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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Pino Amenta

It's evening time and Craig and Debbie's flat is in darkness. The front door opens from outside and Craig tells Debbie, "No peaking!" He goes to switch on the light - but nothing happens. He comments, "The globe must be blown. I'll fix it in a minute." He then picks up a box of matches from the table, strikes one and lights two candles on the table; candles which are surrounded by a fully-laid and decorated table. Debbie stares at it and gasps, "That is wonderful! When did you do this?" She then realises, "When I was with Caroline, right?" Craig nods, "Uh huh!" He then leads her over to the oven and pulls out a tray containing a leg of lamb surrounded by carrots and potatoes - only he discovers that the oven isn't actually on, and everything is uncooked. He gasps, "I left this set. I don't believe this!" Debbie bursts into giggles. She then asks, "Did you arrange to do anything about the electricity?" Craig replies, "No. Didn't you?" Debbie shakes her head! Craig curses, "Dammit. I wanted tonight to be perfect for you." Debbie, however, smiles, "Don't worry. The very fact that you thought of it is good enough for me." With that, they start kissing passionately.

Tick is sitting at the dining table in the living room at Dural, unscrewing a bottle of tomato ketchup. Wayne emerges from the kitchen, holding two plates of food, and he asks, "You hungry?" Tick nods, "Sure am!" Wayne puts the plates down. They contain burnt fish fingers, peas and mashed potato. Tick stares at it. Wayne tells him, "I know the fish fingers got a bit burnt, but I'll know better next time: I won't leave them under the griller so long. And you like peas, don't you?" Tick nods his head. Wayne adds, "And potato?" Tick nods, "I really like potato." Wayne tells him, "Then get stuck into it; you don't want it going cold." Tick continues to stare at his food. He then comments, "Quiet, isn't it - just with you and me, by ourselves." Wayne murmurs, "I guess it is." Tick goes on, "I miss grandpa." Wayne smiles weakly and admits, "So do I." Tick adds, "And Beryl." Wayne looks at him and suggests, "Let's not get too carried away!" Tick then asks him, "Do you reckon you're going to get lonely, just with me?" Wayne, however, asks, "How could I possibly be lonely with you for company? You're enough to keep anyone on the hop! I won't have time to be lonely. I'm really glad you're here, mate. I wouldn't give you up for anything in the world." Tick smiles at him. He then says, "Dad? Do I have to eat these peas? I hate peas!" Wayne laughs, "Leave them! I used to hate peas when I was a kid, too!"

Ginny puts down a knife and fork on a plate in Fiona's room at the mansion and says, "Thanks for dinner." Fiona smiles, "My pleasure." Ginny adds, "It's nice to have someone to do the cooking for a change!" Looking thoughtful, Fiona remarks, "I wonder how Wayne's managing, doing his own cooking." Ginny looks at her in surprise and F explains, "Wayne has been waited on hand-and-foot for his whole life, and now he's on his own, I think he'll probably find life a little more difficult than it ever was before." Ginny asks, "What do you mean 'on his own'?" Fiona explains, "He's been given the chop by just about everybody who's ever known him. Even Gordon's walked out on him: he and Beryl have gone up to Woombai." Ginny muses, "I didn't know..." Fiona tells her, "They left straight after Susan's memorial service." She then goes on, "It's such a pity: Wayne could have had everything; he could have been so happy. But instead, he tossed it all away, and all he's got left now is a great big empty house." Looking thoughtful, Ginny points out, "He's got Tick." Fiona, however, sighs, "How long's that going to last, for goodness' sake? He isn't even his son." Ginny murmurs, "Yeah, it's sad..." She then asks "Do you mind if I use the 'phone?" Fiona replies, "Of course not." With that, she picks up the dirty plates from the table and takes them out to the kitchen. Ginny heads over to the 'phone and dials a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Um, Charlie, it's me, Ginny. I won't be home tonight - well, not 'til late, anyway - I've decided to hit the town and kick up my heels... I won't; I can look after myself... Night!" With that, she hangs up, looking pleased with herself. She then murmurs, "In fact, Charlie, I can look after myself very well indeed..."

Tick and Wayne are sitting on the lounge room floor at Dural, playing Marbles. Wayne sighs, "This isn't fair, you know?" Tick asks, "Why not?" Wayne smiles, "Because I'm losing; you're better than I am!" Tick completes the game and then asks, "Want to play again?" Wayne, however, tells him, "No. It's time for bed." There's a knock at the door suddenly and Wayne goes to get it while Tick clears up his marbles. Wayne finds Ginny standing at the door. She asks, "Can I come in?" Wayne lets her through. Ginny then tells him, "Sorry to barge in, but I've lost my key and Charlie's not home, and I was looking for somewhere to stay until she shows up." Tick comes running out of the lounge room, smiling at Ginny, "G'day! Come to visit?" Ginny nods, "If that's alright - just until Charlie comes home." Wayne invites her into the lounge room. He then tells Tick, "You, young fella, had better hop up to bed." Tick groans, "Now?" Wayne nods, "Yes, now. I'll be upstairs to say goodnight in a couple of minutes. Don't forget to clean your teeth - what's left of them!" With that, Tick runs off upstairs. Wayne heads into the lounge room and smiles at Ginny, "Kids!" He then invites her to take a seat and he offers her a drink. Ginny tells him, "Mineral water will be fine." Wayne goes to the bar. As he pours Ginny's water, she comments, "I never thought you and I would be sitting here enjoying a friendly chat - not after what happened when we first met." Wayne stares at her, blankly, and she reminds him, "You threw me out of the house." Wayne grins, "The good old days!" Ginny goes on, "Still, now we're neighbours, we should be friends, shouldn't we?" Wayne nods, "I guess so." Ginny continues, "I'm sorry I didn't go to Susan's memorial service; I just thought I would've been intruding, that's all; I mean, I'm not exactly a friend of the family's, am I?" Wayne walks over to her and hands her her drink, saying as he does so, "No." He sits down next to her. Ginny then says, "I know what Susan must have gone through with Glen. Mongrels like him aren't worth spitting on: they go through life using people, then they just dump them. Doesn't matter how you feel, as long as you get what you want." Wayne comments, "All over, is it?" Ginny retorts, "Got my marching orders this arvo." She then suggests, "We should drink him a toast. May he..." Wayne completes, "Burn in hell." Ginny nods, "That'll do!" She and Wayne clink glasses. As she takes a sip of her water, Ginny sits there looking pleased with herself...

Fiona is sitting in her room at the mansion, watching TV, when the door opens and Janice and Michael come in. She turns the TV off and asks, "How was the movie?" Michael smiles, "Blood-and-guts spectacular! Loved it! Although I'm not sure Janice enjoyed it all that much!" Janice mutters, "I had hoped we'd seen something a little more romantic." Fiona rolls her eyes! Michael exclaims to Janice, "What are you talking about? There was plenty of romance! Didn't you see that couple in front of us? At one point, I thought the usher was going to hit them with a bucket of cold water!" Janice points to his jacket suddenly and says, "You've got chocolate on your jacket. Take if off and I'll go and sponge it out." Michael looks down and comments, "I can't even see it." Janice, however, insists, "Must have come from that ice-cream you had at half-time, messer!" With that, Michael takes off his jacket. Janice heads off to the kitchen, saying, "I won't be a moment." When she's gone, Michael remarks to Fiona in surprise, "All that fuss over a tiny chocolate stain!" Fiona, however, explains, "All that fuss has got nothing whatsoever to do with a tiny chocolate stain." She then indicates for Michael to sit down next to her. He does so and Fiona reveals, "Janice has got a crush on you, Michael. She's out to impress." Michael murmurs, "Oh..." Fiona continues, "I know you're old enough to handle something like that, but I do ask you to tread carefully; Janice does tend to get very intense over affairs of the heart, and as a result, she falls badly." Michael comments, "And you don't want her to get hurt." Fiona nods, "Exactly." Michael tells her, "I'll make sure I don't encourage her; give her any reason to think we're more than friends." Fiona sighs, "That might not be quite so simple: you see, there is something else about Janice: she has the tenacity of a blue heeler! She grabs onto something and just won't let go!" Michael muses, "Wow! We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?" Fiona nods, "Keep our fingers crossed that she will listen to reason..."

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne is telling Ginny, "I bought him the set of marbles in the first place and he said 'OK, half each.' Fine. He then proceeds to win my half - for keeps, according to him! When we came to play today, I had to go out and buy a whole new set! He's won most of them, too!" Ginny smiles, "You don't mind, though!" Wayne nods, "Of course not. He's worth it." Ginny then stands up and says, "It's getting late; Charlie should be home by now. Thanks for your company." Wayne replies, "Any time. Feel free to drop over whenever you like." Ginny nods, "I will." They head out to the hallway - to find Tick bounding down the stairs. Wayne looks at him and chides, "Hey, what are you doing out of bed? You're supposed to be asleep!" Tick tells him, "I'm thirsty." Wayne picks him up. Ginny says to the boy, "Goodnight, Tick. I'm going home now." Tick asks, "Are you coming back?" Ginny smiles, "I think so. You'll have to teach me how to play marbles when you do; Wayne's been telling me how good you are." Tick warns her, "It'll probably take you a while to learn." Ginny shrugs, "That's alright - I've got plenty of time. Good things come to those who wait! Goodnight!" With that, she heads out. When she's gone, Tick says to Wayne, "I like Ginny, now." Wayne replies, "Good!" Tick adds, "I don't reckon she'll be any good at marbles." Wayne asks in surprise, "Why not?" Tick points out, "She's a girl!" Wayne smiles at him, "I hope you know how to fight, kiddo! Them's fighting words, these days!" He then adds, "One glass of water and it's off to bed. It's a big day tomorrow." Tick asks, "Why? What are we doing?" Wayne just smiles, "You'll find out!"

The next morning, Michael emerges from his room at the mansion to find Janice running downstairs. She tells him eagerly, "I'll have your jacket ready this afternoon." Michael replies, "Thanks. There was really no need, though." Janice insists, "I didn't mind." She then asks, "Do you smell anything?" Michael stares at her, blankly. Janice brings her hand round from behind her back to reveal, "Homemade bread, fresh out of the oven." She adds, "I remember you saying your mother made her own bread, and how much you liked it, so I thought it would be nice to remind you of home." Michael exclaims, "Janice, that's very good of you! You're very kind!" Janice smiles at him. Michael, however, adds quickly, "I'll take it to work; share it out for morning tea. Butter and honey, I think. I can taste it now!" With that, he adds, "Must be off. Can't be late. Bye!" He heads off down the corridor, leaving Janice with a broad grin on her face.

Craig is sitting at the kitchen table in his and Debbie's flat, downing some orange juice from the carton. Debbie comments, "That looks very piggy." Craig just shrugs, "No electricity; couldn't put it back in the 'fridge!" Debbie gives him a light slap with a tea-towel and points out, "You could've used a glass!" She then hands him the tea-towel and says, "You can do the wiping-up!" Craig goes to take the cloth - but instead grabs Debbie's arm and pulls her towards him so that she's sitting on his lap! He puts on a meek voice and tells her, "I'm not a pig really." Debbie grins, "I know!" Craig goes on, "I'm a warm, sensitive, wonderful person!" Debbie smiles, "I know that, too!" Craig comments, "Good - because I'd hate you to walk out after our first night together in our new home." Debbie assures him, "No way!" They start kissing passionately - but are interrupted by a sudden knock on the door. They pull apart, reluctantly, and Craig goes to answer it. He finds Doug standing there. Doug smiles, "G'day. Not interrupting, am I?" Craig looks at Debbie and replies quickly, "No! We, er, are just about to do the washing up!" Doug explains, "I just dropped over to inspect my investment. Looks a bit bare." Craig nods, "That's because it's a bit bare!" He then asks, "You on your way down-town?" Doug nods, "Yeah." Craig goes on, "Can I cadge a lift? I want to arrange to get the 'phone connected." Doug asks, "Is there something wrong with your bug?" Craig replies, "It's getting serviced." Doug accepts this and smiles, "My car's leaving in two minutes. Be under!" Craig heads off to put on his boots, leaving Doug to ask Debbie, "You glad you moved in, Deb?" Deb nods, "Definitely." Doug then takes out some cash and holds it out to her. Debbie stares at it and asks, "What's that for?" Doug explains, "To buy some paint; brighten the place up a bit. Some curtains." Debbie starts to protest. Doug, however, insists, "Take it, will you? I feel flush." Debbie comments, "I thought you were out chasing money." Doug smiles, "I found it, girlie! There is no way this deal is going to fall through. I am going to make a fortune - and wouldn't I like to see Wayne Hamilton's face when he finds out I've pipped him at the post..."

Wayne is talking on the 'phone in the hallway at Dural, saying curtly, "I want that land deal tied-up today, Bill. I don't want to waste any more time on it." He listens and then retorts, "Because someone else is after the same block and I don't want to run second." Tick is standing with him as Wayne says, "Let me know how it goes. Ring me this afternoon. Good man." With that, he hangs up. Tick asks him straight away, "Ready?" Wayne nods, "Yep!" Tick asks, "Going to tell me where we're going?" Wayne smiles, "No!" With that, they head out.

A short time later, Wayne has parked his car outside the children's home. Tick looks at him warily and asks, "What are we doing here?" Wayne explains, "Have to see Mr. Simms." Tick cries, "You said you weren't going to put me back into another home." Wayne assures him, "I'm not." He climbs out of the car and Tick does likewise. A man in his sixties walks over to them and shakes Wayne's hand. He then looks at Tick and asks, "How are you?" Tick replies, "Very well, Mr. Simms." He then asks Wayne, "Why are we here?" Wayne tells him, "I want you to give something to Mr. Simms." He hands the boy a piece of paper. Tick asks, "What is it?" Wayne replies, "A cheque." Tick asks, "For what?" Wayne tells him, "To help run the home. Maybe buy some new sporting equipment for all your old mates; things like that." Tick looks at Mr. Simms and says eagerly, "I know what they need: a new football!" Mr. Simms assures him, "It'll be the first on the list." Tick then hands over the cheque and Simms smiles, "Thankyou, Tick. Thankyou very much." Tick points out, "It's from dad." Simms tells him, "I hope you realise what a good dad he is. You should be proud of him." Tick goes and gives Wayne a hug, smiling, "I am."

Andy is at Craig and Debbie's flat, helping Debbie lift up the kitchen table so that she can put newspaper on the floor under it. He sighs, "I only came over to say 'hello'!" Debbie, however, points out, "We can talk while we work, can't we?" Andy tells her, "I would've worn my worst clothes, if I'd have known." Debbie insists, "You don't have to stay if you don't want to, but I've got sewing to do, as well as painting, and then I wanted to get to the shops, and I did want it all done by the time Craig got back." Andy smiles, "Stop! You'll have me in tears!" Debbie asks, "You'll stay?!" Andy nods, "I'll stay!" Debbie asks him, "Which should I do first: the sewing or the shopping?" Andy asks in surprise, "Sewing by hand?" Debbie replies, "Oh yeah; I haven't got a machine." Andy suggests, "If you haven't got a 'fridge that works either, wait 'til you have before you go shopping. Start with the sewing." Debbie smiles, "Good idea!"

Wayne is walking with Mr. Simms along the verandah outside the children's home. Simms is saying, "Governments do all they can, of course - they make that sure we don't have to do without any of the basics - but it's good to receive private donations: it helps us to top up the coffers." Wayne nods, "Yeah." He then looks around and asks, "Where did Tick get to?" Simms replies, "Probably off playing with some of his mates."

Tick is sitting on a fence post out the front of the home, saying, "You could've fostered me, but I'm taken now." He's talking to a man and woman in their forties. The man asks, "You lived here, did you, Tick?" Tick replies, "For a little while. I don't any more, though. I live with my dad now." The man tells him, "You're very lucky." Tick says, "I know I am." He then asks, "What sort of kid are you after?" The woman smiles, "It doesn't matter." Tick asks, "Boy or a girl?" The woman shrugs, "Either." Tick tells her, "I've got a mate. His name's Wally. I reckon you'd like him." The man suggests, "We'll have to see what the supervisor says first: he might not think we're suitable for Wally." They hear a male voice calling suddenly, "Tick?" The voice is Wayne's, and Tick tells the couple, "That's my dad." Wayne and Mr. Simms walk across and Wayne asks Tick, "Ready to go?" Tick nods, "Yep." He shakes Simms' hand and says, "Goodbye, Mr. Simms." Simms smiles, "Come back and see me whenever you like. This is your second home, remember?" Tick then says, "Bye," to the couple and he and Wayne walk off. When they've gone, the man out of the interested couple comments to Simms, "He seems like a nice little boy." Simms nods, "Yes, he is." The man then holds out his hand and says, "Harry Carter." Indicating the woman with him, he adds, "My wife, Joyce. We have an appointment." As Wayne carries Tick back to the car, he asks, "Do you always talk to strangers?" Tick replies, "No - but those people are nice." He then asks, "Where are we going now?" Wayne tells him, "I thought we might go home, get changed and head off to Marineland. What do you say?" Tick exclaims, "Great! Can we look at the sharks?" Wayne replies, "Er, you can! Personally, I wouldn't care if I never saw another shark for the rest of my life!"

Ginny is walking up the driveway towards Dural when Wayne pulls up next to her in his car. Tick climbs up through the window on the passenger side and says, "G'day! Were you coming to see us?" Ginny nods, "Yes, I was." Tick tells her, "We wouldn't have been here. We're going to Marineland. Want to come?" Ginny replies, "Um... I don't know. What does dad think?" She looks at Wayne. He smiles, "The more the merrier, as far as I'm concerned - on one condition: he wants to see the sharks; you've got yourself a job!"

Craig walks with Doug into the lounge room at Caroline's, saying, "I got the 'phone fixed up. As soon as it's installed, we can run the pizza business from the flat; get out of your hair." Doug shrugs, "Whenever it suits." He then goes on, "There's a couple of suitcases in the back room: do they belong to you?" Craig nods, "That's why I'm here. That's the last of the stuff we have to move across." He then notices a bottle of champagne on ice on the coffee table, and he asks Doug, "Who's into the champagne?" Doug tells him, "Me. Celebrating a land deal." Craig smiles, "Drinking on your own? That's a bad sign, mate!" Doug, however, insists, "If you'd pulled off a deal like mine, you'd be drinking the stuff, as well." Craig comments, "Pretty sweet, huh?" Doug replies, "The sweetest, Craig. I tell you: Doug Fletcher is off and running again in the world of big business - and he's about to make the biggest killing of all time..."

Debbie arrives back at the flat. Andy is still working and he has the radio and the lights on. Debbie smiles, "When did the electricity come on?" Andy replies, "Only about five minutes after you left to go shopping." Debbie nods, "Good. The 'fridge should be starting to work, then." Andy murmurs, "Yeah." He then goes on warily, "Listen, Deb: this colour that you chose to paint the tables and chairs... do you reckon Craig will like it?" Looking surprised, Debbie asks, "Why shouldn't he?" Andy tells her warily, "No reason; I just thought it might be a bit... bright... for his taste, that's all." Debbie says, "I think it looks great. What do you think?" Andy starts to say, "It's like--" He breaks off, though, as they hear a noise at the front door. Debbie says excitedly, "That'll be him." She dashes over to the front door and stands directly in front of Craig as she asks, "How did it go?" Craig replies, "All fixed up. Been busy?" Debbie nods, "Yep. Been painting, shopping, sewing. Andy's here; he's given me a hand. So what do you think?" She then steps aside to let Craig look at the table and chairs. They're all a light pink colour! Andy hands her some pink cushions and Debbie tells Craig, "I've also made these: they're to go on the chairs once the paint's dried." Craig just stares at the furniture in horror.

A few moments later, Craig snaps at Debbie, "Doug is good enough to give us a hundred bucks and you go and throw it away. Paint so bright you need sun-- - welders' - glasses to look at it... stupid cushions... and food that cost a fortune. We can't afford smoked salmon and imported cheese." Looking uncomfortable, Andy says quickly, "I think I might make a split, guys; let you two have your first domestic in peace! See you!" With that, he heads out. When he's gone, Debbie smiles at Craig, "Is that what we're having: our first domestic?!" Craig murmurs, "Just getting used to living with each other, I guess." He sits down on the couch. Debbie tells him earnestly, "I want it to work for us, Craig." Craig assures her, "So do I - more than anything - but we're just going to have to consult; talk about things before we go and make decisions." Debbie comments, "Fair enough." She then goes on, "While we're on the subject: we should also share the work. Just because I'm a woman, it doesn't mean I should be the one who always has to do the washing up." Craig replies, "And just because I'm a man doesn't mean I have to take the garbage out every night." Debbie agrees, "No." Craig then tells her, "Sorry I sounded-off. One thing I have to say, though: I don't know what you were thinking when you painted that table, but that is the worst-coloured thing I've ever seen in my whole life!"

The front door opens at Caroline's and Doug marches in. He heads to the 'phone in the lounge room and dials a number urgently. When the call is answered, he says curtly, "Yeah, put me through to the Fraud Squad, please - and make it snappy, will you?"

The front door opens at Dural and Wayne, Ginny and Tick walk in, smiling happily. Tick asks Ginny, "Why do they call a Hammerhead Shark a Hammerhead Shark?" Ginny asks Tick, "What does his head look like?" Tick shrugs, "I don't know!" Wayne smiles, "A hammer, silly!" Tick tells him, "I knew that. I was just testing you!" The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Wayne tells Ginny and Tick, "Go on through; I'll be with you in a sec." Ginny and Tick head off into the lounge room and Wayne goes and picks up the 'phone. He says, "Wayne Hamilton... Yes, Bill, how did you go?" As he listens, a look of horror crosses his face and he mutters, "He did what? When?" In the lounge room, Tick asks Ginny, "Do you know how to play Scrabble?" Ginny nods, "I think I can remember!" She looks round as Wayne comes into the room, his face like thunder. She smiles at him, "You and I have just been roped into a game of Scrabble!" She then notices the expression on his face and asks him, "What's the matter?" Wayne says hesitantly, "Um... Tick, could you go and get your dad a glass of water, please, from the kitchen?" Tick runs off. Ginny stands up, looking concerned, and stares at Wayne. He murmurs, "It was the company accountant. We had a land deal going; a huge investment. It's fallen through. The agent's skipped the country. He's taken the money with him. I'm wiped out, Ginny. Ruined."


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