-so. Someone hits me, I hit back." Stephen warns him that he almost drowned Wayne, but Andy mutters, "He'll live." Stephen then turns to Wayne - who's coughing - and asks him if he swallowed any water. Wayne shakes his head. Stephen turns back to Andy and asks him, "Now what the hell were you two idiots trying to prove?"

A few moments later, Andy snaps, "But he destroyed my van." Colin chips in, "You think he did." Andy snaps, "I'm pretty damn sure." Stephen yells at him, "You can't go round drowning people on hunches." Andy, though, retorts, "You should talk - you nearly ran him down." Stephen insists that he had no intention of hitting him. Andy yells, "Well we weren't going to kill him. It's just that... well, he deserved it. OK, so I got a bit carried away..." Stephen growls, "A bit carried away?" Colin mutters, "Sorry." Stephen, though, says he doesn't think it's him they should be apologising to. Wayne struggles to his feet and snarls, "It's too late for sorrys. That's attempted murder. You're goners, both of you. I'm getting the cops." With that, he heads off back to the house.

Stephen follows Wayne into Charlie's lounge room and suggests that they talk about it. Wayne dials a number on the 'phone and then asks for the police. Stephen puts his hand down on the receiver to cancel the call, though, as he warns Wayne, "I really don't think you've thought this through." Wayne growls that talking it through's not going to make a scrap of difference. Stephen, though, points out, "If the police are brought in and the boys are charged, the whole business with the van's going to come under a real investigation; not just routine form-filling. Now if - hypothetically - you did have something to do with it... you'd be better off saying nothing." Wayne looks down at the floor, an expression of annoyance on his face. Stephen then asks him if he's alright. Wayne retorts that he's fine - despite everyone's attempts to kill him. Stephen smiles, "I'll tell Andy and Colin you changed your mind." He goes. Wayne pours himself a large glass of scotch.

Adam is talking to Caroline in Melbourne, telling her that she's barking up the wrong tree: Alison's not conning Charlie. Caroline cries that Alison's a fake; she spoke to Cynthia. Adam tells her that she must have got her confused: she knew Patricia Palmer - David's wife - not Cynthia. He adds that they're trying to clear Patricia of the murder rap; that's why Alison's down there. Caroline, looking intrigued, asks how she's doing, but Adam replies that it's been a brick wall so far. Caroline thanks him, adding that she's sorry to have wasted his time. Adam heads off into the police station, leaving Caroline with a sly look on her face...

Alison is sitting alone in the lounge room at the country house, holding Isabella and saying, "You remember me, don't you? Can't fool you so easily." Charlie suddenly waltzes in and exclaims, "What a trial. I'd forgotten how difficult babies can be!" She sits down and comments that Beryl could always get Shane to sleep; it's a pity she decided to go to. Alison mutters that that's a matter of opinion. Charlie insists that there's nothing wrong with her, but Alison assures her, "I know, I know. She's not my type, that's all." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Charlie answers it. Caroline comes on and says it's her. Sounding surprised, Charlie asks her if she hasn't gone back to Sydney yet. Caroline explains that she's calling about yesterday: she got a bit carried away and she's sorry. Charlie smiles that that's alright. Caroline then adds that she wouldn't like to leave on bad terms, and she asks Charlie if she'd be able to meet her somewhere for coffee. Charlie muses that it's a bit difficult at the moment, but Caroline tells her that if she can't get out, she could come to the house. Charlie shrugs reluctantly, "If you want to..." Caroline says she'll be over in half an hour, and she hangs up. At the country house, Charlie then tells Alison that Caroline is coming over. Alison tells her tautly that she could have said 'no', but Charlie points out that she does owe Caroline something: she brought Isabella down. Alison raises her eyebrows!

Mary is walking in the grounds at Woombai when she passes a ladder. Something suddenly falls down from above, and the guy up the ladder - the motorcyclist - starts to climb down, saying that he's sorry; he didn't mean to scare her. He then holds out his hand and introduces himself as Mark. Mary introduces herself and Mark asks her if she lives there. Mary replies, "At the moment. I'm only the housekeeper, though." Mark smiles, "You been at it long?" Mary replies, "A few days." Suddenly looking suspicious, she asks him if she hasn't seen him before somewhere. Mark, though, tells her that he doesn't think so; he only rode up from Chandler yesterday. Mary, beginning to look worried, asks, "What, on a bike?" Mark nods, "Yeah," and he asks her if she's scared of bikes. Mary assures him, "No. It's just... some of the riders..." Mark assures her, "I'm one of the good ones." He then adds, "Tell you what, I'll take you for a ride sometime, if you like." Mary exclaims, "Great!" She then adds, though, that it might have to wait: she's got to stay round the house for a few days. Mark asks why, and Mary tells him, "You know... work." Mark insists that they've got to give her some time off, but Mary replies that she doesn't know when it will be. She goes to walk off. Mark calls after her, "I'll see you again sometime." Mary smiles back, "I hope so!"

A short time later, inside, in the kitchen, Mary is telling Barbara enthusiastically, "He's tops! He only started today, and he's got a bike, too - just like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape and Marvin Brando--" Barbara interrupts her and corrects, "Marlon Brando!" Mary goes on, "He says he'll take me for a ride!" Gordon suddenly wanders in and Barbara smiles at him, "Ah! Our Mary would like to become a bikie!" Gordon laughs and points out, "So did you last year!" Barbara gives him a look and explains that one of the riders wants to take Mary for a ride. Mary pleads, "Please. We won't go far." Gordon, though, says dubiously that he's sure it can wait. Mary insists that nothing's going to happen, but Gordon points out that it would be better to stay on the property. Mary sighs reluctantly, "I suppose so..."

Caroline has arrived at the country house, and as Charlie pours some coffee for the two of them in the lounge room, Caroline tells her that she knows she shouldn't have gone to Adam, but she really thought Alison was up to something. Charlie asks, "Did you, darling?" Caroline then asks if Alison isn't home today, and Charlie replies that she thinks she had something on. Caroline mutters, "How convenient..." Charlie says to her sharply, "I don't know why you're so suspicious." Caroline replies that Alison's just a bit strange: Adam said she's a friend of Patricia's who wants to clear her name, or something. She adds, "One does wonder..." Charlie asks, "Does one?" Caroline tells her, "I do. For instance, where did she meet Patricia: on the balcony of yet another Mayfair party? And what's this crusade to prove her innocence?" Charlie laughs that it's hardly a crusade. Caroline, though, asks, "What would you call it?" Charlie replies, "A natural desire to correct an injustice. And if you must know, they met in Rio." Caroline comments that it's still a bit mysterious; you can't get away from that. Charlie, though, tells her, "Nonsense, darling. You're reading far too much into it." Caroline doesn't look as if she believes this...

Adam and Alison emerge from the police station, Alison saying to Adam that he said on the 'phone he had something; she hopes it's good. Adam hands her a piece of paper and explains, "The names of the two guys in Jeff O'Brien's hospital ward. I got the go-ahead to re-open the case about an hour ago." A broad smile on her face, Alison exclaims, "That's terrific!" She then adds that all they have to do now is find the guys. Adam tells her, "While you were on your way down, I did a bit of checking." Alison asks, "And?" Adam replies, "The top guy is a bit of a petty crim - he's been in and out of jail for years; unfortunately, he's out at the moment and no one knows where he is. But the other bloke - Tanner - is still in hospital." Alison smiles at him in delight.

A while later, Alison and Adam are driving along in Adam's car, approaching the hospital, and Alison asks, "How long's he been here? A whole year?" Adam replies that he thinks so. Alison muses that she wonders what he's got. Adam suggests that they'll find out pretty soon. He then adds that she should let him do the talking. He pulls his car into a car park and the two of them climb out. As they then start to approach the building on foot, Alison assures Adam that she'll be as quiet as a mouse - as long as Tanner tells him what Jeff O'Brien did that night. Adam points out that it was twelve months ago. Alison, though, comments that it would have been very unusual: if Jeff did kill Luke, he'd have had to get out of his pyjamas, disappear for a couple of hours and then sneak back in again; that sort of thing doesn't happen every day. Adam suggests that they not get too excited. Alison, though, asks, "Why on earth not? It's the most convincing proof that Patricia was innocent that we're ever like to get."

A few moments later, Adam and Alison are inside and they approach the reception desk. Adam - who's still wearing his police uniform - asks the receptionist if she might be able to help him find John Tanner. The receptionist picks up a book and starts flicking through some pages. As she does so, Adam adds that he's been there for quite a while - just over a year. The receptionist finds an entry and says, "Oh yes, here we are." Her face suddenly drops, though, and she murmurs, "Oh..." Looking concerned, Alison asks, "What is it?" The receptionist says, "I'm sorry, you can't speak to him." Adam insists that it is rather urgent. He adds that they realise he may be very ill, but he could help them a great deal; they're dealing with a homicide investigation here. The receptionist explains, "You don't understand. He's dying. He's been in a coma for over a week". A look of annoyance crosses Alison's face and she sighs heavily in disappointment.

That evening, Mary is polishing the living room table at the Woombai homestead when Gordon and Barbara emerge from the kitchen after dinner. Barbara, looking surprised, asks Mary what she's doing, and she explains that the table had a few marks. She adds, "You don't mind, do you?" Barbara smiles, "Of course not, but you don't have to finish it tonight." Mary tells her that it only needs one more polish, but Barbara insists, "It's fine. You've done a very good job. Now come on - we appreciate you wanting to help, but there's no need to work eighteen hours a day, you know!" Gordon suggests to her that she have an early night, but Mary quickly replies, "Oh, I'm OK." Barbara tells her that after a good night's sleep she'll feel as bright as a button. Mary accepts this and heads off - reluctantly. When she's gone, Barbara says to Gordon quietly that she thinks she'll just heat up some milk for the girl. Gordon smiles that that's a good idea. Barbara asks if she's being too fussy, but Gordon tells her that Mary will see that she cares; that's the main thing. Barbara comments, "I haven't actually apologised for losing my temper." Gordon tells her that there's no need to, but Barbara insists that she was being unreasonable. Gordon assures her that Mary knows she believes her and so does he; there's no need for apologies. He then heads off to put the electric blanket on his and Barbara's bed.

Adam is sitting with Charlie and Alison at the table in the kitchen at the country house, but he stands up and says he'd better make a move. Alison says, "Thanks anyway, Adam," but Adam points out that there's still the other bloke - he'll start tracking him down tomorrow. He then says goodbye to Charlie and goes. When they're alone, Charlie asks Alison if she'd like to watch some tele, but Alison snaps that she's not in the mood. Looking surprised, Charlie asks her if she's sure she's not taking this a bit much to heart. Alison stares at her and snaps, "Don't you want to see Patricia cleared?" Charlie starts to reply, "Well yes, of course--" Alison interrupts her and, banging her hand on the table, growls, "We were so close to finding the proof we needed." Charlie assures her, "We still will. Adam will find the other man. It's just that I don't see why you're so het-up about it. You didn't know Patricia that well, did you?" Alison retorts, "I didn't know her long, but we became close friends very quickly." Charlie muses, "That doesn't surprise me." Alison stares at her as she adds, "The more I see of you, the more you remind me of her." Alison tuts, "Rubbish. You do go on sometimes, Charlie." Charlie immediately retorts, "There, you see? That's exactly the sort of thing she used to say." Alison mutters, "Well I probably picked it up from her." With that, she stands up and announces that she's going to bed. She storms out, leaving Charlie looking puzzled.

Mary is lying in bed at the Woombai homestead when there's a knock on the door and Barbara comes in. She hands the girl a mug of warm milk, explaining that she thought it might help her sleep. She then goes and sits on the edge of Mary's bed and suddenly notices something in Mary's hand. She asks what it is, and Mary explains that it's a lucky charm; it used to be her nan's. Barbara asks if she can see it and Mary hands it over. Barbara lays it out on her hand: it's a little metal crucifix on a chain. As Barbara stares at it, Mary says, "When I was young, I didn't go into town much. It used to be scary seeing all the people, but nan would put that on me and say, 'There, you're safe now. No one can touch you.'" Barbara asks Mary if she knows what it is, and Mary replies, "She explained later. Didn't make much sense, though." Barbara comments that her nan sounded like a wonderful woman, and Mary murmurs, "She was." Barbara goes on, "Unlike your grandfather, huh?" Mary looks away, and Barbara asks, "You still don't want to talk about him?" She goes continues, "You know, Mary, he must have been quite a nice person for your nan to have wanted to marry him." Mary, though, cries, "She didn't know then." Barbara looks at her and she explains, "He always used to drink a bit. Last few years it got like he didn't do much else. That wouldn't have been so bad, though... except he used to sort of... you know... touch me. When nan found out, he belted her and came back and... every couple of days he'd feel sorry as hell and then he'd get drunk again and... oh, it was awful. I just hated him." Barbara puts a sympathetic hand on her shoulder and murmurs, "You poor kid." She then suggests to Mary that she must be tired. Mary cries that she doesn't want to go to sleep; she'll dream again. Barbara assures her that she'll be alright; she and Gordon are in the very next woman. She then places Mary's nan's chain around Mary's neck and suggests to her that it might make her feel better. Mary lies down and Barbara tells her that she'll see her bright and early in the morning. She goes to leave the room. Mary suddenly calls, "Mrs. Hamilton? Thankyou." Barbara tells her to sleep tight and she turns off the light and heads out.

Later that night, in the kitchen, the back door opens and is closed very quietly. A dark silhouette makes its way slowly and noiselessly through the living room and out into the hallway to Mary's bedroom and opens the door. The person then tiptoes into the room and stands at the end of Mary's bed. The person is Mark. He stands there, staring down at Mary as she lies asleep...


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