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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Phillis

That night, Wayne is back in Sydney, at Charlie's. He hands her a present wrapped in a gift box, explaining that it's something he picked up on the way back home. Charlie opens the box to find to her astonishment, "Eggs!" She strokes Isabella and smiles through gritted teeth, "Wasn't that sweet of Uncle Wayney!" Wayne then tells her that he wanted to ask her about Trent Harris. Charlie retorts, "He was a hideous creature." Wayne quickly goes on, "I was just wondering where he got to. I was thinking of getting into cycling. He was going to give me the name of a good bike." Charlie, though, warns, "Stay clear of him, darling. He's trouble." Wayne insists, "Just one 'phone call..." Charlie, giving in, sighs, "He's staying with my friend, Margo. I'll give you the number. He's fleecing her, too, of course - but not that I can tell her." With that, she gets up and goes to the 'phone. Wayne smiles, "The men some women get involved with, eh, Charlie...?"

A while later, Wayne is back at Dural, lying on the couch in the lounge room, the 'phone to his ear. He says, "Trent? Wayne Hamilton. I've got some business I want to discuss with you in connection with our friend, Alison..."

The next morning, Donna is putting on her jacket in the kitchen at the country house when David comes in and asks her where she's going. She explains that she's going to babysit Robert; Beryl has to go out. David warns her that she shouldn't be racing round in her condition. He adds that he'll go. Donna insists that she's OK. David, though, reminds her that he's Robert's dad - and he wants to see Beryl, anyway. Donna checks, "You're not going to tell her about what Spider said? She doesn't want you knowing she's broke." David replies, "No - but I'm going to give her a chance to explain if she wants to. It's about time she stopped being so proud and asked for a bit of back-up."

A while later, David knocks on the front door at Beryl's. Beryl opens the door and asks him in surprise what he's doing there. As he heads inside, he tells her that Donna's still a bit under the weather so he's there to do his bit. He then asks Beryl where she's going to. She replies, "To see a friend." David asks if he knows her. Beryl, though, quickly blusters, "No, you don't, actually - it's Alice, from the Children's Home." David then indicates the piles of ironing on the living room table and comments, "You ironing again for Spider, eh?" Picking up a pair of women's knickers, he adds, "Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous: looks like Spider's leading a double-life, eh?!" Beryl sighs, "A young girl has moved in down the road - a career girl. I'm helping her out." David then indicates a pile of cake boxes and queries, "The pavs?" Beryl tells him, "I'm doing some cooking for a restaurant, that's all." She then adds tersely, "I really don't have time to answer questions; I have to get going." David asks, "What are you taking on so much for?" Beryl retorts, "I enjoy being busy. Any money I make, I put aside for Robert. I'm building a bank balance for him." She adds that she should be back at about 5pm. David goes and opens the front door for her, commenting as he does so that she's looking a little bit fragile. He adds that she shouldn't do too much. Beryl, though, retorts, "If I didn't want to do it, I wouldn't. And as you said, I don't have to. See you."

Donna is sitting with Spider in the lounge room at the country house. Spider asks her if the computer course costs much. Donna replies that the fees aren't too steep, but when you add on the text books - and she might buy a home computer... She adds that she's really looking forward to it. Tim suddenly comes in and Spider comments that he must be proud of his wife, having a bit of nous. He adds, "For one thing, she can keep your books in order." Tim, though, mutters, "She can do without wasting money on a computer course..." Spider tells him, "That's sounding like one of these chauvinists. It doesn't hurt for a wife to have a bit of an interest." Donna, looking annoyed at him, snaps, "It's a career, not an interest." She then stands up and, indicating the form in her hand, announces, "That's the application finished. I'll just get the money to put with it." She goes to head out of the room. Tim, though, says warily, "About the money... I had to borrow $50 this morning to pay for some timber to fix the shed for us. He wanted cash." Donna, looking furious, snaps, "If I don't enrol by tomorrow, it'll be too late. How am I going to get the $50 back by then?" Tim suggests, "I'll ask Dave." Donna retorts, "I don't want you asking Dave. He's been good enough letting me stay here; he shouldn't have to fork out money for us." She goes on angrily that it was her money; he had no right touching it without asking her. She snaps, "I saved that for my course, Tim. You shouldn't have touched it. You just don't want me doing it, do you?" Tim retorts, "I had to pay for the timber - that's for us, too, remember? We're married, Don; I'm just trying to build us a decent place to sleep in. What do you want to do a stupid computer course for, anyway?" Donna snaps, "Maybe I need something just in case you meet another Jess and dump me." Tim glares at her and then storms off.

That evening, Trent Harris is sitting with Wayne on the couch at Dural, asking, "So what do you want me to do?" Wayne replies, "Just tell me why Alison was paying you off the other day." Trent muses, "Oh, you saw that, did you?" He then adds, "It'll cost you $2000." Wayne, looking aghast, retorts, "I was thinking more $500. I've got a fair idea what it was anyway." Trent points out, "You don't know, though, do you? Look, I've got my meal-ticket - this Margo's rolling in it; your thing's just pin money. But if you're out to get Alison, I'd say it was two grand very well spent..."

The next morning, Andy is sitting with Kelly in Irene's flat at the boarding house, saying, "You haven't been lying to me about this job, have you?" Kelly retorts, "Of course I haven't." Andy, though, says gently, "You have, haven't you? Why?" Kelly cries, "I didn't want you to feel bad about going; about me not getting to sing on the ship." Andy asks, "Did you even apply for another job?" Kelly shakes her head. Andy tells her, "I'm going to miss you." Kelly murmurs, "Irene said I should have told the truth." Andy muses, "Irene was right - as usual!" He then kisses Kelly and laughs, "You're stupid! What are you?!" There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Andy, looking annoyed, goes to answer it. He finds Janice standing there, holding an envelope in her hand. She tells Andy, "I came looking for Fiona and ended up as a mail-girl - for Kelly." Andy takes the envelope and comments that it looks like it's done the rounds. He asks Kelly if he wants her to read it. Kelly replies, "Yes, thanks." Janice then asks if they have any idea where her Aunt Fiona is. Before anyone answers, though, Andy, looking at the letter, says excitedly, "Hey, listen to this! 'Dear Miss. Burns. We have great pleasure in advising you that you have been chosen to join our cruise in capacity of entertainer. Please ring us on--'." He breaks off and exclaims, "What do you know? The letter just went astray! You got the job after all!" Kelly leaps up and Andy gives her a hug. She laughs, "We're going together!" Janice growls, "Separate cabins, I trust." Andy and Kelly both burst out laughing.

Fiona and May are sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion, talking about curtains. A man suddenly walks in and says tersely to Fiona, "I understand you wanted to see me, Mrs. Thompson. I'm Fred Barnes, the manager." May growls at him, "It's always polite to knock." Barnes just retorts sarcastically, "I beg your pardon, Miss. Walters? Did you say something?" May asks 'innocently', "Did I?!" Barnes then turns to Fiona and says wearily, "I see you've met our Miss. Walters. Every building has one." Fiona, however, tells him curtly, "I don't think I like your tone, Mr. Barnes. Miss. Walters is a friend of mine." Barnes just shrugs. He then turns to the windows and asks what happened to the curtains. Fiona snaps, "What you loosely call 'the curtains', I prefer to call 'that little pile of rags on the floor'. They fell apart when I washed them." Barnes mutters, "I trust you'll leave their replacements when you leave here? I've got a list of the fixtures, and anything missing will be deducted from your bond." Fiona smiles, "I'd say that little lot is... what: ten cents? But I wouldn't worry too much: I don't intend leaving, so the question of bond repayment really doesn't come up. I'm looking for a home, Mr. Barnes, not a temporary flophouse. And as you destroyed the list of requests I made yesterday, I've made out another one." Barnes growls, "You're wasting your time--" Fiona, though, interrupts and retorts, "I don't think so. If I don't get any satisfaction, I'll send them to the Tenants' Protection Board - and whoever owns the building, I'm sure they're not going to like that very much." She holds out the sheet of paper. Barnes grabs it from her and storms off.

Sometime later, Barnes is standing with Wayne in the lounge room at Dural, telling him, "She's a bull-nosed old cow, Mr. Hamilton. It'll cost, what she's got down there." Wayne retorts, "Ignore her, then." Barnes, though, warns him, "I'm sure she'll go further if we don't do something." Wayne asks, "What's her name?" Barnes replies, "Fiona Thompson." Wayne repeats in surprise, "Fiona Thompson?" Barnes asks, "Know her, do you?" Wayne mutters, "Yes." He then says curtly, "We don't do a thing. She can yell to high heaven, for all I care. She's one lady I wouldn't spend a cent on." Barnes warns, "She'll cause trouble." Wayne, ripping up Fiona's list of demands, retorts, "Let her."

Janice is sitting with Fiona at a table in Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona is saying to her, "Your father doesn't know that you're associating with your Bohemian aunt, does he?" Janice murmurs, "I'm not lying to him; I'm just not saying anything." She then adds, "I'm planning a surprise, in fact. It's his birthday soon: I thought it would be a nice surprise if you turned up in the front row of the congregation. It would mean a lot to him to know you'd seen the error of your past life." Fiona bursts out laughing and says, "No, I think I'll take a miss on that one." May comes in, carrying a broom, and exclaims, "Got it!" She starts sweeping the floor as Fiona offers her a cup of tea. May says she'll have one later. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Barnes walks in. He tells Fiona, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Thompson. I don't enjoy my position - it's not easy being responsible to the owner and trying to do the right thing as well." Fiona retorts, "All I want to know is if I'm getting what I requested." Barnes tells her, "In a word: no." Fiona mutters, "You can expect a lot of trouble then, Mr. Barnes." Barnes retorts, "The owner's quite prepared for that." Fiona smiles, "Good - I won't disappoint him." Barnes warns her, "He's got a lot of money. His lawyers can handle any sort of approach by whoever you complain to." Fiona grins, "I'll make quite sure that you get it in the neck too, so I hope you can handle that. This place is appallingly run, and I think the first thing that needs doing is someone looking at the books." Barnes glares at her and retorts, "I don't think that's anybody's business but the owner's." Fiona tells him, "Maybe not - but I'll see it's done." Barnes, suddenly looking nervous, replies, "I don't think that'll be necessary, Mrs. Thompson. Actually, I, er, I was thinking that the owner is being a little stubborn about this. Perhaps I could see my way clear to pushing through a few of the suggestions that you made - off my own bat, you understand? He wouldn't have to know about it. I could put the expenses through under some other heading - then everyone would be happy. Don't you agree?" Fiona smiles and suggests, "How about we start with a plumber? In the morning?" Barnes murmurs, "I'll call one up now..." With that, he heads off, leaving Fiona laughing.

Donna is sitting with Spider in the lounge room at the country house, looking glum. Spider tells her to talk to Tim. Donna stands up and heads off to the kitchen. Tim is just coming in the back door. Donna tells him curtly, "I've got nothing to apologise for - you know that." Tim pauses and then says, "OK - I'm sorry." Donna, looking relived, smiles, "Who cares who's to blame? I don't want us to argue anymore." Tim murmurs, "Me either - and you can do that computer course, if you want. I still don't know why you want to do it, but you can." Donna muses, "We're pretty different really, aren't we?" With that, they hug. Tim then says, "I shouldn't have taken your money. You'll have it back tomorrow morning." Looking surprised, Donna asks, "How?" Tim just tells her, "You'll have it. OK?"

David is feeding Robert in the kitchen at Beryl's when Beryl arrives home and joins him. He comments to her that she looks done-in. Beryl, though, just mutters, "You can go now, if you like. I've taken up enough of your day." David retorts, "No way - I've got a roast on! You can't take advantage of me and then boot me out before I've had something to eat!" Beryl insists, "I am very tired. I appreciate your help and I don't want to seem rude, but I would like you to go now." David smiles, "Come on, Curly, just take your coat off--" Beryl suddenly screams, "I said I want you to leave." She then breaks down in tears and sobs, "I'm sorry..." David puts his hands on her shoulders and murmurs, "So you should be, for not trusting me. Come on, Curly, come clean. Give a bloke a chance to help you."

A short time later, Beryl is sitting at the kitchen table, holding Robert and saying sadly, "I thought I could do it on my own." David insists, "I'm here to help you." He takes a joint of meat out of the oven and then tells his ex-wife, "I'll see you through it, Beryl - but no stupid pride, eh? Now, what you do is you ring that restaurant and you quit." Beryl cries, "I've got to do something; I can't just sponge off you." David, though, tells her, "I'm not saying drop everything. You're working in the house: well that's fine - and that way, you can be with Robert, too." Beryl whispers, "I'll pay you back - every cent." David muses, "If it makes you happy." He then tells her, "Ring that restaurant and then we'll see about a little holiday for you." Beryl smiles, "Oh David!" David tells her, "Go on - you need one. I'll ring Gordon and--" He breaks off as Beryl finally removes her coat. Staring at her dress, he exclaims, "Strike me light, what's that?!" Beryl murmurs, "It's enough to turn a customer off his meal, that's what it is - but they insist we wear them!" She then takes David's hand and says gratefully, "Thankyou, David."

At the mansion, May puts on a gramophone record in her room. Some 1920s music starts to play. Fiona walks in and, staring at the gramophone, smiles, "Where did the museum piece come from?" May replies, "Never throw anything out; that's my motto." She adds that she thought the discs might throw back a few memories. She hands one of them to Fiona, who stares at the title and exclaims, "My God, you kept it." May replies wistfully, "Yes, it was his song. I've never forgotten him." Fiona assures her distantly, "Me neither, May. Me neither..."

There's a knock on the front door at Dural and Wayne goes and answers it. He finds Caroline standing there and she comments immediately, "I hope you're not wasting my time." Wayne assures her, "No way." He then peers outside and asks her in surprise what happened to her car. Caroline explains, "Mine's in for a service. They found something wrong with it; I won't get it back until Wednesday. They've given me that one instead." The two of them head into the lounge room, where Caroline asks, "Well? What's the big news, then?" Wayne explains, "There's something I think you should hear. It'll prove Alison's been stringing you on with the 'sweet, reformed lady' routine." Caroline sitting down, sighs, "I'm really not in the mood for your petty intrigues tonight, Wayne." Wayne, though, laughs, "This isn't petty. This is big-time stuff. This is your real 'Alison's a destructive bitch' type of proof." He adds, "Pick up the 'phone and you'll hear what I mean." He hands her the handset from the bar - which is lying on the coffee table - and goes on, "It's something I had confirmed today. It cost me plenty, but it was worth the money. I think you should hear it from the man himself." He then goes over to the 'phone by the living room window and dials a number. Caroline puts the other handset to her ear. The 'phone rings at the other end and Trent comes on. Wayne says it's him. Trent asks him what he wants. Wayne tells him, "I've been thinking: it's only fair Caroline knows the truth, don't you reckon?" Trent retorts, "Tell her if you want to." Wayne assures him, "I'm going to. I just wanted to double-check on what happened." Trent asks impatiently, "Weren't you listening this morning? It's perfectly simple: Alison paid me to attack Samantha." Caroline's mouth falls open in shock. Wayne tells Trent, "I know that, but did she specifically want you to rape her or--?" Trent interrupts and replies, "She didn't care what I did so long as I left her scared and roughed-up a bit." Wayne says, "OK. Thanks a lot." With that, he hangs up. Caroline sits on the couch, looking horrified.


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