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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Brian Phillis

Caroline hangs up the 'phone slowly and growls, "How could one woman do that to another woman?" Wayne suggests, "Maybe we can organise some of the same medicine?" Caroline retorts, "No, not that." She adds, though, "She's going to pay alright." Wayne asks, "What does Alison value more than anything else in the world? Money, power and pride. But anything not well-planned she'll see coming a mile off." Caroline asks him what he has in mind. He tells her, "Nothing yet." He adds, though, "We'll get Miss. Carr before too long..."

The lights are dimmed in the lounge room at Woombai as Gordon hands Alison a glass of fortified wine. He sits down next to her and comments that it's the perfect end to a satisfying day. Alison muses, "Being around kids makes one feel - dare I say - young again!" Gordon smiles that the kids had a great day. Alison then tells Gordon, "No offence, but I'm glad Wayne's gone back to the city - he doesn't seem to have the required amount of patience for kids like Jason." Gordon insists, "There is a caring side to Wayne that I've seen." Alison persists, "It's not good for the company, Gordon, allowing personal feelings to affect business decisions." Gordon suggests, "Hopefully he'll learn his lesson before much longer." Alison muses, "I'll keep my fingers crossed." Changing the subject, she then goes on, "The tenants at the mansion must be saying a quiet prayer now the building won't be torn down." Gordon looks at her blankly and asks, "What mansion?" Alison replies, "The one the company was going to buy. Heaven knows where they would have gone if they'd been handed 'quit' notices." Gordon murmurs, "No." Alison continues, "Wayne must be kicking himself for going ahead and buying the place himself." Gordon looks at her in surprise and murmurs, "Wayne owns it?" Alison nods, "Preservation order and all. He was going to put up high-rise apartments. Money before people again." Gordon mutters angrily, "I don't believe it..." Alison tells him 'innocently', "I'm sorry - I thought you knew. I hope I haven't spoken out of turn?" Gordon assures her, "No, no. It's just disappointing to find out that all your son cares about is the almighty dollar." He doesn't notice the sly smile that crosses Alison's face...

Wayne is pacing the lounge room floor at Dural, saying to Caroline, "What we need is some way of getting under her guard - or someone who will for us." Caroline comments, "I can't imagine anyone wanting to get that close to her." Wayne suggests, "What if we pay this person to fall in love with Alison?" Caroline points out, "She's in love with James." Wayne, though, retorts, "He's not here, is he?" He goes on, "All we have to do is choose the right man. You'd have to be around to help things along; fire a few arrows." Caroline, though, mutters, "If I spent any time with Alison, the only thing I'd be firing would be a double-barrelled shotgun!" Wayne challenges, "You do want to see her get what she deserves, don't you?" Caroline murmurs, "I suppose I could grin and bear it if I had to." She then asks, "How's Alison supposed to meet her Adonis?" In reply, Wayne asks, "Do you know the works of D.H. Lawrence? I thought I might hire a gardener." Caroline comments, "Isn't gardening Barbara's domain?" Wayne smiles, "I'll speak to her about it tomorrow. Make her see how handy it'll be. So Alison meets her man." Caroline asks, "Do you think it'll work?" Wayne grins, "It did for Lady Chatterley!"

The next morning, Wayne wanders into the lounge room with the mail. One of the envelopes he's holding is marked, 'Executive Male Escorts Pty. Ltd.' Wayne smiles to himself, "Who's going to be the lucky gardener...?" Barbara suddenly comes in and he quickly stuffs the envelopes behind the bar. Barbara tells him that she's off to the golf club for lunch. She goes to head out again but then pauses and says, "Oh yes, I was looking at the garden. You are right: it is unruly - but I've already found someone, so you don't need to advertise." As Wayne's face drops, she looks out to the hallway and calls, "Alf." Turning back to Wayne, she explains, "I was talking to Marjorie at the golf club; she put me on to him." An elderly white-haired man walks into the room and Barbara introduces, "Alf Jordan... Wayne Hamilton." Wayne stares at him.

A short time later, Alf is telling Wayne and Barbara, "I can give you three days a week and I don't do any heavy work 'cos my back isn't what it used to be." Wayne comments that that doesn't sound very satisfactory. Alf adds, "I'm allergic to dogs, too. Don't work for anyone who has dogs." Barbara assures him, "There'll be no problem here." With that, she goes to head out. Wayne quickly chases after her and stops her by the front door, muttering, "He's too old." Barbara, though, retorts, "Rubbish. As long as he can do the work, it doesn't matter how old he is. You were the one who wanted a gardener and now you've got one. Alf is staying and that is final." With that, she heads out, slamming the door behind her.

Caroline is sitting with Charlie in Charlie's lounge room, saying, "I wanted to ask your help in organising a small party for when Samantha gets back." Charlie smiles that that's a marvellous idea! Caroline then goes on hesitantly, "I would like to try and involve Alison. She was very understanding after the terrible experience Samantha went through." There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Charlie goes to get it. Wayne is standing on the step and he says, "Charlie, um, may I borrow Isabella for a while?"

Sometime later, Wayne and Alf walk into Dural through the front door, Alf saying as they do so that he doesn't usually stop for afternoon tea. Wayne assures him that once won't hurt. He goes on, "Just wanted to let you know there were no hard feelings. I did carry-on a bit this afternoon." They go and sit down and Wayne pours some tea. He tells Alf to help himself to a biscuit. He then asks him how long he's been a gardener. Alf replies, "All my life - except during the War." Wayne smiles, "The closest I got to military service was in the school cadets!" Alf takes a sip of his tea, but then suddenly starts breathing heavily and wheezing. He pulls out a handkerchief and sneezes into it. Wayne asks him if he's alright. Alf retorts, "Only one thing sets me off like that: dogs. I thought you said you didn't have any animals." Wayne smiles, "Barbara told a little white lie there - her and Isabella are almost inseparable." With that, he goes and picks Isabella up from where she's sitting hidden under a table. Alf starts wheezing and cries, "Get her away." Wayne quickly says, "I'm sorry. It's just that you came so highly-recommended that Barbara didn't want to lose you because of a simple allergy." Alf murmurs, "Well, I suppose as long as it's kept in the house and not allowed out in the garden..." Wayne quickly blusters, "Bit of a problem there: Isabella likes the run of the place; always seems to be under your feet." Alf stands up and snaps, "That's it, then. You can keep your job - and if the lady of the house wants to know why I'm leaving, tell her I don't like being told lies." He storms off, leaving Wayne with a satisfied grin on his face.

Fiona is sitting with Irene in Irene's flat at the boarding house. Kelly is standing there, looking impatient. Irene asks where Andy has got to and Kelly replies that he said he had to go down to the shop for something. Fiona asks her if she's all packed. She nods that she is. At that moment, Andy comes in and Irene comments, "About time too!" Andy smiles, "I couldn't go without streamers!" Fiona grabs the bag he's holding and laughs, "I'm a dab with streamers!" Andy bends down so that he's at her level. As he does so, Fiona runs her hand over his long hair and tells him, "You know, you would make Janice a very happy girl if you were to come back with your hair cut!" Andy grins, "If that's what it takes, I'll never come back!"

The front door opens at Dural and Gordon and Alison walk in. Gordon puts down his suitcase in the hallway and the two of them head into the lounge room. Gordon offers Alison a drink and she asks for a mineral water. She then comments that she thought it all went very well with the kids at Woombai. Gordon smiles that she ought to be congratulated for thinking of the idea in the first place. He adds that, as far as he's concerned, the visits can start on a permanent basis. Wayne suddenly comes in and mutters, "I won't intrude on your little party." He goes to walk out again, but Gordon calls after him, "Why didn't you tell me you went ahead and bought that old mansion privately?" Wayne glares at Alison and then retorts, "Because that's what it was: private. Nothing to do with you or the company." Gordon goes on, "You were going to tear that old place down and build high-rise apartments?" Wayne nods that that was the idea. Gordon asks, "What was supposed to happen to the tenants?" Wayne replies, "I don't know. Would've had to find somewhere else, I guess." Looking astonished, Gordon growls, "You really don't care, do you?" Wayne chuckles, "Wasn't my problem!" He goes to walk out again, but Gordon snaps after him, "It is now. Your behaviour has become totally unacceptable - to me... to Alison... Putting your own selfish interests first before anybody else. It's becoming increasingly clear that you simply cannot handle responsibility. I am revoking your Power of Attorney over my shares. In future, my interests will be looked after by Alison." Wayne stares at him in horror.

A few moments later, Wayne snaps, "I don't believe it." Gordon retorts, "If you feel cheated, you've only yourself to blame." Wayne, indicating Alison, snarls, "She told you about that heap deliberately, to put us offside with each other - and she knew exactly what she was doing. Two weeks ago, you wouldn't trust her as far as you could spit. Now she's running your share of the company." Gordon turns to Alison and suggests that it might be a good idea if she goes back to Charlie's. Alison smiles, "Yes, of course." She then adds, "I'm sorry, Wayne - I had hoped you wouldn't take this personally. Your father and I only want what's best for the company." Wayne mutters, "What's best for you." She goes. Wayne then growls at his father, "She's playing you for a sucker, dad." Gordon retorts, "I don't think so. You could learn a lot from a woman like that." Wayne snaps, "About what? Company take-overs?" Gordon tells him, "About compassion. She saved James's life and she treated those children at Woombai as though they were her own. She is a very astute businesswoman who cares about people - which is quite unlike you, buying that house. You don't care who you trample on, as long as you make a profit." Wayne murmurs, "I'm not making any money out of that deal, dad, and no one's being thrown out on the streets, either." Gordon points out, "It's what you intended." Wayne snaps bitterly, "That's right: evil Wayne." Gordon, though, tells him, "No, not evil. Selfish." Looking furious, Wayne goes to walk out. Gordon, though, stops him and asks, "Where's Barbara?" Wayne retorts, "At the club. She went there for lunch." Gordon asks, "Does she still think the worst of me?" Wayne retorts, "As far as I know. Serves you right, too. It's what happens when you get taken-in by a two-faced piece of garbage." With that, he storms off.

Alison arrives back at Charlie's. Caroline sits in the lounge room, listening as Alison and Charlie make smalltalk in the hallway. The two of them then head into the lounge room and Charlie tells Alison that Caroline is organising a small get-together for Samantha and wants them to help. Alison asks, "How is Samantha?" Caroline murmurs, "Fine." Alison goes on, "She getting over that awful business with Trent?" Caroline glares at her momentarily and then asks Charlie for a drink. Charlie goes to the drinks cabinet. Caroline then tells Alison, "Trent's not the sort of person that Samantha's likely to forget about in a couple of days. Something like that, I think you live with for the rest of your life. Don't you?" Alison murmurs, "I must admit, I haven't given the matter much thought." Caroline tells her tersely, "I have. When it happens to your daughter... well, I know I won't forget..."

Fiona is sitting at the table in her room at the mansion. Janice is serving her with some food and Fiona tells her that she's done wonders with the place. Irene sits down at the table as there's a knock on the door. Janice opens it and a removal man wheels in Fiona's motorised scooter. There's a bag on top and Janice asks what it is. Irene chips in and tells Fiona, "It's your housewarming present - I wanted to surprise you." Fiona takes the bag from Janice and starts to unwrap it. She takes out a cuddly green alligator and laughs, "I love it!" Janice snaps at Irene, "Why'd you waste your money on that? It would have been a lot more sensible to buy some sheets or towels." Fiona grins, "No! I'd much rather have a toy alligator than sheets or towels!" Janice says indignantly, "Toys are a waste of money. Father never got me any. He didn't approve of spending money on frivolous gifts that served no useful purpose." Irene muses, "Christmases and birthdays at your place must have been a barrel of laughs..." Janice retorts, "We certainly didn't need toys to make them joyous occasions, if that's what you mean." She then tells Fiona, "I'm going to find Miss. Walters. She wanted to welcome you when you arrived." She walks out, leaving Irene to comment to Fiona, "I don't know why you bother putting up with her, Fiona - she's a downright pain in the bum." Fiona, though, sighs, "No, I don't blame her. I blame 'Dear George'. He is such a self-righteous prig. I hate to think what her childhood was like. Any sort of fun was either wrong or selfish, as far as my 'dear' brother was concerned." She goes on, "I like Janice; underneath, I think she's a lovely girl, and I'm going to do all I can to show her there is more to life than 'Dear Brother George'.

Caroline is pouring herself a drink at the bar at Dural. Wayne is standing in the doorway, saying curtly, "You've got the perfect set-up over at Charlie's to stay in Alison's good books. What are you doing here?" Caroline retorts, "It's not easy staying in the same room as the woman who tried to have my daughter raped. I also needed a decent drink to steady my nerves." Wayne mutters, "Caroline hits the bottle; that's just what we need." Caroline retorts, "It's alright for you." Wayne, though, snaps, "No, it is not alright for me. Alison has talked dear old dad into handing her his Power of Attorney. I want to see the woman destroyed as much as you, but it's not going to happen if you hit the grog." Caroline just gulps down more of her drink. Wayne tells her, "Finish that and get back over there." Caroline starts to pour herself another one, saying, "One for the road." Wayne growls at her, "I've got as much interest in pulling Alison down as you have now - and I'm not going to let you blow it." Caroline glares at him and mutters, "I don't know whom I hate more: you or her."

Gordon is walking with Barbara in the grounds at the golf club. Barbara is snapping, "I don't know why you bothered to come here." Gordon retorts, "I wanted to talk to you." Barbara growls, "Please, Gordon, don't go on about what a wonderful, charitable human being Alison Carr is; I don't think I could stand it." They arrive at Barbara's car and Gordon says, "I thought we might be able to work out why you're being so utterly unreasonable whenever the woman's name is mentioned." They get in the car and Barbara retorts, "I don't think we are." Gordon insists, "Nothing is going on between us." Barbara mutters, "So you say." Gordon retorts, "I'm not in the habit of lying." Barbara just snaps at him, "Get rid of her. She's out to make trouble. I'd stake my life on it." With that, she starts the car and pulls away. Neither of them has their seatbelts on.

Alison is sipping a drink in the lounge room at Charlie's as Charlie chats to her about the party, saying, "I thought of 'black and white' as a theme. What do you think?" Alison nods, "Sounds fine." Caroline sits down on the couch after pouring herself another drink. Charlie asks her if she's alright, as she has been putting it away... Caroline slurs, "We're talking about parties; I thought we'd get in the party mood. Nothing wrong with that, is there?" Charlie shrugs, "I suppose not." Caroline asks Alison pointedly what she thinks. Alison suggests quickly that they work out the catering details for the party. Charlie suggests French cuisine. Alison nods, "After what she's been through, the girl deserves the best." Caroline suddenly yells, "Do you have to go on about it? We all know what happened." With that, she slams down her glass on the coffee table and announces that she's going home. Charlie warns her, "I don't think you should drive." Alison, though, says, "I'll go after her." She follows Caroline outside.

Caroline is storming over to her car but Alison chases after her and says, "Let me take you home. You're in no state to get behind the wheel of a car. If you're breath-tested, you'll be gone." Caroline snaps, "That's my problem, not yours." She takes out her keys, but fumbles them and they fall on the ground. Alison picks them up and insists, "Get in. I'll drive you." Caroline, though, yells, "Leave me alone, Alison. Please go away - I don't want to have anything to do with you." Alison looks at her in surprise and asks, "What have I done?" Caroline starts tottering down the driveway on-foot. Alison gets into her car, starts the engine, drives up to her and persists, "If there's a problem, let's talk about it. I thought we were friends. Come on - hop in and we'll talk about it on the way home, alright?" Caroline reluctantly climbs in the car and puts on her seatbelt. Alison drives off.

In Barbara's car, Barbara is driving as she snaps at Gordon, "What I don't understand is this incredible turnabout all-of-a-sudden. One minute Alison is the worst person in the world because she wants to sell off part of Woombai, and now she is Miss. Goody-Two-Shoes who can't do a thing wrong." Gordon retorts, "Alison was mistaken about Woombai and she admits it. She's changed her mind about the entire thing." Barbara snaps, "People like Alison don't change their minds, Gordon, they just change their tactics, and that's exactly what she's doing." Gordon insists, "You're mistaken, Barbara. You couldn't be more wrong."

In Caroline's car, Alison is driving along and she asks Caroline, "Would you like to talk about it?" Caroline hesitates and then spits, "Alright. Let's talk about it." She goes on angrily, "I know about Trent - and I know about how you set him up to attack Samantha - and I damn well know why you did it." Alison says 'innocently', "I haven't got the faintest idea what you--" Caroline interrupts, though, and yells, "Don't lie. I'm sick to death of all your rotten lies... your phoney sympathy; you don't give a damn about Samantha, or what it could have meant in the end to her. You're nothing but a scheming, selfish piece of filth." She suddenly leans across, grab's Alison's left arm and starts shaking her as she drives along the road. She cries, "You don't deserve to be alive." Alison snaps, "You're wrong." Caroline retorts, "Like hell I am." Alison insists, "I hardly know Trent." Caroline yells back, "You paid him. I heard him say so." Alison snaps, "He's lying." As Caroline keeps shaking her, Alison then pleads, "For God's sake, Caroline, stop it. You're forcing me off the road." The car goes round a bend. Barbara's car is heading in the opposite direction. Barbara is snapping at Gordon, "I'm telling you, Gordon: if you don't stop seeing Alison, I'm going to leave you." Gordon mutters, "You're being ridiculous." Barbara cries, "I mean it." Gordon suddenly notices a car swerving towards them and he yells at Barbara, "Watch out!" Barbara slams her foot down on the brake and a look of horror crosses her face. In Caroline's car, a look of equal horror crosses Alison's face. As Barbara's car slows down, Gordon hits the dashboard. In Caroline's car, Caroline lets out a scream...


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