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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At the Morrell apartment, Mary is telling Roger, "I still think of nan; still miss her." Roger replies that he knows what it's like - to lose someone. Changing the subject, he asks Mary if she goes out much in Sydney; dancing the night away and painting the town red. Mary smiles but tells him, "Not really. I guess I'm not too good with people." Roger smiles back, "Oh, I wouldn't say that..." Mary looks at him gratefully and tells him, "You're nice, you know? Alison was wrong about you." Roger muses that he's tried to talk to Alison, but she's got a story straight from Patricia's mouth and he hasn't got a hope of convincing her of the truth. He then goes on, "Alison doesn't believe that you're Patricia's daughter, does she?" As Mary gives him a quizzical look, he explains, "Caroline told me." Mary asks, "Do you?" Roger replies, "From what you've said, your nan sounds like an honest person. Yes." He then goes on, "Looks like we both want to find Patricia: you want to find your mum and I want to apologise; make her see that I'm not hunting her. Perhaps we can help each other...?"

In Fiona's flat at the boarding house, Hung says to Fiona and Irene, "I'm sorry I made things unhappy." Fiona comments to Irene irritably that she thought Chris was supposed to be sensible these days. Irene mutters, "So did I." Hung suggests that he should go, but Fiona tells him quickly that he's not going anywhere. Andy comes back in and announces that Samantha has gone home and Chris just walked off and didn't want to listen. Irene comments that it seems Chris still needs someone to blame for what happened to his father. Hung asks what happened. Fiona, looking uncomfortable, pauses and replies that it's rather a long story... Hung insists, "Tell me." Andy says he might go for a walk and see if he can find Chris. He heads out. Fiona tells Hung nervously that she doesn't know quite where to start. Irene suggests, "Try the beginning." She walks off. Fiona invites Hung to sit down.

Andy is walking along the corridor when he suddenly bumps into Chris, coming the other way. Chris tells Andy gruffly that he shouldn't have said anything; he was stupid - but he can't help the way he feels. Andy suggests curtly, "So just put him up against the wall and 'bang bang', huh?" Chris retorts, "They've got their country, we've got ours. It's as simple as that." Andy remarks that it's a pretty narrow view of the world. Chris snaps, "It's where they belong." Andy mutters, "OK. Still, a few apologies wouldn't go astray." Chris murmurs, "In the morning, maybe." With that, he walks off.

It's late-evening, and at Beryl's, Leigh is in the kitchen helping herself to some biscuits, when she hears the door bang. Beryl comes in and Leigh tells her, "Just going. Getting a midnight snack." She then peers behind Beryl in surprise and asks, "Where is he?" Beryl asks, "Who?" and Leigh replies, "The guy." Beryl asks her suspiciously what she knows about it. Leigh quickly tells her, "Nothing. Spider called, that's all. Sort of warned me." Beryl snaps, "Silly old fool. I'm just about tired of his meddling." Leigh asks what happened, but Beryl mutters that she'll tell her later. She goes to put the kettle on, but then looks back at Leigh and says, "Oh, your mum asked me to tell you not to worry about Shane. He'll be fine." Leigh looks down at the ground, sadly. Beryl then asks her, "How was your day?" Leigh replies that it was a bit of a letdown: Brett asked her out and then cancelled. Beryl points out, "At least he asked." Leigh, though, sighs that Adam put him up to it. Beryl muses, "Chin up." Leigh heads off to bed.

The next morning, Brett emerges from the country house and, as he starts walking across the grounds, hears a female voice saying, "Boo!" He looks round to see Tracy standing nearby. She asks, "Pleased to see me?!" Brett smiles, "Of course - but you didn't have to scare me, though!" Tracy asks if anyone's home, and Brett replies, "Charlie." Tracy shrugs, "Oh well." Brett then asks her what she's doing there so early, and she explains that she thought they might spend the day together. Brett tells her, "I've got to work." Tracy teases, "I can think of better things to do..." Brett, though, points out that he took yesterday arvo off; he can't get too far behind. Tracy suggests flirtatiously that another day wouldn't matter. Brett murmurs, "Tracy..." Tracy smiles at him longingly and suggests, "Come on. Let's go into the city. You never know what we might get up to..."

Beryl is collecting the newspaper from the letterbox in her garden when Spider walks along the footpath and joins her, smiling, "Hello, Beryl. Have a good night out?" Beryl just glares at him and retorts, "I ought to throttle you, Spider." Looking surprised, Spider asks, "Didn't you like him?" Beryl snaps, "I didn't like the way we were pushed together. And I didn't like the way he was given the impression I would ask him to stay the night. I'd like you to keep you nose out of my social life, please, Spider. I can manage perfectly well on my own." A white van draws up in the road as Spider insists that he was just trying to help. Beryl tells him ,"Well it's not appreciated." A man climbs out of the van: it's Rod. Beryl glares at him and then tells Spider to get rid of him. She starts heading back up the path as Spider pleads with her to wait. Rod passes Spider and growls, "I'll get to you in a minute, mate." He then follows Beryl up the path. Beryl turns to him and says, "If you've come to say you're sorry, Mr. Campbell, say it and go." Rod assures her that he just wants to explain one or two things: last night, he got the wrong end of the stick; he thought-- Beryl interrupts him and mutters, "I know what you thought." Rod goes on, "Anyway, it was my fault. I'm sorry: I must have got my wires crossed." Spider chips in that it was just a little misunderstanding. Beryl snaps at Rod bitterly, "You had me fooled: I thought you were a real gentleman." Rod insists, "I am. It's just that, sometimes, a bloke gets lonely, and when he's led to believe..." He breaks off before continuing, "What I really want to say is that I enjoyed last night and I was wondering if you'd consider giving me a second chance." He adds that there are no strings attached. Spider chips in that Beryl can't condemn a man just for one little misunderstanding. Beryl glares at them both and growls, "Sometimes men amaze me." Rod sighs heavily and murmurs, "Fair enough." He adds that he's sorry they got off on the wrong foot; she's a fine woman. He walks off. Spider stays with Beryl and appeals, "Beryl, have a heart. It's not like you; you're not a prude. It wasn't his fault that I gave him the wrong steer. You like him; I can tell that. I can see it: you do." Beryl looks at him, sighs and then calls, "Rod..." Rod turns back to face her and she continues, "Maybe I did over-react. Everyone deserves a second chance. Perhaps you might like to come to dinner tomorrow night?" Rod, looking relieved, smiles, "I've love to. Thanks."

Hung is sitting at the table in Fiona's apartment. He licks some vegemite off his finger and then looks at the jar next to him in surprise at the taste! Fiona joins him from the kitchen and suggests to him that, if they're going to find his relatives, they'd better get into the Immigration Department first thing this morning. Hung looks at her sharply, an expression of worry on his face, as she goes on that the Department should have a copy of his visa application. He just murmurs, "Yes." She then tells him to shake a leg. He stares at her, and she laughs, "I mean get a move on. We have to go or you end up at the end of a queue a mile long if you're there after 9:30am!" Hung stares at her and asks, "Could we leave it 'til later?" Fiona asks why, and Hung replies, "I feel funny." Fiona asks him if he's sick. Hung just looks down at the table. Fiona suggests that maybe he'd better stay there and rest; she'll go, though. With that, she heads off to her room to change. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and Fiona calls to Hung to ask him to answer it. He does so, to find Chris standing there, a sour expression on his face. He walks in and demands, "Where's Fiona?" Hung replies, "Inside. Changing." He then adds, "She told me about your father. You shouldn't--" Chris glares at him and snaps, "Shut up, OK?" Hung persists, "I was four years old, living in Saigon--" Chris interrupts him, though, and snarls, "He was sent there to do your dirty work. You lot sat in you farms and squealed for help and my old man had to go over there and try and bail you out. And what help did he get? What thanks? Every village he went into, someone sniped at him; gutless, sneaky little--" He breaks off and then, pointing a finger at Hung, threatens, "You say one more word about my old man and you're history." He then adds tersely, "Tell Fiona I'll see her later," and he storms off.

A few minutes later, Chris walks into the reception area of Irene's surgery. Irene is standing there, looking at her appointment book, and Chris asks her curtly if Samantha is in. Irene replies that she won't be long. She adds, "I'd choose my words fairly carefully when she does get here; she's not very impressed with you at the moment." Chris snaps, "I can't help it. I just don't like them." Irene asks, "Them or him?" Chris retorts, "All of them. I know what they're like." Irene muses, "Oh, you know, do you?" Chris retorts, "Yes." Irene asks, "Been there?" Chris snaps, "My father fought there for three years." Irene tells him, "My father worked on the Burma railway. He had stories too, so I grew up hating the Japanese - until I went to university and met a few of them." She then suggests, "We gave you a fair go, Chris. I think Hung deserves the same, don't you?" Chris murmurs guiltily, "Maybe..." He then says he's got to get back to Crossley House, and he asks Irene to tell Samantha that he popped around. Irene nods, "Sure." He goes.

Beryl is looking at the newspaper in her kitchen as Spider shuffles round behind her, suggesting that she should cook Rod a hot meal. He adds, "Now let me think what Jessie said used to be his favourite... er, tripe, I think it was." Beryl cries, "I'm not cooking that!" Spider then suggests, "Kidney. Steak and kidney pie." Beryl, though, asks him in exasperation who's cooking this meal! Leigh suddenly storms in and snaps, "Brett's playing tricks again: Charlie said he walked out half an hour ago to start work, and now she can't find him; she's pretty annoyed about it, too." Beryl suggests that he might have gone down to the shops. Leigh, though, snaps, "Doubt it." Beryl says she's sure there's an explanation. Leigh growls, "Oh, there's bound to be an explanation..."

Three young guys are sitting round a circular table, smoking and playing cards. Tracy and Brett walk up to them and one of them smiles, "Trace! How are ya?!" Tracy smiles back, "Hi, guys!" The guy who spoke then asks, "Who's your cobber?" Tracy replies, "Brett. He's a farm boy." The guy laughs, "Oh yeah? Thought I smelt gum leaves!" He then goes on, "Name's Peter. They call me 'Judge' because--" One of the other guys interrupts and completes, "You're always sitting on a case!" Judge then invites Brett to grab a seat. Brett asks what they're playing, and Judge tells him, "Street poker. Twenty cents to be in, buck minimum, ten max." He picks up the pack of cards as Brett sits down.

Mary is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's. Alison is with her, snapping, "I thought I told you to stay away from Roger Carlyle." Mary insists that they only talked; he's a nice man: he wants to help find Patricia, too. Alison snaps sarcastically, "I'll bet he does." Mary goes on that he said he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Alison asks incredulously, "And you believed him? He'd kill her, you halfwit, the minute she showed herself. That's exactly what he's been waiting for." She then sighs and says more calmly, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled." Mary suddenly says, "You know where she is, don't you?" Alison, though, tells her sharply to forget it. She goes on, "Look, Roger Carlyle isn't what he seems. He sounds nice, but he's a very nasty man." Standing up, Mary retorts that at least he wants to help her find her mother. With that, she storms out.

In Melbourne, the poker game is in full swing. Two of Judge's mates fold, leaving Brett to tell Judge, "I'll see ya." He moves some bills into the centre of the table and Judge then reveals his cards, smiling, "Three ladies." Brett puts down his cards and tells him, "Four hearts." Tracy gives him a delighted hug. Judge sits back as Brett pulls the pile of cash towards him and asks who's dealing. Judge, though, says he'll call it a day - unless Brett wants to play for his shirt. Brett pleads, "Come on, I'm on a winning streak here. I'll lend you some money." Judge stares at him and then says, "I'll tell you what: why don't you come back tonight and we'll play some real poker? No limit. What do you say? I'll be able to get some dough by then." Tracy urges Brett, "Go on, you're on a winning streak, aren't you?" Brett asks, "What time?" Judge replies, "Eight." Brett tells him, "I'll be there." With that, he pockets his winnings and he and Tracy walk off, leaving Judge sitting there, a nasty smile on his face. As they go, Tracy tells Brett that he was terrific. Brett says, "I think I'll go and get some money from the bank. You need a lot of capital if a bluff's going to work." Tracy asks him if he's got a plastic card. Brett, though, explains that he's got to go home to the farm to get his passport. Tracy asks, "Straight away?" Brett asks why not, and Tracy tells him, "I thought we might spend some of your winnings first." Brett asks, "Lunch?" Tracy replies, "Motel...?" They walk off, Brett grinning widely...

Beryl and Spider are sitting at the living room table at Beryl's, setting out the tiles for a game of Scrabble. Spider asks if Leigh wants to play, and Beryl calls to her. Leigh calls back, "Hold on." Spider then asks Beryl if swear words are allowed. Beryl tells him, "Words like 'strewth' or 'blimey' are OK. Anything stronger is out!" Leigh comes in, wearing a jacket. Beryl tells her that she and Spider wondered if she'd like to have a game. Leigh, though, explains that she's going out to see Charlie: Brett's not back yet, and she thinks Charlie could do with a bit of company. With that, she heads out. Spider muses to Beryl, "She's going to have it out with Brett, isn't she?" Beryl agrees that it looks like it. He adds that she only hopes Brett doesn't treat her the same way he treated Donna.

Brett is driving his car along the road towards the farm. He's on his own. He suddenly spots Leigh walking the same way, and he stops and tells her to hop in and he'll take her the rest of the way. She does so. She then asks him how he's been, and he replies, "Alright. Yourself?" Leigh nods, "Alright." She then goes on that she heard yesterday that...; Adam said he only took her out the other night because he told him to. Brett sighs and replies, "Look, I wanted to see you." Leigh then asks him, "What were you doing yesterday afternoon?" Brett retorts, "I was sick. I told you." Leigh suggests, "There's someone else, isn't there?" Brett, though, retorts that of course there isn't. Leigh then asks him where he was this morning, as she knows he wasn't working. Brett tells her, "I was in town, OK?" Leigh asks, "Why?" but Brett snaps, "What's it to you?" Leigh demands, "Who is she?" Brett retorts that there's no 'she'; he was playing cards. Looking surprised, Leigh repeats, "Cards?" Brett snaps, "Yes, cards. Satisfied?" Leigh suddenly reaches forward and takes something off the dashboard. Brett quickly tells her, "She threw it in the car with me last night. I haven't seen her since." Leigh, though, growls, "Don't lie to me, Brett. I can't stand the way you're always lying. It's true, isn't it?" Brett doesn't answer. He pulls the car to a halt and Leigh climbs out and storms off.

Wayne is sitting at the living room table at Dural, drinking a cup of coffee, when the 'phone starts ringing. He gets up and answers it and Alison comes on. She tells him they have to talk. Wayne snaps, "Who says?" Alison pleads with him to listen, adding that she knows they're not exactly the best of friends. She goes on, "I have to get rid of Roger Carlyle - for Mary's sake. I want your help."

A short time later, Wayne is standing in Charlie's lounge room with Alison, saying, "Roger was after Patricia, though." Alison nods, "Exactly." Wayne adds, "She's dead." Alison replies that she knows, but Mary still thinks she's Patricia's daughter, and if Roger suddenly decides near enough's good enough...; does Wayne want to see her hurt? Wayne insists, "Of course not." Alison adds, "You must have heard what he's like with young girls. Patricia or no Patricia, we've got to do something." Wayne asks her what she had in mind, but Alison shrugs that she doesn't know. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and she goes to answer it. She finds Fiona standing there, and she stares at her in surprise. She quickly recovers her composure as Fiona says, "Mrs. Carr?" Alison corrects, "Miss." She then asks Fiona what she can do for her. Fiona explains, "My name is Fiona Thompson. I'm a friend of Charlie Bartlett's." Alison says, "Oh yes. Come in." She then adds, "You've been in South America with Mr. Palmer?" Fiona nods, "Yes, that's right." Alison goes on, "Patricia talked about him so much I feel like he's an old friend." She adds, "I met Patricia in Rio." Fiona replies, "So Mary's just been telling me. That's why I just popped over: to see if you--" She breaks off as they head into the lounge room and she finds Wayne standing there. Alison looks at them both and says 'innocently', "I'm sorry. Have you two met?" Fiona smiles grimly and replies, "Oh yes. Once or twice." Wayne laughs, "Hello, Fiona. Still call Australia home?!" Alison asks Fiona, "How is David?" Fiona tells her, "Just fine - the last time I saw him. He's still looking for Patricia, of course. That's why I popped over: to see if you knew anything or anyone who might be able to help him." Alison replies that she can't unfortunately. She adds that she thought Patricia was dead. Fiona assures her, "Oh no. She's very much alive." Alison stares at her, looking worried. Fiona goes on, "We were given a photo of her." Wayne sniggers and asks, "What do you need a photograph for? You could hardly forget her." Fiona explains, "Because she looks different these days. Apparently, she was very badly beaten up; badly enough that she had to have plastic surgery." She suddenly takes a photo out of her handbag and hands it to Alison, saying, "That's what she looks like now." The photo is the fake that Dr. Santos gave Fiona. A smile crosses Alison's face as she looks at it. Wayne takes it from her and exclaims, "I don't believe it..." Fiona adds that he can keep it if he likes; she's got plenty. Wayne asks her, "Did you show Mary this?" Fiona replies that she gave her one. She then says she'd better rush off, as she has to get into the city. Alison asks her if she's catching up with some shopping. Fiona, though, explains that, as a matter of fact, she's looking for the relatives of a Vietnamese boy who joined her 'plane on the way home from Rio - the Immigration Department said they'd have something for her this afternoon. With that, she goes. Alison looks at Wayne, who says, "If Mary's got one of these, she'll take it straight to Roger." Alison agrees, "Yes, I suppose she will." Wayne goes on. "You're right: we've got to get rid of him. If he kills Patricia, it's going to break Mary's heart." Alison muses, "Yes, well, I don't want to see Mary hurt." Wayne growls, "Nor do I. Let's get the mongrel."

Leigh is standing in the lounge room at Beryl's, with Beryl and Spider. Beryl is saying, "I'm sorry, Leigh. I know what it's like to find out that... well, with Tracy, especially." Spider chips in that Brett needs a good boot up the backside. Beryl asks Leigh if there's anything they can do. Leigh says she thinks she'll ring Adam. Beryl asks, "Now?!" Leigh muses, "Why not? He's been wanting to go out with me for weeks."

Fiona is standing in Irene's examination room at the boarding house as Irene potters around. Fiona is saying, "When I got back to the city, the Immigration Department had everything waiting for me. The first thing I discover is that Hung is here on a visitor's visa. Irene exclaims, "Really?!" Fiona goes on that the story doesn't end there: "I hopped into a cab and went out to the address where his uncle's supposed to be. It's a car park; has been for years. There's not a Vietnamese family in sight; absolutely nothing." Irene comments that it sounds as though somebody has been doing an awful lot of fibbing. Fiona muses, "Yeah - but I don't really think it's Hung." Irene points out that, just because he's young, it doesn't mean-- Fiona interrupts and says she knows - but she really thinks he's genuine. Irene tells her, "I think you should have a very serious talk with him; find out what's going on. There's obviously something he's not telling you." Fiona murmurs, "Yeah. You're not wrong."

At Charlie's, Wayne hangs up the 'phone and then tells Alison, "All organised." Alison tells him that they should have thought about it a bit more; they might have come up with something better. Wayne, though, insists that it'll work. He tells Alison, "Roger Carlyle's about to get more than he's ever bargained for - and there's not a thing he can do about it..."


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