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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

The next morning, Neville is guiding Janice as she erects a union jack outside the mansion. He then announces that he's going down to the pub to buy some beer. He heads off.

Inside, in the manager's office, Fiona and Wayne are preparing the food, plates and glasses. May walks in, all dressed up, and Fiona laughs that she looks like the Queen Mum!

At Charlie's, Charlie is asking Isabella which dress she should wear. Alison comes in and Charlie asks her how her morning was. Alison replies gleefully, "Profitable. Very profitable." Charlie then asks her what she should wear. She adds, "What would you wear if you were going?" Alison tells her, "I am going." Charlie looks at her in surprise and Alison comments, "I am invited, aren't I?" Charlie points out, "You do know Glen and Susan are going?" Alison just replies, "It doesn't worry me. I want to see the Englishman everyone's talking about." Charlie, however, mutters that that's piffle. She adds, "Gordon will be there. You want to make sure they don't spend the entire day backstabbing you." Alison smiles, "You read me like an open book, Charlie..."

Glen walks into Dural and calls for Susan, telling her that he's brought the car round. Susan comes downstairs, dressed in an elegant light blue gown, and Glen stares at her admiringly. Susan says quickly that she'll get Gordon's wheelchair. Glen continues to stare at her and she mutters, "My hair's a mess. I think I'll have to cut it, or something." Glen however insists, "Your hair looks lovely, Susan." Susan murmurs in embarrassment, "Thankyou." There's an awkward silence. Glen says eventually, "This is silly. I know why you'd rather not start anything - but there's something strong between us; at least, I feel there is. I don't know about you..." Susan nods her head slowly. Glen persists, "Then why be afraid?" Susan tells him, "I can't help it; I just am." Glen insists, "Don't be. Relax, OK?" With that, he leans in to kiss her. Susan, though, pulls away suddenly. Glen assures her, "I won't hurt you, Susan. I think you're beautiful. So what do you say: you want to go round with me?" Susan nods again. Glen leans in and this time Susan kisses him passionately...

Wayne and May are walking in the grounds of the mansion. May suddenly spots Janice carrying a barbecue, and she walks over to her, ordering her to take it inside. Janice points out that it's what they're cooking the food on. May asks why she can't cook it in the oven. Janice points out that Neville wanted it to be a barbecue; he's been to dozens of garden teas. Elsewhere in the grounds, Glen, Susan and Gordon have arrived. Wayne joins them and asks his father how he is. Gordon smiles that he's keeping out of mischief. Wayne offers drinks. Gordon asks for beer. Wayne walks off, asking May as he does so to look after his father, Glen and Susan. She joins them and, looking at Gordon, tells him, "It's a pleasure indeed."

Inside, in the manager's office, Fiona is telling Wayne that she hasn't seen Neville. By the front door, Neville is just coming in. Wayne heads out to join him and comments that he took his time. Neville explains that a couple of guys at the pub asked him in for a beer. Wayne asks where the beer for the party is. Neville replies that it's in his car: the guys from the pub kindly drove him back. Just at that moment, they hear his car being driven off by the same guys...

A few moments later, in the manager's office, Neville sighs that he's a duffer sometimes. Wayne tells them that he's called the cops. Fiona asks Neville if he insured the car when he rented it. Neville nods that he did. Wayne heads off to get some more beer. Neville tells him that he'll go with him. They head out.

Alison is standing out in the grounds, holding Isabella. Charlie joins her and hands her a drink. She comments to Alison that she's not being very sociable today. Alison just mutters, "Aren't I?" Charlie then spots Glen and Susan in the distance and sighs, "I knew seeing those two would upset you. You shouldn't have come unless you can be adult about it. There's nothing you can do." Alison just looks at her and Charlie asks, "What's that supposed to mean? I know when you're up to something." At that moment, she spots Doug in the distance, and she waves to him. She then tells Alison tersely, "Look at me and promise you won't do anything to upset the day." Alison turns to face Charlie and says, "I won't do anything to upset the day." Glen suddenly walks away from Susan and Alison immediately walks over to her. Doug joins Charlie and comments, "Your friend didn't like the look of me..." Charlie assures him, "No, no. She's just moody today, that's all." Alison joins Susan. Before she can say anything, though, May walks over to them with a tray of hors d'oeuvres. Susan asks her if Fiona is inside, and May tells her, "Ground floor, second flat on the right." With that, Susan heads off inside, leaving Alison looking annoyed.

Inside, Fiona hugs Susan and asks her how she's been. Susan smiles, "Fine!" Fiona goes on, "Sit down and tell me everything that's happened!"

Outside, Janice is cleaning the barbecue as Gordon sits and watches her. He comments that he's waiting for a beer. Elsewhere in the grounds, Doug walks over to Alison and introduces himself. May joins them and Doug takes an oyster from her tray. He then smiles at Alison, "They say they're an--" Alison interrupts, "Aphrodisiac. I know." She adds curtly, "I don't think you need it, Mr. Fletcher. I need it, but I don't want it. Sorry." With that, she walks off.

In the manager's office, Fiona is telling Susan that Glen is a nice boy. She adds that Susan looks very happy. Susan beams, "I am. I was just frightened of being hurt again, that's all. Glen's different; he's gentle. It's not only falling in love... it's really comforting being around someone you know you can trust and rely on." May suddenly walks in and announces that they've run out of nibbles. Fiona suggests that they'd better start getting the salad ready for the barbecue.

Out in the hallway, Wayne and Neville walk in and Wayne suggests that they put the beer in Fiona's room. Neville suddenly notices a telegram on the floor. He picks it up and Wayne looks at it and comments that it's for May. He asks in surprise who on earth would send a telegram to her.

A few moments later, in the manager's office, May opens the telegram and gasps, "I don't believe it! You remember the competition for the South Seas cruise? I've won it!" Everyone congratulates her, warmly! Fiona smiles, "You enjoy it!"

A while later, outside, Alison is standing with Wayne and Gordon, who's in his wheelchair. Wayne hands his father a beer and comments, "Better late than never!" Neville and Susan suddenly emerge from the mansion. Charlie immediately grabs Neville and tells him that she'll do the intros. Alison walks over to Susan, who's placing some sausages on the barbecue. She stops in her tracks, though, as Janice joins Susan. Looking annoyed, she mutters, "Damn." Doug walks over to her and comments, "Taking their time getting their act together, aren't they?" Alison just growls, "In comparison with some, yes," and walks off. Charlie is introducing Neville to a woman called Greta Jackson. Alison suddenly walks towards them and Charlie grabs her and introduces her. As soon as she's done so, Janice pulls Neville away and tells him that they've got to get the rest of the meat out. Susan is talking to Doug, asking what brings him there: business or pleasure. Doug smiles, "A bit of both. Don't tell Caroline, though!" He then continues, "It's time I got down to business. Charlie said Alison Carr was going to be here today: can you point her out to me?" Susan replies sourly, "Sure can. She was the one you were just talking to." Doug looks round at Alison in surprise and asks, "The blonde one?" Susan nods, "That's her." She then adds, "What do you want to meet her for?" Doug muses, "Just doing my homework, that's all..."

Inside, Fiona is sitting in the armchair in the manager's office. Janice and Neville are with her, and Janice encourages her to go out and enjoy herself. Fiona points out that that salads haven't been tossed yet. Janice, though, insists that she and Neville can do that. She adds that Fiona is to go and say hello to everyone, and relax. Fiona does as she's told and heads out. Janice asks Neville if he's ever tossed a salad!

Outside, Glen and Susan are standing by the barbecue. Glen asks Susan if she's having a good time and she smiles and nods at him. Glen kisses her and then tells her that he'll go and get her a drink. He walks off, leaving Susan alone. Alison suddenly walks over to her and comments, "There you are." Susan asks sourly, "What do you want?" Alison tells her, "Just to chat." Doug watches from a distance as she goes on, "There's something you should know about Glen: just a few facts, nothing more." Susan snaps, "As if I'd believe your facts." Alison tells her, "You can check them, if you like. You can ask any member of the company he used to work for - they'll all tell you the same thing: he was fired because he attacked a fellow workmate. He picked a fight and put the other guy in hospital. So if you've been thinking he's a nice cute boy who wouldn't hurt a fly, think again." Susan stands there, looking shocked.

Inside, in the manager's office, Neville is tossing the salad. Janice tells him, "That will do." They suddenly hear Charlie's and Greta's voices out in the hallway. Greta is saying, "Who's the busy little one working the barbecue?" Charlie tells her, "That's Janice. She's a sweetie at heart, but socially speaking, well... the less said the better. It's a nasty thing to say, but I honestly can't see Janice ending up anything but a lonely old maid." In the office, Janice is standing there looking devastated. Neville looks at her caringly and tells her gently, "Don't you listen to them. You'll end up a princess." He then kisses her softly on the cheek. Janice smiles in embarrassment.

Outside, Glen is asking Susan, "Did she tell you the background?" Alison is standing with them as Susan retorts, "It's true, isn't it?" Glen protests, "It's not the full story. There was a girl. He was harassing her. He said if she didn't sleep with him, she'd lose her job. She was eighteen, for God's sake." Alison points out, "You still attacked him." Glen snaps at her, "Keep out of it." Alison, though, retorts, "Susan has a right to be told. Her last husband was prone to fits of violence." Glen growls, "I'm not prone to anything. It was one time. One time when I stood up for a girl who--" Alison interrupts him and says, "Alright, alright, I don't want to start an argument. I just think she has the right to know the truth, that's all." Glen glares at her and snaps, "You can act so innocent, can't you. 'I don't want to start an argument'. Like hell." Susan suddenly cries, "Please stop it, both of you." She runs off. Glen chases after her. Doug stands there looking at Alison as a sly smile crosses her face.

Later that day, May walks into the manager's office and tells a weary-looking Fiona that everyone's gone. Fiona just sighs heavily and May asks her how she's feeling. Fiona murmurs, "I've known brighter days." May comments, "Complete rest: that's what you need, isn't it?" Fiona nods, "Yeah." May then declares, "Fiona, I want you to take the cruise. I can go another time. Wayne and Janice can manage things here for three weeks." Fiona protests, "Honestly, May..." May, however, insists, "You need a break. You're always offering help to other people; now I want to help you for a change - and the least you can do is accept it gracefully." Fiona smiles and replies warmly, "Thankyou, May."

Susan emerges from the study at Dural to find Glen sitting on the stairs. She immediately snaps at him to leave. She then heads into the lounge room, but Glen follows her as he insists that she's blowing this out of proportion: it was one time and he was standing up for a girl when no one else would. He goes on, "Look, this has nothing to do with us or our situation." Susan snaps, "Hasn't it?" Glen retorts, "No. Alison is using this to try to break us up. Can't you see that?" Susan tells him, "Of course I can." Glen asks, "Then why react--" Susan interrupts and cries, "Because you did it, that's why. It shows what you're capable of. I just couldn't live with that. You could be quiet as a mouse for months, but I'd always be on-edge; always wondering, looking at you, thinking of Bill." Glen points out, "I am not Bill." Susan cries, "I know, I know... I'm sorry. Call me irrational... paranoid... anything. I don't care. I just know it wouldn't work. We're better off stopping it now."

That evening, there's a knock on the door at Charlie's and Alison opens it to find Doug standing there. She tells him curtly that Charlie's not home. Doug, though, steps inside and retorts, "I know. I came to see you." He heads into the lounge room. Alison follows him and snaps, "I thought I made it quite clear this afternoon I'm not in the least interested in you?" Doug tells her, "The feeling's mutual. The truth is, you're the reason I'm in Sydney." Alison stares at him as he goes on, "I've heard a lot about you. Not much of it's good." Alison mutters, "I assume you've been talking to Caroline." Doug retorts, "Yes. I wasn't sure whether she was exaggerating or not - 'til I saw you in action with Glen and Susan. That was some job. You're a heartless beast, aren't you?" Alison snaps, "If you came here to abuse me, you can save your breath. Words are the last thing I'm scared of." Doug just laughs, "Yeah?" Alison snaps, "Yeah. Now if you don't mind, I'm planning a quiet night--" Doug suddenly interrupts her and says, "How about five words: 'I know who you are'." Alison looks at him sharply.


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