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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

At the Campbell house, Doris retrieves Rod's wallet from behind the plant pot in the kitchen just as Jess comes in and says, "I just came down to get a glass of milk." Doris says hesitantly, "I found your father's wallet..." Jess comments that he should be home soon. Doris, though, retorts that he probably won't be home at all tonight. Jess tells Doris that she knows she doesn't think her father will be happy with Beryl, but she thinks they should let him decide. Doris, though, growls, "I hate the thought of him being out with her." Looking surprised, Jess asks why. Doris retorts, "I just do, that's all." Jess suddenly accuses, "You're in love with him, aren't you!" Doris snaps, "Of course not." Jess, though, goes on, "You are - and you hid his wallet so it would cause trouble between them." Doris tells her not to be silly. Jess, though, persists sympathetically, "It must have been awful for you, feeling that way and seeing him with other women." Doris tells her, "It wasn't so bad with the ones I knew he wasn't serious about, but Beryl... she's different." Jess asks her how long she's loved him. Doris admits, "Almost from the start. He never gave me a second look - I was just the housekeeper." Jess suggests, "You should have tried to let him know." Doris, though, explains, "I thought that if I just kept looking after you all, he'd eventually realise. But it's probably hopeless." The front door suddenly bangs shut and Jess says to Doris quietly, "I told you he'd be home." Doris suggests, "Maybe they had an argument?" She then quickly adds, "Don't tell him anything - please?" Rod comes in and asks Jess irritably why she isn't in bed. Jess points out that it's Saturday tomorrow. Rod suddenly notices his wallet in Doris's hand, and he asks where the hell it came from. Doris glances at Jess and Jess quickly says, "I found it. It must have fallen out of your pocket." Rod takes it and checks the contents, sighing heavily as he does so. Jess asks him if he and Beryl have had a fight. Rod, though, retorts that they just have a couple of things to clear up. He then announces that he's going to hit the hay, and he heads off. Doris smiles at Jess and says, "Thanks." Jess tells her, "You've been like a mum to me and Barry." Doris says, "I just couldn't bear not being a part of the family anymore." Jess insists that that won't happen. Doris, though, retorts, "It will if he marries Beryl - she won't want a housekeeper around." Jess suggests, "We'll just have to make sure he doesn't marry her..." Doris gives her a hug, gratefully.

At the country house in Sunbury, Charlie has her feet in a bowl of water in the lounge room and is complaining that she has to do the luncheon shift tomorrow. Leigh comes in with a towel as Adam tells his mother that she doesn't have to keep working there; she showed him that she could get a job. Charlie, though, retorts that it's not just getting a job; it's keeping one; she's going to prove she can earn her own living. With that, and with her feet dry, she stands up and heads off to bed, adding as she does so, "Thankyou, both, for saying you'd stay over. I get a bit nervous with Brett away." Adam suggests that he could move in for a while, and Charlie smiles that that would be marvellous! She then adds, "There's clean linen in both of your rooms," and goes. Leigh sits down next to Adam on the couch and smiles at her. Leigh says, "Penny for them." Adam tells her softly, "I was just wondering... we don't need two rooms tonight, do we...?" He then leans in and kisses her, passionately.

The next morning, Adam is frying some eggs in the kitchen when Charlie comes in. Adam asks her how her feet are, and she replies that they're recovering - slowly! She then asks where Leigh is, adding that she just looked into her room and her bed hadn't been slept in. At that moment, Leigh comes in and Charlie looks at her in surprise, saying, "Oh, you are here, darling! Where did you sleep?" Adam says uncomfortably, "Charlie, um..." Realising what he's implying, Charlie puts her hands to her mouth and gasps in embarrassment, "Oh! How silly of me." Leigh quickly says they need some more eggs, and she heads out to check the hens. Charlie tells Adam, "I didn't mean to be so dense..." Adam hands over the slice for the eggs and follows Leigh outside.

Rod is talking on the 'phone at the Campbell house, saying, "Yeah, 'Palmer'. Hey, can you make the card read 'If you're still talking to me, give me a ring. Love Rod'?" He then asks for them to be delivered today and hangs up. Having done this, he goes and joins Doris and Jess in the kitchen, asking them to give him a yell in the garage if Beryl rings. Jess comments that she thought things weren't too good. Rod, though, assures her that it's nothing a nice bunch of flowers won't put right. Jess reminds him that he's taking her riding tomorrow. Rod smiles that he wouldn't hear the end of it if he forgot! He then heads outside, leaving Jess to remark to Doris bitterly, "He's still serious about her..." She then suggests, "What if I offered to cook dinner? After it was all ready, I could do a disappearing act and leave you and dad. You could make a romantic meal for two." Doris, though, points out that as soon as Beryl receives those flowers, Rod will probably organise to see her again. Jess muses that it's a pity she has to get those flowers. Doris, suddenly looking thoughtful, suggests, "They could always be cancelled..." Jess looks at her and agrees, "That's true..." She then goes to the 'phone, picks up a piece of paper next to it, hands it to Doris and says, "Here's the number. Go on." Doris picks up the 'phone and starts dialling.

At the country house, Adam finishes his breakfast as Charlie laughs that he had a good appetite. She then tells both him and Leigh that Brett rang while they were outside: he wants to stay in Ararat a bit longer. She goes on that she said that was alright, but she doesn't quite know what to do about the market garden. Adam offers to look after it for her, and Charlie smiles that that would solve everything. Leigh smiles that she'd like it too! Adam adds, "Good place to bring up babies!" A look of concern suddenly crosses Charlie's face, and she suggests to her son that he set the sprinklers going. Adam laughs, "Looks like my new boss cracks the whip!" Leigh tells him that she'll give him a hand when she and Charlie have done the washing-up. With that, Adam heads outside, leaving Leigh with a broad grin on her face. Charlie, though, says to her carefully, "Leigh, I know you and Adam are very happy..." Leigh replies, "Yes, we are. I thought you would be, too. Or aren't I good enough for your son?" Charlie tells her, "Darling, you know it's not that. But you're talking as if you had a future together. You can't just ignore what's ahead of you." Leigh mutters that she wants to forget about it for a while. Charlie, though, tells her that it's only going to make it more painful later; that's why she sent Shane up to her mother's. She adds, "I know you try hard not to show it, but I've seen how much you miss him. The closer you get to Adam, the more it's going to hurt--" Leigh suddenly stands up and snaps, "Don't I have a right to some happiness?" Charlie retorts, "Not at Adam's expense. He's the one who arrested you, remember? Don't you think that's going to hurt him enough, without making it worse?" Leigh stands there, looking upset.

Beryl is polishing her living room table when she suddenly glances at the ring on her finger. She stares at it for several seconds and then walks over to the 'phone, picks it up and starts dialling. Before she turns the final digit, though, she hangs up again. She then stands there, looking worried.

At the Campbell house, Jess is doing some ironing as she says to Doris, "I hope I get 'Fred'; he's lovely." Doris laughs that that seems a silly name for a horse! Jess goes on that at least she knows now that her dad will be taking her, and not going out with Beryl. Looking worried, Doris suggests that maybe she shouldn't have cancelled those flowers after all; if Rod finds out-- Jess, though, interrupts her and assures her, "He won't. Anyway, you were right: she's wrong for him. He'd always resent the fact that she had money. What we've got to do now is make him take more notice of you." Doris mutters, "Fat chance." Jess suggests, "You could do a bit more with yourself: get your hair permed, or use a bit of make-up." Doris, though, retorts that she's not the type. Jess tells her brightly, "I'll help you!" At that moment, Rod comes in and asks if Beryl has rung yet. Jess tells him, "No." Rod comments that he should have got the flowers by now." Jess points out, "You did say 'if you're still talking to me'. Maybe she isn't?" Changing the subject, she then goes on, "I was just thinking: it's been ages since Doris had a night off. What if I did the cooking tonight and let her put her feet up?" Rod smiles, "It's about time you earned your pocket money!" Jess tells him, "I'll make it a real feast. You and Doris can pretend you're at a fancy restaurant." Rod mutters, "Alright. Doesn't look like I'll be getting a better offer, does it?" Unnoticed by him, Doris's face drops.

Chris emerges from the kitchen at the Morrell town house, carrying a glass of water and a pill. Samantha and Caroline are sitting on the couch. Samantha offers him a coffee and he accepts, adding that he's just taking his dad the water and pill. At that moment, the Colonel emerges from his bedroom. He stares at the pill and growls, "I hate those things." Caroline offers him a coffee, and he accepts. He then takes the pill, puts it in his mouth, swallows some of the water and asks tersely, "Satisfied?" Chris assures him, "They do help, you know." He then wanders off back to the kitchen, not noticing the Colonel remove the pill from where he had left it in his mouth, and putting it in his pocket...

A while later, Chris wanders onto the patio outside the back door. Samantha joins him and hands him his cup of coffee. She comments that he looks miles away and he explains that he was thinking about his dad: he has to treat him like a kid, when he used to be such a strong, with-it bloke. Samantha tells him, "You're very good with him." Suddenly looking awkward, she then goes on, "Chris, I'd like to apologise for the way I carried on about you and mum. I was a bit jealous, I guess. I couldn't help it." Chris tells her, "I still think your mum's a great lady; nothing more. It's mainly that I needed someone to talk to and she was there to listen." Samantha says, "I'm sorry I wasn't. Forgive me?" Chris smiles and replies, "I'm going to see Hung today - see how he's getting on. Would you like to come?" Samantha nods happily, "I'd love to."

Caroline and the Colonel are sitting awkwardly together inside, the Colonel staring into space as Caroline rambles on about the weather. Chris and Samantha come back in and Samantha announces, "Chris has asked me to go and visit a friend with him." Chris, looking at Caroline, adds, "That's if you wouldn't mind...?" He indicates his father and Caroline assures him, "That's fine! We're getting on like a house on fire!" She then adds that she's glad to see the two of them are friends again, and Samantha smiles that they had a bit of a talk. Chris asks his father if he'll be alright with Caroline, and he mutters, "Fine." He and Samantha then head out. Suddenly looking uncomfortable, Caroline suggests to the Colonel that they watch some television. She switches it on and heads off to the kitchen. A film comes on, with lots of noise of firing weapons. As the Colonel stares at it, his face begins to become contorted, and he eventually stands up and goes and switches it off, looking agonised.

Leigh is doing the washing-up at the country house. Adam comes in from outside and comments that he thought she was going to give her a hand. Leigh replies that she's coming in a minute. Adam goes to put his arms round her, but Leigh snaps, "Don't. Your hands are dirty." Looking surprised, Adam puts them under the taps at the sink and starts washing them. As he does so, Leigh turns away from him and says, "Listen. I don't want you to get the wrong idea about last night. I mean, I don't want you thinking it was important or anything." Adam tells her, "It was to me." Leigh, though, goes on, "No use getting sentimental. I'll be going to jail in a few weeks. 'Til then, I want to play the field a bit; enjoy myself. I don't want to get tied down with the one guy." Adam stares at her and asks, "Are you trying to tell me that last night was just a little bit of fun to you?" Leigh retorts that that's right. Adam tells her that it doesn't fit in with what she said before. I snaps, "I'm just not interested." Adam retorts, "You're lying." Leigh cries, "I'm not." Adam, though, insists, "You are. You're worried about how I'm going to feel when you go to jail. You can't put me off, Leigh. It's too late for that. I love you." Leigh, looking upset, turns and throws her arms round him, gratefully.

In the lounge room, Charlie has donned her blonde wig and glasses, and she's holding Isabella 2 and telling her to be a good girl while mummy's at work. Leigh wanders in, still looking upset, and cries, "I tried. I tried to put him off, but... well, he loves me. And I love him. When I have to go to jail, it's going to be awful." She sits down and Charlie tells her sympathetically, "Darling, all you can do now is enjoy the time you've got left." Leigh sobs, "Why did I have to fall in love now? It's all such a mess..." Adam joins them and suggests to Leigh that they go and have a picnic. Charlie smiles, "What a good idea!" She then hands Isabella 2 to Leigh and tells her to take her with them. Adam, stroking Leigh's face, tells her, "We can have a nice relaxing day." Leigh sits there, looking worried.

At the Campbell house, Rod is dialling a number on the 'phone when Jess comes in and asks him nervously who he's calling. Rod replies, "Beryl - I just want to see if she liked the flowers or not." Jess quickly starts to point out, "Dad, you said you'd leave it up to her. If she doesn't want to talk--" Beryl answers the 'phone before Jess can get any further and Rod says it's him. Beryl says a curt, "Hello." Rod tells her that he was just wondering if she liked the flowers. Beryl asks, "What flowers?" Rod realises, "You haven't got them?" Beryl replies that nothing's arrived. Rod goes on that he'd like to talk to her. Beryl suggests that he come over. Rod tells her that he'll be over in about half an hour. He hangs up and then tells Jess, "Wouldn't you know it, she hasn't got them. Where's that florist? I'll give them a blast." He picks up the piece of paper with the number on it and starts dialling.

A short time later, Jess is in the kitchen with Doris, worrying, "They're sure to say the flowers were cancelled." Doris suggests, "Well maybe they'll think it was some sort of a mix-up?" Jess, though, sighs that she doesn't think her dad will fall for that. At that moment, Rod storms in and growls, "OK, what's going on?" Glaring at Doris, he goes on, "I've just spoken to the florist and she tells me that a woman rang up and cancelled my order - and you're the only woman who knew about it. What the hell do you think you're playing at, eh?" Doris starts to bluster, "I-I--" Jess, though, suddenly says, "It wasn't Doris, it was me." Rod turns to her and she goes on, "I've tried to accept it and I can't. She's all wrong for you. I thought if you hadn't heard from her, you wouldn't bother with her again." Rod sighs heavily and snaps, "You thought what?" He then continues angrily, "You've really done your dash this time, girl. You're going to spend the rest of the weekend in your bedroom, and that's just for starters." Jess, looking upset, asks, "What about riding tomorrow?" Rod snarls, "You can forget that, too. I'll expect to see your bedroom completely tidy by the time I get home, right?" Jess just stares at him. He then turns to Doris and tells her that he's sorry he jumped the gun. With that, he heads out. Doris immediately says to Jess, "I'll tell him the truth when he gets home." Jess, though, replies, "No, he'd fire you." She then adds bitterly, "It's all Beryl's fault. Everything was fine 'til she came along. I hate her."

A while later, Rod sits down in the armchair in Beryl's lounge room, sighing, "I've been too soft on her, that's the trouble. I know I've spoilt her since her mother died. Things are going to change from now on, I'll tell you." Beryl warns him, "She's probably feeling insecure. I told you I didn't want to cause a storm between you and your daughter; not after the trouble you had with your son." Rod, though, says he can't let his life be ruled by kids - and Jess is just going to have to get used to having her around. He adds, "I want to marry you, Beryl." Beryl sighs, "I still think you're rushing things." Rod, though, insists, "Beryl, I'm sure of my feelings. What about you? Will you marry me?" Beryl just looks at him and he adds, "All you've got to say is 'yes' or 'no'." Beryl laughs, "You make it sound so simple! How long have we known each other? It's just too soon." Rod insists that he knows how he feels. Beryl retorts, "I know how I feel, too." Rod asks, "What's that?" Beryl tells him, "I like you. I enjoy your company..." Rod sighs, "Come on, Beryl... we both know it's more than that." Beryl replies, "Maybe it is; I don't know. I just know I have to be sure." Rod gives in, saying, "Alright, that's fair enough. So what am I? Current favourite? Odds-on?" Beryl laughs, "Odds on!"

At Chéz Capri, Charlie heads outside and serves a lone gentleman customer some cheesecake. The man looks at it and tells her, "I ordered apple strudel." Charlie muses in concern that she must have got it mixed up. The man comments, "You're new here, aren't you?" Charlie admits, "I started last night, and the chef's already getting sick of me. I'll take it back." The man, though, insists that it's alright; he likes cheesecake. Charlie smiles at him and then sighs, "My feet are killing me." Indicating the chair opposite him, she adds, "Would you mind? Just for a second?" The man smiles, "Be my guest." Charlie sits down and sighs heavily. The man comments that it must be hard work. He then pours her a glass of wine and, lifting up his own glass, proposes, "Cheers!" They both sip their drink.

Adam and Leigh are sitting in Adam's sports car, which is parked a few yards from the edge of a cliff. They're staring out over the sea. Adam says, "Leigh, I want you to know that, however long you're in jail, I'll wait for you." Leigh, though, shakes her head and says, "It's not fair, Adam." Adam insists, "I love you." He then leans in and kisses her.

Charlie is still sitting with the male customer at Chéz Capri, telling him, "My friends call me 'Charlie'. It's short for 'Charlotte'." The man smiles, "'Charlotte's' much nicer. You're far too pretty to be called by man's name!" Charlie laughs, "Even with the glasses?" The man assures her, "I like glasses." He then puts on a pair of spectacles of his own and adds, "After all, I'm a four-eyes, too!" Charlie tells him, "They suit you. Very distinguished. I bet you're a professor or something." The man replies, "No, but a teacher: English." Charlie smiles, "One of my favourite subjects!" At that moment, the head waiter walks over and asks Charlie suspiciously, "What are you doing?" The customer tells him, "Charlotte's an old friend. I asked her to join me for a drink." The waiter retorts, "She should be working." The man insists, "It's completely my fault. It was only for a moment. I'm a regular customer here; I know the owner." The waiter snaps at Charlie, "Regardless of friendship, you should get back to work." Charlie murmurs, "Of course." The customer smiles, "See ya." Charlie replies, "I hope so...!"

At the picnic spot by the cliff, Adam is sitting in his car with his arm around Leigh. He suggests that they eat. Leigh asks about Isabella 2, and Adam says he'll take her for a walk first. He climbs out of the car. As he does so, Leigh suggests that she set up the front to protect them from the wind. She then turns and lifts up the esky from the back seat, but she doesn't notice as it knocks the handbrake off as she swings it towards her. She climbs out of the car and goes and stands near the edge of the cliff. She calls to Adam, "I can't get over the view. It's fantastic!" Adam calls back to her, "Don't get too close to the edge. It's a nasty fall." Unnoticed by either of them, the car suddenly starts rolling forward. Leigh smiles, "Yes, dad!" Adam warns her humorously, "Watch it, my girl, or I'll have you over my knee!" Leigh smiles, "Promises, promises!" Adam smiles at her. He then glances at the car. It's heading straight for Leigh. A look of horror crosses his face and he runs over to it, climbs in and pulls on the handbrake. It's too late, though: the car hits Leigh and she goes flying. Adam clambers out of the car, runs over to the edge of the cliff and looks down. All he can see is the sea lapping the cliff, below. There's no sign of a body. Looking horrified, he yells down, "Leigh..."


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