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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Samantha laughs at her mother that that's absolutely ridiculous; he's so wrong for her. Caroline retorts curtly that she wasn't expecting a lecture. Samantha explains that she just feels uneasy about him. She adds that Roger is a businessman; he could be putting on an act just to keep Caroline onside. Caroline agrees that he could... but he's not; she knows when a man's got other things on his mind. Samantha sighs, "Mother, you have one major fault: you kid yourself when you're attracted to someone." Caroline retorts curtly, "And your major fault is you never realise when you've gone too far." She then suggests that Samantha finish up at the surgery and they can go to dinner. Samantha asks if Roger is going to be there. Caroline snaps, "Considering he's got the apartment for a business meeting this afternoon, yes, he will." As Samantha glares at her, she adds, "And I sincerely hope you're going to wipe that acid look off your face before we get there." She then pleads more calmly, "Look, darling, I really want you two to get to know each other." At that moment, Irene and her male patient emerge from the examination room. The man asks Samantha how much he owes, and Samantha replies that it'll be $18. He takes some money out of his wallet and pays. He then asks Irene when she'd like him to come back for a check-up. Irene, though, tells him that that shouldn't be necessary; it should heal itself very nicely. The man asks in concern, "What if it plays up?" Irene replies, "Then come back again, by all means." The man smiles, "Thanks, doc," and goes. Samantha looks at her mother and, indicating Irene, says, "She wins hearts all the time!" Caroline retorts, "I hope she isn't the only one..."

Wayne is standing in the front doorway at Dural, staring outside and shivering. Mary runs downstairs behind him and asks him if he's OK. Wayne replies that he's fine: he's going over to Charlie's to pick up his things, but he still finds it pretty difficult to put his foot through the door. Mary offers to go for him, adding that she hopes she doesn't bump into Alison. Wayne assures her that she's safe; he heard Alison was going out this afternoon. They suddenly hear a voice in the lounge room: it's an American voice, saying Dural reminds him of a little home he had in the Hollywood Hills. Wayne, looking rueful, comments that it looks they'll be shifting out of there soon. He hands Mary a key and she goes. Wayne heads into the lounge room, where the American is tearing a cheque out of his chequebook and handing it to the estate agent. Gordon and Barbara are also sitting there. The American comments, "I can't wait for the little wife's reaction. She's going to love it; I just know she is!" He then stands up and asks Gordon if they have a deal. Gordon shakes his hand and smiles, "We have a deal."

At Charlie's, Mary opens a drawer in the dresser in the lounge room and starts going through the things in there. She doesn't hear Alison coming in the front door. Alison walks into the lounge room and, catching Mary in the act, growls, "At it again, are we?" Mary snaps that her photo and letter are there somewhere. Alison suggests calmly, "Why don't you go upstairs and search my room?" Mary growls, "I already have." Alison glares at her and snaps, "I don't know what in the hell you're playing at, but you're making a complete and utter fool of yourself. If you're going to persist with this nonsense about Patricia being your mother, you're going to turn Gordon and Barbara right offside; they're not going to stand for that sort of rubbish." Mary retorts, "I know they've been very good to me and I've become very fond of them, but I don't care. I know you took those things - and I reckon you're hiding something really important. I'm not going to give up until I find out what it is." Alison stands there, looking annoyed.

Gordon and Barbara walk into the lounge room at Dural, having seen the American and the estate agent out. Barbara is exclaiming that they could have asked for half as much again and that man would have agreed! Wayne asks them if the cheque was a holding deposit, and Gordon confirms, "Mmm. Thirty days for the balance of the deposit and ninety days for settlement." He then suggests they celebrate, and he goes to the bar and picks up a bottle of champagne. Wayne comments that the main thing is that he'll have the money for Woombai. Gordon smiles, "Exactly." He then adds that he hopes Wayne will join them up there. Wayne, though, sighs that the problem is the business: he doesn't want to be that far away from it. Gordon tells him, "I wish you'd give up your interest in the company. Believe me, it's a great load off my mind." Wayne explains, "I only stayed there because you put so much into it. The Hamiltons should be involved." Barbara says she doesn't think sentiment is a very good reason for sticking with it. Wayne, though, tells her sharply, "Tradition, more than sentiment." He adds that it's not just that: he thinks Roger Carlyle will lift profits, so why shouldn't he reap some of the benefits? He goes on that it won't hurt him to have a place on his own for a while - and Woombai will always be there if he wants to let off steam. Barbara, accepting this, suggests, "Let's toast Woombai." Gordon pours three glasses of champagne and then smiles, "I must admit, I can't wait until it's finally ours." The three of them raise their glasses and all toast, "Woombai."

At the Morrell apartment, Roger fills a glass of scotch and, as he hands it to the person with him, says gleefully, "Congratulations. I think we can safely assume that Woombai is signed, sealed and delivered." The person standing with him is the American, and Roger smiles at him, "Good work, Keith." Keith assures him, "Pleasure, Mr. Carlyle. A real pleasure." Roger stands there, looking smug...

Outside, Caroline and Samantha are walking along the corridor, heading towards the front door, and Caroline pleads with Samantha to please behave herself. The front door is suddenly opened from inside and Keith steps out. Caroline asks him if he's been having a meeting with Mr. Carlyle. Keith nods, "That's right, ma'am." He adds, "I'm sorry I have to leave, with two such charming ladies arriving, but business comes first. Have a nice night." With that, he walks off. Caroline and Samantha head into the apartment and Roger tells them, "Nicely timed." Caroline heads off to freshen up, leaving Samantha alone with Roger. She immediately tells him, "I'd like to apologise for the way we got off on the wrong foot. It was all my fault." Roger agrees curtly, "Yes, it was." Samantha goes on that she hopes he'll give her a chance to make up for it. Roger comments that it depends what she's got in mind. Samantha suggests flirtatiously that dinner's always a good start. Roger points out, "That's what we're doing tonight." Samantha, though, smiles, "No, I meant just the two of us." Roger stares at her and says tautly, "I'm not a fool, Samantha. Nobody goes from cold as ice to making a pass so quickly. Now, what are you playing at?" Samantha glares at him and tells him tersely, "I know what you're playing at - but don't worry: it won't take my mother long to wake up to you." At that moment, Caroline rejoins them and says she didn't realise it's so late; she's sorry about dinner - it'll be catch-as-catch-can, she's afraid. Roger smiles, "I'm sure whatever you organise will be magic!" Caroline grins and says to Samantha, "See, what did I tell you? He could charm the sequins off Liberace! You have to watch out for him." Roger smiles at Samantha, "I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about." Samantha glares at him.

That night, Wayne is sitting alone in the lounge room at Dural when Mary wanders in. She looks glum, and Wayne asks what the problem is. Mary sighs that she's just a bit funny, that's all. Wayne asks, "About what?" Mary replies, "Having a tutor come here tomorrow. I feel embarrassed; seems stupid having to take lessons to read and write." Wayne points out that everyone has to do it at some stage. Mary says, "In front of you all... I'll feel a dill. Some of the people who come here, they're so clever..." Wayne muses, "Reminds me of someone I knew once; she felt the same way - it caused quite a few problems between us." Mary asks him, "Did you like her?" Wayne replies, "Sure did. But in the end, it got too much for her and she left." Mary murmurs that she's sorry. She adds, "Pity she didn't stick it out." Wayne tells her, "You take that same advice." Mary smiles, "Maybe I should!"



Beryl emerges from her bedroom at her house, followed by Charlie. She's carrying a suitcase. Charlie is smiling that Lisa's fashion show this morning was the most successful yet; it's one of the best investments she's ever made. She then suddenly looks serious and says to Beryl, "I'm sorry, darling. Here I am, prattling away, and I know how you must be feeling." Beryl explains that she's alright; she's just a bit worried about Leigh. Charlie assures her, "I'll look after her while you're up-north. And I'll take care of your house as if it was my own." Beryl sighs that she's not sure Leigh has made the right decision, wanting her to take Shane up to her mum's. Charlie says she wishes there was some way she could let David know what was happening; he'd know what to do. Beryl asks her if she's heard anything. Charlie replies that the last word from Fiona was that he'd signed himself out of hospital and vanished. She goes on that Fiona thinks he's gone looking for Patricia, but she hasn't been able to track him down. Beryl comments that it must be awful for Fiona being over there by herself. Charlie explains that that's partly the reason she's coming home. Beryl suggests to Charlie that it's probably best if she doesn't say anything about David in front of Leigh; it would only upset her more. At that moment, Leigh joins them and, looking upset, says, "I've finished packing his things." Beryl asks her if she's sure this is what she wants. Leigh shakes her head and replies sadly that it's not what she wants at all - but there's no way she can bring Shane up in prison, and she's not going to leave him without a mother. With that, she heads off to fetch her son. Beryl looks at Charlie.

Brett is wheeling a wheelbarrow along in the grounds of David's country house. Adam suddenly joins him and asks if Charlie is around. Brett explains that she's gone to some fashion parade and then she's going to the Palmers' - she's going to stay there while Beryl takes Shane to Leigh's mum. Adam comments that it's a crying shame. Brett, though, mutters that she brought it on herself; he can't say he feels sorry for her. Adam tells him that he shouldn't be so quick to judge. Brett looks at him and asks him sharply, "What's it got to do with you?" Adam tells him, "Leigh was keen on you. The way you carried on, you hurt her. I reckon you should try to square things with her before she goes inside." Brett glares at him and snaps, "Oh, you reckon, do you?" Adam nods, "Yes, I do. There's no reason why you shouldn't apologise to her; take her out; give her a good time to make up." Brett stands there and Adam sighs, "I wouldn't expect that of you. Not the way you treat people." With that, he storms off.

Leigh is standing in the lounge room at Beryl's, holding Shane. Charlie is with her, and she comments, "Doesn't he look handsome?" Beryl comes in and announces that a letter has arrived from Tim and Donna: it seems that Donna's parents have accepted the idea of them marrying and they're sure it's all going to work out. She adds that she still thinks they rushed into it, but she does wish them the best. A car horn suddenly sounds outside, and Beryl tells Leigh that it's the taxi. She asks her if she's ready. Leigh clutches Shane to her, tightly, and she sobs, "Just another minute?" Beryl tells her gently, "I don't have to take Shane with me, love, but you do have to make up your mind." With that, Leigh reluctantly hands Shane over and Beryl and Charlie head outside. Leigh bursts into tears.

A while later, Charlie is sitting at the kitchen table with a glum-looking Leigh, telling her that she knows it was a difficult decision to have to make, but she thinks it was the right one. Leigh murmurs that she'll be able to handle it eventually. There's suddenly a knock on the back door and Charlie goes and opens it to find Brett standing there. Leigh goes to leave the room. Brett, though, stops her and says he knows he hasn't been around much lately, but he was hoping he could talk to her. Leigh asks suspiciously, "About what?" Brett tells her, "I know I've been a bit of a rat, and I was hoping I could make it up to you by taking you out tonight." Leigh looks at Charlie and demands, "Did you have anything to do with this?" Charlie, though, assures her that she's as surprised as she is. Brett insists that he just wants them to be friends. He adds, "I know I've been feeling pretty rotten and I think you have been, too." Leigh admits, "You could say that." Brett asks, "Then why don't you come out? It'll do you good." Leigh hesitates and then says flatly, "Why not? It beats sitting around the house, moping."

Irene joins Samantha in the reception area of the surgery and sighs, "I don't know. I complain when the place is full, and when it's empty I don't know what to do with myself!" Samantha murmurs distantly, "Must be terrible..." Irene stares at her and asks her what the matter is, as she's been off the air nearly the whole morning. Samantha explains, "It's mum. Ever since Roger Carlyle rented Amanda's flat, I've hardly seen her." Irene comments, "That serious, eh?" Samantha goes on that it's not just business: Caroline hasn't been home quite a few nights. Irene remarks that she thought Roger was behaving himself. Samantha replies that she knows that, but there's something about him: she's sure he's out to make trouble and she just doesn't want her mum to get so involved that she gets hurt. Irene asks, "Are you sure you've told me everything about Roger?" Samantha retorts, "Of course I have." Irene goes on, "I know you said that business with Leo was just a misunderstanding--" Samantha interrupts her and insists, "It was - truly." Mr. Keane suddenly walks in and Samantha says to him, "Hello, Roy! Back again?" Roy nods and then starts coughing in an obviously fake manner. A broad smile crosses Samantha's face as Irene 'sympathises', "Oh me, that's a nasty cough you've got there, Roy. You can't be feeling the best all round: this is the fourth visit in two weeks - and every one with a different complaint." Roy explains eagerly, "I know. I can't understand it. Not a thing wrong this morning, then this cough just started out of the blue." He coughs again. Irene remarks, "It sounds very serious." She then adds, "Still, it's nothing that a couple of weeks in hospital won't fix." Looking shocked, Roy quickly tells her that it's not that bad, and he takes out a box of 'Strepsils' and tells her that they seem to help. He then says, "I don't suppose we could talk about it over dinner tonight?" Irene looks at Samantha and then tells Roy, "A doctor-patient relationship is a very special one. It really shouldn't go further than the surgery." Roy suggests, "Then how about I get another doctor, and that way, I can still take you out to dinner?" Irene laughs, "Are you kidding?! If you stop coming, I won't be able to afford my next overseas trip!" Roy laughs but then looks at Irene with a puzzled expression on his face!

Wayne is at the Morrell apartment, sitting with Caroline, Alison and Roger. Roger tells him, "I'm sorry you won't reconsider your attitude about Woombai." Wayne retorts, "There's no way it's going to a private sale. I thought I made that clear." Roger stands up and tells him, "It's going to mean the loss of a lot of potential profit if it goes to Gordon - and it's pretty obvious he's not up to it, these days." Wayne stands up and warns nastily, "You watch what you say, Carlyle." Roger suggests, "If I'm upsetting you, perhaps you should look at selling your shares?" Wayne, though, retorts, "Sorry. I plan on sticking around, if only to keep you honest." Roger threatens, "I could freeze you out as quick as look at you." Caroline suddenly interjects and suggests that surely they can all find a way of working together; four good minds like theirs. Alison looks at her sharply and says, "I'd have said three-and-a-half!" Caroline glares at her. Alison then suggests to Wayne that she's got a feeling they're intruding, and the two of them leave. When they've gone, Caroline mutters at Roger, "If you want to freeze someone out, why don't you pick on her?" Roger warns, "Don't be bitchy." Caroline, though, retorts that it's more than that: Alison's very cagey - everything she does, she does for Alison Carr. Roger suggests, "It makes her a good businesswoman." Caroline mutters, "It makes her a woman we have to be very careful of." She adds, "She's a great pal of Patricia's, and she kept that to herself as long as she could. There's just something about--" Roger, looking at her sharply, interrupts and growls, "She's a friend of Patricia's?" Caroline nods, "Yes. Didn't you know?" Roger tells her, "No. No, I didn't..."

A while later, Roger is standing outside the front door at Charlie's. Alison opens the door from inside and, looking surprised to find him there, asks if he forgot something at the meeting. Roger, though, explains that he just wanted to have a chat. Alison invites him in. As they head into the lounge room, she offers him a drink. He declines, though, saying he's not staying. He then says, "I hear you're a friend of Patricia's." Alison replies, "I was. She's dead." Roger tells her, "From what I heard, there's a good chance she's in South America and very much alive." Alison smiles, "That's absolute rubbish!" Roger, though, says tautly, "I hope when you advised me to buy into this company, the idea didn't come from Patricia." Alison retorts, "How on earth could it? She's dead." Roger muses, "So you keep saying." He then goes on, "You know she killed my son, Luke?" Alison looks at him sharply and tells him, "Patricia couldn't kill anybody." Roger ignores this, going on, "Word of warning. If you are a friend of Patricia's, you know I don't muck about. If she's still alive and I catch up with her, she won't live long. That goes for anyone working for her. Understood?" Alison stares at him. He then turns and goes.

Wayne and Mary are sitting at the bar in the lounge room at Dural. A newspaper is laid out in front of them and Wayne points to a word and asks, "What's that?" Mary looks at it and reads, "Fan... ta... fantastic!" Wayne smiles, "Very good!" Mary then points to another word and asks what it is. Wayne looks and tells her, "Forge." Mary asks what it means, and Wayne replies, "Um... to forge ahead... um... push on. Like what you're doing: learning." Mary asks, "You think?" Wayne laughs, "In a week, you'll know the whole dictionary!" Suddenly looking serious, Mary comments that Miss. Wilson has been nice, but she just hopes she's not wasting people's time and money on the lessons. Looking disappointed, Wayne sighs that she never stops putting herself down, does she? He adds that she amazes him; she could do anything she wanted to if she put her mind to it. He then points out another word and asks, "What's that?" Mary reads, "Neg... negot..." Wayne laughs, "Negotiate!" The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Mary grabs it. Wayne starts chasing her to snatch it from her, but he's not quick enough and she answers it! Alison comes on and tells Mary that it's her; she needs to talk to her - now. Mary asks if it's about Patricia. Wayne looks at her. Alison says, "I..." Mary interrupts and insists, "I know it is. I'll be straight over." She then hangs up and tells Wayne that she has to go out. Wayne sighs heavily.

It's evening time, and Brett has arrived at Beryl's. Charlie smiles that he looks a very handsome young man! Leigh joins them, all dressed up, and Charlie exclaims, "Look at you! What a pair you're going to make!" She then asks them where they're raging. Brett replies that there's a nice place that a girl told him about called The Stiletto Club; he thought they'd give that a go. Charlie smiles, "Have a wonderful night!" The two of them go, leaving Charlie looking thoughtful. After a few seconds, she goes to the 'phone and dials a number. Adam answers and Charlie tells him that she was wondering if he and Sally were doing anything tonight. Adam explains that Sally has got a late class and he's going out on duty. Charlie sighs that it's a pity; she was going to ask them both over. Adam asks if Leigh has gone out, and Charlie tells him that Brett has taken her off somewhere. Adam says, "Good. I was hoping he'd wake up to himself." Charlie smiles, "You gave him a bit of a push, did you?" Adam admits, "Yeah, well." He then asks where Brett has taken her, and Charlie replies, "Oh, some place called The Stiletto Club. Sounds fun." Adam, though, asks, "You reckon? Only time I've been there's to raid the place." Charlie looks shocked.

A girl is sitting on her own at a table at The Stiletto Club, smoking a cigarette and sipping from a drink. There are bright lights flashing and music playing in the background. Leigh and Brett enter and Leigh comments that it's not quite what she imagined. Brett tells her that it's a bit early yet; they should give it a go and if it's no good, they can leave. Leigh, though, assures him that she wasn't meaning that. They sit down, and Brett then tells Leigh that he was thinking that, tomorrow, if he takes half a day off, they could go on a picnic. Leigh says she supposes so, adding that it sounds like a nice idea. A server suddenly passes them and Brett stops him and asks for two rum and cokes. Leigh looks around and her eyes suddenly alight on a teenage girl sitting nearby: it's Tracy Kingsford. Leigh quickly says to Brett, "Brett, we've got to get out of here." Brett asks what's wrong and Leigh tells him anxiously, "That girl over there. I know her. If she sees me, I'm gone. She'd do anything to get back at me." She looks worried.

As Alison shows Mary into the lounge room at Charlie's, Mary says eagerly, "You've decided to tell me the truth, haven't you?" Alison tells her to sit down. She then asks, "Have you ever heard of a man called Roger Carlyle?" Mary recalls, "The man who bought Mr. Hamilton's shares? Who tried to kill Patricia?" Alison nods, "Exactly - and the reason was because he thought she killed his son, Luke. And he's still determined to kill her. Now, if he even suspects you're Patricia's daughter, he'll go after you, too; there's nothing surer. Mary, looking puzzled, says, "I don't understand. First you steal my letter and photo; now you're warning me." Alison explains, "Because it's what Patricia would have wanted me to do. She wouldn't have wanted you to spend years finding out you weren't her daughter. She certainly wouldn't have wanted you to come to any harm because of it." Mary suddenly stands up and snaps, "I can look after myself. I know I'm her daughter and I'll prove it. I don't care about any Mr. Carlyle." Alison stands up as well and cries, "Oh, for God's sake, Mary. Mr. Carlyle isn't just anybody." Mary suggests curtly, "In that case, he might be able to tell me more about Patricia than you can." Alison pleads, "Mary, will you listen to me? Please - just forget it." Mary pauses and then sighs, "Alright - if it's that important." Looking relieved, Alison thanks her.

At The Stiletto Club, Leigh is telling Brett, "She got three months in jail with a big fine, and she's never forgiven me." Brett suggests, "If you're that worried, we'd better go." It's too late, though, as Tracy suddenly spots them and walks over to them. Leigh, looking worried, murmurs, "Oh no..." Tracy looks at Leigh and Brett - who has placed his hands on Leigh's, comfortingly - and then taunts, "Well, isn't that sweet? Playing handies." Brett mutters, "We were just going." Tracy finishes the drink she's holding and, putting it on the table, comments that that's a shame: she's sure her old friend, Leigh, would love to let him buy her another. She then tells Leigh menacingly, "I've been hoping for ages to catch up with you, Leigh. Have a nice, friendly chat. Looks like tonight's the night." Leigh looks at her, fearfully.


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