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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Pino Amenta

Fiona is lying on the floor of her room, exercising, lifting her arms and legs vigorously as she does so! The door to her room opens suddenly and Charlie walks in, calling, "Anyone home?" She then spots Fiona - who's obscured by the couch - and gasps, "What are you doing?!" She walks over, past the couch, and smiles at Fiona, "Oh! I thought you had a man down there!" Fiona muses, "No such luck!" She sits up and explains, "I got out of the habit of doing my morning exercises and thought it was high time I started pulling myself together and... I think I've done just the opposite!" Charlie smiles, "You must have known I was coming!" Fiona asks, "Why?" Charlie tells her, "I thought you might be feeling a bit down after Susan's memorial service and might like to come to the gym to see the first commercial." Fiona asks, "Have you got it on tape or something?" Charlie, however, beams, "No, darling, it's going to be on television! And I thought it might be fun to watch it in the right atmosphere, that's all. You coming?" Fiona grins, "Why not?! Glen told me about it; I just didn't think it would be finished so soon!" Charlie tells her, "You know me, darling: when I put my mind to something, it happens in a flash!"

A while later, Glen is appearing on a TV screen, saying into a camera, "Meet me at Charlie's 'Bumps and Grinds'." The gym's logo then appears on-screen, together with a telephone number. In the reception area at the gym, Glen turns off the TV as Charlie pours him a glass of champagne and beams, "Congratulations, darling. I think you were absolutely wonderful!" Ginny adds, "Who knows: Charlie's today, Hollywood tomorrow!" Fiona tells him, "I thought you were really very good, Glen." Glen looks at Charlie and says to her, "I don't know why you call it 'Bumps and Grinds', Charlie: that's a terrible name." Charlie explains, "I wanted something theatrical darling." Glen remarks, "Sounds like a tacky porno house!" Charlie muses, "Heavens! We might get some 'interesting' clients!" Fiona smiles, "You should hire me to meet them at the door, Charlie: it would be just like to good old days!" The 'phone rings suddenly and Ginny goes to answer it. She says, "'Bumps and Grinds'... Yes, this is the place... Yes, he is... Why don't you come down and see for yourself?... Thanks very much. Bye!" She hangs up and then smiles at the others, "At least someone saw the ad - and they can't wait to meet Glen!" The 'phone rings again and Glen answers it. As he does so, Fiona murmurs to Charlie, "Seems like you're well on the way, Charlie!"

Craig's car is parked at the side of the road outside Caroline's. Craig, Debbie and Andy are all dressed in overalls. Debbie walks round to Craig at the rear of the car and asks, "Is it fixed?" Craig nods, "If all goes well, the gearbox shouldn't jam again. What about you?" Debbie tells him, "Look for yourself!" Craig steps round to the side of the car and takes in a banner that Debbie has painted. It says 'Speedy Pizzas' and has a telephone number underneath. Looking impressed, Craig comments, "Wow! If the business doesn't work, you could always be a painter. A house painter!" Debbie pokes him in the ribs! Craig then tells her, "You'll be able to do our flat when we get one." Debbie, however, looks down at the ground and mutters, "Don't start again." Craig insists, "Look, Debbie--" Debbie, however, interrupts and snaps, "No! Every chance you get you bring it up, and you know how I feel. It doesn't matter how much you try and con me, Craig: I won't change my mind." With that, she storms off. Andy looks up from under the car's bonnet and asks Craig, "What won't she change her mind about?" Craig just mutters, "Nothing. Nothing that can't be fixed." He walks off after Debbie.

Craig catches up with Debbie as she walks in through the front door of Caroline's. He tells her, "I'm sorry, OK?" Debbie, however, sighs, "No, Craig, it's not OK." Craig points out, "I can't do anything other than apologise." Debbie, however, tells him, "It's just that you've been harping and harping about it, and I'm sick of it." Craig insists, "It's only because of the way I feel, that's all. I love you and I want to be with you. That's not difficult to understand, is it?" Debbie admits, "No..." She then continues, "But you have to consider my feelings, too." Craig tells her, "I do - but I've never felt the way I do about anyone else before. It would just be so good to know there was someone to come home to." He goes on, "You know, when I thought everything was going to work out with mum, I couldn't help thinking how nice it would be to have a real home - and with you it would be... right. Am I making any sense?" Debbie smiles, "Yes you are." She adds, "Can I think about it? And I really do mean think, Craig, that's all. No promises." Craig smiles in relief, "I'll take my chances." He then suggests, "I'd better go see how Andy's going." Debbie tells him, "I'll bring you both out some drinks in a minute." With that, Craig heads off outside.

Caroline is doing some cooking in the kitchen when Debbie walks in and sighs heavily. Caroline looks at her and asks, "What's wrong?" Debbie murmurs, "Nothing." She then admits, "It's Craig." Caroline comments, "Not an argument, I hope." Debbie replies, "No - not exactly. He's been at me about moving into a flat together - again. You see, I love him, and I think he knows that; it's just..." As she stands in the kitchen, she doesn't realise that Craig has walked back in through the front door and is standing in the hallway, listening. Caroline asks Debbie, "It's just what?" Debbie explains, "He was talking about his mother - and somehow it was all sort of mixed up with us wanting us to move into a flat together." Caroline tells her, "I don't see the connection." Debbie replies, "I felt sorry for him. It's obvious that he needs some sort of security in his life, and I guess I'm it. I feel sort of... responsible." Caroline murmurs, "I see your problem." She then goes on, "I think a great deal of Craig, too - but I also think that you should be very clear in your mind about how you feel. I understand that you love him and I understand you want to do what's best for him - for both of you - but I'd be very careful about making a major decision like that if the reason's not really the right one. You'd be making a commitment - and if it's based on just feeling sorry for him, then I think it would be wrong." Debbie insists, "I do love him." Caroline just tells her, "Only you can decide, Debbie." Debbie stands there, looking worried.

A short time later, Craig is crouching down outside, by the car, staring into space. Andy is lying under the car, and he calls out impatiently, "Are you going to pass me that or not?" Looking distracted, Craig murmurs, "Eh?" Andy retorts, "The spanner." Craig hands it over. Debbie emerges from the house, suddenly, and walks over to them. Craig stands up and remarks, "Getting a bit vague, aren't you?" Debbie asks blankly, "What?" Craig replies, "What happened to the drinks?" Debbie smiles, "Sorry! I had something else on my mind." She then tells Craig, "I've made a decision - and I've decided that we should get a flat together." Craig hugs her in delight and exclaims, "That is fantastic! What changed your mind?" Debbie tells him sincerely, "Just that I love you." Craig asks, "You sure that's all?" Debbie insists, "Of course I'm sure." Craig beams, "You won't regret it!"

In Sydney, Ginny is talking on the 'phone behind the reception desk at the gym. Glen is standing filling in a form for a new young, female customer. He asks her, "Do you have any permanent physical disabilities?" The woman smiles, "There's one I can think of - but I'm sure you can fix that! What time do you normally finish?" Glen just smiles at her. On the 'phone, Ginny says tersely, "No, he's not all the time, but we have a very good woman instructor for women." She listens again and then hangs up sharply. Meanwhile, Glen asks the female customer, "What about things like high blood pressure?" The woman tells him, "Mine's rising all the time!" Ginny mutters to herself, "So is mine..." She then tells Glen, "I'll take over here." Glen insists, "I'm OK." Ginny, however, growls, "I'm sure you have other customers to attend to," and she pushes him aside! She then looks at the woman standing there and says sourly, "Now. Need to lose a little something off the hips, do we?!"

Charlie heads into the main exercise room and smiles at a female customer, "That's a good girl. Keep it up!" She then pats a man who's exercising with the woman on the backside! She walks over to Fiona, who's working out on an exercise bike, and asks how it's going. Fiona pants, "It's not quite as exhausting as I thought it was going to be!" Charlie explains, "That's probably the champers, darling: you don't feel the pain quite so much!" She then goes on, "I must say, I'm absolutely thrilled at the reaction on the 'phone - I've had about 70 calls so far, and they're still coming in, and that's in only about three hours." Glen walks in as she looks at her watch, and she calls over to him, "It's about time for you to take a break for lunch." Glen smiles, "Keep at it, Fiona!" and he goes to walk off again. As he does so, Ginny walks in and says, "Hey, where are you going?" Glen replies, "Just out for a spot of lunch." Ginny goes to walk with him. Glen says quickly, "You'd better hang around: Charlie might want you to help out." Charlie, however, insists, "It'll be fine. I don't mind keeping an eye on the desk for an hour." Glen, looking slightly put-out, murmurs to Ginny, "OK." As he and Ginny walk off, Fiona calls, "Glen, you're not going anywhere near the mansion, are you?" Glen tells her, "I could do. Why?" Fiona replies, "I've got an awful feeling I've left the gas on. You wouldn't mind checking, would you?" Glen nods, "Sure. No trouble."

Craig and Debbie are standing in a dingy-looking flat in a block in Melbourne. Craig looks out through the dirty windows. A real-estate agent joins him and says, "What do you say, pal? Cheap at the price, isn't it?" Craig nods uncertainly, "Yeah." He then asks if he and Debbie can talk alone for a moment. The agent replies, "Sure. I'll just be in the hallway." He leaves Craig and Debbie to it. When he's gone, Debbie smiles, "My head is buzzing after seeing so many places!" Craig looks around and tells her, "I like it. It's better than any of them so far." Debbie mutters, "That wouldn't be hard!" Craig asks, "What do you think?" Debbie muses, "It's not too bad. Furniture's a bit off, though." Craig suggests, "We could have a great time doing it up!" He then pushes, "Yes...?" Debbie grins, "Yes!" They kiss and Craig laughs, "Do you realise we've actually agreed on something?" Debbie smiles, "It's about time!" Craig then calls to the agent, "Mr. Walker..." The agent comes back in and asks, "Decided?" Craig tells him, "We'll take it, thanks." The agent beams, "I thought you've have to, pal! It's too good to knock back, eh?" He then goes on, "If you'd like to come down to the office, we'll fix up the paperwork. It's going to cost you two weeks' rent in advance, plus a bond of another four weeks at $50 a week... that makes $300 up front." Debbie looks at Craig in horror. He murmurs, "Oh yeah... I forgot about the bond..."

A while later, Debbie and Craig are sitting in the lounge room at Caroline's as Caroline asks, "Do you think it's a good idea going into this flat without a little more money behind you?" Debbie sighs, "Perhaps it isn't." Craig, however, points out, "It took so long to find this place - and it's really good for the rent. Besides, I've taken it now." Caroline remarks, "It looks as though you two kids have really got your heart set on it. I think that the bond money could be arranged. It wouldn't send Doug broke and I'm sure he'd lend it to you until you could afford to pay him back." Craig, looking relieved, exclaims, "That would be great! It won't take long - I'll pay him back before I do anything else." With that, Caroline leaves the room. Craig asks Debbie, "What about Sugar?" Debbie explains, "I've already thought of that: mum and dad won't mind having him up at home. I'm sure he'll be happier in a paddock in Orange than where he is now, anyway." She then goes on, "There is one thing I'm still worried about." Craig asks, "What's that?" Debbie tells him, "You paying the rent for both of us. There's not that much money's going to come out the pizza run yet, and we've got to pay Andy his percentage as well." Craig murmurs reluctantly, "I know - I've been thinking about that. I know what I have to do..."

Andy is outside, finishing cleaning the car. Debbie and Craig walk over to him and he beams, "How does it look? I reckon we've got a real goer here!" Craig murmurs, "Looks great." He then says, "Er, Andy... we've got a bit of a problem." Andy asks warily, "Like what?" Craig tells him, "Deb and I have been doing a bit of working-out - figures and things - and, now that we're getting a flat, it just makes things a bit hard. I haven't got any choice: I'm afraid I'm going to have to put you out of the deal." Andy stares at him and asks, "What about the system? Who's going to operate the CB?" Craig replies, "Deb. I'll be in the van and she'll be at home on the radio." Andy stands there and murmurs, "Looks like I'm out of a job, doesn't it?" Craig tells him, "I am really sorry, mate." Andy just mutters, "Yeah, sure. So am I."

Glen and Ginny emerge from the kitchen in Fiona's room at the mansion, Glen commenting as they do so, "It's lucky we did check; it's not like Fiona to forget something like that." Ginny nods, "Mmm. Still, gives us a chance to have a bit of peace and quiet, anyway, after all those stupid, giggling women at the gym." Glen points out, "They were just enjoying themselves." Ginny replies, "Sure they were - while you were around - but it's time you had a bit of a rest. I was thinking: a weekend away together would be really nice." Glen, looking uncomfortable, tells her, "It's difficult to find the time, Ginny." Ginny sighs, "I was really pleased, you know, when you said you weren't going to Susan's memorial service: it proves you've managed to face up to the fact that she's gone." Glen, however, retorts, "She might be gone, Ginny - and I'm not going to brood over the fact that she has - but I'm not going to forget her, either." Ginny insists quickly, "I didn't mean that you would--" Glen interrupts and tells her, "Susan was probably the most important person in my life, and the memories of her are something that will never go away." Ginny nods, "Got you. Still, that's no reason why you and I just can't relax, is it? The place seems pretty deserted, and there probably won't be anyone around for hours." Glen smiles at her, warily.

Charlie walks into the main room at the gym, a frown on her face. Fiona climbs off the exercise bike and comments to her, "You don't look as happy as you did before." Charlie explains, "The telephone calls seem to have died right down." Fiona points out, "Think how many you had this morning." She and Charlie start walking back to reception and Charlie sighs, "That's all very well, but the success rate's likely to be pretty low; people don't always follow an enquiry through." Fiona suggests, "I suppose the best way to keep them interested is that you'd have to use that commercial on television for weeks on end. That would cost a small fortune." Charlie comments, "Other places seem to do it." Fiona, however, points out, "You've only got one gym, not a whole chain. There has to be some other way of dragging them in." Charlie sighs, "I don't know. I'm simply bereft of ideas." A look crosses Fiona's face suddenly and she exclaims, "I'm not! You want them to come here, right? And once they're here, they can get interested in joining-up - so the clue is dragging them in here. What about some sort of promotion?" Charlie gasps, "That's a wonderful idea!" Fiona goes on, "Quite a lot of things I've been involved in have come under that heading!" Charlie muses, "I'm not sure that's quite what we need here, darling!" Fiona murmurs with twinkle in her eye, "It's always worked for me!" Charlie smiles, "No, what we need here is something really exciting!"

Debbie and Caroline are setting a few belongings out in Craig and Debbie's new flat. Craig walks into the lounge room, holding Debbie's saddle, and asks her where she wants it. She replies, "I don't know... Is there a corner in the bedroom?" Craig raises an eyebrow and remarks, "I see!" He walks off again. Caroline comments, "I'll try to concentrate on cutting down on some of the muck around here!" Debbie insists, "I can do that." Caroline, however, assures her, "No, it's OK." A man in his forties pokes his head round the open front door, suddenly, and says, "Hello, there. Is there anything I can do to help?" Debbie looks at him and smiles, "You startled me!" The man tells her, "I'm sorry. I live next door and I just thought I'd see if there was anything I can do." Debbie assures him, "No, no, no, we're struggling through." The man accepts this and comments, "No harm in asking." Debbie smiles, "It was very kind of you. I'll see you around." With that, the man walks off again. Craig rejoins Debbie, who tells him, "That was nice: a neighbour asked if we wanted any help." Craig chuckles, "And you let them go?!" Debbie smiles at him and then heads off to the bedroom. When she's gone, Craig says quietly to Caroline, "While she's inside... two things: first thing is could you possibly keep Debbie out of the flat this afternoon?" Caroline grins, "I'm a past master. Shopping is usually the best excuse!" Craig nods, "Great." He then goes on, "Secondly, I need a baking dish for a leg of lamb. I want to make a surprise dinner - candles and things - for her." Caroline smiles, "How very romantic! Have you ever made one before?" Craig shrugs, "First time for everything." Caroline tells him, "I can lend you mine." Craig exclaims, "Great! Could you get it now, please?" Caroline replies, "If you trust me with the bug." Craig nods, "Sure. You're a pal." Caroline smiles, "Anything in the name of love!"

A short time later, Caroline pulls up outside her house in Craig's car. She doesn't notice Andy watching from behind a tree across the road. Caroline climbs out of the car and heads up to the house. When she's out of sight, Andy dashes across to the car, lifts up the bonnet and starts tinkering with the engine...

Debbie is cleaning the windows of the flat, commenting to Craig as she does so, "It's silly going shopping when we can't even afford it yet." Craig, however, tells her, "It won't hurt to look, though - and you said before, yourself, that Caroline's got good taste." Debbie muses, "I suppose I could get a few ideas about what to do with the flat..." Craig declares, "Exactly!" He adds, "You deserve a rest, anyway; you've been at it all morning." Debbie sighs, "I'll just get tempted." Craig tells her, "Don't open your purse, then! Go on - I can finish what's left to do here." Debbie, putting her arms round Craig's shoulders, remarks, "Sounds like you want to get rid of me!" Craig, however, assures her, "Me? Want to get rid of you? Never!" Debbie stares at him and smiles, "Alright, then - I'll go!"

Caroline emerges from her house and starts heading down the path. She spots Andy suddenly, still tinkering with the car's engine, and she calls over to him sharply, "What do you think you're doing?" Andy stands up quickly and tells her, "I'm just fixing something I thought might have gone wrong." Caroline retorts, "The bug's been doing fine, thanks." She then climbs into the car and turns the ignition over. The car fails to start. Caroline looks at Andy and comments, "Whatever you've done, it doesn't seem to have worked. Exactly what sort of 'fixing' did you do?" Andy starts to say, "I thought I might check--" Caroline interrupts and sighs, "Andy... that's a charming thing to do: try and sabotage Craig and Debbie." Andy retorts, "How do you think I feel? Here's me, working my butt off for Craig, and he goes and sacks me." Caroline points out, "The only reason he sacked you was because he couldn't afford to keep you on." Andy snaps, "Only because they wanted to move out to a flat." Caroline tells him curtly, "For your information, the last thing he wanted to do was get rid of you. In fact, long before this flat idea came up he couldn't afford to pay you, but he kept you on out of a sense of loyalty. He felt bad about offering you the job and then paying you off two days later - and that is the truth." Andy murmurs, "I didn't know that." Caroline tells him, "You know now. So, what are you going to do about the bug?" Andy looks at her.

Ginny and Glen are walking down the corridor at the mansion, Glen saying, "It's time we got back to the gym." Ginny asks, "You sure you don't want to go upstairs?!" Glen, however, growls, "I thought I made it clear: even though we've had a good time together, on and off, I'm not serious about you, Ginny." Ginny glares at him in shock and snaps, "That's really nice of you. I thought you said you've gotten over Susan." Glen retorts, "That's not the point. I've told you how I feel; you just have to accept it." Ginny cries, "Just like that?" Glen tells her, "I'm sorry, but you're asking for some sort of commitment, and I can't give it. You've been carrying on like we've got something going, and it's been embarrassing. I like you a lot; there's no reason why we can't be good friends." Tears well-up in Ginny's eyes and she mutters, "That's very big of you. You'd better get back to your giggling women." Glen sighs heavily and murmurs, "I'm sorry." He then turns and walks off, leaving Ginny looking upset.

Debbie is sitting at the kitchen table at her and Craig's flat. Craig is standing by one of the kitchen cabinets. Debbie comments to him, "I thought you said Caroline had just gone to pick up some things from Doug's." Craig nods, "She had. Maybe she stopped off somewhere on the way - although she has been gone a heck of a long time..." At that moment, Caroline walks in, accompanied by Andy. She smiles, "Hi there! I'm sorry - I bet you thought I'd pranged the bug, or something!" Craig smiles at Andy, "G'day, Andy. How are you?" Andy nods, "Good." Caroline tells Craig, "Andy's been helping me. Actually, the bug broke down again and he very generously offered to buy a new gearbox." Craig and Debbie stare at Andy and Craig asks, "You serious?" Andy, looking slightly taken aback, replies quickly, "I had to do something. I mean, we still are friends, and I couldn't just see the business go down the drain, eh?" Debbie cries, "That's marvellous of you." Craig, however, says, "I don't think I can accept, though. I'll pay you back." Andy tells him, "Forget it. Seriously." Craig then says, "Look, Andy, I mightn't be able to pay you for the first couple of weeks, but how do you feel about taking your old job back?" Andy grins, "Yeah, thanks!" He and Craig shake hands and Caroline comments, "I'm glad that's settled!" She then asks Craig, "Did you mention the shopping trip to Debbie?" Craig nods, "She's ready to go now." Debbie points out, "There's not a lot of time left." Caroline, however, insists, "Of course there is!" She then looks at Craig and adds, "Those things you wanted are in the car." Debbie asks Craig, "What things?" Craig, however, replies quickly, "Just a few bits and pieces. Nothing much." With that, everyone heads off outside.

Fiona arrives back at the mansion and heads into her room. She finds Ginny sitting on the couch and she smiles, "Hi! You didn't come back with Glen." Ginny, tears in her eyes, murmurs, "I was going to, but I..." She breaks off and Fiona realises that she looks upset. She walks over to her and asks gently, "What happened, sweetie?" Ginny cries, "Glen. He turned on me. He's not interested. He let me think he was and then this afternoon he just dumped me." Fiona asks carefully, "Are you sure you're not reading more into it?" Ginny mutters, "I can tell when someone dumps me." Fiona, however, explains, "No, no, no, I mean his feelings for you. Are you sure it wasn't all on your side?" Ginny stands up and snaps, "I think I know when someone's after me, Fiona." Fiona tells her, "It really is very difficult, you know, especially when you're being a bit blind about it. I've been through the same thing myself, in my time, and it does hurt terribly. But there comes a time when you can be honest with yourself." Ginny declares, "There's one thing I am going to be honest about: I've had men." Fiona smiles, "Just for a little time, surely?!" Ginny, however, retorts, "Oh no. They think they can damn well do and say what they like. They use you. Well, from now on, I'm the one who's going to be doing the using - and boy, am I going to use them..."


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