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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

A few moments later, Doug rejoins Craig and Andy. He's holding a box containing various papers and tells the two of them, "I found these hidden away in one of my warehouses. How they got there in the first place... how long they've been there... is way beyond me. But I want to get rid of them; they're only taking up space." Andy asks what they are. He and Craig sit down as Doug explains, "Sheet music. Old standards. A lot of it's from the '30s and '40s; songs that were famous during the War." Craig picks up some of the sheets of music and mutters, "It's a wonder the silverfish haven't had a picnic." Doug replies, "They've had a bit of a nibble here and there, but by-and-large it's in good condition." Andy asks, "What are you going to do with them?" Doug tells him, "Get rid of them. Sell them." Andy asks dubiously, "Who'd want them?" Doug shrugs, "I don't know. That's what you two have to find out. It's going to take a very clever mind to come up with the right marketing idea." Andy asks in disbelief, "You want us to sell them?" Doug nods, "That's what I had in mind. A little competition to see which one of you guys came up with those other bright ideas." Craig indicates the box and asks, "Is that all of them?" Doug replies, "No - there's about another dozen boxes altogether. You can have half each and you've got a week. Whoever unloads their share for the best price wins."

That evening, Caroline is sitting in the lounge room at the country house as Andy prepares a poster on the floor next to her. She laughs that he hasn't had so much fun since kindergarten! Andy holds up his poster and asks, "What do you think so far?" It says 'TODAY'S SHOPPING BARGAIN' and is coloured in in felt-tip. Caroline smiles, "Very nice." She then comments that she wonders if it'll catch the customers' imagination. Andy asks her if she's saying it's not gimmicky enough. Caroline shrugs, "I don't know. I'm not a marketing expert. I'm just saying, that's all." Andy muses, "Oh, it doesn't matter. If that doesn't work, I'll just bring out the old charm. That always gets them in." Caroline stands up, saying she's going to make some coffee. She heads out to the kitchen, where Craig is sitting at the table, looking glum. She asks him how his ideas are going. He mutters, "They're not." Caroline smiles, "That's no good." Craig, though, growls, "It's not funny, Caroline." Caroline comments, "You're taking all this very seriously, aren't you?" Craig retorts, "Of course I am. I have to win." Caroline asks, "Why?" Craig snaps, "It's important that I beat Andy, that's why. He's pinched my ideas once too often." Caroline remarks, "You don't want to beat him just to impress Debbie, I hope..." Craig retorts, "No. You're way off-beam. I want to beat him to prove he's a thief and a liar; simple as that. Once I've shown him up, look out. It's time I made my move - and one day, I'm going to be just as rich as Doug Fletcher..."

Sometime later, Doug opens the door of his hotel room to find Caroline standing there. He smiles, "Hello." Caroline asks, "Five-minute truce?" Doug agrees and invites her in. She goes and sits down and tells him, "I'm worried about how seriously Craig is taking this competition with Andy." Doug insists, "It was never meant as a joke." Caroline replies, "I know - but Craig's just had one of the worst disappointments a boy could have, and he's too immature to know how to handle it. He's bottling up all his emotions and he's using the competition to establish some sort of feeling of self-worth. If he wins - and he will, because he's the one who's been coming up with the ideas; not Andy - he might decide that winning is the only way to measure success." Doug asks in surprise, "And that's a problem?" Caroline tells him, "I think so. Certainly for Craig it is. I'd hate to see him end up by thinking that all that matters was how quickly he could make the next dollar." Doug mutters, "Like me...?" Caroline nods, "Yes." Doug growls, "Seems as though we've got a really bad case of double standards here, Caroline. You didn't show the slightest hesitation in accepting that mink coat I gave you, and now you say you don't accept how I made the money to pay for it." Caroline starts to protest, "I didn't mean to make it sound like--" Doug interrupts and snaps, "Well it did." Caroline sighs, "You're suited for a cut -throat world; probably I am, too - but Craig isn't, and I don't want to see him get on some merry-go-round which is going to make a mess of his life." Doug sighs heavily and then asks, "What do you want me to do?" Caroline replies, "Give him an out."

Craig is making himself a drink in the kitchen at the country house when the 'phone rings. He answers it and Doug comes on. He tells Craig, "Look, son, I feel I owe you an apology. I've known you for quite a while now and the more I think about it, the more I realise you're not the sort of guy who runs around telling lies - so if you say that those ideas were yours, I believe you." Craig replies, "Thankyou." He then listens before retorting, "Cancel the competition. Why?" Doug shrugs, "There's no point now, is there? The issue's been settled." Craig, though, snaps, "No. I took it on with my eyes open and I intend to see it through. I'm not having people say I'm too weak to hang in there. See you later." With that, he hangs up. At his hotel, Doug looks at Caroline and murmurs, "I tried."

A few moments later, Craig is standing with Andy in the lounge room at the country house. Andy is snapping, "I didn't tell him you wanted out." Craig demands, "Then why would he suddenly give me the option?" Andy retorts, "Search me. I don't know how the bloke's mind works." Craig growls, "I'm warning you, mate. You get any ideas about doing the dirty on me and you're going to end up with a busted head." Andy taunts, "I'd say you're scared of losing." Craig just retorts, "To you? You've got to be kidding." He then adds, "If those posters are the best that you can do, then I haven't got much to worry about, that's for sure." Andy retorts, "Oh yeah? And what have you come up with?" Craig, however, shakes his head and tells Andy, "Uh-uh. You're not milking any more ideas out of me. I'm keeping them to myself from now on." He turns to walk out. He then looks back at Andy, though, and tells him curtly, "I won't need a week to beat you either, mate. Three days will be plenty - because I've come up with something that'll move that stuff quicker than you thought possible." With that, he walks out, leaving Andy looking worried.

The next morning, Wayne and Susan are packing food and cooking ingredients into a box in the lounge room at Dural. Alison is pottering around behind them. Susan laughs at Wayne that he's not seriously going to make a damper, is he? Wayne points out that they're going to be living in the bush, so they have to live like bushmen. He then reminds her that he was brought up in the outback. Susan laughs, "What? Woombai?!" Wayne tells her, "It's the outback if you've spent most of your life in the city!" The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Alison goes to answer it. As she does so, Susan comments to Wayne that it's a pity Charlie decided not come with them. Wayne, clearly disagreeing, just muses, "Yeah, it is, isn't it..." Susan heads off to the kitchen. On the 'phone, Alison tells the person she's speaking to, "I'll see you when I get there." She hangs up and tells Wayne that she has to go out for about an hour or so. Wayne asks who it was. Alison replies, "Your father. He wants to see me." She adds sarcastically, "Be awful if he wanted to smoke the peace pipe, wouldn't it? Really put your nose out of joint..."

Sometime later, Alison knocks on the door of Gordon's room at Hornsby Hospital and walks in. Gordon invites her to sit down, but she tells him that she'll stand. Gordon, from his bed, then tells her, "It wasn't easy reporting you to the police. Since we've known each other, you've been a very good friend - but I just couldn't sit back and let Caroline take the blame." Alison assures him, "Yes, I know." Gordon asks her, "Why did you let her take it in the first place?" Alison tells him, "I panicked. Afterwards, I felt terrible, but by then it was too late." She then sighs and admits, "Not really, I suppose: there's always a way out - but I was scared of losing your friendship and that's the truth." Gordon tells her, "I was hoping that we might be able to put the whole business behind us - partly because I'd like to still consider you a friend, and also because of your friendship with Patricia - not that I owe the woman anything. She was my wife and for a time..." He breaks off before continuing, "For a time, I was in love with her. I felt badly about turning one of her few friends over to the police." Alison just smiles, "Well, it's all over now." Changing the subject, she then asks, "What about the business?" Gordon replies, "Yes, well I'll be turning my Power of Attorney back to Wayne - but I'd still like you to play an active part in helping to run things." Alison smiles at him, looking delighted. She tells him, "Thankyou. I'd like that..."

Wayne and Susan are still packing food in a box in the lounge room at Dural. Susan smiles, "It's going to be glorious just sitting around in the sun doing nothing." Wayne agrees, "I won't argue with that: canoeing... swimming..." Susan tells him quickly, "You can go swimming. I won't." Wayne asks, "Why not?" Susan replies, "Because I can't." Wayne tells her, "I'll have to teach you." Susan, though, insists, "I'm quite happy to sit on the rocks and dangle my toes in the water!" Wayne asks, "How come you never learnt?" Susan explains, "Bad experience when I was a kid: we were on holidays up the coast and I fell off a wharf." Wayne bursts into laughter, but Susan protests indignantly, "It wasn't very funny. I was only six at the time. It was pretty frightening. I still remember going down... swallowing water... Dad jumped in and pulled me out, of course. Ever since then, if it's too deep to stand up in, I don't go in." She then muses, "It's funny how things like that stay with you, isn't it? I tell you what: I'd hate to go through anything like it again." She adds, "Bit of a old scaredy-cat, the old Susan. Not as brave as people like Glen." Wayne, looking annoyed, tells her quickly, "I wouldn't say that. Anyway, as long as there's someone there to look after you, you haven't got anything to worry about, have you?" Susan admits, "I suppose not." Wayne assures her, "Of course you haven't..."

In Melbourne, Andy has set up a stall in the shopping centre and is talking into a microphone, his voice booming around the centre as he tells people not to miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy up a little bit of yesteryear. Two elderly ladies approach the table and Andy sells them some sheet music. Caroline watches from a distance and then walks over to him and asks how it's going. He tells her, "Not bad - I've made about $10." Caroline smiles, "Congratulations." She then asks, "You made any other big sales?" Andy, though, retorts, "I'm not telling you - you'd run back and tell Craig." Caroline just muses, "Keep up the good work." She walks off. Andy resumes his sales patter.

Sometime later, Caroline arrives back at the country house to find Craig sitting at the kitchen table, sighing heavily. He asks her what she's doing home and she explains that she needs her dry-cleaning tickets. She picks them up and muses, "Back to the factory!" As she goes to head out, Craig asks, "Did you see Andy this morning?" Caroline replies, "Yes." Craig asks how he's going. Caroline tells him, "He's not exactly being run over in the stampede..." Craig mutters, "But he's doing alright?" Caroline sighs, "Look, you shouldn't be worrying about how Andy's going; you should be working on your own ideas." Craig retorts, "You reckon I haven't been trying? It's crazy: when it isn't important, I can come up with more ideas than I know what to do with, and as soon as my future's on the line, I can't think of one." Caroline suggests, "Maybe your motivation's the problem?" Craig demands, "How do you work that out?" Caroline replies, "If you were in this competition for the right reasons..." She breaks off before continuing, "Obviously, after the way your mother behaved, you want to show people that you're not like her; that you're a better person than she is." Craig snaps, "What's wrong with that?" Caroline tells him, "Nothing - but getting into competitions isn't the way that you're going to do it. Just concentrate on being yourself. That's all it's going to take, Craig." Craig, however, retorts, "It's two separate issues, Caroline: I do have to prove myself - but I'm not giving up rubbing Andy's nose in the dirt. No way." Caroline stands there, looking worried.

Alison, Susan and Wayne have arrived at Charlie's house in the Hawkesbury. They begin to unpack the car. Susan looks around and smiles, "It's so beautiful up here." She and Alison then head off inside with boxes of groceries.

As Alison opens the front door, she comments that she thinks they should have a snack of some kind before they unpack. Susan adds, "And a cup of tea!" Alison goes to switch the light on, but discovers that there's no bulb. Wayne follows them in and says he'll check the fuse box. He heads back outside. Susan looks round the house and remarks in surprise, "I never thought Charlie the type to own a fishing shack!" Alison explains, "She bought it on a whim a few years back. Fell in love with a fisherman!" Wayne comes back in and announces, "It's the fuse alright." Susan asks, "Can you fix it?" Wayne tells her, "If I had some fuse wire." Alison suggests, "You'd better go and get some. You'd better go now, before it gets dark." Wayne sighs and heads back out. Alison tells Susan, "It won't take him long - most country stores carry fuse wire." Changing the subject, Susan asks, "How did it finally end for Charlie and her fisherman?" Alison laughs, "They went out on a boat one day. Charlie was trying to attach some mooring rope: she lost her balance and fell overboard." Susan asks, "And that was it?" Alison nods, "As far as Charlie was concerned: she maintains she was pushed!" Susan laughs. She then tells Alison, "Wayne says he's taking me out in the canoe tomorrow." Alison, looking suddenly worried, asks, "Are you sure that's wise?" Susan grins, "I hardly think I'm going to fall overboard. I'm not quite as dizzy as Charlie!" Alison says quickly, "Of course not." She still looks concerned, though.

Later that evening, Wayne, Alison and Susan are sitting at the kitchen table, playing I-Spy. Wayne tells them that he spies something beginning with 'ST'. Alison and Susan both give up and Susan asks what it is. Wayne laughs, "Stuffed trout!" Changing the subject, Susan tells him seriously, "Thanks for bringing me up here." Wayne smiles, "My pleasure." Susan then stands up and announces that she feels like some fresh air. As she heads for the door, she comments, "I wonder what Glen's doing tonight." Wayne's face drops as he mutters, "Probably driving a taxi." Susan says, "He should be up here with us." Turning to Alison, she adds, "Don't worry about me falling in the water - I promise I won't go near it!" With that, she heads out. Left alone with Wayne, Alison muses, "Why the sudden mention of Glen?" Wayne retorts, "It's Susan's way of letting me know he's still number one." He then demands, "Did you mention anything about the boating trip tomorrow?" He reminds her of what Susan said: "The bit about falling into the water." Alison replies, "Only in conversation. I didn't mention anything about you deliberately capsizing the boat." Wayne growls, "You shouldn't have said anything." Alison retorts, "I'm sorry. She brought it up." Wayne mutters suspiciously, "You're getting very buddy-buddy with Susan lately, aren't you?" Alison shrugs, "So?" Wayne retorts, "Maybe I can't trust you anymore?" Alison sighs, "Of course you can." Wayne points out, "You've hardly got the best track record in town." Alison, however, assures him, "We made a deal. I'm not going to go back on it. You tell me what I'm supposed to do tomorrow and I'll do it. Anything you want." Wayne, standing up, retorts, "I don't want you to do a damn thing. The deal's off." Alison shrugs, "If that's what you want." Wayne growls, "It is as far as Susan goes - but don't think you're getting out of it that easily: you still owe me." Alison sighs, "I can't be bothered. I'm going to bed." Wayne persists, "I meant what I said." Alison just mutters, "I'm sure you did. Goodnight." With that, she heads off to her room, leaving Wayne looking angry.

The next morning, Alison is standing outside the house, calling, "Wayne... Susan..." There's no response. She suddenly spots Wayne in the distance, walking at a fast pace towards the house, and she runs towards him, calling, "Wayne... what's the matter? Where's Susan?" Wayne replies, "Out walking." Alison asks, "Is she alright?" Wayne retorts, "Of course she's alright. Why shouldn't she be?" He then announces, "I have to get back to the city - I've had some bad news about Charlie." He walks past Alison, who looks suddenly worried. She demands, "What bad news?" Wayne doesn't answer her, though. Alison runs after him, back to the house.

A few minutes later, inside, Wayne is stuffing clothes in a bag. Alison joins him and asks, "What happened?" Wayne tells her, "She's had an accident." Alison asks, "How did you find out?" Wayne replies, "There's a public 'phone about a mile down the track. I thought I'd ring her; see how dad was." He adds, "Look, get changed and then we can go. I'll pack Susan's things and then we can pick her up on the way out." Alison nods, "Right." She heads off to her bedroom. Wayne immediately walks over to her door and turns the lock. He calls through the door, "Goodbye, Alison!" Alison starts banging on the door and snapping, "Wayne? What are you doing?" Wayne tells her gleefully, "This way, I know where you are." Alison snaps, "What on earth are you talking about?" Wayne retorts, "I told you last night I didn't trust you. Now I've got nothing to worry about. I can take Susan boating without you blowing the whistle on me." Alison demands, "What about Charlie?" Wayne grins, "That was a lie. Sorry." He then adds, "Anyway, I have to rush - Susan's waiting." He walks off, leaving Alison hammering on the door and yelling, "Wayne... let me out."

A few minutes later, Wayne is running through the bush. He stops by a tree and looks at a 'No Trespassing' sign in front of him. He ignores it and climbs through the wires that make up the fence it's pinned to.

Susan is lying in a canoe, which is moored to a log at the edge of a large river. Her eyes are closed and she's soaking up the sun. A sudden gust of wind causes the mooring to come undone and the canoe begins to drift off across the water. The oars are left on the bank...

As Wayne crosses the field, a bull in front of him starts making an ominous mooing noise. It turns to face him. Wayne stops in his tracks and says nervously, "Morning, big boy." The bull moos again and starts trotting towards Wayne. Wayne growls warily, "You stay away from me, you stupid animal." The bull ignores him, though. Wayne suddenly turns and starts running. The bull begins to pick up speed and starts charging across the field towards him. Wayne runs over to a tree and climbs up it. The bull makes its way over to him and then starts trotting around on the ground beneath him. Wayne throws some leaves at it and yells, "Go on. Get out of here. Go and find yourself a lady cow to amuse." The bull doesn't move, though. Wayne eventually starts yelling reluctantly, "Help... help..."


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