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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Doug is driving his car along a road. Craig, sitting in the passenger seat, warns, "Watch it - I saw a police car go down that street." He indicates a side road. Doug asks, "Are they following us?" Craig replies, "Doesn't look like it." Doug suggests, "Let's not worry about it." He then comments, "Thank goodness there's not much traffic." All-of-a-sudden, Craig yells, "Watch it!" An elderly woman has stepped onto the pedestrian crossing on the road in front of them. Doug slams his foot on the brake and brings the car to a halt just in front of her. He and Craig climb out. Craig asks the woman quickly, "You alright?" The woman cries, "I was on the pedestrian crossing." Doug tells her, "I know. It was my fault. I should have been paying more attention." The woman snaps, "I know your type: hooligans. Think you can turn our streets into race tracks." With that, she shuffles off. Craig sighs to Doug, "That was close." The two of them then dash back to the car and climb in.

On the roof of the 'Lion's Uniforms' building, Caroline is still struggling with Mrs. Boyle, crying, "I don't want to. Please. Just leave me alone." She manages to pull an arm free. Mrs. Boyle, however, grabs it and pushes her even closer to the edge. Caroline continues struggling.

Down on the road, Doug and Craig turn a corner - to be confronted by a scream and a body falling in front of them. They climb out of the car quickly and stare at the body in the middle of the road. They then look up at the roof of the building the body fell from - to see Caroline standing there, teetering on the edge. The two of them dash into the building and up the stairs, Doug yelling, "Caroline!" They reach the top, where Caroline is stepping backwards from the edge. Doug calls, "Caroline!" Caroline turns to look at him and gasps in surprise, "Doug!" Doug warns quickly, "Stay where you are - I'll come to you." He takes a few steps forward and then grabs her and puts his arms around her, tightly. She starts sobbing in relief. Doug tells her, "It's OK. I've got you now."

Glen is standing in Fiona's room at the mansion, talking on the 'phone. He says, "You have told him, haven't you?... Well, why not? You're going to have to sooner or later." Susan is standing talking on the 'phone in the hallway at Dural and she says quietly, "I'll tell him when the time's right. I can't just walk up to him and say 'I've decided to cancel the marriage'." Unknown to Susan, Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room, another 'phone to his ear, listening in to every word... Susan tells Glen, "No, I haven't changed my mind; just don't pressure me, that's all. It's not easy." Glen sighs, "It's not easy on me, either, having to hold off. Susie, I love you." Susan cries, "I love you too. It's just that... things would be a lot less difficult if Wayne didn't have Huntington's Disease. I feel sorry for him..." She listens to Glen and then sighs, "I know - maybe I'm just not good at confronting people." Glen suggests, "Why don't you go and do it now? The longer you leave it, Susie... Go on: get it over and done with." Susan murmurs uncertainly, "I suppose I should. I'll let you know how it goes... OK. Bye." With that, she hangs up. In the lounge room, Wayne does likewise, hiding the other 'phone in his briefcase. The lounge room doors open and Susan comes in - to find Wayne staring at his right hand intently. He's holding a pen in it. Susan says, "Wayne... Wayne, look at me." She hurries over to him, looking concerned as he continues to stare at his hand. He then murmurs, "It's started." Susan asks, "What's started?" Wayne tells her, "The first stages of Huntington's Disease." Susan asks in surprise, "How do you know?" Wayne cries, "I can't write properly. It's one of the signs." Susan says, "Show me." Wayne puts the pen to some paper in a file in front of him and makes a pretence of losing control of it so that he scrawls all over the paper. Looking devastated, he then cries, "What am I going to do?" Susan assures him, "You'll improve; the doctor said the symptoms come-and-go in the beginning." Wayne tells her, "You're going to have to be strong for me, Susie. I don't think I can cope otherwise. I need you." With that, he puts his arms round her, tightly. Susan doesn't see the look on his face...

Kevin Jones - still wearing his medical jacket - is sitting with Craig in the lounge room at the country house. He tells Craig, "I was taking a look around before - you've got a nice garden. Who else lives here?" Craig replies, "There used to be three of us most of the time. Dave's sold the place now, though. Have to move out today." Kevin comments, "That's a pity." He then looks down at the floor and winces. Craig asks, "What's wrong?" Kevin tells him, "Another headache. It won't go away." Craig offers, "I can call a doctor, if you like." Kevin retorts, "I am a doctor." Craig murmurs knowingly, "Oh yeah. Of course..." At that moment, Debbie walks in, smiling, "Hi. I just came to clean up. Andy not here yet?" Craig introduces Kevin to her. He stands up and they shake hands. Debbie then asks Craig, "Where's Doug?" Craig explains, "He and Caroline are at the police station." A look of shock crosses Debbie's face and she asks, "Where was she?" Craig replies, "She was at the nursing home, where we thought, but the lady that ran the place took her to an old factory." Debbie asks, "Why? What for?" Craig explains, "The plan was to push Caroline off the roof. Luckily, it backfired; Mrs. Boyle fell off instead." Kevin chips in, "She's the owner of the nursing home. That's where I... work." Debbie gasps, "Wow!" Craig comments, "It's pretty nasty stuff." Changing the subject, he then says to Debbie, "Can we have a chat? Go for a walk?" Debbie stares at him and then mutters, "No." Craig cries, "It won't take long." Debbie retorts, "I don't care." Craig insists, "You know there's nothing going on between me and Ginny; you saw what happened last night." Debbie just snaps, "I'm not interested, Craig, OK? I don't want to hear anything." With that, she storms off to the kitchen. Craig tells Kevin, "Back in a tick." He follows her out. Kevin sits back down on the couch and closes his eyes, looking agonised.

Out in the kitchen, Debbie is washing some dishes in the sink. She sighs at Craig, "Haven't you got something to do - like go and feed the chooks, or something?" Craig tells her, "I'm not leaving you alone with Kevin. The man is insane, Debbie - and potentially violent." Debbie cries, "The man is a doctor." Craig explains, "He thinks he's a doctor. In fact, he's a patient from the loony bin where they hid Caroline." Debbie frowns at him. Craig insists, "I'm not kidding." He then tells her, "We don't have to talk about us if you don't want to, but if you're going to stand here and clean up, I'm going to stay right here next to you." Debbie mutters, "That was well-organised, wasn't it?" Craig sighs, "I didn't organise anything - but if you think I'm being protective... alright: guilty. What's wrong with that?" Debbie tells him wearily, "Just don't smother me, OK?"

Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, writing some notes on a file of papers. He hears the kitchen door shut suddenly and he quickly places the pen inside the file and closes it. Susan joins him with a tray of coffee. She puts it down and asks, "How are you feeling now?" Wayne replies, "Better - I think." Susan asks, "How's the hand?" Wayne tells her, "Still a bit funny. Worst thing's not knowing if it's going to play up again. I'm determined not to let it get me down, though." He then indicates the single cup with the coffee and asks, "Aren't you having one?" Susan replies uncertainly, "No. I thought I might go out for a while." Wayne asks, "Where?" Susan tells him, "Just over to the mansion to see Janice." Wayne comments, "I thought she'd still be at the gym." Susan replies quickly, "By the time I get changed and get myself over there, she should be home." Wayne, however, says, "I think it would be a bit risky you going anywhere near the mansion. What with Caroline still on the loose, you never know what could happen." Susan retorts, "Wayne, I'm not going to change my whole lifestyle simply because of a threat Caroline made. It's ridiculous." Wayne tells her, "I'm not saying that. I just didn't want you tempting fate. After all, you're all I've got; I don't want anything happening to you." Susan insists, "I'll be careful." She goes to head out. Wayne, however, says quickly, "Before you go, could you do something for me? Make me a sandwich? I'm feeling a bit hungry." Susan sighs, "What would you like on it?" Wayne tells her, "Bacon and egg." Susan, looking annoyed, retorts, "It's not something I can whip up in five minutes. You'll have to be patient." Wayne assures her, "I'll wait. After all, it's the end result that counts!" Susan gives him a weak smile and heads off to the kitchen. Wayne sits there, looking pleased with himself.

A short time later, Wayne is standing outside, by Susan's car. He closes the bonnet, a smug smile on his face. He starts heading back over to the house, leaving fluid leaking out from the car the engine onto the ground below...

Sometime later, inside, Susan walks downstairs. Wayne emerges from the lounge room, chewing, and asks, "Going now?" Susan nods, "Yes." She adds, "How was the sandwich?" Wayne smiles, "Great!" He then tells her, "I'll drive you over, if you like - to the mansion." Susan, looking suddenly very wary, asks, "Don't you think it would be better if you rested?" Wayne insists, "I'm alright. My hand's back to normal. Besides, I feel like a drive. Anyway, I've got to go to the office to pick up some papers. I'll drop you on the way over." Susan nods uncertainly, "Alright. Fine." Wayne then tells her, "We'll go in your car; my car's at the garage having Caroline's spray-painting effort removed." With that, he opens the front door and the two of them head out. As they head over to Susan's car, Susan checks, "Are you sure you're alright to drive?" Wayne nods, "Yeah. I told you: my hand's much better now." They climb into the car and Wayne starts the engine. As Susan puts her belt on, she says, "Promise me you'll rest when you get home." Wayne comments, "You're all concern, aren't you?!" He starts driving off down the driveway. All-of-a-sudden, a look of concern crosses his face. Susan asks, "What's wrong?" Wayne tells her, "No brakes." He starts pumping at them. Susan cries suddenly, "Watch out!" There's a car coming up the driveway towards them. Wayne swerves and the car veers off through the fence at the side of the drive. It comes to a halt on the grass. Wayne turns to Susan and asks, "You OK?" Susan nods, "Yes." Wayne climbs out of the car and goes and checks under the front. Susan asks, "Can you see anything?" Wayne growls, "They've been cut." Susan gasps, "Deliberately?" Wayne retorts, "They didn't cut themselves. Now, who could have done a thing like that?" Susan cries, "Do you think Caroline did it?" Wayne snaps, "Of course. Who else has got it in for us? Now do you understand why I'd rather you stay at home?"

A short time later, Wayne and Susan walk back into the house, Susan sighing, "Wayne, I don't need to lie down." Wayne just insists, "I'm not taking any chances. I'm worried. You're carrying our baby; the last thing I want is for something to happen to you both." They head into the lounge room and sit down. Susan tells him, "I feel fine." Wayne explains, "I'm just being cautious. I don't want to lose the best thing that's ever happened to me. Now, can I get you a cup of something?" Susan replies, "No thanks." Wayne then says, "I'm going down to the garage and get the mechanic to come back with me. While I'm gone, you've got to promise me you won't go out. I don't want you taking any more risks. Is that clear?" Susan nods, "Yes." With that, Wayne kisses her on the forehead and turns and heads out, closing the lounge room doors behind him. As soon as Susan hears the front door bang, she walks over to the 'phone on the bar, picks it up and starts dialling. Out in the hallway, Wayne emerges from the study, holding his jacket. He walks over to the hall 'phone, picks up and starts listening. He hears Glen saying, "I thought you'd be here by now. What's the hold-up?" Susan explains, "Wayne was bringing me over and we nearly had an accident: someone cut the brake lines - and Wayne thinks it was Caroline..." She adds quickly, "No, I'm fine; just a bit shaken. Wayne's gone to get a mechanic to look at the car." Glen tells her, "I'm coming over. I've got to see you... I don't care if it is risky; I've got to talk to you." With that, he hangs up the 'phone. Susan looks at her 'phone in horror. Out in the hallway, Wayne hangs up the 'phone quietly and sighs heavily. He stands there, looking thoughtful.

Kevin is lying on the floor in the lounge room at the country house. There's an empty pill bottle in his hand. Pills are scattered all around him. He's apparently dead...

Debbie is still doing the washing-up in the kitchen. Craig is standing with a tea-towel in his hand, and he asks, "Can I say something here - about you and me?" After a few seconds, Debbie murmurs, "I can't trust you, Craig." Craig tells her, "OK - so I played up. But only after you went away before I could explain things." Debbie snaps, "I ran away because you were playing-up before I ran away." Craig insists, "I wasn't - I just didn't want you to get involved." Debbie mutters, "I know. I've heard that excuse. I don't want to talk about it anymore, OK?" Craig tells her, "I can't believe you still don't love me." Debbie insists, "I don't." Craig challenges, "Look me in the eye and say that." Debbie stands there and looks down at the ground. She then looks up at him and declares, "I don't love you." Craig, refusing to accept this, insists, "You do." Debbie snaps, "I don't." She then mutters, "I'll see if there's anything else to wash." She heads off to the lounge room. Craig goes and opens the back door as he spots Doug and Caroline suddenly through the window. He smiles at Caroline, "How you feeling?" Caroline murmurs, "Not too bad." Debbie suddenly lets out an ear-piercing scream. Craig and Doug run into the lounge room. They find Kevin lying there. Craig holds Debbie while Doug checks whether or not Kevin has a pulse. He stands up and shakes his head.

There's a knock on the front door at Dural. Susan emerges from the lounge room and answers it. Glen steps inside and he and Susan hug tightly. Susan then says, "This isn't a very good idea. What if Wayne comes home?" Glen shrugs, "I'll sneak out the back way. We've got to talk." Susan nods, "Only for a minute." She and Glen then head into the lounge room. Susan closes the doors behind them. Neither of them is aware that Wayne was standing at the top of the stairs, watching them. He creeps slowly downstairs and goes and listens at the lounge room doors as Glen asks Susan, "Why was Wayne bringing you over?" Susan replies, "I couldn't get out of it. He was going to drop me off and then pick something up at the office." Glen asks in concern, "How do you feel now?" Susan, however, snaps, "I wish people would stop asking me that: I feel perfectly alright." She then sighs and murmurs, "I'm sorry." She sits down and tells Glen, "It's just some of the things that Wayne said to me after it happened... Glen, I'm not sure I can go through with it now. He said how much the baby means to him and how much he cares about me." Glen sits down next to her as she adds, "It's going to hurt him terribly." Glen says, "You love me, don't you"? Susan nods, "Yes." Glen asks, "They why do you want to go on living a lie? You're letting him get to you when you shouldn't." Susan cries, "I don't know what to do." Glen pauses and then says, "Leave with me - now." Wayne stands out in the hallway, a look of fury on his face, as Glen goes on, "It's the only way, Susan." Susan asks, "What about the baby?" Glen tells her, "I'll bring him up as my own son." Susan stares at him as he asks, "What do you say? Are you coming or staying?"

A few moments later, Glen sighs, "Make up your mind, Susan. It's easy: you decide to be happy or you decide to be unhappy. Did you mean what you said before - about loving me?" Susan murmurs "Yes." She buries her head in his chest as he tells her, "That's all that matters. You made a mistake marrying Wayne, but there's no reason you should keep on paying for it for the rest of your life. You have to decide, Susan." Susan hesitates and then declares, "I'm coming with you." Glen asks, "Now?" Susan replies, "I'll just go and pack a few things." Glen warns her, "There isn't time; we should get going before Wayne comes back." Susan insists, "I can't leave everything behind." Glen, however, tells her, "If it's clothes you're worried about, I'll get you some new ones." Susan explains, "It's the personal things, that's all." Glen sighs, "OK. But be quick." Susan retorts, "I can't grab everything in five minutes." Glen offers, "I'll help you." Susan, however, tells him, "No, Glen. The longer you stay, the more chance of running into Wayne - and I wouldn't want that; I don't think I could handle it." Glen retorts, "I don't want you facing up to him on your own." Susan insists, "I won't be. It's something I don't even want to discuss with him. Go over to Charlie's and tell Alison to pick me up in about half an hour. Then go back to the mansion and I'll meet you there. Alright?" Glen nods, "OK." Out in the hallway, Wayne dashes across into the study. A couple of seconds later, the lounge room doors open and Susan and Glen emerge. They kiss by the front door and Glen then heads out. Susan closes the door and heads off upstairs. Wayne emerges from the study and watches her, a grim expression on his face...

Caroline, Craig and Debbie are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, looking worried. The back door opens and Doug comes in. Craig asks immediately, "What did they say? The ambulance guys: any idea what killed him?" Doug just shakes his head. Craig goes on, "He was saying earlier he had a headache." Doug murmurs, "Yeah. One of them said there might be some sort of brain haemorrhage or something. No one's sure of it, though." Caroline chips in, "Please, do we have to talk about it?" Doug puts his hands on her shoulders and suggests, "Come on. Let's go, eh? Find you a motel for the night; set you up; give you time to calm down." With that, he leads her outside. When they've gone, Debbie says to Craig, "Someone should be looking after her." Craig asks, "What do you think Doug's doing?" Debbie explains, "No, full-time. Doug's bound to have other things on his plate." Craig asks, "Who else is there?" Debbie tells him, "I could." Craig asks, "What about your job?" Debbie replies, "I could get some time off." Craig stares at her and then says, "You know, I think that's one of the reasons why I love you: the way you care about people." Debbie, looking down at the table, shakes her head and sighs, "Craig, no. I said let's forget it." Craig just replies, "I know what you told me. I don't believe a word of it - and neither do you. I love you, Debbie - and you love me. Don't you?" Debbie looks down at the floor again and then murmurs, "I'm not sure." Craig asks, "Do you like me?" A smile crosses Debbie's face and she laughs, "Yes, I like you!" Craig asks, "A little bit or a big bit?!" Debbie smiles, "A big bit!" Craig prompts with a grin, "Then how about a kiss, huh? Just a little one?" Debbie stares at him. They then move closer together and kiss. When they pull apart, Craig murmurs, "I like that." Debbie admits, "It wasn't too bad!"

Susan is coming downstairs at Dural, holding a packed suitcase. A look of horror crosses her face as she finds Wayne walking up the stairs towards her. He stops halfway and asks, "What are you doing?" Susan tells him quickly, "I was just going to give some old clothes away to charity." Wayne growls, "Wouldn't have anything to do with your little visit from Glen, would it?" Susan doesn't respond. Wayne repeats with a snarl, "Well, would it? I'm waiting for an answer." Susan says, "I don't know what you're talking about. Glen hasn't been--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "Don't lie. I saw him. I couldn't help but notice you were a bit more than just friends, too." Susan murmurs, "Alright. He was here. And we are more than friends. I happen to love him." Wayne snarls, "You're not leaving me." Susan starts to say, "It's already been--" Wayne interrupts again and growls, "I know what's been decided and it's not going to happen. I love you and that's all that matters." Susan cries, "But I don't love you - and I want to be with Glen." Wayne snarls, "I don't care what you want. You're my wife and you're staying." Susan insists, "You're only going to make it worse." With that, she goes to step past him. Wayne snaps, "Where do you think you're going?" Susan tells him, "I'm leaving." Wayne retorts, "No you're not, Susan." Susan starts struggling to push past him as she demands, "Get out of my way." Wayne grabs her arm - but as she continues struggling, she loses her balance suddenly. She lets out a scream as she falls down the stairs. Wayne stares at her in horror...


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