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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Susan emerges from a bedroom at the cabin. She's changed into some old clothes and she asks Glen how she looks. Glen laughs, "You look great! Bit long in the leg, though." He bends down to turn up the bottoms of the jeans that she's wearing. As he does so, Susan comments, "Let's be thankful you kept some spare clothes here." A crash of thunder rolls suddenly outside. Susan jumps and gasps, "That wasn't too far away." Glen asks, "Not frightened, are you?" Susan replies quickly, "No. No. Just wasn't expecting it. Just caught me unawares, that's all." Glen then asks her if she's hungry. Susan nods, "I am a bit." Glen picks up a tin from the kitchen area. There's another crash of thunder outside and he tells Susan with a smile, "I remember when I was a kid: we used to have this dog; he was terrified of thunder. Always came inside and hid under my bed." All-of-a-sudden, the lights in the cabin start flickering. A few seconds later, they go out completely, leaving everything pitch black. Susan sighs, "Oh no." She then asks Glen, "Have you got a torch?" Glen replies, "No - but I have got some candles and matches here somewhere. It's just a question of finding them." He steps forward - and bumps into Susan! She laughs, "Sorry!" She then comments, "Nothing much else could go wrong, can it?!" Glen points out, "You never know your luck with the great outdoors..." Susan asks in concern, "We won't be stuck here for long, will we?" Glen shrugs, "No idea. Depends on when the rain lets up." With that, he locates the candles and matches and he lights a candle, commenting as he does so, "At least we won't be tripping over each other now!" Susan suggests, "We'll be able to have a candlelit dinner, won't we?!" Glen tells her, "I'm afraid it's going to have to be baked beans." Susan smiles, "Alright by me!"

Sometime later, Glen and Susan are sitting separate comfy chairs, finishing bowls of beans. Glen comments, "Pity it wasn't hotter." Susan just points out, "Stove doesn't work without electricity!" She shivers suddenly and Glen asks, "You cold?" Susan tells him, "I'll be alright." Glen, however, stands up and says, "I'll get you a blanket." He returns a few moments later, going on, "Come and sit on the couch; I'll wrap you up." Susan steps over to the couch and sits down as Glen smiles, "Soon have you snug as a bug in a rug!" He starts tucking the blanket over her as she smiles, "My mum used to say that when I was a kid!" Glen grins, "Mine too!" He then pours them both glasses of plum brandy. Susan tells him warily, "I shouldn't." Glen, however, insists, "One small glass isn't going to hurt you. Keep you warm on the inside." He then sits down next to her and asks, "Who should we drink to? Us?" Susan suggests, "How about an end to the storm so we're not stuck here forever?" Glen nods, "Alright." He then raises his glass and proposes, "Here's to fine weather!" He and Susan clink glasses and take sips of their drinks. Glen then says seriously, "Pity this couldn't have happened six months ago - before you were married. It's very romantic, stuck in the mountains by a storm..." A look of concern crossing Susan's face, she murmurs, "Wayne will be worried." Glen asks, "About what?" Susan retorts, "Me going missing." Glen, however, points out, "He doesn't know yet." Susan stares at him and sighs, "We can't pretend I'm not married, Glen. Wayne cares about me. He's a very thoughtful person. When he does find out I'm missing, he'll be out of his mind with worry." Glen sits there, looking disappointed.

Wayne is still at the building where Caroline is being held. He's walking along a corridor and he bumps into a middle-aged woman coming the other way. He says immediately, "Mrs. Boyle. How's it going?" Mrs. Boyle replies, "Half the patients are complaining we don't have enough staff, the rest are complaining we don't have enough food." Wayne just mutters, "What do they think I'm running: a first-class hotel? I bought this place to make money, not to run at a loss." Mrs. Boyle tells him, "Take no notice. We're not a registered nursing home: no one can touch us." Wayne smiles at her. He then asks, "What's the latest on Mrs. Morrell?" Mrs. Boyle tells him, "She's in her room, banging on the walls with her fists most of the time." Wayne says, "Remember: she's not to have contact with any of the other patients. No magazines... newspapers... television..." Mrs. Boyle assures him, "I haven't forgotten." Wayne nods, "Good." Mrs. Boyle then goes on, "Mr. Hamilton, I haven't any medical training, but I should think that without any outside stimuli, Mrs. Morrell could become very depressed." Wayne just nods, "I know." Mrs. Boyle continues, "It's even possible she may try to take her own life." Wayne just says, "I think we understand each other, Mrs. Boyle." Mrs. Boyle nods, "I think we do, too." Wayne stands there, looking smug.

Susan is sitting on the couch at the cabin, her eyes closed. Glen blows out one of the candles and then sits down next to her, pulling a blanket over himself as he does so. Susan stirs suddenly and he whispers, "Shh. Go back to sleep." Susan, however, murmurs, "Not asleep. Just dozing." There's another loud crack of thunder outside and Susan jumps. Glen comments to her, "You are frightened of the big noise in the sky, aren't you?" Susan admits, "Ever since I was a kid. You think I would've grown out of it by now." Glen just asks, "Comfortable?" Susan nods at him. Glen reaches out and puts his arm round her, saying, "Here: put your head on my shoulder." Susan looks at him warily and he adds quickly, "Come on - I won't bite." Susan leans into him. Glen then blows out the other candle, leaving the two of them together on the couch...

Craig is sitting in the dark in the lounge room at Beryl's, staring sadly at the friendship ring he bought for Debbie...

The next morning, Craig is poaching some eggs in the kitchen at Beryl's when Ginny walks in and says, "Morning!" Craig murmurs, "Morning." Ginny walks over to him and they kiss. She then smiles, "That was nice!" She goes on, "You were out of bed early. I was hoping you'd be next to me when I woke up." Craig tells her, "I wanted to call David; explain where I was." Ginny asks, "And what did you say?" Craig replies, "Just that we hit a few discos last night and by the time we got home I was too tired to drive back to the farm." Ginny grins, "You're a liar, Craig Maxwell! We didn't go to any disco last night and you certainly didn't seem too tired! Why didn't you tell him the truth?" She puts her arms round him. Craig, though, pulls away and shrugs, "I didn't think it was any of his business." Ginny muses, "My boyfriend's shy!" Looking uncomfortable, Craig says quickly, "I've made you some breakfast." He dishes up the eggs and asks, "Poached eggs on toast alright?" Ginny nods, "Fine." She then adds, "I suppose you'll make me eat good food now we're going together." Craig just retorts, "You should eat good food whether we're going together or not." He puts a single plate down on the table, adding, "There you go." Ginny asks in surprise, "Aren't you having any?" Craig tells her, "I've already eaten. I have to go." Looking disappointed, Ginny asks, "Where?" Craig explains, "Out to the farm - I've got a few things I have to do for David." Ginny asks in exasperation, "Can't he do them?" Craig tells her, "He and Beryl have gone to see Dave's solicitor; see if they can hurry that insurance business up on the truck." Ginny murmurs in disappointment, "I thought we'd be having breakfast together." Craig shrugs, "These things just happen, I guess." With that, he heads out, leaving Ginny looking downcast.

As Craig arrives back at the country house, he finds Andy coming out through the back door, holding a suitcase. Craig demands immediately, "Where are you going?" Andy retorts, "None of your business." Craig asks, "What's in the suitcase?" Andy tells him, "Nothing." He goes to walk off. Craig, however, grabs his arm and snaps, "I want to know." Andy glares at him and mutters, "Alright - if it's so important to you, it's some of Debbie's clothes she asked me to pick up for her." Craig demands, "Why?" Andy tells him curtly, "She's moving out. I thought that would be obvious even to a thickhead like you. Something to do with not wanting to live under the same roof as a two-timer." Craig growls, "And whose idea was that? Yours, I bet." Andy, however, retorts, "I had nothing to do with it." Craig snaps, "Bull. You could have talked her out of leaving if you wanted to." Andy demands, "How?" Craig retorts, "By telling her the truth. You know there's nothing going on between me and Ginny." Andy comments sarcastically, "Oh, isn't there, now?" Craig snaps, "No." Andy suggests tersely, "Then try telling Debbie that, not me." Craig retorts, "I will. Where is she?" Andy, however, smiles and then says, "Well, there's a problem. I can't tell you. Strict instructions. Sorry." He goes to walk off again. Craig, however, grabs him again and snarls, "Not as sorry as you're going to be if you don't tell me--" Andy gives him a shove, suddenly, snapping, "Hands off, buddy." He pushes Craig back, causing him to fall and land against the table at the back of the courtyard." As he stands up, Andy tells him curtly, "Debbie doesn't want to know you. Understand? So just stay away from her." With that, he marches off.

Charlie is sitting with Gordon in the lounge room at Dural, saying, "Gordon, I wonder if I could ask you a favour." Gordon nods, "Certainly." Charlie continues, "I have to go down to the gym - attend to some business - and I wondered if you'd look after Isabella for me." She indicates the big dog basket on the couch next to her. Gordon replies hesitantly, "Yes - but I have to warn you I have no training as a midwife!" Charlie laughs, "I don't think anything's going to happen in the next couple of hours!" At that moment, Wayne comes into the house and joins them. Gordon asks, "How was your trip? Settle all your business?" Wayne nods, "Yes. It went well." He then adds, "Susan about?" Gordon, however, tells him, "No. She must have gone shopping - she wasn't here when Charlie and I got in. She'll be back soon, no doubt." Wayne accepts this and then heads off upstairs to change out of his suit. Left alone again with Gordon, Charlie says, "It's so good to see Wayne making a success of his life at last: his business... his marriage..." Gordon agrees, "Yes, it is. He's waited long enough for things to go right. Maybe he's finally getting what he deserves?"

It's still pouring with rain outside Glen's parents' cabin. Inside, Susan stirs from where she's sitting on the couch, still with Glen's arm round her. She opens her eyes, looks at him sitting asleep and then places her hand softly on his cheek. She rests her head back on his chest again, a warm smile on her face...

Ginny opens the front door at Beryl's to find Andy standing there. She demands distastefully, "What do you want?" Andy explains, "I've come to pick up a saddle. Belongs to Debbie. Apparently, she was keeping it here. Can I come in?" Ginny shrugs, "It's in the laundry. Saw it there yesterday." She lets him inside. As they head into the lounge room. Andy comments, "I half expected you to slam the door in my face." Ginny asks in surprise, "Why?" Andy replies, "Anyone who's a friend of Debbie's... and I'm not exactly your favourite person at the moment, am I?" Ginny, however, tells him, "Actually, I'm glad you're taking care of her. Gives me more of a chance to stake a claim on Craig." Andy muses, "Yeah? Well I reckon your work could be cut out: he's still in love with Debbie." Ginny just asks knowingly, "Sure?" Andy tells her, "I'd put my money on it." Ginny grins, "You'd lose. Craig stayed here last night." Andy asks suspiciously, "What do you mean 'stayed'?" Ginny sighs, "He didn't sleep on the couch; let's put it that way." Andy smiles, "Your fantasies are getting away with you, Ginny." Ginny, however, insists, "It's the truth. Puts a different light on things, doesn't it?" Andy comments, "Debbie won't be too impressed when she finds out. Still, at least it means the end of her and Craig." Ginny muses, "And puts you in with a chance." Andy replies, "She's better off with me than Craig anyway." Ginny says, sounding suddenly hesitant, "I don't want Debbie to know about me and Craig." Andy points out, "She's going to find out sooner or later." Ginny, heading into the kitchen, replies, "Maybe - but it's better if she's kept in the dark. If she says anything to Craig, he'll know it's come from me - and I don't want any trouble this early in the piece. Promise you won't say anything?" Andy tells her, "On one condition: you do all you can to keep Craig away from Debbie and I'll do the same. That way, we'll have a better chance to make our move." Ginny remarks, "Even though I've already made mine...!" Andy just retorts, "That's the deal." Ginny smiles, "Fair enough. I'm sure I can keep Craig's mind on other matters..."

Craig is standing buttering some bread at the kitchen table at the country house when Ginny appears in the back doorway and asks, "Making yourself a sandwich?" Craig looks up at her and she goes on, "Seeing you weren't around for breakfast, maybe we could have lunch together?" Craig just murmurs, "Sure. Cheese and tomato?" Ginny nods at him and then comments, "You don't seem too excited to see me." Craig explains, "I've just got something else on my mind: I had a run-in with Andy this morning. He came around, trying to pick up some of Debbie's clothes. I let him get away before he'd tell me where she was staying." Ginny comments sourly, "I didn't think you'd still be interested." Craig says quickly, "I just... I wanted to see her again so I could tell her everything's off. I feel it's better if you say those sort of things face-to-face; don't you?" Ginny just says uncertainly, "Yes I do..." She sits down at the table and Craig does likewise. She then hands over some envelopes and goes on, "I've collected your mail. There's one for you - it looks official." Craig comments in surprise, "I wonder what it could be." He rips open the envelope, takes out some sheets of paper inside, reads them and gasps, "I've won the Lottery! $5,000!" Ginny stares at him and exclaims excitedly, "I don't believe it!" Craig tells her, "Mum bought me a ticket! She did care about me. She did! She was thinking about me when she bought that; not herself; me." His face drops suddenly as he then murmurs, "She's not even around to share it. No one's here to share it..."

Wayne opens the front door at Dural and Charlie dashes in. She heads into the lounge room, asking in concern, "Is she alright? Has anything happened?" Gordon tells her, "Not yet - but I don't think it'll be long." Charlie goes and starts fussing over Isabella in her basket. She then turns to Gordon and says, "Thankyou for looking after her, Gordon. You're very kind." She then looks at Wayne and goes on, "Janice said Susan hadn't turned up for her morning relaxation class." Looking surprised, Wayne points out, "You and dad said she'd gone shopping." Charlie, however, tells him, "We said she might've. Even so, it's not like Susan to miss her class." Wayne asks sharply, "Was Glen there?" Gordon warns, "Wayne..." Wayne, however, just demands again, "Was he?" Charlie replies hesitantly, "Er, no. He left a note for Janice saying he was going up to his cabin to look for Caroline - but he hasn't come back yet." Gordon suggests quickly, "Maybe he's stranded - I heard on the radio there were storms and a lot of rain in the mountains. His cabin's up there somewhere, isn't it?" Wayne just mutters, "Yeah." Gordon continues, "Maybe an access road has been washed-out." Wayne stands there and growls, "If Susan and I don't see each other for breakfast, she always rings me later in the morning. Today, she hasn't. Why not?" Charlie suggests, "If she can't get to a telephone..." Wayne, however, snaps, "There are plenty of public 'phones, Charlie. They can't all be out of order. But if she was away with Glen..." Gordon stands up and warns, "Wayne, you're jumping to conclusions. I can think of a hundred reasons why she mightn't have called." Wayne just retorts, "Yeah? Well I can only think of one." He turns to head out. Gordon calls after him, "There's no point in upsetting yourself." Wayne turns back to him and retorts, "I'm upset now - so it doesn't matter. And you know why? Because as far as my wife's concerned, I wouldn't trust Glen Young any further than I could spit."

At the cabin, Glen picks up the 'phone and tries to get a dialling tone. There's nothing, though. Susan calls across and asks, "Telephone working?" Glen shakes his head and replies, "No go on the electricity, either." He adds, "Might be like that for a while, I'm afraid: I just had a look outside: it's as black as the Ace of Spades. Another storm's on its way." Susan suggests, "Maybe we should try and get away now, before it arrives?" Glen, however, tells her, "I don't think that would be too smart. If we get caught..." Susan sighs, "You're probably right." Glen then comments, "Well, here we are: no telephone... no electricity... not much food... Could be worse, couldn't it?!" Susan laughs, "A lot worse. We should count ourselves lucky!"

Craig is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, saying, "Thanks a lot, Charlie, I appreciate it... Yeah, as soon as she gets in... It's a pity you missed her... I promise. Bye." He hangs up just as Ginny walks in through the back door. He tells her, "That was Charlie." Ginny asks, "What did she have to say?" Craig replies, "Apparently, Alison's going back to Sydney this afternoon - and Charlie's booked you on the same 'plane. She said she wants you to start working for her again." Ginny's face drops. Craig continues, "She also says she understands why you took off in the first place - because of me, and all that. Now I'm in the clear..." Ginny sighs, "I don't think I want to go back." Craig asks, "Why not? You'd be working for Charlie in the fashion business. You've got a great future." Ginny tells him, "I was hoping I had a great future with you." Craig just says, "Well, if that's meant to be, it'll still happen. We can call each other." Ginny points out, "We can't exactly have an affair over the telephone, Craig." Craig explains, "I meant in-between seeing each other - 'cos we're not going to be that far apart: it's only a day by bus - or I could fly up. It's only an hour. I can afford it now I've won the Lottery." Ginny stands there, looking upset. Craig tells her earnestly, "I really think you should go, Ginny. You'll be in a great job... and we're not going to lose contact; we both know that." Ginny comments, "Put it like that, it seems the right thing to do, doesn't it? But we won't stop seeing each other?" Craig insists, "Of course we won't." Ginny tells him, "Alright - I'll go." She still looks worried, though.

Charlie and Gordon are sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. They're both staring at Wayne, who's snapping down the 'phone on the bar, "Does $500 make the weather any better?" He listens and then growls, "For God's sake, you're supposed to be a pilot, not a wimp. It's only a storm; can't you fly around it?" Charlie and Gordon look at each other. Wayne offers the pilot, "A thousand dollars: will that sweeten the deal?" He listens again and then snarls, "Shove your stupid helicopter, mate. I wouldn't fly with you anyway, you gutless wonder." He slams down the 'phone, snapping as he does so, "I'll have to drive up." Gordon warns, "Wayne, it'll be just as dangerous to drive as to fly. I take your point - that's probably where they are - but the roads are flooded; they'll be slippery. You'll end up in a ditch before you know where you are." Wayne just retorts, "Dad, one way or another, I'm going to that cabin." With that, he storms out.

Sometime later, Wayne is driving his car up a muddy track. He has to bring it to a halt, though, because of a tree that's fallen across the track. He sighs, "Oh no..." He turns off the car engine and climbs out. As he walks over to the fallen tree, he looks up at the sky and calls, "Just don't rain anymore, OK? I've had enough for one day." He starts trying to push the tree out of the way, but it's too heavy, and he ends up collapsing onto the ground and finding himself covered in mud. A man wanders over to him suddenly and calls, "From the city, are you?" Wayne turns to him and nods, "Sydney." He then asks, "Can you give us a hand?" The man just replies, "No point, really - we'll only be busting our guts for nothing. Besides, there's a wash-away half a mile down the road; even if you move the tree, you're not going to get past that." Wayne tells the man, "I have to get to a cabin about ten miles up. It's very important." The man just suggests, "Better get yourself a helicopter then, fella." Wayne asks glumly, "Isn't there some other way?" The man tells him, "You could always walk; take off cross-country." Wayne mutters, "I don't want to get lost." The man, however, assures him, "You won't get lost. Just follow the path. Remember: always keep the road to your left. Can't go wrong." Wayne nods, "Right." With that, he climbs over the fallen tree and starts walking, calling back, "Thanks!" as he does so.

At the cabin, Susan looks out through a window as Glen drags a piece of equipment in from outside and calls, "Hey, Susie - look what I've found: an old gas barbie!" Susan asks, "Does it work?" Glen replies, "No reason why it shouldn't - it's still got some gas in the bottom." Susan smiles, "Great! Tonight we have a hot meal!" Glen goes on, "Dad must have brought it up last season. I should've looked earlier; wouldn't have had to suffer cold baked beans last night, if I had." He asks Susan to chuck him a box of matches, which she does. Glen says, "Thanks. I'll just turn on the gas." Susan, standing by one of the cabinets, picks up a trophy and asks in surprise, "What's this?" Glen asks, "What's what?" Susan reads the inscription on the trophy: "To Glen Young, for bravery. 1984." Glen just mutters, "Stupid things, medals, They don't mean anything. I don't know why they give them out." Susan continues staring at him. He sighs and explains, "There were some bushfires a couple of years back. I was out helping to fight them - you know: the local bush fire brigade. There were a couple of kids caught in a house - you could hear them screaming, poor little blighters - and I got them out. No big deal; I was just first on the scene. Anybody would have done it." Susan asks, "Was the house on fire?" Glen nods, "Yeah, a bit." Susan asks, "Where were the parents?" Glen replies, "They were out moving some stock across the river. It wasn't their fault - just one of those times when the wind turns around and the fire changes direction." Susan comments, "You really love kids, don't you?" Glen replies, "More than anything in the world. Doesn't everyone?" Susan just asks, "What about Maria's baby? Your baby? Did you think the world of him?" Glen pauses and then says, "Maria and I never had a baby. I never even slept with the woman; how could she have my child?" Looking astonished, Susan asks, "Why did she say she did?" Glen goes to say something in reply. He then hesitates before just shrugging, "Her way of getting more money out of me, I guess." Susan looks at him, sympathetically. He then goes on, "I've never had any kids, Susie, to Maria or anyone - and if I did, I certainly wouldn't turn my back on them." Susan murmurs, "I believe you."

A weary-looking Wayne is stumbling through some undergrowth on a high ridge. The sun is shining overhead and he says to himself, "At least it's cleared up." He continues his way forward, panting, "Keep the road on the left." He reaches up to grab onto a tree branch to steady himself. It gives way suddenly, though, and Wayne finds himself falling down the ridge. He rolls over and over until he comes to a halt at the bottom. After a few seconds, he stirs and tries to lift his head. He groans in pain as he does so, though, and then lapses into unconsciousness...


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