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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Later that evening, Andy throws his coat down next to Wayne's hospital bed and demands, "What did you want to talk to me about?" Wayne stares at him and retorts, "Aren't you even going to ask how I am?" Andy shrugs, "Alright. How are you?" Wayne mutters, "Terrible." Andy says breezily, "Good. Now, what's the problem? You've got one minute to convince me I'm not wasting my time." Wayne tells him, "When I leave here, I want you to move into Dural." Andy pauses before gasping, "With you?!" Wayne nods reluctantly, "Yes." Andy demands, "Why?" Wayne ignores this, saying instead, "It'll mean free board and meals - plus a salary, of course. All you have to do is stay there at night; just be there, nothing more." Andy asks coldly, "You scared of the dark?" Wayne admits, "It's more a question of who." Andy muses, "You think someone else is going to have a shot." Wayne nods, "Something like that." Andy goes on, "And you want me to be target practice. Forget it, Wayne; ask for police protection." Wayne retorts, "I can't. They'd want to know why I was still worried; see, they think they've got the person who did it." Andy probes, "Meaning what?" He then thinks before gasping, "Beryl didn't do it!" Wayne snaps, "Of course she did. Trouble is, these days, you don't know how many crazies there are out in this world. I want to make sure I'm covered in case anybody else gets the same idea she had. Do you want the job or not?" Andy retorts, "No way! I want to live old enough to get me old-age pension, thankyou very much!" Wayne insists, "I'm not asking you to stand guard outside my door." Andy retorts, "As good as, but." Wayne persists, "You don't even have to stay in the same room as me. In fact, you can sleep under the bed, if you want. I just want people to know I'm not there alone. How are you off for a crust these days?" Andy muses, "Oh, I'm on a pretty good wicket with Charlie." Wayne says quickly, "I'll double it." Andy pushes, "No. Triple." Wayne pauses before saying, "Alright." Andy then comments tersely, "It must be terrible, Wayne, lying there, worried half the world's out to get you." Wayne mutters, "Your job is to make sure they don't."

Fiona is sitting with Robert in her room at the mansion. She's exclaiming curtly, "It's outrageous. Anybody who knows Beryl knows how ludicrous it is. And what about Robert? I mean, has anybody thought about that?" She's talking to Janice, who's sitting at the table. She just murmurs, "Angel's got a child he never sees. He let it slip the other day." Fiona mutters, "Charming: having a child and then forgetting about it." Janice, however, retorts, "He hasn't forgotten. He cares very deeply about the child; he's just shy, that's all." Fiona remarks, "Shy? Sounds more like an excuse to me." Janice tells her, "Don't judge a book by its cover, Fiona." Fiona looks at her. Janice snaps, "Don't look at me as though I'm an idiot. It's been my experience that practically everyone who has children cares about them - whether they admit it or not. You've never raised a family of your own, so I wouldn't be so quick to judge, if I were you." Fiona looks down, sadly. Janice then adds, "Night, Robert," and she storms out of the room, leaving Fiona looking upset.

The next morning, Gordon is sitting with Robert at the table in Fiona's room, telling Fiona, "As far as the police are concerned, the case is closed. They're not even looking." Fiona puts a plate of toast on the table before sitting down and asking sharply, "How did you sleep last night?" Gordon shrugs, "Five minutes here, five minutes there. How could I?" He then goes on, "We have to prove that she's innocent." Fiona declares, "We will - but we need some food. Now, will you have some toast?" Gordon insists, "She's relying on me." Fiona, however, tells him, "On us. She's relying on us to keep our heads. Will you please eat?" Gordon puts some toast on his plate before asking, "How did you sleep?" Fiona shrugs, "Comme ci, comme ça. I rang Terry and Jill this morning. I just had a sudden urge to say 'hello'. Little Fee... she's almost three years old; can you believe that? And she wants a doll... a special sort of doll - so if I have time when I get into town, I'll wander round, see if I can find it." There's suddenly a knock on the door. It opens and Janice comes in. She says to Fiona and Gordon, "Excuse me. I've just been talking to Caroline's model agency: someone saw her in Pitt Street yesterday and they just called to say that, if she drops by, could she give them a call because I think they've got some work for her." Gordon queries in surprise, "Caroline?" Janice nods, "Yes." With that, she heads back out again. Gordon looks at Fiona and asks, "What do you think?" Fiona asks in surprise, "Think?" Gordon explains, "Caroline. Yesterday she flies up here and someone has another go at Wayne. Coincidence or not...?"

Wayne is sitting in his wheelchair in the grounds of Park Ridge Hospital when a man with spiky white hair walks up to him and says, "Wayne Hamilton?" Wayne nods, "Yes." The man goes on, "Hi, I'm Nick: your psychiatrist." He sits down on a picnic bench opposite Wayne and adds, "I gather you wanted to see me." Wayne replies, "That's right." Nick asks, "What's the problem?" Wayne, however, tells him, "It's not really a problem..." Nick stares at him. Wayne carries on, "You know how I got here, don't you?" Nick nods, "Uh huh." Wayne continues, "You'll also know about me saying it was Beryl Palmer who shot me." Nick nods, "Yes." Wayne tells him, "The thing now is... I remember knowing it was her, and saying it was, but I can't remember how I knew - and now, maybe, I'm thinking it wasn't. It would be pretty terrible if I was right - about being wrong, I mean. Beryl's been arrested, for heaven's sake. You've got to help me remember if it was her or not." Nick asks, "What if you never saw who it was at all?" Wayne, however, insists, "No, I did. That much I'm certain of." Nick says, "Alright." He then asks, "What else are you certain of?"

In Fiona's room at the mansion, Gordon is saying to Fiona, "She disappeared when Wayne was shot and she was seen here yesterday at the same time as the second attempt on his life." Fiona points out, "That hardly proves anything; she could have been up here for any number of reasons." Gordon, who has the 'phone to his ear, explains, "That's what I'm checking." His call is answered and he then says, "Doug... Gordon Hamilton." Doug is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Caroline's, and he smiles, "G'day, mate. How are you going?" He listens before gasping, "You're joking! When was she arrested?" Gordon tells him, "Yesterday. It's insane, of course - she couldn't possibly have done it - but I thought you and Caroline would like to know what's happening." Doug murmurs, "Yeah, thanks." Gordon then asks, "How's Caroline? Keeping busy?" Doug replies, "Yeah, I think so." He adds quickly, "It's hard to tell, these days: the way she darts around so much - first she's here and then she's..." He breaks off before murmuring, "Hell." Gordon asks in concern, "Doug?" Doug tells him, "Listen, mate, that was a load of bull. The truth is Caroline's walked out on me; I haven't seen her for days." Gordon says sympathetically, "I'm sorry to hear that." Doug goes on, "There you go, eh? Anyway, I mustn't yak on too long: time's money and all that." At the mansion, Gordon says, "Bye," and hangs up. He then tells Fiona, "She's walked out on him. He doesn't know what she's been up to. I'll ring the publishers, and if they're in the dark--" Fiona interrupts and cries, "That hardly means she's guilty." Gordon retorts, "It means that her behaviour is very strange. Now, my wife has been arrested and we both know that she's innocent - and I, for one, intend to make sure that everyone else sees that she's innocent."

Angel is sitting on his motorbike out on the front verandah. He's playing his mouth organ as Janice sweeps the verandah with a broom. As his tune comes to an end, Janice comments, "Very nice." Angel smiles, "Thanks. My own composition, that one." Janice asks, "Everyone in your family as musical as you?" Angel nods, "Yeah... my mum played the piano... me dad played the pool!" Janice asks, "What about your... is it a son or a daughter?" Angel replies warily, "Son." Janice goes on, "Does he learn anything?" Angel says, "Tommy? He's only five years old; he'd be hard-up learning how to tie his shoelaces!" Janice suggests, "You never know: he might be a child prodigy." Angel mutters, "I doubt it." Janice asks, "Why?" Angel snaps, "Because his mother's stupid." Janice stares at him and demands, "When was the last time you saw him - or spoke to him?" In response, Angel just mutters, "I thought you were sweeping." He then sighs, "What the hell. I shouldn't be that tough on you about it. I haven't seen him for years: he lives with his mum, down in Dubbo. She's not really that stupid: Meredith Blaine - red hair, very cute. So's Tommy, judging by the photos. I send her money every month and she writes now-and-then. He's doing OK." Janice asks, "Wouldn't you like to see him, though?" Angel replies, "I guess I would - but it's best I don't. I know what I'm talking about: my old man was off his face half the time, and it mucked me up as a kid. My lifestyle would do the same to Tommy, and I don't want to see any kid go through that. If you can't be a good parent, you don't be a parent at all." Janice says curtly, "Or change your lifestyle." Angel retorts, "You'd give up your religion, would you?" Janice points out, "Christianity and motorcycling aren't exactly in the same league, Angel." Angel shrugs, "Yeah, you're right. I take it back. Motorcycles are much more serious!" Janice gives him a look.

Wayne is sitting up in his hospital bed. The psychiatrist, Nick, is standing with him, saying, "You turn, by the pool... and you see a gun pointed at you..." Wayne murmurs,"Erm... yes, I think so." Nick asks, "Is the gun visible or not?" Wayne hesitates before murmuring, "I'm not sure." Nick sits down on the edge of his bed and asks, "Who carries it: a man or a woman?" Wayne, closing his eyes tightly in thought, cries, "I don't know. I get so far and then it all just goes blurry." Nick says quickly, "Alright, alright, just relax, just relax. That's enough for today." Wayne cries, "It seems so close. How long's this going to take?" Nick tells him, "Hard to say." Wayne goes on urgently, "I don't have much time. Is there any faster way we can go about it?" Nick suggests, "We could try hypnosis." Wayne replies bluntly, "Alright. Do it." Nick tells him, "Later." Wayne cries, "Now!" Nick, however, insists, "This afternoon. You're too worked-up at the moment. You get some rest and you'll wind down, alright? I'll be back in a few hours." He stands up and goes to head out of the room. As he does so, Wayne calls after him, "If I need you, who do I ask for? You haven't told me your surname." Nick replies, "Oh, I am sorry. Nick Benson - Michael's brother." With that, he heads out of the room, leaving Wayne looking surprised.

Gordon is talking on the telephone in Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona lets Janice into the room, saying to her as she does so, "That's fine by me. I was going to take him into town, but if you're willing to mind him, be my guest." Janice heads off to the bedroom. Gordon says on the 'phone, "Good, thankyou," and hangs up. Fiona asks him, "Well?" Gordon replies, "She was here yesterday - on a publicity appearance." Fiona exclaims, "Then it couldn't possibly have been her!" Gordon, however, retorts, "She worked between two and five; Wayne was attacked at night." Janice emerges from the bedroom with Robert, saying to him, "You're going to help Aunty Janice, aren't you, little one?" Fiona smiles, "What are you going to have him do: pull up some weeds?!" Janice nods, "And have him break down a few barriers." With that, she leaves the room again. Gordon tells Fiona, "I'm going to fly down to Melbourne, find Caroline and put my mind at rest once and for all." Fiona asks, "Where are you going to look for her?" Gordon replies, "To begin with: Doug's." He adds quickly, "I know; don't say it: she left him. But Doug also loves the woman. He could be lying to protect her, don't you think?" Fiona replies, "I think that you're beginning to make a lot of assumptions." Gordon murmurs, "At least I'm doing something. Nobody else seems to be."

Janice is standing outside on the verandah with Angel. She's holding Robert. Angel finishes playing a tune on his mouth organ. He then says to Janice, "That was a present from me mum for me 14th birthday. Did I tell you that?" Janice shakes her head. Angel goes on, "The old man didn't give me a damn thing." Janice comments, "I bet you bought Tommy birthday presents." Angel looks at Robert before replying, "Yep." Janice demands, "Then why on earth do you still think you'll make the same mistakes your father did?" Angel glares at her and snaps, "Because sometimes I do me block and I go ape-crazy over nothing at all. I might have a bigger heart than me old man, but I don't have the same control - especially when people start telling me what to do. I hate being told what to do." He starts climbing onto his motorbike, going on angrily, "Tommy's my son and I'll see him when I'm damn well ready, not when some know-it-all thinks I am." With that, he puts on his helmet, starts the bike's engine and roars off. Janice stands there and puffs out her cheeks.

Gordon is in Melbourne and has turned up at Caroline's. As Doug lets him in, he says, "You should have given me a buzz from the airport; I would've picked you up." The two of them head into the lounge room and Doug offers Gordon a drink. Gordon, however, tells him, "Nothing for me, thankyou. I can't stay; I just thought I'd call in and see how you were." Doug shrugs, "I'm alright. Life goes on and all that. I'm not saying it hasn't been hard, of course; it's been damned hard." He sits down before then asking, "What brings you down?" Gordon replies quickly, "It looks as though we have to stay in Sydney for a while, so I thought I'd call into Albert Park and throw a suitcase together: a few things for me, a few for Beryl." He then asks carefully, "Have you, um, tried to get in touch with Caroline?" Doug replies, "I called her publisher. I reckon he knows her number but he's not saying anything; sounds like she's told him to keep it to himself." Gordon suggests, "In that case, a slightly more indirect approach might have chances of paying dividends, don't you think?" Doug asks, "What sort of indirect approach?" Gordon, however, sitting down, muses, "I don't know, exactly. Let's figure one out." Doug stares at him before smiling, "Nah! Don't worry. That's up to me. You've got your own problems without buying into mine." Gordon, however, insists, "Nonsense! If we can't help each other, what's the point in being friends...?"

Caroline walks along a street and into a bookshop - where she comes face-to-face with Gordon standing in the middle of the floor. She stares at him as he tells her, "You have the right address; it isn't a coincidence. I rang your publishers and said I own this bookshop; asked if you could come along and sign a few books - but don't get your pen out: I just want to hear you admit that you shot my son." Caroline gasps, "What?!" Gordon goes on angrily, "Have you ever spared a thought for anybody else? Beryl's in jail, Doug's sitting at home, broken-hearted, and meanwhile, you waltz merrily along, not a care in the world. Well, all that is about to stop." He grabs Caroline's arm suddenly and turns her back towards the door." Caroline cries, "What are you doing?" Gordon retorts, "I'm taking you to the police." Caroline cries, "Let me go, Gordon. I didn't shoot Wayne. I didn't do it. I didn't..."

Fiona is sitting with Janice on the couch in her room at the mansion. She's holding a boxed doll, and she asks, "What do you think?" Janice retorts, "Who's it for?" Fiona replies, "Little Fee - my gra--" She breaks off before saying in order to keep Janice calm, "The daughter of a friend of mine who used to have a room in the old boarding house at Manly. They live up near Woombai now." Janice asks, "Is it her birthday or something?" Fiona replies, "No." Janice comments, "You mean you just went out and bought her a nice surprise? How thoughtful." Fiona sighs, "If you really want the truth--" She breaks off, though, as the roar of a motorbike sounds suddenly outside. Janice leaps up and goes and stares out through the window. She then exclaims, "Hey! He's got a kit-bag tied on the back!" Fiona looks at her blankly and asks, "What's it mean?" Janice smiles happily, "Means it must have worked." Fiona, looking puzzled, asks, "What must have worked?!" Janice just tells her, "You don't know anything, alright? You know absolutely nothing." Fiona says uncertainly, "I don't!" Janice goes and opens the door to let Angel in. She then asks him, "What brings you over?" Angel retorts curtly, "You called Meredith, didn't you?" Janice replies 'innocently', "Who, me?" Angel growls, "She called about an hour ago. Tommy wanted to see me, she said; he's losing sleep... getting upset... couldn't I ride down and stay for a week or so? Then she put Tommy on. Ended up promising him I'd come. Then I go on my bike and it hit me: the two of you on the same day... well, it had to be a set-up. I don't like being tricked, Janice." Janice just asks, "Are you still going?" Angel nods, "I promised." He gives Janice a kiss on her forehead before then warning good-naturedly, "Just don't think you can get away with it again, OK?" Janice insists quickly, "I wouldn't try to." Angel then looks at Fiona and, nodding his head towards Janice, smiles, "Keep her in line for me, will you?" With that, he heads back out. Janice turns back to Fiona and exclaims excitedly, "Mission accomplished! Father and son united; how about that?! It feels good to know I've made the world a better place!" Fiona looks at her blankly. Janice goes on, "I think it's a sign, actually. I think my true talent could be for social work!" Fiona nods quickly, "Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm sure - on a voluntary basis." Janice, however, tells her, "No. Full time. Compromise is the language of the devil, Aunt Fiona. I've been looking for something to really sink my teeth into for ages, now, and social work's it! All I need is the satisfaction of knowing I'm helping people - with Christian charity." Fiona stands there, looking worried!

Wayne is lying back in bed at Park Ridge Hospital. Nick is sitting on the edge of the bed, asking, "Nice and relaxed?" Wayne nods at him. Nick carries on, "Good. This will just be a light state. You should feel like you're floating... a little hazy. We're not searching for something buried deep in your memory; it's on the surface; on a turntable, so to speak. All we have to do is put the needle on the right track. Alright? Now, just watch my pen." He starts moving the pen he's holding slowly in front of Wayne's face, continuing as he does so, "Just keep your eyes focused on the pen... on the tip of the pen... Five... four..."

Doug is holding Caroline in the lounge room at her house. He's snapping at Gordon, "A real big friend you proved yourself to be. I wondered why it was taking you two hours to get back here. Who the hell do you think you are: Crocodile Dundee or someone?" Gordon cries, "I convinced myself that I was right." Doug gasps, "That justifies your lying to me and dragging Caroline down to the cops, does it?" Gordon retorts, "No, it doesn't - but if your son had just had two attempts made on his life and your wife had been arrested, when it's as plain as day that she's innocent, then you might understand how I feel when I thought that Caroline--" He breaks off before saying more calmly, "Anyway, if it comes to that, they're still checking her movements. They haven't crossed her off their list." Looking furious, Doug points to the hallway and snarls, "There's the door, mate." Gordon says quickly, "Hold on. I'm sorry; I didn't mean it." Doug, however, snaps, "I don't give a damn, pal. There's the door; now, get yourself on the other side of it. You can start looking for a new partner, too." Gordon stares at him and then turns and walks out. When he's gone, Caroline tells Doug sincerely, "I didn't think you'd miss me." Doug insists, "Course I missed you. I love you." Caroline says, "I didn't do it; I swear." Doug assures her, "I know that. If you say you didn't do it, I know you didn't do it. Now, what do you think about getting married?" Caroline stares at him and says in surprise, "Finally? You and me?" Doug grins, "Who do you think I meant?!" Caroline asks, "When?" Doug suggests, "How about tomorrow?!" Caroline gives him a loving kiss.

Nick is standing next to Wayne's hospital bed. Wayne has his eyes closed. Nick is saying to him, "You are next to the pool... and you decided you wanted another drink... so, you went into the house and you went to the bar to pour yourself another drink." Wayne starts thinking back in his trance. He pictures a taxi pulling up and he murmurs, "There was a car." Nick prompts, "It's just pulling-up, is it?" Wayne murmurs, "Yeah." Nick asks, "Who is it?" In his trance, Wayne watches who climbs out of the cab. He murmurs, "Beryl... getting out of a taxi." Nick comments, "She must want to talk to you." As Beryl knocks on the front door at Dural, Wayne snaps at Nick, "She can go to hell; I don't want to talk to her." He then pictures himself staggering outside. Nick prompts, "You're back by the pool again. What happened next?" Wayne thinks back to him taking a sip of his drink after he climbed onto the sunlounger. He murmurs to Nick, "There was a noise... behind me..." He recalls staggering to his feet and demanding of his visitor, "What the hell do you want here?" He then murmurs, "There was a gun." He recalls snapping at the visitor, " Not even you'd be that stupid. Put it away before--" A shot rings out suddenly again. In his hospital room, Wayne shoots upright in his bed and cries, "Aarrrggghhh. She shot me; she shot me." Nick asks quickly, "Who was it, Wayne? Who shot you? Did you see who it was?" Wayne closes his eyes tightly, but then cries, "No. I nearly did; I sort of got it - except not clear enough." Nick asks, "It's getting closer, though?" Wayne nods at him. Nick declares, "Alright. I'll pop in again later - then we'll know for sure who it is." He heads out of the room. When he's gone, Wayne mutters to himself, "I think I know who it was..."


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