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    Written by: Steve Dunne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Gordon asks Fiona how she heard about the auction. Fiona explains that she saw Irene and Samantha not long after she got back and they told her what had happened; she scraped as much money together as she possibly could and hired the first charter 'plane she could get her hands on. She laughs, "Ta da! The Lone Ranger to the rescue!" Gordon smiles, "Just as well, because Tonto was in heap big trouble!" Fiona, suddenly looking more serious, tells Gordon that he does have another Director besides Beryl and herself. Looking surprised, Gordon asks who it is. Fiona tells him, "Irene. She chipped in as well." Looking delighted, Barbara comments that it's good to know who your friends are. Changing the subject, Gordon asks Fiona if she'll stay on a few days. Beryl, though, says she's afraid she can't; she's left someone in her apartment. Gordon looks at her and Fiona explains, "A boy I met in Singapore. He's absolutely exhausted with jetlag, so I left him to sleep it off."

At the boarding house, Chris and Samantha are arranging some flowers in Fiona's flat. Chris suggests that maybe they're a bit much. Samantha insists that Fiona will love them. Chris, though, tells her that Fiona might not even want to know him; he could hardly blame her. Changing the subject, Samantha asks where Leo is today, as she thought he was going to be doing some gardening for them. Chris explains that he's frightened to come back because of Roger - and he can't blame him. Samantha asks what that's supposed to mean. Chris retorts that, from what he's heard, Roger's hardly a saint. He then asks, "Are you sure he was just offering you a job?" Samantha mutters that she's already explained. Chris murmurs, "A misunderstanding?" Samantha confirms curtly, "Precisely." Chris apologises for being out of line. Samantha goes to head off to the surgery, but Chris calls after her and tells her that it seems they see less of each other now than when he was at Crossley House. Samantha assures him that, if that's true, it wasn't intentional. Chris stares at her and then kisses her, passionately. Neither of them notices the door to Fiona's guest room opening very slightly and a pair of eyes peering out... When they pull away, Chris smiles, "You have a nice way of reassuring people!" He then suggests that they go out for dinner tonight, and Samantha replies that she'd love to. Changing the subject, she suggests that they'd better clear out, as they don't want to disturb Fiona's guest. Chris asks who it is, but Samantha replies, "Search me. We'll have to ask Irene; see if she knows." They head out. The door to the guest room closes again.

At Woombai, Gordon offers more champagne, but Fiona declines. Mary holds out her glass and says, "Yes please!" Gordon fills her glass as Barbara smiles, "Proper little Champagne Charlie, aren't you!" The front door suddenly bangs and Caroline and Roger walk in. Barbara glares at them and says curtly, "Still here?" Caroline explains that they were seeing what they missed out on. She then introduces Roger to Fiona, and Roger congratulates her. Fiona mutters, "Thankyou." Roger goes on, "Caroline's told me how you put your money behind Gordon." Fiona glares at him and retorts, "Well. We couldn't let you win, could we?" Roger comments that that doesn't sound like a strict business judgement. Fiona tells him, "No, it isn't - but it kept you out of the running." Roger asks her if she knows she paid more than the property's worth. Gordon retorts, "It's worth it to us." Caroline chips in and points out that the auction's over now; they can forget about business. Barbara hands her a glass and says glibly, "Here, have some champagne." Roger mutters at Caroline that he'll wait for her in the car, and he heads out. When he's gone, Caroline walks over to Gordon and comments, "Not a very good loser, is he?" Gordon just fills her glass.

As Roger heads outside, Mary follows him. He turns to her and asks her if she's bored with them, too. Looking up at the sun shining in the sky, he adds that the storm seems to have passed them by. He then asks her how her car's going, and she replies, "Good." Roger goes on, "You, um, always known the Hamiltons, or, um...?" Mary says quickly, "I'm their niece." She then asks, "Did you know... Do you know Mr. Hamilton's first wife, Patricia?" Roger turns to look at her and replies, "A little, yes." Mary goes on that she thought he might be able to tell her about her. Roger, though, retorts that he's been trying to forget her. Mary murmurs that she's sorry. Roger, though, says, "I'll tell you about her if you want - but now isn't exactly the right time." He then hands her a card and explains that it's his Sydney number; if she calls him, they'll arrange something. He adds, "And Mary, mum's the word. I don't want the Hamiltons to get the wrong idea." Mary smiles, "I won't tell anyone. I promise."

A while later, Caroline is standing with Roger by his car as Mary walks off. Roger asks Caroline if she's ready. Caroline asks Roger suspiciously if he gave Mary one of his cards and he nods, "Yes." Caroline asks why and he tells her, "We got talking, she asked what I did and I thought she'd like it." He adds that she's a bit friendly for a Hamilton. Caroline muses, "She'd like to be a Hamilton." Looking surprised, Roger comments that she's their niece, isn't she? Caroline asks him if that's what Mary told him. Roger asks if it isn't true. Caroline shakes her head and explains, "She popped up one day, out of the blue, claiming to be Patricia's daughter. She's still trying to prove it." Roger murmurs that you learn something every day... He opens the car door for her, but Caroline suddenly demands, "What's the set-up that Barbara was talking about earlier?" Roger explains, "I made sure the sale of their house fell through, that's all." Looking shocked, Caroline gasps, "Why?" Roger replies, "So that Gordon would be short of funds." He adds, "Almost worked, too. Still, that's business." Caroline climbs into the car, looking worried.

Samantha is pouring some glasses of champagne in the reception area at the surgery. She hands glasses to Chris and Andy and then asks Irene if she's sure she won't have some. Irene points out that she's on duty. Andy remarks that it's not every day that you become part-owner of a country property. Irene reminds him, "Small part-owner." Samantha laughs, "Then have a small glass!" Irene gives in and Samantha hands her a drink. She then proposes, "Here's to the feudal baroness!" Irene agrees, "Yes, to Fiona!" The four of them raise their glasses. Samantha then comments that Fiona must be pretty exhausted after all the flying she's done. Chris adds, "Not to mention her little 'mystery'." Samantha asks Irene if she knows who it is. Irene, though, replies that, if she told them, Fiona would never forgive her. Andy asks, "Not even a hint?" Irene smiles, "Not even that. It's her little surprise." She looks slightly worried...

Fiona joins Barbara and Gordon in the lounge room at the Woombai homestead, wearing her coat and carrying her suitcase. Barbara asks her if she's all set, and Fiona smiles, "Tired, but ready." Gordon tells her that he's sorry she has to rush back. Fiona asks them how long they're staying up there, but Barbara replies that they haven't decided. Fiona asks Gordon if he's not taking over the management. Gordon, though, explains, "No. Alan's been doing a good job, and he'll still be here. I'll leave it to him." Mary suddenly walks in, carrying a suitcase, and Barbara stares at her in surprise and asks her what she's been doing. Mary looks at Fiona and says, "I was wondering if you'd mind if I went back to Sydney with you." Gordon comments that he thought she'd be staying at Woombai with them. Mary, though, tells him, "I just want to get on with my lessons." Accepting this, Barbara suggests to her that she'd better put her case in the car, and she heads out. When she's gone, Fiona looks at Barbara and Gordon and asks, "Er, what lessons?" Barbara explains, "Reading and writing. She never went to school." Fiona exclaims that that's terrible. Barbara tells her, "She's a little bit lost in the real world and I wondered if you'd mind going up to Dural once or twice, just to keep an eye on her." Fiona smiles that it would be a pleasure. Gordon then suggests that they'd better go, as they don't want to keep the pilot waiting. They head out.

In Melbourne, Spider serves Charlie and Beryl with tea in Beryl's lounge room, explaining that it's his little welcome-home for Beryl. Beryl thanks him. Charlie then asks her if George was difficult. Beryl replies, "At first. He doesn't have much time for Leigh - can't even mention her name - but he does love Shane." She then checks, "You didn't say anything to Leigh about David, did you?" Charlie reminds her tautly, "You said not to." Looking relieved, Beryl comments, "Good. She has enough on her plate at the moment." Charlie asks if Fiona said what actually happened. Beryl tells her, "Yes, he just disappeared one night. Left a note telling her to go home. Obviously thinks it'll be easier to find Patricia by himself." Charlie looks down at the floor, guiltily. Beryl then asks where Leigh is. Charlie explains hastily that she popped out for a minute. Beryl suggests that someone should be with her. Charlie, though, insists that she'll be alright. Changing the subject, Spider chips in, "You know what you two ladies need, don't you? A good night's dancing!" Beryl exclaims, "What?!" Spider goes on, "Yes - at the senior cits' club. It'll recharge your batteries." Beryl asks incredulously, "You want us to go dancing tonight, Spider?" Spider smiles, "One on each arm. What do you say?" Beryl tells him that, actually, she's a bit tired. Spider comments that they have nothing else on, have they? Charlie admits, "No, not really." Spider smiles, "Right, then it's all settled!"

Samantha is sitting in the reception area at Irene's surgery. The door to Irene's examination room opens and Irene emerges with a patient. She asks Samantha to arrange the woman another appointment for next week. She then spots Chris and Andy sitting at the back of the reception area and she remarks that either the two of them are sick or she's finished work for the day! Chris tells her, "Fiona's back." Andy adds, "Do you know she wouldn't let me into her apartment when I wanted to see her?" Irene points out that that's her prerogative. Samantha sees the patient out and then asks Irene, "Come on, who is the mystery guest? Tell us!" Irene, though, assures them that Fiona will tell them in her own good time. Andy sighs, "Fair enough. Can't say I won't take a hint, though!" Turning to Samantha, he changes the subject and asks her what she's doing tonight, as he thought he might go and see a band. Putting her hands through Chris's arm, she smiles, "I've already got a date." Andy muses, "And three's a crowd?" Samantha and Chris both nod at him! Fiona suddenly appears in the doorway and says, "Hello, Chris." Everyone turns to look at her and Chris says a blank, "Hello." Fiona goes on, "Irene told me you were staying here." Chris says, "Yeah. I hope you don't mind." Fiona just mutters that they'll talk about it later. Irene chips in, "They're all wondering who your mystery guest is!" Fiona smiles, "Oh are they?! Well, I won't keep them in suspense any longer. He's waiting out in the corridor." She heads out there and the gathering then hears Fiona's voice saying, "Come on. Come on in. Oh, come on, they're not going to bite you!" She then walks back in with a teenage boy and says, "Everyone, I'd like you to meet Nguyen Hung. He's from Vietnam." She then introduces Chris, Andy and Samantha and reminds him that he knows Irene. She adds by way of explanation, "We met on the 'plane from Singapore." Andy shakes Hung's hand. Hung looks around him, nervously.

A moment later, Fiona explains, "Hung's father sent him to Australia to have a chance of a new life - but his aunt and uncle weren't at the airport to meet him, and Hung doesn't know how to contact them. So, he's staying with me until we get it all sorted out." A look of anger crosses Chris's face, but no one notices... Fiona then suggests that they get some takeaway and all have it together. Chris reminds Samantha curtly that they were supposed to be going out tonight. Samantha, though, suggests that they can go out tomorrow night. Andy says he'll go and get some pizza, and he asks Hung if he wants to come. Hung looks at Fiona, who tells him, "Go on. Go on." The two of them head out. Samantha comments that Hung doesn't say much. Fiona smiles and tells her, "He was so frightened on the 'plane. He didn't eat anything because he thought he'd have to pay for it and he didn't have any money." Samantha smiles, "How cute!" Chris suddenly says tautly, "Look, I won't stay for dinner if we're not going out." Samantha asks why not and Chris tells her, "I've got to go and see Leo." Samantha pleads, "Please stay," and she asks, "What's the matter?" Irene adds, "Don't you like pizza?" Chris, giving in, sighs, "Alright. I'll stay." He looks worried, though.

Roger is talking on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, saying, "OK... any time after nine... see you then." He hangs up and Caroline joins him and asks who that was. Roger replies, "Business - and more bad news: I've had to organise a meeting for tonight." Caroline groans, "Couldn't you make it some other time?" Roger, though, says he's sorry. Caroline flirts, "Surely you can ring up and cancel...?" Roger, though, tells her that it's too late now. He reminds her that she knew how the business would operate; she should understand. Caroline realises, "You want me to leave?" Roger tells her, "I've set up for around 9pm." Caroline says, "I'll come back again." Roger, though, quickly tells her, "It could go on for some time." Caroline, suddenly looking suspicious, demands, "What's her name?" Roger laughs, "Caroline..." Caroline, though, snaps, "Roger, if it's another woman--" Roger interrupts and snarls, "You'll what?" He then calms down quickly and says he's sorry. Caroline suddenly queries, "It's not Mary Reynolds, is it?" Roger snaps that of course it isn't, and he asks Caroline what on earth made her think of her. Caroline replies, "Just that she has your number; she's connected with Patricia - and there are stories..." Roger snaps that if it's the one about his so-called vendetta, it's a lie. He adds that that's what she's getting at, isn't she? He then sighs, "You know, I gave you credit for more intelligence." Looking furious at this, Caroline goes to storm out. Roger calls after her, "I'll make it up to you tomorrow." Caroline just snaps, "If you like," and she goes.

Charlie and Beryl climb out of a car outside the Elderly Citizens' Club, and join Spider, who's standing nearby. He looks at them and their outfits and smiles, "Charming, girls. Everyone will think I've brought along my two granddaughters!" Beryl laughs that there's no need to go overboard, but Spider assures her, "No, you're two grouse-looking sheilas!" He then calls over to a man standing nearby and says, "Hey, Rod, you'll get arrested lurking in the shadows over there." A tall, dark man with a moustache joins them and Spider introduces, "Rod Campbell... Charlie Bartlett and Beryl Palmer." Everyone shakes hands, and Charlie flirts, "Where has Spider been hiding you?!" Rod laughs that he hasn't exactly been hiding! Spider explains, "Rod was married to one of me daughters, Jessica." Charlie asks, "Was?" Rod explains, "I was widowed a few years ago." He then turns to Beryl and comments, "Spider was telling me you're a pretty good dancer." Beryl laughs, "Does he lie about other things, too?!" Rod asks, "Any chance of me having the first dance?" Beryl suggests that they'd better get inside first! Rod takes her arm and leads her towards the door. Charlie lingers with Spider and, glaring at him, snaps, "I've never been cut out like that before." Spider points out that it happens to them all. Charlie, though, retorts, "Not to me. If Beryl thinks she's going to keep Rod to herself all night, she's got another think coming."

Inside, there's a band - consisting of an accordion player, a clarinettist and a drummer amongst others, up on a stage, playing gentle dance music, and several elderly couples are dancing on the floor. Beryl and Rod come in and start dancing. Charlie and Spider follow them and Charlie, staring at them, gasps that they're dancing already. Spider explains that it's part of a well-organised plan. Charlie asks, "What plan?" Spider tells her, "Rod and Beryl. See, you've always said she doesn't get enough fun out of life, so I'm just giving it a kick along. I reckon they might get on very well together." Staring at Rod, Charlie muses, "I don't suppose he's got a brother?!" She sits down at a table. Two gentlemen suddenly walk over and one of them says, "Hi, Spider." Spider, suddenly looking shifty, murmurs, "Hello, boys." The first guy looks at Charlie and says to her, "Spider told us he had a good-looking young woman in tow. He reckons you've been chasing after him for weeks!" A smile appears on Charlie's face and she replies, "It is hard to keep up with him, sometimes." The two guys look at each other and one of them then whispers to Spider, "Good luck. Enjoy yourself!" They walk off. Spider sits down and says, "Thankyou, Charlie." Charlie asks warily, "Any more surprises?"

Roger is preparing a cocktail at the Morrell apartment when there's a knock on the door. He looks at his watch and then goes and opens the door. Mary is standing there, and she apologises for being late, explaining that she had to wait until Wayne went to bed so she could sneak out. Roger tells her, "As long as you got here, that's the main thing." He invites her in and, as she passes him, he stares at her, intently...

Beryl and Rod are dancing to an upbeat number at the Elderly Citizens' Club. Beryl eventually pulls away and, heading for the table at which Charlie and Spider are seated, she comments to Rod that she hasn't danced for ages! Rod assures her that it doesn't show. They sit down and Spider asks if everyone is having a good time. Beryl smiles that they're doing very nicely. The music stops and everyone claps. A slow number then begins and Spider comments that they're playing a waltz. He then tells Charlie that she can't get out of this one, and the two of them head onto the dancefloor. Beryl remarks to Rod, "He's enthusiastic!" Rod laughs that Spider just wants to show Charlie off to his mates! Beryl muses that he'd better make the most of it, as she doesn't think Charlie's likely to become a regular! Rod says to her, "You're having a good time, though, aren't you, Beryl?" Beryl murmurs, "Mmm." Rod goes on, "Spider said you've been having a few family problems lately - if you don't mind me bringing it up." Beryl admits that it hasn't been easy. She then adds that, in fact, she didn't think she'd enjoy going out so much. Rod tells her, "It's funny: I feel the same way. In fact, when Spider invited me along here, I wasn't going to bother. I'm glad I did." Beryl smiles and asks, "Do you get the feeling Spider's doing a little bit of matchmaking?!" Rod laughs and replies, "Yeah! I think Spider's idea is to make sure we have a really good night together." Beryl smiles at him.

Mary is sitting on the couch at the Morrell apartment. Roger hands her a drink and sits down next to her, asking, "Now, what do you want to know?" Mary replies, "Everything about Patricia. I can't find anyone who'll tell me much and... 'cos you knew her..." Roger tells her, "I had a fairly biased opinion for a while. See, I was led to believe that she murdered my son." Mary, looking horrified, exclaims, "No! She wouldn't do that." Roger quickly tells her that he doesn't think that anymore - but he did once. He goes on, "That's what worried me: I think she may have run off because she thought I was trying to hunt her down." Mary asks, "Were you?" Roger laughs, "Of course not!" He continues, "Patricia was under a lot of pressure those last months. She imagined the whole world was against her." He adds, "I've heard she's still alive. Do you know anything about that?" Mary, though, replies, "No..." Roger goes on, "The reason I ask is that... well, I feel responsible. I'd like to help if I possibly could." Mary smiles at him and he tells her, "Right, tell me a bit about yourself. I don't know anything about you!"

Chris, Irene, Fiona, Andy, Hung and Samantha are all crowded round the table in Fiona's apartment at the boarding house, and Irene suggests to Andy that he could have found a Vietnamese takeaway. Andy retorts indignantly that he asked if they wanted pizza! Samantha assures him that it was very nice! Andy asks Hung what he thought. Hung replies with an accent, "Thankyou. You have all been very good to me." Fiona assures him that he's welcome there any time. She adds that they'll find his proper family soon, though, and then he'll be able to make that fresh start his father wanted him to. Chris suddenly stands up and snaps, "I'm going." Samantha cries, "Chris..." Chris turns to her and yells, "Look, you may think it's fine to bring him in here and treat him like a king, but don't expect me to. He's the reason my father's in hospital." Turning to Fiona, he adds, "As far as I'm concerned, your little friend can go to hell." Everyone stares at him in shock as he storms out. Samantha and Andy run after him.

Spider, Charlie, Beryl and Rod are walking back to the car park at the Elderly Citizens' Club. Spider asks Charlie if she's tired, and she replies, "Very!" Spider comments that he hopes she's not too tired to drive! Charlie asks him if he wants a lift, and Spider replies, "Now that you mention it...!" Beryl tells Charlie not to worry about her; she'll grab a cab. Charlie tells her not to be silly. Spider, though, says quickly, "Come on, Charlie, it's past me bedtime." Taking the hint, Charlie smiles, "Oh, yes. Coming!" She and Spider walk off. Rod remains with Beryl and tells her that he'll drive her home. Beryl assures him that she had a lovely night, but she didn't expect him to take her home. Rod tells her, "Come on, Beryl, there's no need to be coy. We're both adults. Grown-up, eh?" He puts his arm around her and goes on, "Spider gave me the impression that you're sort of, er..." Beryl snaps, "What sort?" Rod tells her, "You're a divorcee, I'm a widower... The night's still young." Beryl, glaring at him, snaps, "You think you can dance me round the floor all night and then off we go? Well let me tell you, Mr. full-of-yourself Campbell, I'm not that lonely or that desperate." With that, she storms off angrily. Rod calls after her, "Beryl, just let me explain, would you?" It's too late, though: Beryl has gone. Rod stands there, looking annoyed with himself.


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