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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Lennane

At the Morrell town house, Caroline unwraps some dishes for eating Chinese food and exclaims to Samantha and Chris that they're lovely. She then asks how Hung is, and Chris comments that he seemed pretty happy. He asks in turn how his dad has been, and Caroline replies that he's good; he's resting at the moment. Chris asks her if she could look after him a bit longer. Caroline asks him if he has to go out again, and he explains that he was hoping he could go and see Leo. He adds that he won't be long. He stands up and Samantha says gently, "Give my love to Leo." Chris says he will, and he goes. Caroline immediately comments to Samantha that it's good to see the two of them getting on so well together again. Samantha muses, "For the moment." Caroline tells her that she thinks they'll be very good for each other. Samantha admits, "I wouldn't mind if he started treating me as more than a friend again..." She then adds, "I'm sorry for behaving so stupidly." Caroline smiles, "I'll forgive you this time. And I hope you're going to forget that nonsense about moving out; I really didn't mean it." Samantha laughs, "I couldn't decide what to pack, anyway!"

Adam is clambering down the cliff-face. It's a long way down. He eventually reaches the ground and steps into the sea. The esky and its lid float past him, separately. Adam yells, "Leigh...." There's no response. He yells again, and looks around, but there's no sign of her.

Charlie's male customer at Chéz Capri is standing by his car when Charlie - still wearing her wig and glasses - emerges from the restaurant. He calls over to offer her a lift, adding that he wasn't too sure if she had transport so he waited around. Charlie smiles, "Thankyou!" The two of them walk over to the man's car and he says, "You didn't get into too much trouble, I hope - sitting down?" Charlie assures him that she got a few nasty looks from the maître d', that's all. The man takes a book out of his car's passenger seat and Charlie asks him if he's been doing a spot of reading. The man explains that he's a bit of a bookworm; it's an occupational hazard! He indicates the book and goes on, "The thing I'm loving at the moment is The Way of All Flesh." Charlie smiles at him and says nervously, "I'm sure everyone does...!" The man asks her if she's read it, adding, "It's a classic tale of a poor immigrant." Charlie just murmurs, "Yes..." The man tells her, "You know, when I first saw you, I knew we were on the same wavelength. I'm pleased we got talking." Charlie, looking uncomfortable, tells him, "I think the glasses must have given you the wrong idea. I'm not really an intellectual." The man, though, assures her, "Anyone who's got through The Way of All Flesh... well!" With that, Charlie climbs into the car.

Rod is sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's, finishing some lunch. Beryl stands up and starts clearing away. Rod tells her to relax, and he asks what the matter is. Beryl snaps, "Nothing." Rod smiles, "I'd still be odds-on, wouldn't I?" Beryl retorts, "Of course you are - but just don't go on about it, please." Rod asks, "Why not? Gives me something to look forward to!" Beryl snaps that she hasn't even given him her answer yet. Rod asks, "If you do say 'yes', have you given any thought to who we'd invite?" Beryl retorts, "No. And it's a bit early to start planning, don't you think?" Rod laughs, "Bloke's allowed to hope, isn't he?!" The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Beryl goes to answer it. Adam comes on, sounding upset, and says, "Beryl... it's me." He's calling from a public 'phone box, and he starts sobbing, "I... I think Leigh's... Oh God..."

At the Morrell town house, Caroline and Samantha are using chopsticks to eat a Chinese meal from the dishes that Hung gave them. The Colonel emerges from his room and Caroline smiles at him and tells him that she thought she might have to come and wake him; it's time for his tablet. She goes to stand up to get it for him, but he growls, "I know where they are." He heads to the kitchen and unscrews the bottle of tablets by the sink." He takes one out and then reaches into his pocket to retrieve the one he put in there earlier. He then washes them both down the sink before running some water into a glass and making a show of drinking it. Caroline and Samantha join him and Caroline asks, "Did you take it?" He nods. Caroline then asks him if he'd like something to eat. He stares at the bowls that Samantha's holding and then suddenly reaches out and pushes them angrily out of her hands and onto the floor.

A few moments later, Samantha is clearing up as the Colonel murmurs, "I'm sorry. Seeing the bowls and the chopsticks... I couldn't help myself." Caroline assures him that it's alright. She then suggests that he sit down for a while, and she opens the back door and lets him out onto the patio, adding that it's very sunny at this time of day. She then shuts the door again and says to Samantha curtly, "He'll have to go." Samantha asks where to. Caroline retorts that that's Chris's problem; back to the hospital, she supposes. Samantha comments that the tablets don't seem to be helping much. Caroline agrees, "No, they don't..."

The back door opens at the country house and Charlie and the male customer from the restaurant come in. The man tells her, "It's nice of you to ask me in, Charlotte." Charlie smiles, "I told you: call me 'Charlie'!" The man, though, tells her that it doesn't suit her; 'Charlotte' is much nicer. He then adds that he can't stay long: he has to take two of his books back to the library. Charlie invites him to sit down and he does so. He then comments that he likes her house. Charlie, though, explains that it's not hers: she's minding it for a friend while he's overseas. She adds, "I suppose you live in one of those bohemian inner-city terraces somewhere?" The man, though, assures her, "Good heavens, no! I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those trendy things. My wife wanted to buy one once." Charlie stares at him as he mentions his wife. He goes on, "They're so tiny, you couldn't swing a cat in them!" Charlie queries nervously, "Wife?" The man replies, "Well... late wife." Charlie asks if she's dead. The man tells her, "Not clinically. We're divorced! She gave up teaching after we married. All the spare time she suddenly had seemed to affect her brain somehow: she became all status-conscious." A look of concern crosses Charlie's face as he continues, "I couldn't believe the way she'd changed, and she wanted me to change with her. I can't tell you how many boring parties and fashion parades she dragged me off to. That's really why we split up in the end. She thought I wasn't good enough for her." Charlie murmurs that she's sorry. The man, though, says, "Don't be. I'm not. The one thing I can't stand is the pseudo-social set. I don't want to be part of it."

Two frogmen are wading through the sea below the cliffs as Adam stands with Beryl, Rod, crying, "I told her. I told her to keep away from the edge. What did she go so close for?" One of a group of police officers standing nearby joins them and says, "Still no sign of her. We'll keep looking, though." Adam insists, "I know she's alive. You've got to keep looking." The officer tells him, "We're doing all we can, Mr. Tate, but we can't promise anything. You may as well go home." Adam, though, retorts, "Can't you get some more men? Search up and down the coast a bit?" The officer assures him, "We're doing that now." Rod tells Adam that the officer is right, and he suggests that they go back to the house for a while. He and Beryl walk off and Adam eventually follows them, reluctantly.

Chris joins his father on the patio at the back of the Morrell town house and says, "Caroline told me what happened." The Colonel retorts, "I said I was sorry." Chris presses, "You have been taking your tablets, haven't you?" The Colonel retorts, "Of course." Chris says, "I know it wouldn't be--" The Colonel interrupts him and snaps, "I said I have." Chris murmurs, "Of course." The Colonel then goes on, "Taking those tablets... there's nothing wrong with me." Chris tells his father gently that he's going to have to take him back to the hospital after dinner. The Colonel snaps, "I don't know why they got that damned Asian stuff." Chris explains, "They were a present from Hung." The Colonel asks who he is and Chris tells him, "A Vietnamese kid I became friendly with. He's a nice guy." The Colonel glares at him and snarls, "I never thought I'd see the day... my own flesh and blood mixing with--" Chris interrupts him and points out, "Dad, the war's over. We're not fighting them now; their our friends. You've got to accept that. The sooner you do, the quicker you're going to get better."

There's a knock on the back door at the country house, and Charlie, who's alone in the kitchen - having finally taken off her wig and glasses - calls out that it's open. Beryl - holding Isabella 2 - and Rod come in, looking upset. Charlie starts to say excitedly, "Have I got news for you! I met the most wonderful man at the restaurant. He's--" She breaks off as Adam storms in past Rod and Beryl, and she asks what's wrong. Beryl says quietly, "It's Leigh. She's, er..." Rod explains, "She's missing." Beryl goes on, "She fell over the cliff where they were having their picnic. They think she might have drowned." A look of shock crosses Charlie's face.

A few moments later, Charlie heads into the lounge room, where Adam is sitting on the couch, staring into space. He murmurs, "I haven't given up hope." Charlie points out that they can't find her. Adam, though, retorts, "I don't want to think about it. I love her, Charlie. She has to be alive..."

Out in the kitchen, Beryl is making some tea as Rod sits at the table and suggests that Leigh may have got caught up in the current and got washed-up on one of the beaches further down. Beryl, though, asks how likely that is. She adds that they just have to face it. Charlie rejoins them and Beryl asks her how Adam is. Charlie replies that he wants to be on his own for a while. She then cries that she just can't believe it. Beryl comments that it's going to hit David hard, too. She adds that she wishes there was some way they could get in touch with him. Rod points out that they don't know for sure that she is dead. Adam suddenly walks in from the hallway and announces, "I'm going back there." Charlie quickly tells him, "I'll come with you." She picks up her coat and the two of them head out.

Chris and Samantha join Caroline in the kitchen at the Morrell town house and Samantha tells her mother that the two of them are cooking tonight. Caroline asks Chris how he is in the kitchen and he replies, "I'm a learner - but I can chop things!" Caroline tells them to have fun, and she leaves them. She heads into the lounge room, where the Colonel is sitting staring into space. She asks him if he'd like to read the paper, but he snaps, "No thanks." She sits down and the Colonel goes on, "Do you know where he met him?" Caroline stares at him and queries, "Hmm?" The Colonel clarifies, "You know: the Viet Cong." Caroline realises, "Oh, Hung!" Samantha joins them as Caroline explains, "Yes, at the boarding house. I think he was staying with Fiona." Samantha indicates to her mother that she'd like a word. Caroline joins her in the kitchen and Samantha asks her if she ordered any more wine. Caroline asks if they've run out. Samantha nods that they have, and she adds that she'll ask Chris to pop down and get a few more bottles. Caroline, though, says quickly that she'll go. Samantha asks her what's wrong. Caroline, indicating the Colonel, replies, "Nothing. It's just that he unnerves me a bit." With that, she picks up her keys, coat and bag and heads out. Samantha looks at the Colonel.

The two frogmen are making their way up a path on the cliff to join some colleagues and the police officers at the top. Adam approaches them and, looking shocked, demands, "What are you doing?" The police officer tells him, "Packing up. Can't do any more today." Adam cries that it's still light. The police officer, though, retorts, "The tide's turning. The frogmen have had to give it away. We'll have another go in the morning." Adam cries, "You've already given her up for dead, haven't you?" The police officer tells him, "If she's alive, she wouldn't still be in the water. And if she swam ashore somewhere, well... we would have heard by now, I reckon." Adam storms off and goes and stares down at the sea. The police officer says to Charlie, "I'm sorry." Charlie asks, "You will keep looking, won't you?" The police officer nods, "Of course. First light." Charlie thanks him. She then turns to look at Adam. As he stares out at the sea, he thinks back to saying, "Leigh, I want you to know that, however long you're in jail, I'll wait for you." He recalls Leigh telling him, "You don't have to say that," and him insisting, "It's true..."

At the Morrell town house, Samantha is cooking at the stove as Chris sits at the kitchen table peeling some vegetables. Samantha asks him if he should look in and see how his father's doing; he was a bit on-edge before. Chris says he'll go check him out. He stands up and heads into the lounge room, where the Colonel is standing staring into space. Chris tells his father that dinner won't be long. The Colonel, though, ignores him, murmuring instead, "Fiona caused all the trouble." Chris tells him that that's all over. Samantha suddenly calls to him and he rejoins her in the kitchen. When he's alone, the Colonel picks up Chris's keys from the table and heads out.

Outside, Caroline is heading back up to the house when she finds the Colonel coming towards her. Looking surprised, she asks him where he's going. He snaps that that's none of her business. Caroline suggests that he ought to come back inside. The Colonel, though, snaps, "No." Caroline insists that he's not well, and she puts a comforting hand on his arm. The Colonel suddenly grabs that hand, twists her around, pulls her arm behind her back and puts his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming. He snarls at her, "There's nothing wrong with me." The bag of wine that Caroline is carrying drops to the ground. The Colonel then hits her and she passes out.

A short while later, the boot of Chris's car is open. Caroline is lying on the ground, and the Colonel picks her up and places her in the boot. He shuts the lid of the boot, not noticing that some of Caroline's dress is sticking out. He then goes and climbs into the car and starts the engine.

Beryl and Rod arrive back at Beryl's, and Rod asks a still-clearly-upset Beryl if he can get her something. She declines. They sit down. Beryl suddenly says, "I should call Frannie." Rod, though, points out that the police said they'd let her know straight away. Beryl then tells him that she thinks she might have to delay giving him an answer about the two of them. Rod assures her, "Of course." He then adds, though, "But don't forget about it altogether, eh? You never know: it might help take your mind off things." Beryl murmurs, "It might." Rod then suggests that he'd better push off, and he goes, leaving Beryl staring into space, looking upset.

The Colonel pulls Chris's car to a halt outside a house. He climbs out of the car, heads round to the back of the house, picks up a shovel that's leaning against a wall, heads over to a patch of earth and starts digging. He lifts out some soil to reveal a black plastic bag hidden just beneath the surface. He opens the bag: there's a gun inside, wrapped in an old towel, together with several bullets. He starts loading these into the weapon...

There's a knock on the front door at Beryl's. Beryl goes to answer it and finds Frannie standing there, holding Shane. Looking astonished, Beryl exclaims, "Frannie! I wasn't expecting you!" Frannie explains that, as soon as she police called, she caught the first 'plane down. She then asks in concern, "Have they found her?" Beryl, though, murmurs, "No. I'm sorry." She invites Frannie in and adds that she wishes there was something more she could say. Frannie comments sourly, "I didn't think it would upset you too much." Beryl, though, insists, "It does. It's terrible." Frannie says, "I should have come down before. I was going to; George stopped me. If I'd been with her, maybe it mightn't have happened..." Changing the subject, Beryl asks how Shane is. She takes the child from Frannie as she replies, "He's fine. He's walking now. A little shaky, but he manages. Misses his mum, though." Beryl asks her if she has anywhere to stay, and she shakes her head. Beryl tells her that she's welcome to the spare room. Frannie thanks her. She then adds, "If there's no news tomorrow, I'll go home. There are a few things I have to sort out with George. If it wasn't for him, Leigh wouldn't have been here. I can't forgive him for that."

Chris is still peeling vegetables at the kitchen table at the Morrell town house when Samantha rejoins him from elsewhere in the house and asks in surprise, "Haven't you finished that yet?!" She then comments that her mum seems to be a long time getting the wine. Chris suggests that she's probably having a few sips on the way! Changing the subject, he says he's going to go and call his dad. Samantha asks where he is, and he replies that he's probably having a lie-down. Samantha smiles, "Well, you go look for yours and I'll go look for mine!" Chris tells her that he'll meet her back there in a couple of minutes. He heads off to the bedroom area. Samantha goes and opens the front door and heads outside. She walks down the path to the road and looks both ways, a puzzled expression on her face as she finds there's no sign of Caroline. She then turns back towards the house and suddenly notices the bag containing the bottles of wine lying on the path.

The Colonel emerges onto the footpath outside the house he's visited. As he does so, a taxi turns down the road, and he hails it. It pulls up behind Chris's car; Caroline's dress is still sticking out of the boot. The Colonel climbs into the car and tells the driver, "I don't know the address, but I can show you how to get there. It's a boarding house."

Samantha heads back inside the Morrell town house. Chris emerges from the bedroom area and asks Samantha if his dad is out there. Samantha replies that he isn't. Chris muses that he's not in his room, either. Samantha then asks him if there were broken wine bottles out the front when he came in. Chris replies that he doesn't think so. Samantha mutters that there are now. Chris asks her if she thinks they might be the ones her mum bought. Samantha replies, "I don't know. But if they were--" She breaks off and then asks, "Did you leave your car out the front when you came it?" Chris nods that he did. Samantha tells him, "Well it's not there now." Chris looks at the coffee table and exclaims, "My keys have gone." Samantha realises, "Your dad." Chris agrees, "Must be." Samantha cries, "He must have mum with him." Chris points out, "She wouldn't go unless he forced her." Samantha looks at him in concern and cries, "That's what he's done..."


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