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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Mark takes a step forward, but then suddenly hits his foot on Mary's suitcase, which is sticking out from under the bed. The thud of his boot against the case causes to Mary to wake up with a start. She spots the figure standing there and she immediately fumbles to switch on her bedside light, but in her panic, she knocks it to the floor. The figure flees from her room, and Mary starts screaming and crying for help. Meanwhile, Mark runs back out through the front door. Gordon and Barbara run into Mary's room and Gordon asks the girl if she's alright. He puts his arms round her and assures her that she's fine. Mary cries that there was someone there; she woke up and she saw him. Barbara tells her that there couldn't have been, but Mary repeats that she saw him; he ran out when she screamed. Gordon asks her if she's sure it wasn't just another dream, but Mary insists that it wasn't; he was standing over her. She cries, "Please. Do something." Gordon looks at the bedside lamp lying on the floor and agrees that he'd better check. He goes. Mary begs to Barbara, "Don't leave me." Barbara puts her arm round her, comfortingly. She then leads her out to the kitchen, where she offers her a drink. Mary, though, says she might just-- She breaks off and suddenly runs over to the back door. She pulls it open, crying, "It's not locked. That's how he got in. He must have sneaked in when he thought we were all asleep." Barbara starts to protest, "Mary, it was just a--" Mary, though, interrupts her and cries, "He'd have killed me if I hadn't woken up." Barbara tells her that her imagination's running away with her; there is no man. Gordon joins them and tells them that there's no sign of anybody forcing their way in. Mary points to the door and murmurs, "They didn't have to." Barbara admits to Gordon that she forgot to check, and Gordon points out that they agreed to keep all the doors locked at night while Mary's there. Mary cries that he could have killed her if she hadn't woken up. Gordon, though, tells her that he's sure nobody got in; their minds often play funny tricks on them when they're upset. He asks her if she's sure she didn't just imagine somebody in the room. Mary insists that she saw him, so Gordon says he'd better get the police out there. Barbara asks what good that's going to do, and Gordon replies that it's best not to take any chances. Mary, though, cries, "No. Wait. I don't want to cause any trouble. Perhaps I did dream the whole thing. It seemed so real..." Gordon tells her that he's made sure all the doors are locked now, and he asks her if she thinks she can get back to sleep. Mary murmurs, "I'll try."

Jenny and Colin are watching TV in the lounge room at Dural. Stephen wanders in and asks Jenny what she's doing out of bed. Jenny explains wearily that she couldn't sleep - she can't help wondering how Denise is going to take it. Stephen admits that it'll be a shock - but they can't avoid it. Jenny cries that she's so young. Colin, though, points out that she has to know. Stephen offers, "If you think it'll make it any easier, let me tell her. I'll be as gentle as I can." Jenny, though, sighs, "This is something she has to hear from me." She then adds that she wants Stephen and Colin to promise that they won't try to tell her themselves. Colin assures her, "If that's the way you want it." He then goes on that he's taking a day off tomorrow and he can pick Denise up from school if they like. Stephen thanks him. Jenny sighs heavily and says, "I'm so glad you're both here. I don't know who's going to need more support: Denise or me..."

Beryl is ironing in the lounge room at her house in Albert Park. Brett is sitting on the couch while Tim paces the floor and complains that Leanne could at least have written and told him she met someone else; he felt like an idiot turning up to visit her when her boyfriend was there! Brett tells him not to worry about it - there are plenty of fish in the sea! Changing the subject, Beryl asks Tim if he's going over to David's tomorrow, and Tim replies that he is. Beryl asks him if he can let her know how Shane's getting on, and Tim says he will. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Beryl goes to get it. Brett tells Tim that he'll have to take him out on the town one night - they can't have him mooning over lost loves! Tim, though, retorts that he's not mooning; he just wishes he'd known, that's all. Out in the hallway, Beryl opens the front door to find an attractive teenage girl standing there. She asks, "Mrs. Palmer?" Beryl replies that she is. The girl smiles, "Thought so. Brett's told me a lot about you." Beryl, looking puzzled, says, "I'm sorry...?" The girl explains, "Oh, I'm Donna Jackson - from Ararat." Beryl stares at her in surprise!

A moment later, Donna suggests, "Brett must have talked about me." Beryl, though, admits, "Not that I can remember - but he's here at the moment. Would you like to come in?" Donna accepts the invitation and she steps into the hallway. In the lounge room, Brett is telling Tim that the night after next-- He breaks off as Donna appears in the doorway, and, a look of shock on his face, he goes and gives her a hug and asks her what she's doing there. Donna laughs that she wanted to surprise him! Brett checks, "You haven't run away, have you?" Donna insists curtly, "Of course not." She then adds that he doesn't seem too pleased to see her. Brett, though, retorts that of course he is. Beryl offers Donna some supper, saying she was about to make it before Brett left. Donna accepts and then turns to Brett and comments that she thought he was living there. Brett, though, shakes his head and says, "Not any more." Beryl asks Donna where she's staying tonight, but Donna admits that she hasn't really thought about it much; she was too excited about seeing Brett. Beryl tells her that they've got plenty of room at the house, so why doesn't she stay there? Donna thanks her. Tim then approaches Donna and introduces himself before going off to help Beryl in the kitchen. He closes the kitchen doors behind him and then remarks to Beryl quietly, "That's a bit of a turn-up, isn't it? Donna. Brett ever mentioned her before?" Beryl retorts, "No - and he doesn't seem too pleased to see her, either." Tim muses that he wonders what the story is. Out in the lounge room, Donna sits down as Brett tells her that he just wishes she'd 'phoned or something: he's got a job now and he won't be able to show her around much. He sits down next to her and then goes on that she still hasn't told him why she came. Donna murmurs sourly, "Thought you must have forgotten me or something. You've only written once since you left." Brett points out that he doesn't like writing letters. He then asks how everyone is at home, and Donna mutters that they're pretty good. Brett asks her how she talked her boss into giving her time off. Donna, though, retorts, "I left." Brett snaps that that's dumb, but Donna tells him that she couldn't have stayed there much longer anyway. Looking surprised, Brett asks why not. Donna sighs, "Look, something's happened, Brett. It involves you, too. I think it's going to come as quite a shock."

The next morning, Beryl is serving breakfast to Donna and Tim in the kitchen. Tim offers Donna some toast, but she declines. Tim insists that she has to eat something, but Donna mutters, "Maybe later." Tim then asks her carefully if she and Brett had a tiff last night, as Brett didn't seem too happy when he left. Donna murmurs that she guesses he was surprised to see her, that's all. Beryl chips in to ask Tim when he's going over to David's, and he replies that it'll be after breakfast. He then asks Donna if she wants to come, and she smiles, "OK!" She goes off to get ready. When she's gone, Beryl tells Tim that that was very thoughtful of him - Donna probably wants to spend as much time as she can with Brett. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Beryl goes to answer it in the lounge room. STD pips sound and Gordon then comes on, calling from Woombai. The two of them exchange pleasantries, and Gordon then explains why he's ringing: he was wondering if Beryl has given any more thought as to what she wants to do. Beryl tells him, "Whatever you and Roland decide, I'll go along with." Gordon explains that he's had a few ideas, but it does involve an element of risk. Beryl, though, assures him, "You do what you think's best. Couldn't be worse than having Caroline and Wayne calling the shots." Gordon thanks her for the vote of confidence and adds that he'll be in touch. He then hangs up. At Woombai, Barbara asks Gordon what Beryl said, and he replies that she'll stick by whatever he decides. Sounding wary, Barbara asks him if he's going to go ahead with the idea he had last night. Gordon murmurs, "If I do, it'll mean pulling our horns in for a while." Barbara, though, assures him, "I don't mind a bit of penny-pinching. Anything's better than knuckling under to Beauty and the Beast!"

The front door opens at Dural and Colin and Denise walk in. Denise looks round in awe and gasps that she bets their mum likes staying there! Colin murmurs, "She would, normally..." Denise stares at him and asks him what he means by that. Colin, though, quickly tells her to forget it. Denise realises, "There's something fishy going on, isn't there? When mum asks the headmistress to give me a few days off, it's not for nothing." Colin says he'll let their mum tell her. He then indicates the lounge room and adds, "She's in there - with Stephen." Denise stares at him and then heads into the lounge room. Jenny and Stephen are sitting on the couch, and Denise goes and gives her mum a warm hug. She then sits down and asks what the big secret is, adding that she bugged Colin all the way from school but he wouldn't give anything away! Jenny looks at her earnestly. Before she can say anything, though, Denise spots the holiday brochures lying on the coffee table, and she exclaims, "Don't tell me we're going to New Zealand!" Jenny replies, "Yes..." Denise laughs at Colin, "You lunkhead! I thought it was something serious!" Denise then asks her mother excitedly when they leave, and Jenny replies, "As soon as everything can be arranged." Colin protests, "But we talked about--" Jenny, though, interrupts him and explains that she and Stephen discussed it while he was out and they'd like him and Denise to come with them. Denise smiles, "Well I won't say no." Colin starts to say, "Hold on--" Stephen, though, tells him that he thinks Jenny wants to talk to Denise alone, and he leads Colin off to the kitchen. When they've gone, Denise looks at her mother and comments in concern, "None of you seem very excited..." Jenny stares at her and tells her, "Darling, the trip isn't really the reason that I wanted to see you. I, um..." Denise, looking worried, asks what's happened. Jenny goes on, "Do you remember telling me about the mother of one of your school friends - the woman who had Hodgkin's Disease?" Denise nods, "Yeah... Melissa Saunders' mum." Jenny continues, "They couldn't do very much for her, could they? It's the sort of thing you don't know you've got until it's..." She breaks off before admitting, "Darling, the doctors say I've got it, too." Denise, looking shocked, cries, "No... no, you told me it was just a virus." Jenny insists that she didn't know. The two of them throw their arms round each other.

Wayne is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, the 'phone to his ear as Gordon tells him tersely, "Wayne, we are simply not going to tolerate your unreasonable demands." Wayne retorts that there's not much they can do about it. Gordon, though, tells him, "That's what I thought until I spoke to our solicitor, but he suggests we take the matter to court." Wayne points out that that won't do any good, but Gordon retorts, "Apparently, we're quite within our rights to ask the court to dissolve the company and then we'll start a new one - if the court decision is in our favour... and I'm sure it will be, given the circumstances." Wayne growls, "You're bluffing. You'd lose too much." Gordon, though, assures him, "I'm well aware of the implications." Wayne snaps, "I know how much Woombai means to you." Gordon retorts, "My self respect means more." Looking panicky, Wayne quickly suggests that they not rush into things: he'll talk to Caroline and he's sure he can convince her not to sack Stephen. Gordon, though, tells him that it's too late for that: Stephen's decided he doesn't want his job at Woombai anyway. Wayne asks in irritation what the problem is, then. Gordon retorts, "The problem is, Wayne, that none of the other Directors want to work with you or Caroline." Wayne says, "I'll come up to Woombai. We can sort it out." Gordon, though, tells him, "No. The decision's already been made. We'll be in touch in future through our solicitors. You'll be hearing from mine about dissolving the company." Wayne pleads, "Dad..." Gordon, though, says curtly, "Goodbye, Wayne," and he hangs up. Wayne does likewise at Charlie's. He then pours himself a large glass of scotch.

Denise is sitting on the stairs in the hallway at Dural, staring into space. Colin emerges from the lounge room and Denise cries to him, "It's not fair. Why did it have to be mum?" Colin explains that that's how he felt when he found out, too. He goes and sits on the stairs next to his sister and continues that they've got to be strong; their mum and Stephen are going to need all the support they can give them. Denise murmurs, "She seems so calm about it." Colin replies that she wasn't at first, but she's always determined to make the best of things. Denise goes on, "It must be hard on Stephen." Colin tells her, "It is - especially after Wayne's little coup d'état." Denise looks at him in surprise, and he explains about Wayne and Caroline taking control of the company and the first thing them doing being to sack Stephen. Denise snaps indignantly that Wayne wouldn't do a thing like that, adding that it must have been Caroline's idea - she hates Stephen for marrying their mum. Colin, though, snaps, "Don't be so dumb. They're both as bad as each other." Denise cries, "Wayne saved my life." Colin, though, retorts, "He's a slime, Denise. He only got control of the company in the first place by tricking Andy and Simon into selling their shares. He even paid some guy to wreck Andy's van." Denise snaps, "I don't believe you." Colin, though, retorts, "I was there when Andy--" He breaks off and hesitates before going on, "Well, Wayne didn't admit it, but he was guilty alright." Looking shocked, Denise demands, "What did you do to him?" Colin sighs heavily.

Brett is just emerging from the back door of the country house when Tim and Donna approach and Tim explains that he brought Donna along to show her where Brett works. Brett mutters that he hasn't got much time to muck around today; he's got a lot to do. Tim tells him in surprise that Donna only wants to help. He then goes to head inside, saying he wants to check on Shane. He turns and asks Donna if she wants to meet his nephew, but Donna replies, "Maybe later," and Tim walks off. Alone with Brett, Donna says, "I suppose I gave you a bit of a shock last night..." Brett admits that he didn't get much sleep. He adds that he's been wondering what they should do. Donna says she can't see there's any problem. Brett, though, tells her that they shouldn't start making any plans just yet; he needs some time to think. Donna insists that they have to do something soon. Brett, though, snaps, "Don't hassle me, Donna," and he walks off, leaving Donna looking worried.

Wayne opens the front door at Charlie's to find Denise standing there. She smiles, "Hello, Wayne." Wayne growls at her, "What do you want?" Denise explains that Colin's just been telling her what's been happening. Wayne snaps, "Don't you start," but Denise insists that she just wants to talk, and so Wayne slurs, "The living room's that way," indicating the room with his thumb. Denise heads in there and Wayne offers her a drink. Denise, though, comments that it's a bit early. Wayne picks up his own drink from the coffee table. Denise goes on that she's really sorry everyone's been so awful to him. Wayne retorts, "The general consensus is I deserve what I get." Denise sits down and tells him that she hasn't forgotten how he saved her from that man at Woombai. Wayne laughs nastily, "Oh yeah. Totally out of character." Denise, though, insists that the way he's behaving now is out of character. Wayne snaps, "Tell that to my father." Denise asks him why he doesn't try and make up with him. Wayne snaps, "I have tried, but he's not interested. Nor am I. If he wants to think the worst of me, let him." Denise cries that he's only saying that because it's easier than having to apologise. Wayne, though, retorts, "I have apologised - dozens of times." He then goes on that he doesn't need a lecture from a school kid, and he tells Denise to push off. Denise stands up and goes to walk out. She then pauses, though, and snaps, "You should have a talk to my mother. She's got a lot more reason than you to feel sorry for herself, but she doesn't waste time moaning." She turns to head off, but Wayne suddenly calls to her, "Denise, wait." He stands up and tells her that he's sorry, adding that he heard about Jenny. Denise murmurs, "I had to talk to someone. That's why I came." Wayne tells her gently to sit down.

Donna is spreading chicken feed around in the coop in the grounds at the country house. Tim joins her and asks where Brett is. She replies that he's gone to get some petrol for the lawnmower. Looking surprised, Tim comments that they mowed the lawns yesterday. Donna mutters that Brett doesn't want her around, she guesses. She then asks, "Has he been seeing other girls?" Tim, though, explains that he doesn't know; he just came down from Brisbane a few days ago. Donna asks, "And he hasn't said anything about me?" Tim replies that he hasn't - but he doesn't think Brett has a girlfriend there in Melbourne. Donna murmurs, "What's the difference anyway? He's not interested in me anymore." Tim sympathises, "I know what you mean: I thought I had a girlfriend down here, but she doesn't even want to know me." Donna asks if she's found someone else, and Tim nods, "Yeah." He then adds that he doesn't think Brett has, so she shouldn't give up on him just yet.

Wayne and Denise are sitting together on the couch at Charlie's. Wayne hands Denise a cup of coffee. She thanks him and asks him if he's not having any. Wayne, though, pours himself another glass of scotch and replies, "This'll do me." Denise murmurs, "I wish you wouldn't." Wayne tells her sharply to go home, then, but Denise insists that she's just worried about him. Wayne mutters that he doesn't understand why she's bothering. Denise shrugs, "Because... well, I still like you, I guess." Wayne stares at her and comments that she doesn't believe in playing hard to get, does she?! Denise says quietly, "It's not that. It's just..." She suddenly takes his glass from his hand and places it on the coffee table, saying as she does so, "I need you." She then leans in and kisses him... Wayne pulls back, but after staring into her eyes for several seconds, he then leans in again and they start kissing more passionately...

A while later, Wayne and Denise walk from the hallway into lounge room, adjusting their clothes as they do so. Wayne has a rueful look on his face, and Denise asks what's wrong. Wayne mutters, "Nothing. It's always different afterwards, isn't it? I should have known better than to let that happen. I'm sorry." Denise, though, insists that she's not - and she won't tell her mum and Stephen. Wayne retorts, "It's you I'm worried about. All my life I've used people. Seems I don't know when to stop." Denise insists that he didn't use her; she wanted it to happen. Wayne, though, snaps, "That doesn't make it right. Surely you're old enough to understand that?" Denise snaps back that she's not a kid; he can stop treating her like one. Wayne pours himself another glass of scotch as she adds gently, "Look, we're both going through a bad time. I needed someone to be close to and you did, too. Neither of us has anything to feel guilty about." She then points out, "Anyway, it was nice, wasn't it?" Wayne looks at her and sighs, "Denise, forget about me. I'm sure you can do a lot better." Denise snaps at him not to wallow in self-pity. Wayne, though, retorts, "I'm facing facts. You'll end up a mess if you hang around with me too long." Denise insists, "You need someone, just to keep you mind off your problems." Wayne mutters, "I was managing." Denise, though, retorts, "Call hitting the booze 'managing'?" She then goes on, "Look, we're not living in the nineteenth century. I'm not saying you have to marry me. All I'm suggesting is we keep seeing other." Wayne looks at her.

Mary places a freshly-baked cake on the counter in the kitchen at Woombai as Gordon comes in through the back door. Barbara asks him if he spoke to Alan and Gordon smiles that he has agreed to stay on as acting manager until they sell. Barbara comments that at least they won't have to find a replacement for Stephen. Gordon remarks that Alan's always been loyal; he thinks he's almost as fond of the place as he is! Barbara suggests that he ask him in for morning tea. Mary quickly says she'll get him, and Gordon thanks her, adding that he's working on the fence out the back. Mary heads out. When she's gone, Barbara comments to Gordon, "Woombai won't go cheap. Do you think we'll be able to raise the money?" Gordon replies, "It'll be touch and go, but I've got to try. I hate the idea of losing the place completely."

Outside, Mary walks up to Alan, who's working on a fence with Mark. She tells Alan that Mr. Hamilton wants him to have morning tea with him, and Mark smiles at him, "Lucky you." Alan heads off. Mary goes to follow him, but Mark stops her and asks if she's got time for a chat. Mary smiles, "Maybe!" The two of them start walking along by the fence, and Mark asks her if she doesn't have to fix morning tea. Mary smiles that she made a fruitcake! Mark then comments that it's a nice day, and he asks her how she'd like to go for that ride he promised her. Mary, looking dubious, tells him that the Hamiltons would wonder where she was. Mark, though, assures her that they'd be back before the Hamiltons even missed her. Mary insists that they can't go off the property. Mark, though, insists, "Sure we can. Just down the road and back. Won't even take five minutes." Looking excited, Mary smiles, "OK!"

Colin is having breakfast in the living room at Dural when Denise walks in and asks, "Where's mum?" Colin retorts, "Resting. Stephen took her upstairs. They wondered where you'd got to." Denise mutters, "I suppose you told them?" Colin, though, retorts, "I said you'd gone for a walk." He then goes on angrily that he doesn't know what she sees in a creep like Wayne; after all he's done, she's still chasing him. Denise smiles, "He didn't run very hard..." Realising what she's implying, Colin glares at her and says, "You didn't...?" Denise just stands there with twinkle in her eye, and Colin snaps, "You little tart." Denise smiles that it's no big deal. Colin, though, growls, "Don't you care about mum? Think how she'd feel if she knew." Denise retorts that she bets he can't wait to run and tell her. Colin mutters that he would if she was well, but right now it's the last thing she needs to hear. Denise goes to walk out. Colin calls after her, "You're heading for a fall, Denny. Wayne doesn't give a damn about you." Denise retorts, "That's what you think," and she storms off.

Mary is putting on a crash helmet in a shed in the grounds at Woombai. As Mark tightens it for her, she comments that it feels funny. Mark, though, assures her that she'll get used to it. He then climbs onto the bike and tells Mary to hop on. She climbs onto the space on the seat behind him and asks where she puts her feet. As she says this, she looks down at her feet and notices the boots that Mark is wearing: they have on them the logo that the guy who killed her grandparents had on his boots... Mark tells her, "On the pegs." He then starts the engine and pulls away as Mary starts crying in realisation, "No... no..."


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