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    Written by: Ysabelle Dean    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Samantha is sitting with Gordon and Barbara in the lounge room at Dural. She tells them bitterly, "I thought mum had more style. What does mum see in him?" Gordon suggests, "Strength of character, perhaps. He always seems to get what he wants." Barbara, though, tuts that he's not strong; he's ruthless - and she thought Caroline was a better judge of people. Gordon points out that she went through hell when Stephen got married; maybe she just needs someone to lean on. Samantha complains that she's hardly seen her, lately; she stays with Roger most nights. Gordon points out, "She is over 21. Who's to say she hasn't fallen in love with him?" Samantha retorts that, if she has, she bets it isn't mutual; Roger just wants to keep her onside in the company. Barbara agrees that Roger is a very dangerous man; there's no denying that. Mary suddenly walks in and Gordon asks her if she enjoyed her walk. She replies that she did, and then asks if Wayne went out. Barbara explains that he was tired, so he went to bed; he had a company meeting this afternoon. Gordon adds that, apparently, Roger is trying to freeze him out. He goes on that, at the moment, Caroline won't hear of it, but, well... Samantha asks, "Now do you see what I mean about being used?" She then stands up and says she'd better be going. Barbara asks if Caroline is home tonight, but Samantha muses that she doubts it. Barbara invites her to stay with them, then, but Samantha declines, saying she has to get up early. Gordon chips in that so do they; the auction's tomorrow. Mary asks if Mr. Carlyle will be there, and Gordon tells her, "If he's serious about wanting Woombai, he'll have to be."

At the Morrell apartment, Roger and Caroline are kissing, but Roger suddenly pulls away and asks if they weren't supposed to be working. He picks up a file. Caroline tells him that it can wait, but Roger retorts that priorities are still priorities. Caroline, looking annoyed, raises her hand to her forehead in a mock salute and snaps, "Yes, sir. Anything you say, sir." Roger sighs and asks what the matter is. Caroline retorts that it's just that she seems to be getting in the way. She then adds that perhaps she ought to go and spend the evening with Samantha; she's always complaining she's not at home enough. Roger, staring into Caroline's eyes, says, "Don't be upset. I'm sorry." Caroline explains that, sometimes, she just feels like she's a diversion, that's all. Roger assures her, "Of course not. It's just that I'm a bit single-minded, that's all. It's been a long time since I've allowed myself to get involved in anything but business." Caroline tells him, "Your problem is you don't relax enough." Roger admits that he's been uptight after that little 'fracas' this afternoon. Caroline points out that he can't blame Wayne for getting a bit distraught. Roger, though, tells her that Wayne doesn't bother him; it's Alison. Caroline reminds him that she told him Alison was the one they ought to get rid of. Roger muses that she's a bit of a mystery woman. He asks, "What exactly do you know about her?" Caroline replies, "Virtually nothing - except that she and Patricia became great friends in Rio." She then suggests that they forget about her. She asks Roger if he's really sure he wants to go back to work. Roger assures her, "Not much longer." He then asks for a coffee and Caroline goes to get it.

Tracy is still sitting with Leigh and Brett at The Stiletto Club. She taunts, "What's wrong, Leigh? You don't seem to be enjoying yourself." Leigh growls, "I'm not." She then turns to Brett and asks if they can leave, as the music's a bit loud for her. Tracy offers to turn it down. She then turns to Brett and flirts, "Are you a gym instructor or something?" Brett laughs, "No! Why?" Tracy tells him, "You look so... fit." Brett explains, "I work in the market garden. It keeps me in shape." Tracy smiles, "Something sure does." Brett adds that it's only temporary; he's trying to raise money to pay his way through uni; Leigh's old man gave him a job on his property. Looking at Leigh and indicating Brett, Tracy snarls, "I bet you thought all your Christmases had come at once." Leigh retorts, "We'd met before. He's Beryl's nephew." Tracy raises her eyebrows and asks, "Oh really? And how is dear Aunty Beryl?" Brett asks her if she knows her. Tracy tells him, "We've met once or twice - but she doesn't think much of me." Brett comments, "I don't know why!" Leigh glares at Tracy and snaps, "Why don't you get lost, Tracy? We didn't ask you to sit with us." Tracy, though, retorts that it's a free country. She adds, "Brett doesn't seem to mind..." Leigh snaps, "I said get lost." Tracy asks, "Who's going to make me?" Leigh retorts, "I am." She then stands up and snarls, "Just disappear, Tracy." Tracy stands up as well, pushes the table over and growls, "OK. You want a fight? You've got one." The two of them then suddenly grab hold of each other and drop to the floor, where they start struggling.

Adam and his partner in the police force are sitting in their car. Adam's partner comments that it has to be the slowest shift he's ever worked! The radio suddenly crackles into life and the operator comes on and says they have a report of a brawl at The Stiletto Club in Gordon Street. Adam tells the operator that they're on their way. As he hangs up the radio, he says to his partner, "Brett was taking Leigh there tonight. If she was involved, she can kiss her bail goodbye." They pull away.

Leigh and Tracy are still struggling with each other at the club. Brett tries to intervene, but he's pushed out the way. Adam and his partner run in and grab the two girls, who carry on shouting insults at each other. Adam holds Leigh back and shouts, "You're lucky it's not some other cop." Leigh snaps, "She tried to pick a fight the minute we got here." Tracy yells, "I was just defending myself. She started it." The club owner joins them and snaps that he doesn't care who started it; he's not putting up with their types; he wants them both charged. Leigh looks at Adam in horror.

A short time later, Adam is standing with the club owner by the bar, telling him that, normally, he'd agree with him - but he thinks he's being a bit hard. Looking at Leigh, he adds that, to be honest, he knows one of the girls: she's in a bit of trouble already and she's on bail; if she's charged with this, she'll go to jail for sure. The owner retorts that she shouldn't have started fighting, then. He adds that, if he lets one of them off, he can't press charges against the other one, can he? Glancing at Tracy, who's sitting nearby, he goes on that she's a toughie; she's been there before. Tracy glares at him and tells him, "Major mistake calling the cops, Joe. Get yourself a bad name. Only going to make it worse if you try and make a case out of it." Adam asks Joe what he says: give the girls a chance? Joe just glares at Tracy.

Charlie is sitting alone in the lounge room at Beryl's when the front door bangs and Leigh, Brett and Adam come in. She turns to them and exclaims that they're back early. She then looks at the expressions on their faces and asks what happened. Adam sighs that there was a bit of a cat-fight at the nightclub. Leigh cries, "Tracy started it." Charlie exclaims, "Not Tracy Kingsford?" Leigh retorts, "Yeah, of all the places we could have gone to, we had to pick the one where she hangs out." Charlie comments that she thought she'd still be in jail. She then asks if everything is alright, and she asks Adam how he got involved. Adam explains that the manager called them in - although luckily, he talked him out of taking it any further. Leigh assures him, "I am grateful." Looking at Leigh intently, Adam tells her, "I'm just glad I had a chance to get you off the hook for once." With that, Leigh heads into the kitchen to make some coffee. Charlie whispers to Adam, "I think you're back in somebody's good books!" Adam smiles that it's a bit of a relief. Charlie adds, "It's a pity you had to let Tracy go, though." Brett chips in, "She didn't seem such a bad sort." Charlie, though, frowns, "She is one of the nastiest girls you could ever meet. Take my word for it." Brett stands there, looking thoughtful.

Roger is still poring over some papers at the Morrell apartment. Caroline is sitting on the couch and she suddenly lets out an obvious yawn and suggests that she'd better go off to bed. Roger asks her if she's sure she wouldn't prefer to go home, as he still has some figures to check: he doesn't want to pay more for Woombai than he has to. Caroline tells him that Gordon's sure to outbid him. Roger, though, just replies that they'll see; he can't let a potential money-maker slip through his fingers without a fight. Caroline stares at him and asks, "Do you know something I don't?" Roger assures her curtly, "No. It's just that I usually manage to get what I want." Caroline muses that Gordon will be very upset if he doesn't buy it. She then tells Roger, "I think I'll go with you tomorrow." Roger quickly tells her that he doesn't think that would be a good idea; the Hamiltons aren't exactly fond of her at the moment. Caroline, though, suggests that she should be there as a non-bidding representative of the company; it's standard procedure. Roger starts to protest, "Yeah, but, er--" Caroline, ignoring this, smiles that that's settled, then. She then gives him a kiss and heads off to bed, leaving Roger looking vaguely annoyed.

The next morning, Barbara and Mary carrying some packed cases into the lounge room at Dural. Samantha joins them and asks where Gordon is, as she wants to wish him luck. Beryl replies that he was still getting dressed when she came down. At that moment, Gordon runs downstairs and joins them, announcing that they're running late. Barbara laughs, "That's not our fault, darling!" Gordon picks up the cases and says he'll put them in the car. Barbara asks if they should write a note for Wayne, to remind him about the auction. Gordon, though tells her that there's no need: he just surfaced; he'd come with them, but he's got some things to do. Barbara accepts this. Samantha kisses Barbara and Gordon and tells them that she's got her fingers and toes crossed for both of them. Gordon thanks her, adding that there shouldn't be any need, now that they've sold Dural. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Samantha goes to get it. After a few moments, she says to the caller, "Yes he is, but he's about... yes, I know. Alright, hold on, please." She then turns to Gordon and tells him, "He insists on talking to you. He says it's urgent." Gordon hands Barbara the keys to the car and she and Mary head out to the hallway with the cases. As they do so, Barbara asks Samantha what's wrong. Samantha says, "Um, the man on the 'phone. His voice sounds very familiar. He's got a strong American accent." Barbara murmurs, "Ut oh. That sounds like our buyer." She puts down the cases and heads back into the lounge room, where Gordon is snapping on the 'phone, "If you've made up your mind, there's nothing else to talk about, is there?" He then slams down the 'phone. Barbara asks what's wrong. Gordon tells her, "The sale's fallen through." Barbara cries, "Oh no..." She then asks, "What about Woombai?" Gordon tells her bitterly, "We'll still go. I'll bid what I can, but I don't think it'll be enough."

A short time later, Mary asks Gordon why he can't bid as if he'd sold the house, as someone's bound to buy it sooner or later. Gordon, though, explains that he never spends money he doesn't have. Barbara says she's sure they can get a loan. Gordon, however, tells her that he doesn't want debts over their head; they haven't got the income from the company anymore. Barbara suggests that they'll just have to hope and pray that Roger doesn't go as high as they do, then. Gordon curses, "Damn Mr. Keith Lang. He was so cheerful about it. 'Well have a nice day, y'hear?' I could've killed him." Samantha suddenly says, "I knew I'd heard that voice." Everyone looks at her and she explains, "He's a buddy of Roger's. I met him over at the apartment a while ago." Gordon realises, "We've been set up - and Roger planned it." Barbara asks if they can't do something - like an injunction. Gordon, though, sighs, "No - it's dirty but it's legal." Barbara asks him if he still wants to go. Gordon asserts, "Yes. I'll make damn sure he doesn't get it cheaply."

Adam is at Beryl's, and as Leigh escorts him into the lounge room, she asks if he has the afternoon off. He nods, "Yeah." He then asks where Charlie is, and Leigh replies that she's at the hairdresser's - it's a twice-weekly ritual for her! Adam, changing the subject, tells Leigh that there's a good movie on in town, and he asks if she's interested. Leigh, looking guilty, thanks him but adds that Brett has already asked her out; he should be there soon. Adam suggests, "Another time?" Leigh nods, "Maybe." Adam reminds her, "We are friends again, remember?" Leigh quickly tells him that she knows; it's just that she still likes Brett. Adam comments that he thought she gave up on him weeks ago. Leigh, though, points out that a girl can change her mind! Adam warns her, "Don't get your hopes up too high, Leigh. I couldn't be sure what he wants." Leigh insists that she's not expecting miracles; just as long as they can go out together a bit. Adam sighs and tells her, "Just don't let him take you out to any clubs like The Stiletto again!" Leigh grins, "No way!" She then adds that she still doesn't know whether Tracy actually fancied Brett or was just trying to get under her skin. Adam tells her that he reckons the latter: Tracy was out to get her, pure and simple. Leigh grimaces, "She almost did..."

Brett is walking across the grounds at the country house. Tracy is walking up a track towards him and she smiles, "Hi! I've been hanging around the front for hours." Brett asks, "What for?" and Tracy retorts, "To see you, of course, dum dum!" She adds that she would have come to the front door, only she's not exactly welcome around there. Brett muses, "So I've heard..." Tracy flirts, "It hasn't put you off me, though, has it?" She then asks him if he wants to come out this afternoon. Brett, though, explains that he's taking Leigh out. Tracy tells him, "I'd be more fun." Brett retorts, "I can't let her down." Tracy mutters, "Suit yourself. You'll probably end up in the Botanical Gardens, feeding the swans or something." She adds, "Have fun," and goes to walk off. Brett, though, suddenly calls after her and offers, "Would you like to come in for a coffee? Don't worry, there's no one at home." Tracy asks, "What about Leigh?" Brett smiles, "I had to work back a bit, didn't I...?"

Gordon, Barbara and Mary have arrived at Woombai, and as Gordon puts their cases down in the hallway of the homestead, he comments that it's always nice to come back. Mary says she hopes all those people outside aren't buyers. Gordon, though, explains that most of them are locals; the auction of a property is a big event there. Alan Pascoe suddenly walks in with another gentlemen, who he introduces as Harry Thomas, the auctioneer. Gordon introduces him to Barbara and Mary. Thomas then remarks that there's a pretty good crowd out there, although it's a pity about the weather. Gordon agrees that it looks like it could rain. Alan tells Gordon that Mr. Thomas was wondering if they should hold the auction inside. Barbara asks in surprise how they'd fit everybody in there. Thomas explains, "Only interested buyers, Mrs. Hamilton. Saves us all getting wet." Gordon comments that it seems like a sensible idea, and Thomas says he'll let everyone know. He heads out. Alan follows him, but Barbara calls to him and asks if Mrs. Morrell has arrived yet. Alan replies, "About an hour ago - with a guy: tall... craggy... They're walking around the stables." Barbara growls, "Oh dear. I was hoping their car had broken down." Gordon, though, tells her, "Cheer up. We haven't lost yet."

Brett and Tracy are walking in the grounds of the country house. Brett offers Tracy a lift into town, but she says she'll hitch. Brett points out that it's a pretty risky way to travel. Tracy, though, retorts that it's more interesting than public transport - and cheaper, too. Brett remarks, "You really live for the moment, don't you?" Tracy smiles, "Course! Thought you'd be the same!" She then turns and stands in front of him. He stops in his tracks as she asks, "What do you see in Leigh?" Brett replies, "I'm just worried about her, that's all. She's probably worried about where I've got to, by now." Tracy tells him, "I might see you around some time..." She then leans towards him and kisses him. As she then goes to walk off, Brett calls, "What about tomorrow night?" Tracy, though, tells him, "Sorry. Busy. It's now or never." Brett doesn't even hesitate before saying, "OK. Let's go." He opens the passenger-side door to his car and Tracy climbs in." Brett says, "I'll 'phone Leigh on the way." Tracy sits in the passenger seat, looking pleased with herself.

At Woombai, Caroline and Roger are walking along the verandah at the homestead. Alan is standing by the front door, and Caroline asks where everyone is. Alan explains that they're holding the auction inside, so no one has to get wet. He then heads inside to see how they're getting on with setting up. Roger tells Caroline that they'll be starting soon, and he wants to get a good position. He goes to head in. Caroline, though, says, "Roger, please..." Roger turns to look at her and she goes on, "I thought you would have changed your mind after you'd seen Woombai. All these expansions you're talking about: can't you see you're going to destroy it?" Roger, though, retorts, "Hardly. I'm going to put the place on the map." He then asks her if she's coming in or not, and he heads inside. Caroline stands there, looking worried.

Inside, Harry Thomas asks Gordon if they're just about ready. Gordon nods that he supposes so. Roger walks in and Caroline follows him, saying she thinks she'll go and say 'hello' to the Hamiltons. Roger warns her not to expect them to welcome her with open arms. Caroline goes and joins Barbara and Gordon and says, "Hello." Gordon just nods, "Caroline." Barbara glares at her and snaps, "Alan told me you'd arrived." Caroline replies, "Yes. I'm afraid Roger's very keen to buy the property." Barbara puts on a sarcastic voice and retorts, "Really? I'd never have guessed." She then demands, "Now tell me, whose idea was the set-up? Yours or his?" Caroline stares at her in surprise and asks, "What set-up?" Barbara snaps, "Go and ask your boyfriend." Caroline walks away. Barbara suggests to Gordon, "Maybe she doesn't know anything?" Mary chips in that it's hard to believe Roger is such an awful person; he looks harmless enough. Back with Roger, Caroline asks him, "Do you know anything about a set-up?" Roger muses, "Oh, that..." Caroline demands, "What did you do to them?" Roger tells her, "An exercise in tactics. Seems to be working, too: Gordon looks very unsure of himself." Before Caroline can ask anything else, Harry Thomas bangs his gavel on his desk and asks for quiet. He then says, "Now, I'm sure you all realise the potential of a property like Woombai. We have hundreds of acres of prime grazing land, excellent stables, two solid homesteads... so we'll start the bidding at one million dollars. Who'll offer me $1,000,000 for Woombai?" An anonymous gentleman holds up his hand. Thomas accepts the bid.

At Beryl's, Leigh is standing with the 'phone to her ear and she asks, "What's happened?" Putting on a weak voice, Brett replies, "I think I've got the 'flu or something." Leigh asks him if he's seen a doctor. Standing in a public callbox with Tracy, Brett replies that it's alright; he's just got to rest-up for a while." Leigh asks him if he wants her to come over. Brett, though, quickly says, "No. There's no point. I'll probably be in bed." Tracy smiles broadly at hearing this. Brett asks, "Another time, OK?" Leigh, looking glum, murmurs, "Sure. I hope you feel better soon." She then hangs up. From the couch, Adam asks, "Where is he?" Leigh replies that he says he's sick. She adds that it didn't sound like he was ringing from David's, though. Adam tells her, "Should have known he'd let you down." Leigh, staring at him, asks, "Why? What do you know, Adam?" Adam shrugs, "I don't know. He probably took you out last night because I had a go at him about the way he's been treating you." A look of fury crosses Leigh's face and she snaps, "Drew straws, did we? Brett's turn last night and yours this afternoon?" Adam insists, "I'd be happy to take you out any time. All you have to do is say the word." Leigh, though, grabs her bag, and Adam asks her where she's going. Leigh snaps, "Out - and I don't need a chaperone. Tell Charlie I won't be home 'til late." With that, she storms out, leaving Adam looking annoyed with himself.

The auction at Woombai is in full swing. Harry Thomas asks, "Any increase on $1.2m?" Roger raises his hand and Thomas increases the bid to $1.3m. He then asks if he hears $1.4m. Gordon raises a finger and Thomas accepts the bid. He then asks for $1.5m. Barbara whispers to Gordon, "How much higher can we go?" Gordon whispers back, "We can't. Start praying." Harry Thomas says, "One point five, anyone? One point five?" Roger whispers to Caroline, "Think it's richly deserved." Caroline pleads, "Roger, please, let him have it. For my sake." Roger look at her but says, "Sorry, Caroline." Thomas asks again for $1.5m. Roger raises his hand. Thomas accepts this and asks for $1.6m. Gordon looks at Barbara, but doesn't raise his hand. Thomas looks at him, but Gordon shakes his head. No one else responds, either. A smile crosses Roger's face as Thomas says, "Alright: going once at $1.5m. Going twice at $1.5m." A female voice suddenly interjects and says, "$1.6m." Barbara, looking shocked as she recognises the voice, gasps, "It can't be." Thomas quickly says, "I am bid $1.6m from the lady at the back. Will anyone give me $1.7m?" Caroline looks at Roger and murmurs, "Don't tell me you're not going on?" Roger snaps, "I can't." Thomas says, "Going once at $1.6m. Going twice at $1.6m. Going three times for $1.6m dollars." He then turns to the successful bidder and says, "Congratulations, madam. The name, please?" The woman walks in and tells him, "Fiona Thompson." She smiles at Roger nastily and then walks up to Barbara, who throws her arms around her and asks her what she's doing there. Fiona laughs, "I just got back!" Gordon and Barbara smile at her, gratefully.

A taxi driver opens the boot of a cab which is parked outside Beryl's. He hands a case to Beryl, who thanks him and then heads for her gate. Spider suddenly comes along and says, "Hello, there." He takes the case for her and comments that he thought she'd be away a few days. Beryl, though, explains that he never intended to stay. Spider asks if there was something wrong with the young fella. Beryl, though, replies, "Oh, no. Just Frannie and George; well, George, mainly: he's not too happy about what happened to Leigh. Then I stopped in Sydney and saw Fiona; she's just got back from Rio." Spider smiles that he'll make them a cup of tea, and they head inside.

Inside, Charlie is on the 'phone, saying Beryl's not there. She asks the person at the other end if she's sure she was catching the 2pm flight. Fiona is the caller, and she replies that she was the last time she heard. At that moment, Beryl and Spider come in, and Charlie tells Fiona that Beryl has just arrived. She hands over the 'phone and explains that it's Fiona. Beryl immediately says to her, "Good news?" Fiona smiles, "Only just the best! We've won the day!" Beryl exclaims that that's wonderful! Fiona adds that Gordon is like the father of a new-born baby! Beryl thanks her for letting her know. Fiona smiles that it's her pleasure, and they hang up. She then turns to Gordon, Barbara and Mary, who are standing behind her in the lounge room at the Woombai homestead and Barbara hands her a glass of champagne. Gordon proposes, "A toast to Fiona." Barbara raises her glass and adds, "Fiona. Nothing like a grand re-entrance!" They all sip from their glasses, happily.


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