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    Written by: Foveaux Kirby    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Alison asks, "Who do you think I am?" Doug tells her, "Patricia Palmer - the lady who went to Rio on a dodgy passport." Alison growls, "You've had too much to drink." Doug, though, goes on, "She checked into a clinic run by a plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Carlos Santos. He did a good job." Alison smiles, "Sorry - I don't know what you're talking about." Doug, however, retorts, "There's a lot more: dates... flight numbers... where you got the passport from... You really want me to go on?" Alison hesitates and then asks, "How did you find out?" Doug replies, "Money talks." Alison spits, "Caroline put you up to this, didn't she?" Doug, however, tells her, "No - and I haven't said anything to her yet, either." Alison demands, "Who was it, then?" Doug just replies lightly, "Nobody. I just got curious after I heard a few things about you." Alison snaps, "From who?" Doug smiles, "Your friend, Charlie, does go on sometimes. It was enough to get me started. Never thought I'd hit such good pay-dirt, though." Alison turns away and asks, "Is that all?" Doug tells her, "I know the police are after you for the murder of Luke Carlyle." Alison turns back to him sharply and asks, "You going to tell them?" Doug replies, "Not yet." He then continues, "I'm not a vindictive man, but after I'd heard some of the things you've done to people over the years, I reckon it's about time somebody made you squirm a bit." He then growls, "See you around," and he walks out, leaving Alison looking worried.

Janice and Neville walk into the mansion, talking about doing the washing-up after the barbecue. Janice is carrying a plastic bag, and she manages to knock it against the bowl of salad Neville is carrying, causing dressing to spill down his trousers. They head into the manager's office, where Janice suggests to Neville that he'd better take his trousers off. Neville gasps in shock, "I say. Steady on!" May suddenly walks in and Janice asks her if she knows anything about stains. May suggests Neville find a good dry-cleaner. Neville heads off to his bedroom to change. May then tells Janice that the two of them should have a chat about looking after the house while Fiona is away. Before they get onto this, though, they start arguing about Janice embarrassing Neville. Janice snaps at May that she's an silly old busybody.

Charlie walks into her lounge room. Alison immediately demands, "What did you say to Doug Fletcher about me?" Charlie assures her, "Nothing, really. I may have said something about you and Caroline not seeing eye-to-eye..." Alison snaps, "You said a damn sight more than that. Because of you and your big mouth, Doug Fletcher has had me checked-out: he knows everything about me." Charlie gasps, "But I didn't think I said anything." Alison mutters, "There must be some way I can get myself out of it before he goes to the police. At least he wants to play me for a while, so I might have a bit of breathing space." Charlie asks, "What on earth can you do?" Alison sighs, "There's only about one resource I have left." With that, she walks out.

Doug arrives back at his Sydney hotel room to find Alison lying seductively on his bed, sipping a drink. He demands, "How the hell did you get in here?" Alison smiles, "As you said, money talks. I paid the porter to unlock the door." Doug spits, "You are getting desperate, aren't you? Get out." Alison just smiles back, "You are nervous, aren't you?" Doug retorts, "Not half as nervous as you if you're prepared to resort to flinging yourself at me." Alison asks dismissively, "You don't think I'd honestly believe that I could change your mind by spending the night with you?" Doug snaps, "What other reason would you have for coming here?" Alison replies, "Perhaps there's more to you and me than meets the eye?" Doug mutters, "What you see is what you get - and you still don't fool me." Alison suggests they have a drink. She smiles at him, her eyes wide. Doug murmurs, "Why not...?"

The next morning, Doug is sitting reading his newspaper and eating breakfast. Alison emerges from the bedroom and smiles, "Good morning." Doug just snaps, "I've got a 'plane to catch, back to Melbourne." Alison says in disappointment, "I was hoping you'd stay a little longer." Doug, though, mutters, "Let's not kid ourselves, Alison. I'll still be talking to the police when I think the time's right." Alison growls, "I know what it is: you've got a conscience about Caroline. Why don't you admit it? I've given you something else to think about." Doug, though, just snaps, "I'm going to take a shower. If you're still here when I get back, I'll have you thrown out - and this time I mean it. Clear?" With that, he walks off, leaving Alison looking annoyed.

Janice, May and Neville walk into the manager's office at the mansion after seeing Fiona off, and Janice comments that the place won't seem the same without her. May assures her that the cruise will do her the world of good. Neville asks to be excused, saying he has some letters to write home. He walks off. Janice immediately snaps at May not to start giving her advice. She then adds, "If you think you know so much about men, why didn't you marry one?" May smiles, "I didn't know which one to choose, because there were so many of them. You see, I know all there is to know about men, and if you don't want the benefit of my experience, that's your bad luck."

Susan is pushing Gordon in his wheelchair along the driveway at Dural. They stop next to where Glen's working and Gordon tells him that the garden's looking great. Glen thanks him. Gordon then asks him if he's having problems with the sprinkler system. Glen replies that it's nothing he can't sort out. Looking upset at being near Glen, Susan suddenly mutters that she forgot her sunglasses, and she runs back towards the house.

Wayne is standing in the hallway as Susan heads inside, and he asks if something's the matter. Susan just retorts that she forgot her sunglasses. She heads into the lounge room. Wayne, though, comments, "It's Glen, isn't it? You two were having a problem at the barbecue yesterday." Susan murmurs, "You could say that." Wayne offers, "If it'll make it easier, I'll fire him." Susan, though, retorts quickly, "You do that and I'll quit. It wouldn't be fair." Wayne asks if there's anything he can do. Susan, though, snaps, "It's my problem." Wayne reminds her gently, "There was a time when you wanted to talk to me about your problems." Susan looks at him as he goes on, "When I came to Melbourne to talk to you about looking after dad, I thought we still had an understanding. I know nothing ever came of us because of you being married, but we trusted each other. Why can't you trust me now? I'm still the same person." Susan cries, "It would be nice to have someone to talk to..." With that, Wayne puts his arms round her.

Alison arrives back at Charlie's. Charlie asks her where on earth she's been. Alison sighs, "I spent the night with Doug Fletcher." Charlie gasps, "But you hate the man." Alison cries that she didn't know what else to do. Charlie comments, "You thought staying with him would stop him going to the police? You've made some awful decisions in your time, but I never thought you'd go as far as sleeping with a man to get what you want." Alison glares at her and snaps, "What's suddenly makes you so moral? I had no other choice." Charlie retorts angrily, "You didn't have to behave like an alley cat." Alison glares at her and suddenly reaches out and slaps her round the face. Charlie immediately slaps her back.

Some time later, Alison is sitting on the couch, nursing her face, as Charlie stands next to her and says mutedly, "It's all my fault. I should have realised and talked you out of it. Sorry I said that about you." Alison, though, sighs, "I deserved it." She adds, "I don't know how I'm going to stop him going to the police now." Charlie pauses and then says, "The best means of defence is attack." Alison asks, "What with?" Charlie sighs, "I don't know." There's silence. Alison then suddenly cries, "I'm mad! Of course: I missed the whole point of the problem. I should forget about Doug Fletcher and concentrate on proving I didn't kill Luke Carlyle." Charlie asks, "How? The only two people who could prove that Jeff O'Brien was the murderer have gone." Alison, however, suggests, "Maybe I don't need them. Now, when Jeff left the hospital to go to Luke's flat, he was in no condition to walk there, was he? A taxi. He must have got in a taxi. We should have followed that up before. I know it's a long shot, but if I can find the driver and get him to testify, my troubles are over." Charlie points out that it'll be like finding a needle in a haystack. Alison, though, insists, "At this stage, anything's worth a try." She goes on, "I'm going to 'phone all the Melbourne taxi companies and offer a big reward to anyone who can help me find that driver." Charlie asks, "What about Doug Fletcher? It might take months to find the driver and he could go to the police at any moment." Alison retorts, "I'll worry about that when and if it happens. First things first." With that, she starts dialling. When the call's answered, she says, "Hello? Yes, I want all the Melbourne taxi numbers."

Janice knocks on the door of the manager's office at the mansion. Neville answers it and asks nervously, "What can I do for you?" Janice explains that she'd like him to come up to her room for lunch. Neville, though, tells her that he's already had lunch, and he adds that he really must get on with his letters. He closes the door again.

A few moments later, Janice knocks on the door of May's room. May lets her in and comments that they were going to have a talk about running the place. Janice looks at the spread on May's table and comments that she goes to a lot of trouble for lunch. May tells her that you have to have standards. She then starts showing Janice photos of her men friends, including, "The darling of them all: Harry Chalmers." She goes on, "He never stopped buying me gifts." She shows Janice a box of jewellery and Janice asks in surprise, "Is that all real?" May retorts, "You don't think I'd accept imitations, do you?" Janice gasps, "But I thought you didn't have any money. You're always saying how poor you are." May, however, tells her, "My dear Janice, these are far more valuable than the money they represent. These are my memories. You should never sell your memories." Janice spots another photo of a young woman and asks who it is. May smiles, "That's me, of course!" Janice gasps, "But you were so beautiful!" May sighs, "Youth is so short a time. We should enjoy it before it's lost." Janice replies, "I know - and I should have been listening. It's just that I've never really been interested in men before." May tells her that they're going to have a few lessons on men!

A short time later, May is teaching Janice about making sure she never touches Neville's hand, but ensures that hers is always in reach. Janice realises that she's talking about being subtle. With that, she heads off to try it out. When she steps into the hallway, though, she finds Neville slouched on the stairs and she snaps at him, "Don't sit like that: you'll get curvature of the spine." May shakes her head in disappointment.

Wayne, Susan, Gordon and Glen are eating lunch at Dural. Gordon asks Glen if he didn't say he wanted to go to a nursery up in the mountains. Glen replies that he hasn't had the time. Gordon suggests to him that he go this afternoon - and take Susan with him. Susan, though, mutters, "No thankyou." Glen points out that she needs a break. Susan just snaps that she doesn't want to. She then asks to be excused and she runs out. Wayne goes after her. Gordon asks Glen if he won't tell him what's wrong. Glen retorts, "Thanks, but it's my problem. It's up to me to solve it." He heads out of the room.

Outside, Wayne and Susan are walking in the driveway as Wayne points out, "You have to see him every day; it'll only get worse. Somebody's got to go and it's not you." They suddenly spot Glen emerging from the house and Susan says to Wayne, "Quickly: put your arm around me." Wayne does as he's asked and pulls Susan towards him. He then pretends to whisper in her ear, and Susan giggles lightly. Glen stares at them and then walks off in the opposite direction.

Charlie walks into her lounge room. Alison is sitting in there with a packed bag and Charlie asks her where she's off to. Alison explains that she's off to Melbourne as soon as the cab arrives. She adds, "I've struck gold, Charlie." Charlie asks in surprise, "The reward offer paid off?" Alison nods, "The man I'm after is called Micky Pratt. I had a call from a driver who worked the same shift the night Luke was murdered. He told me that all the nightshift cabbies get together for a drink after work and he distinctly remembers that that night, Micky came in and told them he'd picked up this strange boy with a pyjama top and jeans from outside the hospital." Charlie asks, "Did he get his name?" Alison, though, retorts, "Listen." She goes on, "He took the boy to a block of flats, he waited outside for twenty minutes while the boy went inside, then took him back to the hospital - and apparently, the whole way back in the cab the boy was extremely nervous - so it has to be Jeff O'Brien." Charlie smiles, "Darling, that's wonderful." Alison agrees, "Yes. Now all I have to do is see the driver, give him his reward and find Micky Pratt." A car horn suddenly sounds outside and Alison stands up. Charlie suggests, "Now you can tell Doug Fletcher where to go." Alison muses, "If I get there in time." She then adds, "While I'm in Melbourne, I might put a spoke in Mr. Fletcher's wheel..." Charlie looks at her warily. Alison, though, tells her, "Don't worry about it, Charlie."

Later that day, there's a knock on the door of Doug's hotel room in Melbourne. He calls that it's open. Alison walks in and says, "Hello. I'm back. Despite the way you treated me this morning, I had to see you again." Doug mutters, "You came down from Sydney for that?" Alison goes on, "I won't deny I'm embarrassed about it, but I couldn't stop thinking about you." Doug tells her, "It's not going to work, you know. If you want to cheapen yourself, that's your problem." Alison turns and heads towards the bedroom. She then looks at Doug and asks, "Do I stay or not?" Doug stands up from his seat on the couch.

Susan is making a fuss of a dog in the driveway at Dural. Wayne is with her. Glen walks past as Wayne comments that somebody must have dumped the dog, as he hasn't got a collar. He then adds, "You want to keep him, don't you?" Susan smiles, "I'd love to!" Wayne suggests, "We'll have to ask dad." With that, they head towards the house. Glen watches them.

A few moments later, Wayne and Susan join Gordon round by the pool. Looking at the dog, Gordon asks, "What have we here?" Susan tells him, "It's a stray. Can I keep him?" Gordon replies, "I don't see why not!" Susan, beaming broadly, gives him a kiss on the cheek and says she'll take him inside and clean him up a bit. She heads off into the house. Wayne sits down with his father and comments, "It's nice to see her happy." Gordon asks, "What happened between her and Glen?" Wayne retorts, "He was just making a real pest of himself." Gordon comments, "I thought she was keen on him." He adds, "It's a pity - I'm very fond of her. I'd like to see her happy." Wayne replies earnestly, "Me too." He then continues, "Since I've been back, it's made me realise everything would have been so much better for both of us if I'd had the sense to hang on to her all that time ago." Gordon asks, "How does she feel?" Wayne tells him, "The same, I think." He then tells his father, "Now that I've got a second chance, I'm going to do my darnedest to hang on to her."


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