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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Caroline backs away from Kevin, nervously. She cries, "I thought we were friends." Kevin replies, "We are." Caroline cries, "Friends don't try to frighten each other." Kevin insists, "There's no need to be frightened. You won't feel a thing..." Caroline whimpers, "No. Please. Don't..." She keeps backing away until she finds herself up against the window. Kevin then leans towards her gently, moves the scissors towards her hair and cuts off a few locks. He then brings them towards his face and stares at them, murmuring, "It really is beautiful." All-of-a-sudden, he clutches his hands to his head and yells out in pain. Caroline asks in concern, "One of your attacks?" Kevin reaches into his pocket and pulls out his bottle of pills. He fumbles as he opens them, though, and they spill out onto the floor. Caroline bends down quickly to pick them up. As she does so, she mixes the pills she has hidden up her sleeve with those on the floor. She then hands one of her own pills to Kevin...

Craig is standing in the kitchen at the country house when Andy walks in through the back door. Craig demands, "What are you doing back here?" Andy replies, "I left my wallet." He goes and looks on the 'fridge and then comments, "Perhaps I didn't. It must be in the car." He goes to head out again. As he does so, he adds, "By the way: I wouldn't get any ideas about Debbie now that you've broken-up with Ginny." Craig demands, "What put that into your head?" Andy retorts, "You mean you're not going to try and make a move?" Craig mutters, "Didn't say that." Andy says, "I just wanted to let you know you'd be wasting your time. Debbie made it pretty clear to me where we stand, and it sort of like leaves you out in the cold." Craig just retorts, "Trying to warn me off isn't going to stop me, Andy. I know it's not going to be easy, but I'm not going to give up on her, either. So, whether you like it or not, you're in for a fight." Andy comments breezily, "I don't think there'll be much of a fight - not when I've already won the battle." Craig retorts, "There's one big difference: I love her - and I reckon she knows that. So, you can kid yourself as much as you like, but she's not interested in you." Andy snaps, "Don't count on it." Craig insists, "Anyone with eyes in their head can see it. I was watching her at the party. You don't stand a chance." Andy suggests, "We'll just have to see, won't we?" Craig, however, warns, "I'll get her back, Andy..." Andy glares at him and walks out.

Kevin is still clutching his head in Caroline's room at the nursing home. Caroline asks him warily, "How are you feeling?" Kevin looks at up and her and snaps, "Come here..." He then steps towards her and growls, "I want you." He lunges towards her. Caroline starts struggling to push him away, crying, "No!" She pushes him back onto the bed - where he immediately passes out cold. Caroline dashes over to the door and heads out into the corridor, locking the door to the room behind her. She then discovers there's a locked, barred gate blocking her way in the corridor. She turns and heads down the other way.

Doug is sitting in the lounge room at the country house, sipping from a cup of tea. Beryl wanders in and Doug asks her, "How are you feeling?" Beryl replies, "Not too good. I'm worried about David - the way he just jumped in the car and took off." Doug comments, "It was a pretty big blow, you turning him down." Beryl nods, "I know - all I can hope is that he doesn't work himself up so much that he doesn't watch his driving." She then sits down and sighs, "Nothing's ever easy, is it? I'm positive I did the right thing; I'm sure it wouldn't have worked." Doug tells her, "I'm beginning to wonder whether or not I'm going to have to face the same decision." Beryl insists, "You'll find Caroline." Doug, however, explains, "It's when I find her I'm worried about: I'm damned if I know how we're going to get back to what we had." Beryl assures him, "You will. She loves you, Doug, believe me." Doug sighs, "If she cared so much, why didn't she write to me; tell me about everything that was going on - in prison and that?" Beryl suggests, "Maybe she was embarrassed... ashamed..." Doug murmurs, "I would've been back here like a flash." Beryl points out, "It must have hurt her terribly when you went off to America. She probably didn't write because she didn't want to be hurt again." Doug just mutters, "Or because she didn't want to stay in touch." Beryl insists, "Think about what happened to her in prison. I've never been through it, thank God, but I've come pretty close. I can imagine how terribly traumatic it must have been. It's only natural that it would be hard for her to face it herself, let alone write about it to someone she loves. Caroline is not mentally ill the way Wayne would have us believe, but that attack must have had a shocking effect on her." Doug sits there, looking thoughtful. He then says, "I just wonder whether she still wants me, that's all." Beryl assures him, "I think you still love each other enough to make it work. In a way, I envy you: it's that little bit more than David and I had in the end. It's that little bit more than counts..."

It's the next morning, and at the nursing home, a male nurse is wheeling a laundry trolley along the corridor in the secure section. He passes Mrs. Boyle and nods to her. She heads up to Caroline's room, pulls back the hatch in the door and peers inside. She then smiles and opens the door. She steps inside. The bedclothes are covering the person lying asleep in the bed. She goes and pulls them back - to find Kevin lying there. A look of horror crosses her face.

Outside, Caroline lifts up the sheets she's lying under in one of the laundry trolleys. She checks the coast is clear and then climbs out. She runs off across the grounds.

Out on the road, Craig is driving up to the front gate. He spots Caroline dashing across the lawn, stops his car, climbs out and runs over to the house. He heads up to Caroline's room - and finds Kevin asleep in the bed. He then spots the lock of Caroline's hair on the floor and picks it up. He turns to the unconscious Kevin and starts saying, "Hey." He shakes him, saying, "Wake up. Hey. Hey."

Outside, Caroline is struggling with a male nurse, crying, "Let me go. Get your hands off me." Mrs. Boyle runs over suddenly with a straitjacket and starts putting it on Caroline. She cries, "No! No! Not that!" She bursts into tears as Mrs. Boyle snarls, "You were very stupid to try and run away. You've only made things worse for yourself."

Inside, Craig is shaking Kevin, snapping, "Come on. What's wrong with you? Wake up. Tell me where Caroline is." The male nurse and Mrs. Boyle come round the corner, dragging a bound and gagged Caroline between them. They hear Craig snapping at Kevin, and Mrs. Boyle tells the male nurse quickly, "Get her away from here." The male nurse drags Caroline away. Mrs. Boyle then heads into the room and demands of Craig, "What do you think you're doing?" Craig says quickly, "I heard him moaning. I thought he might have been sick." Mrs. Boyle just growls, "I warned you about coming into this area. You're fired - and if I catch you within coo-ee of the home, I'll have the police onto you. Now, get out." Craig stands there and warns, "I'm sure the police would love to know what you've done to Caroline Morrell. Where is she?" Mrs. Boyle retorts, "I don't know what you're babbling about." Craig, however, growls, "You know exactly what I'm talking about." With that, he heads out.

The 'phone rings in the kitchen at the country house and Beryl answers it. She then says, "Yes, love. You alright?" She listens and then says, "Here he is." She hands the 'phone to Doug, who's standing next to her. He asks Craig, "What you got for me?" He listens and then gasps, "She what?" From a public callbox, Craig replies, "I saw her trying to find a way out. By the time I'd parked the car, she'd gone; vanished. So I went to see if she was in her room. No go there, either - except for this guy and a bit of Caroline's hair." Doug asks, "You haven't seen her since?" He listens and then nods, "I see... Don't do anything silly... As long as you're OK... You just wait there. I'll grab my keys and I'm on my way."

The male nurse joins Mrs. Boyle in the corridor at the nursing home and tells her, "She's out of the way." Mrs. Boyle retorts, "Yes, but I think we ought to get her away from here altogether. Her friends aren't going to give up." The male nurse asks, "Where to, though?" Mrs. Boyle tells him, "I think I know just the place. You know the old Lion's factory?" The male nurse recalls, "Where we used to get the uniforms made?" Mrs. Boyle nods, "That's the one. It's deserted now and it's not too far away - and I can't see anyone finding her there. At least it'll give us some breathing space until we find out what we're supposed to do with her." Kevin is sitting up on the bed in Caroline's room and listens as Mrs. Boyle says, "Let's get her over there now before someone else comes snooping around..."

Fiona is standing in the courtyard outside the back door of the country house. She's wearing sunglasses and a large fur coat. The back door to the house opens suddenly and Doug walks out. Fiona stares at him and smiles, "Hi! What are you going back here?" Doug, however, just says, "Sorry, Fiona. Can't waste time. I'll see you later." With that, he dashes off. Fiona goes and pushes the back door open, calling as she does so, "Knock knock! Can I come in?!" Beryl walks in from the hallway and gasps, "Where on earth...?!" She gives Fiona a warm hug and then invites her to sit down. She tells her, "I want to hear everything. How come you're in Melbourne?!" Fiona explains, "I came back by ship. It was lovely; so relaxing - and we docked here." Beryl laughs, "Must have been hard to take!" She then asks, "Where's all your luggage?" Fiona tells her, "I had that sent on to Sydney." Changing the subject, she says, "The first thing I've got to know is: how's Craig? Is he alright?" Beryl nods, "Yes, he's managed to clear his name. He's involved in something else now. You must've seen Doug..." Fiona replies, "As a matter of fact I did! He seemed in one heck of a hurry! What's the story there?" Beryl says, "I'll tell you later." She then asks, "Where's May? Isn't she with you?" Fiona smiles and announces, "May, my dear, is really 'Lady May' now." Beryl gasps, "You're joking!" Fiona insists, "No, I'm serious! Would you believe she latched on to this extraordinary old man - he must be well and truly in his eighties - and he thought that she was the best thing since sliced bread - and she married him! She thought about it for at least a minute!" She continues, "She was so worried about not coming back to the mansion, but I think his 36-roomed house convinced her!" A look of awe crosses Beryl's face! Fiona adds quickly, "I wouldn't worry, though: she's threatened to come and visit us if ever she gets too bored!" Changing the subject, she indicates some leftover streamers on the table and asks, "What's with all the decorations? Did I miss out on a party?" Beryl's face drops as she nods hesitantly, "Yes - a sort of engagement party for David and me." Fiona stares at her in surprise.

Mrs Boyle and the male nurse are loading a struggling Caroline into the back of a white van. They then climb into the front seats and the male nurse starts the engine. They drive off.

A short distance away, Doug brings his car to a screeching halt. Craig is sitting in the passenger seat and Doug says to him, "I don't quite know how to approach this, mate, but this is it. They climb out and start running up the driveway. The white van drives down the road past them...

A short time later, Doug and Craig run along the corridor inside. The pass a female nurse who says quickly, "Just a minute: where do you think you're going?" Doug and Craig just ignore her. They head into Caroline's room. Kevin is still sitting on the bed and Doug says, "OK, fella, start talking. Where's Caroline?" Craig adds nastily, "Come on, will ya?" Kevin just says, "That might be part of the circus." Doug stares at him and demands, "What are you talking about? Do you know where they've taken her?" Kevin just smiles, "She could be in the lions' cage by now." Doug looks at Craig and snaps, "What the hell is he on about?" Craig shrugs, "I don't know - but we'd better not hang around here too long: she would've called the police." Doug, however, mutters, "To hell with that." He turns back to Kevin and says curtly, "Let's start again: where is Caroline?" Kevin retorts, "I told you: in the lions' cage." Doug looks at Craig.

At the kitchen table at the country house, Beryl is saying to Fiona, "The more we saw of each other, the more we seemed to be growing closer... the more I felt there was something wrong; you know: something missing. We still enjoyed the same things... we still laughed at the same things... still got angry at the same things... and we were still good friends... I still cared about him so much - but it wasn't the same, and I couldn't in all conscience go through with the marriage. It wouldn't have been fair on David or me." Tears well-up in her eyes as she murmurs, "I wish I could explain it so it made sense." Fiona assures her soothingly, "You have. And I understand; I do, really." Beryl cries, "I'm so lonely, Fiona, but I'm sure I did the right thing." The back door opens suddenly and Andy walks in. Beryl turns away so that he doesn't see her tears. Andy looks at Fiona and mutters "You're back." Fiona just retorts, "Yes, I am. What can we do for you? Beryl's not feeling too good at the moment." Andy explains, "It's this." He indicates an envelope he's holding and hands it to Beryl, explaining, "David called out at the stud and asked me to drop it in to you." Beryl takes it and murmurs, "Thankyou." She opens it and starts reading the letter inside. After a few seconds, Fiona asks, "You OK?" Beryl nods sadly, "Yes. He says that he drove around all night and he decided he wants to get away from everything. He doesn't care about the truck insurance or the house, so he's going to go on a trip around Australia - something he says he's always wanted to do. He says he'll see us when he sees us." Fiona murmurs, "I suppose there is some sense in that." Beryl then sobs, "He... he says he was never good with words, but he loves me and he always will - and he understands why I did what I did... He's quite a man, Fiona." Fiona sympathises, "Come on, come on." She then says perkily, "What you need is what I have just had: a darn good holiday - which is why you are coming back to Sydney with me. Where are your things: here or at Albert Park?" Beryl sobs, "Albert Park." Fiona declares, "Right. We'll call by and collect young Robert from the day-care centre, then we'll go and collect your clothes and we'll get the hell out of here!" Beryl sobs, "Fiona, I can't..." Fiona, however, tells her, "Of course you can. You do want to see Susan, don't you?" Beryl cries, "I'd love to - but I can't leave the kids..." She looks at Andy. He assures her, "We're all capable of looking after ourselves." Fiona smiles, "Of course they are! Now come on, Beryl! You know me: once I've made up my mind, that's it!" Beryl looks at Andy and then at Fiona and shrugs through her tears, "I suppose it's pointless to argue." Fiona smiles, "Sure is!"

In Caroline's room at the nursing home, Doug is saying to Kevin, "We've established that it has something to do with lions - but we need to be more specific, mate." Kevin tells him, "The lions were there. But they're not any more." Craig says urgently, "Doug, I really do think we're risking it if we stay here any longer." Doug sighs, "It's just that he knows... I can tell." Craig mutters, "It could take all day." Doug looks between Kevin and Craig and then says, "We take him with us." Craig gasps, "You're off your head!" A smile crosses Doug's face and he comments, "Right thing to say in here, mate!" Kevin asks eagerly, "You're taking me away?" Doug nods, "Yeah. Want to come?" Kevin says quickly, "Yes. Yes, I'll come." He then adds, "I'll need me tablets." He picks them up from where they're hidden under the bedclothes. He, Doug and Craig then head out, Craig muttering as they do so, "I don't believe this."

The white van pulls up outside the 'Lion Uniforms' factory. Mrs. Boyle and the male nurse climb out and go round to the back of the van. They open it up. Caroline is sitting there, still gagged and straitjacketed Mrs. Boyle and the male nurse lift her out and drag her into the deserted factory. They force her up some stairs and out onto the roof. They then take her into a small room on top of the roof. The male nurse removes her gag. He then asks Mrs. Boyle, "What are we going to do with her here?" Mrs. Boyle replies, "I've thought of that: we're going to have a little party." The male nurse asks in surprise, "What?" Mrs. Boyle retorts, "Don't worry about it. Just keep an eye on her. I'll be back shortly." She walks off. When she's gone, the nurse looks at Caroline, who says, "You realise you're going to get into an awful lot of trouble when this all gets out?" The nurse shrugs, "I just do what I'm told." Caroline cries, "Can't you see there is nothing at all the matter with me?" The nurse laughs, "I've heard that before. People can appear to be as normal as you like, and then--" he clicks his fingers "--something sets them off. How do I know you're not like that?" Caroline retorts, "I can assure you I am perfectly sane. If it's money you want, that can easily be arranged." The nurse looks at her more closely as she goes on, "What harm can I do you? All you've got to do is let me go. Simple as that." Mrs. Boyle walks back in suddenly. She stares at Caroline suspiciously." She then looks at the nurse and indicates to him to follow her outside. A few seconds later, out on the roof, Mrs. Boyle shows him a bottle of drink that she's just bought. He asks in surprise, "What's the grog for?" Mrs. Boyle retorts, "The only way out is to get rid of her." The nurse gasps, "What?" Mrs. Boyle tells him tersely, "That kid will have gone to the police by now. The only way out of this is to get rid of her." The nurse comments in concern, "I didn't know it was going that far." Mrs. Boyle just insists, "It's quite safe. It'll look like an accident. If we can get enough of this down her throat, she'll be drunk enough to accidentally fall off the roof. There'll be no connection to us or the home. It'll work. Don't worry..."

Kevin is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, staring into space. Doug leans in close to him and says, "Now listen: this is very important, you understand? We need to know what you mean by 'Caroline being with the lions'. Is it some place?" Kevin murmurs, "Yes. And they're all the same." Doug looks at Craig and mutters, "What the hell does that mean?" Craig just shrugs, "I'm getting even more confused." Kevin murmurs, "The lions' clothes are all the same." Doug asks, "All the same? Is it some sort of uniform?" Craig asks Kevin suddenly, "Did you say the lions had uniforms?" Kevin nods, "Yes. It's the factory - where they make the uniforms." Doug looks at Craig and muses, "The lions' uniforms. That means something. It's... er... it's a company. Damn - of course, it was a company, but it closed down a few years ago... It's the factory - I think it's still there. Come on!" He dashes out. Craig stands with Kevin and calls to Doug, "What about him?" Doug doesn't respond. Craig leaves Kevin sitting there and then dashes out after Doug. Kevin reaches into his coat pocket, takes a pill out of the bottle in there and places it in his mouth.

In the small room on the factory rooftop, Caroline is struggling as Mrs. Boyle and the male nurse force alcohol down her throat. The nurse demands of Mrs. Boyle, "You satisfied? Can I go now?" Mrs. Boyle snaps, "You're gutless, aren't you? Alright, you can go, but you've never been here, alright?" The nurse runs off. Mrs. Boyle carries on struggling with Caroline, saying curtly, "Come on, dear, you're going for a nice walk in the fresh air." Caroline cries, "I don't want to. Just leave me alone." Mrs. Boyle just pushes her out onto the rooftop. Caroline tries to struggle. She's been released from the straitjacket, but Mrs. Boyle just keeps pushing her forward. Caroline cries, "No. Please don't. Please. No." Mrs. Boyle just retorts, "I'll all be over in just a few seconds." She pushes Caroline forward again, to the edge of the building. Caroline looks down in horror at the long, long drop to the ground below...


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