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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Glen is working behind the reception desk at the gym when Susan walks in. She smiles, "Hope I'm not interrupting." Glen tells her, "Hardly. I almost didn't come in this morning." Susan asks, "You sick or something?" Glen, though, explains, "I'm just worried about Caroline - she was such a mess after last night. I wanted to stay with her this morning; she insisted I come in." Susan suggests, "Not much you could've done anyway. She needs proper help - from professionals." Glen, however, insists, "No - from friends. Caroline's got a lot of fight. She'll come through if she knows the right people are there to support her." Susan just demands, "How many people will she hurt in the meantime? No, I think they've done the right thing." Glen stares at her and asks warily, "What have they done? Who's 'they'?" Susan tells him hesitantly, "Gordon and Wayne... they had Caroline admitted to hospital this morning." Glen gasps, "What? Why? Because Wayne wants her out of the way?" Susan insists, "He did it for her own good. And it wasn't just Wayne's idea: Gordon was the one who organised the doctor to sign the papers. They had no choice, Glen. You saw the state that Caroline was in. All those absurd stories that she's been spreading round about Wayne... something had to be done - for her sake as well as everyone else's." Glen stands there, looking thoughtful, and then announces, "I'm going to ring Doug - and ask him to come home. If Caroline knows there are people who want her to get better, she will. Doug's just another one we can add to the list." Looking impressed, Susan comments, "You care about her a lot, don't you?" Glen murmurs, "She went through a lot to help me get my job back. Besides, all that time we spent up at the cabin... me thinking I could sort her out... I guess I didn't, did I?" Susan points out, "You can't blame yourself." Glen retorts, "It's hard not to. I probably just messed her up more." Susan assures him, "She knows you meant well; that's all that matters." Glen suggests suddenly, "Why don't we go and see her? Just let her know we're still around." Susan smiles, "Good idea."

Wayne is standing watching as Glen and Susan climb out of Glen's car a while later. Susan suggests to Glen, "Maybe you should see her therapist after we've seen her?" Glen assures her curtly, "I will. I'm still not convinced she should even be here." Susan suddenly spots Wayne standing nearby. He walks over to them and comments to Glen, "Susan's obviously told you about Caroline." Glen retorts, "I'm not too happy about it, either. I'm going to talk to her doctors." Wayne just tells him, "There's no point: Caroline's not here. She made a run for it getting out of the ambulance. No one knows where she's got to." Glen snaps, "How the hell did that happen? Who was supposed to be looking after her?" Wayne tells him, "A couple of ambulance guys. One of them ended up with a couple of stitches in his head." He adds 'meekly', "It's partly my fault, I guess - they told me she should be in a straightjacket." Glen gasps, "A straightjacket? You've got to be kidding." Wayne assures him, "That's exactly what I said. I wouldn't let them do it. Look how it's turned out..." Glen stands there and murmurs, "I can't believe it. Caroline was fine when I left her this morning." Wayne tells him, "She went right off the rails once you'd gone. Only hope they can find her..."

Caroline is sitting in the back of a car with the first man in white. The second man is driving. Caroline asks the first man, "Where are you taking me? You've got to tell me where I am." The man just retorts, "I don't have to tell you anything, sweetheart." Caroline stares at him and then snaps, "You're working for Wayne Hamilton, aren't you? You're holding me prisoner. That is against the law." The man just shrugs sarcastically, "So it is. Why don't you go call a lawyer?"

At Beryl's, Craig is screwing a screw into the back door frame. Ginny walks up to him and asks, "Need a hand?" Craig just ignores her. Beryl walks into the kitchen and smiles, "Hello. How's it going?" Ginny mutters, "Having a ball, aren't we, Craig?" He doesn't respond. Beryl then asks Ginny if she can give her a hand with Robert's clothes; she's holding a pile of them in her arms. Ginny nods, "No problem." Turning to Craig, she adds sourly, "It's nice to be appreciated for a change." She heads into the lounge room where Beryl indicates the clothes and tells her, "You fold those and I'll pack. It shouldn't take us long." Ginny just shrugs, "It doesn't worry me - Craig's making it pretty obvious he doesn't want me around." Beryl just tells her, "If Craig seems a bit offhand at the moment, I wouldn't worry too much: injured pride and all that." Ginny mutters, "There's no need to take it out on me. It's not my fault."

David is lying on the kitchen floor of the country house with Robert, reading him a story about a train and making the sound-effects to go with it! Beryl walks in, a smile appearing on her face as she watches! She interrupts eventually and laughs at David, "Nice to see you back on your feet!" David nods, "I'm feeling pretty good - nearly 100%." He adds, "Alison's improving, too. Should be out of hospital soon." Beryl, bending down with Robert, comments, "I suppose we should be heading back to Sydney - you can take care of yourself from now on." David, however, clutches his chest suddenly and gasps, "Oh, Beryl!" Beryl just smiles, "That is the worst relapse I've ever seen in my life!" David chuckles, "Just in case, do you reckon you'd be able to stay on a bit?" Beryl asks with a smile, "Any particular reason?" David tells her, "I'd like to spend more time with Robert - and you..." Beryl pauses and then beams, "Oh, I suppose we can stay on for a while!"

Ginny is sitting with Craig in the kitchen at Beryl's, saying to him, "You don't have to pretend. I know how you feel about Debbie running off. You're hurting; that's nothing to be ashamed of." Craig sighs, "If only I'd explained it to her..." Ginny, however, tells him, "Probably would've been a waste of time anyway. Seeing us might have been the excuse she was looking for - she and Andy had been seeing a lot of each other, and he is a pretty attractive guy." She adds quickly, "Not my type, though." Craig mutters, "Not Debbie's, either - unless she's changed..." He then sighs, "Maybe that's it. Maybe she has. She's been mucking around behind my back. She must've." Ginny just sits there, not responding...

Susan is sitting in the lounge room at Dural when Wayne walks in and hands her a gift-wrapped parcel. She just murmurs, "Thanks," and puts it down on the coffee table. Looking surprised, Wayne asks, "What's the matter?" Susan explains, "Caroline: not knowing how she is... where she is..." Wayne insists, "Caroline's tough. She'll turn up - especially if I'm not here!" Susan asks in surprise, "Where are you going?" Wayne tells her, "Melbourne - on business. But don't worry - it's only for one night!" He then suggests, "How about opening your present?" Susan picks up the parcel again and starts ripping open the paper. She finds a couple of books inside and smiles, "That's beautiful. That's great. Thankyou." Wayne tells her, "It means you won't have to spend so much time at the gym. You don't have to do classes now. It's all in there." Susan sighs, "I think you're still jealous." Wayne mutters, "Of what?" Susan replies, "Me seeing Glen at the gym." Wayne snaps, "Don't be ridiculous." Susan, however, assures him, "There's no need to worry. I'm a very happily-married woman." With that, she kisses Wayne and gives him a hug.

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, looking at recipe books. He hides them quickly as Ginny and Craig walk in and Ginny smiles, "G'day! How you feeling?" David smiles, "Fighting fit!" Ginny then comments, "Recipe books? You really did get a bump on the head!" David says quickly, "It's nothing. I just couldn't find anything else to read." He then suggests, "Listen, why don't you two go out tonight; enjoy yourselves?" Craig, however, mutters, "I'm beat. I'll stay in and watch some tele." David tells him, "There's nothing much on there, mate." Craig shrugs, "Then I'll go to bed." David sighs, "You young blokes! What's wrong with you?! There's a good movie down at the local." Craig just mutters, "I'll catch it another time." Picking up David's hint, however, Ginny says quickly to Craig, "Come on - it sounds fun." Craig retorts, "Will you get off my back?" Ginny sighs, "You'll enjoy the movie, Craig. Besides, David might need a break from us..." David looks down at the floor, a smile on his face! Craig catches on finally and smiles, "Oh! That film at the local! Yeah, I did want to see that!"

It's dark when the back door of the country house opens and Beryl steps inside. She calls, "David? David!" The lights come on suddenly. David is standing there, wearing a dinner jacket and black bow tie! The table is laid with candles and a bottle of wine. David tells Beryl, "Madam, your table is ready and dinner shall be served shortly." Beryl smiles in surprise, "What's all this?!" David just tells her, "Take a seat. Relax and I shall get you a pre-dinner drink." He helps Beryl to her chair. He then says, "As for our young son, he's asleep. I'd like to spend some time alone with you." Beryl sits there, a smile on her face.

Glen is tidying up the reception area at the gym when Susan walks in and asks, "Finishing up for the day?" Glen nods, "Wayne said I can have some time off to look for Caroline." Susan sighs, "I wish I could help. It's driving me crazy sitting at home." Glen suggests, "You never know: she might call you." Susan, however, retorts, "And risk talking to Wayne? I doubt it." Glen murmurs, "No, she doesn't want to seem to talk to anybody. I've 'phoned all her friends... businesspeople... Nothing." Susan asks, "What's next?" Glen tells her, "I thought I might go up to the cabin. I don't reckon there's much chance she's there, but you never know." Susan suggests, "How about I come with you?" Glen replies warily, "It's OK. I'll be alright." Susan, however, insists, "I can't stay at home, reading. I feel useless." Glen just sighs, "I doubt Wayne will be impressed." Susan explains, "He's gone to Melbourne. He wouldn't know." Glen points out, "Someone will tell him." Susan, however, assures him, "They won't. Nobody's home. Gordon and Charlie have gone to some silly pyjama party - one of Charlie's mad friends! It's going on all night, so the house will be empty." Still looking hesitant, Glen says, "Susan, I don't want to cause any trouble for myself; for either of us." Susan just replies, "I know Wayne's sensitive about you and me, but at the moment I'm more concerned about Caroline. If she's gone to the cabin, it's because she doesn't trust her friends. I just want to explain why we thought she should go to hospital - and that it just wasn't Wayne's idea." Glen sighs, "Righto. I guess I could do with the company. It's a long drive." Susan smiles at him, warmly.

Caroline is lying on a bed in a small room. Her eyes are closed. The door to the room opens suddenly and Wayne steps inside, followed by a nurse. He asks her, "When will she come-to?" The nurse replies, "Half an hour. The drug wasn't too strong." Wayne tells her, "I'll wait." The nurse goes to walk out. As she does so, though, she adds, "Oh, er, we were wondering how long you'd need the room." Wayne replies, "Quite a while." The nurse tells him, "It would help if you could be a bit more specific - the manager's trying to keep the beds fully-booked." Wayne retorts curtly, "I know. I'm the new owner... I bought this place off a bad-debt list. Tell her I'll be down soon to go over her books." With that, the nurse retreats, leaving Wayne smiling nastily at the unconscious Caroline...

Beryl is still sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. David hands her a small gift box and she smiles, "Thankyou." David tells her, "You're welcome. From a secret admirer." Beryl opens the box and removes a corsage, which she pins to her dress. She smiles, "It's beautiful." David tells her, "Nothing but the best tonight. All home-cooked French cuisine." Beryl sniffs the air and comments, "Smells delicious!" She then asks, "Since when have you been having French cooking lessons?" David, however, assures her, "No need for that mucking about. I taught myself." Beryl comments, "I am impressed!" David starts to serve up the first course, adding as he does so, "It was a breeze." He then tells her, "Tuck in." Beryl puts a mouthful of food in her mouth - and a look crosses her face! David asks, "It OK?" Beryl just murmurs, "It's original... different...!"! David asks, "It's a bit off?" He then tries some himself and gasps, "Talk about a crock!" Pouring some wine for both of them quickly, he raises his glass and laughs, "Cheers!" He takes a sip and then comments, "I don't know what the wine-buffs go on about: it's hardly a thirst-quencher!" Beryl tells him, "Go on - I bet you've got a beer in that 'fridge!" As he stands up to get it, he laughs, "How did you guess?!" Beryl smiles, "You don't spend your life - well, twenty years of it - with someone without learning something about them." David takes out the beer and murmurs, "No, you don't." He sits down and goes on, "We had some good times together, didn't we, Beryl? I guess that's something we'll always have; something that no one will ever take away from us..." Beryl smiles at him.

Ginny and Craig walk into Beryl's and sit down it the lounge room with some dishes of takeaway. Craig, though, puts his down on the coffee table. Ginny asks in surprise, "Aren't you having any?" Craig just mutters, "I don't feel like it now." Ginny sighs, "What's the problem?" Craig picks up a marionette puppet that's lying on the floor and comments, "I gave Debbie one of these on our first date. They make great toys when you know how to work them. Debbie could do the voices and everything; really make them come alive. I caught her, once. She was red as a beetroot! She was so embarrassed!" He then murmurs, "I've got to stop thinking about her. It makes it worse. I'll get us something to drink." With that, he stands up and puts down the puppet. He heads off to the kitchen. When he's gone, Ginny picks up the puppet, looks at it and then throws it back into Craig's chair, sighing heavily as she does so.

At the table in the kitchen at the country house, David tells Beryl, "I'm sorry the meal wasn't much chop." Beryl giggles, "You just need practice. A few lessons!" David asks, "Who's going to teach me?" Beryl tells him, "There are lots of teachers around." David sighs, "The best one's going back to Sydney. I wish you weren't, Beryl." Beryl murmurs, "We'll still see each other." David tells her, "Not enough. I wanted to talk to you tonight... When I was stuck in that freezer with Alison, I thought my time was up. Made me think: what I had... what I lost... and I want it back again, Beryl. Family. You and me - like before." Beryl murmurs hesitantly, "We've grown apart..." David, however, tells her, "No, we've been apart. There's a difference. I want to make another go of it, love. I know it's probably selfish of me, but I'm asking anyway." Beryl murmurs, "I don't know what to say..." David continues, "We had a good marriage, Beryl. Sure, we had our tough times - probably could have handled them a lot better than we did; well, than I did! - but I want to forget that, Beryl. I want to pick up on the good times again; give ourselves another chance. So, er, what do you think? Will you marry me, Beryl?" Beryl sits there and then smiles emotionally, "I'd love to!"

In the lounge room at Beryl's, Ginny is saying to Craig, "You know, when I first met you, I thought you were a real nerd." Craig mutters, "Thanks a lot." Ginny goes on, "I wasn't used to hanging around straight people. Always thought they were too full of themselves. But, turns out you're normal after all!" Craig murmurs, "Hope so!" Ginny insists, "You are. After a while, I could tell you were a good bloke: meant what you said... said what you meant... The sort of person I like: straight-up." Craig sighs, "I thought Debbie was, too." Ginny glares at him and mutters, "I wish you'd stop talking about Debbie - it gives me the pip. All the time 'Debbie this', 'Debbie that'... it makes me feel like I'm not here." Craig, moving over to sit on the couch with her, murmurs, "Sorry." He puts his arm round her. Ginny snaps, "Don't tease, Craig." Craig tells her, "I didn't think I was." Ginny mutters, "I suppose you think it's fun playing games?" Craig just replies, "I think we should talk, Ginny." Ginny snaps, "What's there to talk about?" Craig murmurs, "Ginny..." Ginny then says, "I want you to stay the night, Craig." Craig, however, tells her quickly, "I think I should go." Ginny sighs, "Yeah. I suppose you should. Guess I got carried away." She then adds, "There's no reason why you shouldn't stay, Craig. Debbie's off playing up with Andy. There's no reason to feel guilty." With that, she leans in and kisses him. Craig kisses her back. They pull apart and Ginny asks, "Is that the best you can do?!" Craig moves in again and they start kissing passionately...

It's tipping down with torrential rain when Susan and Glen run into Glen's parents' cabin, Susan calling for Caroline as they do so. Glen switches on the lights and asks, "No sign of her?" Susan sighs, "No. At least we tried." Glen mutters, "That doesn't make me feel any better." Susan insists, "She could still turn up." Glen, however, retorts, "I doubt it. Not now. The road was bad enough coming up. Half of it's probably washed away by now. She'll never get through." Susan asks warily, "What about us? Can we get out?" Glen replies, "I don't think so. Not now." Looking worried, Susan says, "I'd better ring Gordon. Tell him what's happened." She picks up the 'phone but finds there's no dialling tone. Glen comments, "The lines must have come down in the storm." Susan stares at him and asks, "So? What do we do?" Glen tells her, "It looks like we sit tight 'til the rain's cleared." Susan gasps, "We're stuck here?" Glen nods, "Just you and me, kid." A look of concern crosses Susan's face.

Caroline is standing up in the room where she's being held, fiddling with the metal bars that cover the window. She then runs over to the door and starts banging on it and yelling, "Help! Someone please! Help!" There's no response, though. She goes and sits on the bed. After a few seconds, the door opens and Wayne steps inside. Caroline leaps up from the bed and cries, "Oh, Wayne!" Wayne, however, orders quickly, "Sit down." Caroline does so. Wayne closes the door behind him. A nasty smile crosses his face as he then asks, "How's my patient?" Caroline stares at him and retorts, "Prisoner, you mean." Wayne just shrugs, "Whatever." Caroline goes on, "It won't be for long. Once the doctor sees me, you're the one they're going to lock up." Wayne asks lightly, "Why do you say that?" Caroline retorts, "Because there's nothing wrong with me." Wayne smiles evilly, "The doctor who sees you will do exactly as I say. You see, he's on my payroll. I happen to own this place." Caroline gasps, "You won't get away with this." Wayne just shrugs, "I have so far." Caroline cries, "There'll be questions." Wayne asks, "From who? No one knows you're here. No one's going to find out. So I suggest you relax and enjoy the holiday - because I'll let you in on a little secret: it's going to be a long holiday. Very long." With that, he heads back out of the room, leaving Caroline sitting on the bed looking horrified...


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