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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Susan is walking with Beryl in the grounds of the jail where Beryl is being held. They're followed by a female guard. Susan comments, "The place isn't that bad." Beryl murmurs, "No, it could be worse." Susan goes on, "At least you're allowed out in the open during visiting hours." Beryl sighs, "I suppose after all those years you visited Bill, the last thing you wanted to see was the inside of a jail." Susan, however, insists, "You won't be stuck in here for long, mum. We both know you're innocent." Beryl tells her, "I need to keep hearing that, Susie. Sometimes, I lie awake at night, thinking it's all going to go wrong for me; they won't let me out." Susan cries, "You don't want to think like that." Beryl tells her, "I try not to, but believe me: this place makes you think the worst." They stop walking. Susan then tells Beryl, "I brought that photo you asked for." She takes a photo of Gordon holding Robert out of her handbag and hands it over. Beryl stares at it and then whispers, "Thankyou, love." Susan tells her, "It won't be long, mum - honestly. We'll have you out of here before you know where you are." Beryl murmurs, "I hope so, Susie. I hope so."

Alison is standing by the french window's in the lounge room at Charlie's. Charlie is sitting on the couch. Susan is pacing the floor, saying, "We both pretended that it wasn't too bad, really, and that she was bound to get out soon - but it wasn't; it was awful. And what if she doesn't get out soon? What if it does go wrong for her? I have enough trouble just coping with the place visiting; God knows how mum's handling it, locked in there 24 hours a day." Alison says, "Susan, there's no pretending your mother and I are the best of friends - but there's one thing I've always admired in Beryl: that's her ability to hang in there. She's got more resilience than most women I know. She'll survive." Charlie adds, "Your mother's probably handling it better than you are." Susan replies, "She is. That doesn't make it right, though." She sits down on the couch, next to Charlie. Alison suggests suddenly, "Why don't you go away for a while? Take a rest." Susan, however, gasps, "You're kidding! I couldn't leave mum." Alison tells her, "You'll be doing yourself a favour. I don't know whether you realise it or not, but you're on the verge of cracking." Susan insists, "I'm not going away." Alison tells her, "I'm sure your mother would understand." Susan retorts, "You think so? I don't. I put her in there, you know? Because I wouldn't hand over my money to Wayne, my mother's in jail." Alison says quickly, "There's some company business coming up in Melbourne. Someone has to take care of it; why not you?" Susan retorts, "Why not you?" Alison explains, "I'm going to be away myself next week." Susan looks at her. She then murmurs, "I suppose someone has to go." Alison declares, "Exactly - and it's not as if you're not going to be able to keep in touch with people up here." Susan nods uncertainly, "Yes... alright, I'll go."

Beryl has stuck the photo of Gordon and Robert to the wall of her cell. She stands there, staring at it, sadly. She then sits down at the table next to her bed and starts writing a letter. A rasping female voice behind her says suddenly, "Who you writing to?" Beryl spins round to find two tough-looking women standing in the doorway. She tells them, "My husband." The woman who spoke says, "Doesn't he come to see you?" Beryl replies, "Yes." The two women step inside the cell and the first one asks, "Then why are you writing to him?" Beryl retorts, "Because I want to." The woman mutters, "Must be mad." She walks over to Beryl, takes some chewing gum out of her mouth and places it on the table. She then picks up Beryl's hairbrush from the table and starts brushing her hair. Beryl snaps, "Do you mind?" The woman retorts, "Why? What did you do?!" Beryl says, "Would you mind putting my things down and leaving, please?" The woman smiles, "Sorry - just want to see what you've got worth nicking, first." She goes to walk off, still holding the brush. As she does so, she spots the photo on the wall. She pulls it off and comments, "This the old man, is it?" Beryl nods, "And son, yes." She holds out her hand and appeals, "Please?" The woman, though, pulls it away and warns, "Uh-uh. Don't be so rude." Beryl lunges out with her hand to grab it, snapping as she does so, "Give it to me." The second woman grabs her arm, though. Beryl then warns the first woman, "If you don't give it back, I'll call the warder." The first woman grins, "No kidding!" She then rips the photo in two, top-to-bottom, before taunting, "Call the warder." The second woman lets go of Beryl's arm. She then bends down and picks up the two pieces of the photo. Beryl goes to take them from her - but the second woman lets them drop to the floor again. Beryl bends down to reach for them. As she does so, the first woman threatens, "Tell you what, though: you'll be dead by morning if you do. Think we'd better teach you a lesson, sweetheart - just to make sure that you don't get in the habit of calling the warder every time we come collecting." With that, she grabs Beryl's hair and yanks her head back. She then kicks Beryl in the stomach. Beryl reels back, coughing. The first woman taunts, "Come on, darling. Where's your spirit? We haven't even started yet." Another female voice yells suddenly, "Leave her." The first woman looks round at the newcomer, who adds, "Don't lay another hand on her." The first woman demands, "Says who?" The newcomer retorts, "Pam. Good enough?" The first woman lets Beryl go, and she drops to the floor. She then snaps, "One of these days, somebody's going to do Pam." The newcomer retorts, "Won't be you, though, will it, gorgeous?" The two prisoners walk off. The third woman walks over to Beryl and asks, "You OK?" Beryl gasps, "Yes." The newcomer tells her, "Name's Daphne." Beryl pants, "Beryl Hamilton." Daphne nods, "I know." She picks up the pieces of the photo and hands them to Beryl. Beryl murmurs, "Thanks for..." Daphne, however, shrugs, "Nothing to do with me. Pam you want to thank. You have to wait 'til tomorrow; she's doing a stint in solitary at the moment. She heard about you, but; sent out word you had to be looked-after." Beryl murmurs, "I'm glad she did." She then asks, "Who is this Pam?" Daphne just replies, "The girls round here call her The Boss." With that, she walks off, leaving Beryl looking pained.

It's evening-time. Alison and Susan are sitting on the couch at Charlie's, some papers laid out on the coffee table in front of them. Alison finishes adding up some figures on a calculator before remarking, "They should balance but they don't." Susan suggests, "Maybe we made a mistake with the addition?" Alison tells her, "I've been over it twice." Susan asks, "What about the bank statements?" Alison, however, assures her, "No, they're right." She then goes on, "Somehow or other, the princely sum of $10,000 has gone missing from the company accounts. I'd say someone's been fiddling the till." Susan shrugs, "I don't know who." Alison replies, "Nor do I." Picking up the chequebook, she then remarks, "Three amounts: five thousand, three thousand and two thousand. Here's one for five thousand. Cash. Did you write this?" Susan replies quickly, "I can't remember; I write so many." Alison presses, "A cash cheque?" Susan retorts, "There were a lot of bills to pay, Alison." Continuing to go through the chequebook, Alison comments, "Here's another one. $2000. Cash. More bills?" She then sighs, "Susan, you haven't started gambling again, have you?" Susan cries, "No. No, I haven't - honestly." She looks down guiltily, though...

Nick Benson walks into Wayne's room at Park Ridge Hospital and smiles, "Good evening. Ready to try again?" Wayne, who's looking at the newspaper, replies, "Hypnosis? No." Nick remarks, "I thought you were rather keen on the idea." Wayne tells him, "I was - and it worked: I remember, now, who fired the gun." Nick points out, "This afternoon, you said you weren't sure." Wayne replies, "I know. I am now, though. It was Beryl. I was right the first time. So, I guess that's it." Nick shrugs, "Fair enough. I'll go and make out the bill." He turns to head out. As he does so, Wayne comments, "You must be proud of your brother." Nick turns back to him and asks, "Why?" Wayne says, "Clever young doctor making his mark on the world." Nick remarks, "I've never really thought much about it." Wayne muses, "That's strange." Nick asks, "Why?" Wayne tells him, "I was speaking to Michael yesterday. He had much the same thing to say about you. Bit of tension there?" Nick retorts, "On a professional level, Michael and I have enormous respect for each other. Anything else is none of your business." With that, he walks out. Wayne sits in his bed, looking intrigued.

Susan is standing by the french windows in the lounge room at Charlie's, saying to Alison, "I was going fine; I hadn't gambled for weeks. Then everything started to go wrong again. I broke; I couldn't help myself." Alison warns her, "If the company auditors had found the discrepancies before I did--" Susan interrupts and sighs, "I know. We would have been in big trouble. I'd have been in big trouble." Alison exclaims in annoyance, "Everything you've planned; everything you've worked for - it would all be a total waste if you just gambled your money away." Susan cries, "Don't you think I want to stop?" Alison retorts, "Yes I do. The question is: can you?" Susan insists, "If I work hard at it - and I will. That's a promise." Alison warns her, "If you lose your financial independence, you're giving Wayne the upper hand." Susan says, "I realise that. Couldn't think of a better reason to give it up, could I?" Alison tells her, "Just keep it in mind." Susan insists, "I will. I'll give it up. You'll see." Alison looks at her, warily.

Doug and Caroline are sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Beryl's. Debbie and Craig are sitting together on the armchair and Debbie is smiling, "Craig and I would love to be witnesses!" Caroline smiles, "Thanks!" Craig then asks uncertainly, "How do you feel about getting married in a Registry Office?" Caroline tells him sincerely, "It's right for us. That's all that matters." Debbie smiles, "I couldn't be happier for you both. It's wonderful!" Doug then says, "We're on our way out to dinner." The 'phone starts ringing as Doug and Caroline stand up and Doug says, "We'll be on our way. We'll see you tomorrow." He and Caroline head off. Debbie picks up the 'phone. Craig goes to see Doug and Caroline out. By the front door, Doug asks him, "How's the job going?" Craig replies hesitantly, "Er... good. Getting there!" Doug accepts this and smiles, "See ya, mate." He and Caroline then head out. On the 'phone in the lounge room, Debbie is saying, "Yeah... That is fantastic! Yes! Great!... When do I start?... Fine. No problems! Alright, I'll see you then!" Craig walks back into the room as she adds, "OK. Bye!" and hangs up. She then turns to Craig and says excitedly, "Guess what!" Craig guesses, "You've got yourself a job?!" Debbie laughs, "How did you guess?!" Craig then asks, "Where? Doing what?" Debbie explains, "It's across the road from you - at the carwash." Craig stares at her and mouths, "The carwash..." Debbie nods, "I'll be doing the opposite shift to some guy they've just put on there." Craig grins nervously!

Beryl has stuck the two halves of her photo of Gordon and Robert back on the wall of her cell. She strokes it, lovingly, as she sits on her bed. She then buries her head in her hands, looking upset. Daphne appears in the doorway, suddenly, and remarks, "Didn't see you at dinner." Beryl murmurs, "I wasn't hungry." Daphne tells her, "It affects most new girls that way. Puts them off their food." She walks in with a plate and puts it down on the table, adding as she does so, "I brought you some in case you were hungry during the night." She then remarks, "Not handling it too good, are you? Being inside. Missing your family?" Beryl murmurs, "Yes - especially my little boy." Daphne asks, "What's his name?" Beryl replies, "Robert." Daphne asks, "How old is he?" Beryl tells her, "Two." Daphne murmurs, "Yeah. I've got a kid of my own. I know what it's like: we miss them like hell." Beryl asks hesitantly, "Were you scared when you..." Daphne completes, "First started doing time?" She then nods, "Yeah - at first. Then you learn to know the ropes. You scared?" Beryl whispers, "After this morning, yes, I am." Daphne, however, insists, "You're worrying about nothing. I told you: Pam will look after you." Beryl asks in surprise, "Why will she look after me?" Daphne replies, "Because she thinks you're innocent." Beryl asks in surprise, "Why does she think that?" Daphne just shrugs, "Search me. You'll have to ask Pam that, won't you?" Beryl murmurs, "Yes, I will."

It's the next morning. Debbie is working at the kitchen sink at Beryl's. Craig is putting some plates back on the shelf as Debbie sighs, "You were lucky getting the afternoon off. I'm in strife." Craig asks in surprise, "Why?" Debbie explains, "I start work today, don't I? I've also got to get to the wedding. The two overlap." Craig asks, "What are you going to do?" Debbie sighs, "I don't know. I think I'll run down to the carwash - see if it's OK for the guy on the shift before mine to work an extra hour, maybe." Craig murmurs nervously, "Uh huh." Debbie asks, "What do you think he'd say? I'd pay him, of course." Craig just shrugs warily, "I wouldn't know, Deb. I wouldn't have a clue what he's going to say..."

A while later, Debbie is dressed in old clothes as she approaches the carwash.

Elsewhere in town, Craig runs into a public callbox, puts a coin in the slot and starts dialling a number.

Debbie is standing with the carwash owner, saying, "I know that I am asking a lot, being the new girl and everything, but they're really good friends and I would like to be their witness and we're only talking about an hour." Before the man can answer, the telephone rings. He picks it up.

In the public callbox, Craig says quickly, "Jim, it's Craig. Look, mate, I'm not feeling the best today. Upset stomach. Must have been something I ate. I don't think I'll be able to come into work today." He listens before insisting, "It's the truth - honest. I feel sick as a dog, mate... Yeah. OK. I'll see you tomorrow." With that, he hangs up.

At the carwash, Jim hang up and tells Debbie, "You're in luck: that was Craig ringing in to say he's sick - or so he says. You can do his shift and then you can get on to your wedding." Debbie smiles in relief, "That's great! Thanks a lot!" She then says, "Craig. That's his name?" Jim nods, "Yep." Debbie laughs, "My boyfriend's name's Craig." Jim, looking disinterested, mutters, "Big deal. Come on - I'll show you the job." He walks off. Debbie pulls a face at him behind his back!

Wayne is climbing back into the bed in his room at Park Ridge Hospital. Susan is standing with him, saying coldly, "I'm going away for a while." Wayne asks, "Where?" Susan retorts, "To Melbourne - on business." Wayne asks, "Why you telling me?" Susan snaps, "If mum's not out of jail by the time I get back, it's all-out war." Wayne looks at her and growls, "I offered you a deal. Dear Beryl could be out of jail right now." Susan retorts, "I know - but she gave into your blackmail once, over Robert; she was determined never to do it again." Wayne mutters, "It was her decision." Susan snaps, "That's right - and now you can make one: tell the police it wasn't mum who shot you - or live with the consequences." With that, she turns towards the door. She then turns back to Wayne and says coldly, "If it does come to war, I've got the money and the people to make sure you come in a very poor second. I'd remember that, if I were you." With that, she walks out.

Out in the corridor, Susan takes a piece of paper out of her handbag and goes to a public 'phone nearby. She picks up the handset and dials a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Stan... Susan Hamilton. How's my credit?" She listens before replying, "That's OK - I'll send you a cheque. There's a horse in race three at Flemington: 'Sister Starlight'. A thousand dollars to win."

Caroline is dressed in a frilly white outfit. She's sitting with Debbie in the reception are of the Registry Office, picking at a small bouquet of flowers that she's holding. Debbie asks, "Nervous?" Caroline replies, "No." Debbie laughs, "You should be! It's traditional!" Caroline, however, shrugs, "First time around, maybe - but not today. Besides, Doug and I have been through so many false starts, I still don't believe we're finally getting married!" At that moment, Doug walks in with Craig and says to Caroline, "You'd better believe it!" Caroline smiles, "I will when I sign the book!" Debbie walks over to Craig and gives him a kiss. He comments, "You made it OK?" Debbie nods, "The other guy 'phoned in sick, so I got to do his shift. His name's 'Craig'." Craig asks 'blankly', "Who?" Debbie explains, "The guy I'll be working with. Coincidence, hey?" Craig muses, "You wouldn't read about it!" The marriage registrar appears suddenly in the doorway and calls, "Mr. Fletcher? Mrs. Morrell?" He looks at Debbie and Craig. Doug calls over quickly, "That's us!" He and Caroline stand up. The registrar asks, "Are we ready?" Doug nods eagerly, "We're ready!"

Wayne is tossing and turning in his hospital bed as he has a nightmare. He's dreaming of the blurry image of the person who shot him. He murmurs in his sleep, "Don't shoot... No, don't shoot!" He starts panting.

Caroline and Doug are standing in front of the marriage registrar in the main room at the Registry Office. Debbie and Craig are standing behind them. The registrar says, "We come together in the presence of friends to join together Doug and Caroline in marriage." Debbie and Craig smile at each other. The registrar continues, "Marriage is a union where a man and woman are called to give themselves in body, mind and spirit, and to respond that from that union will grow a deepening knowledge of their love and respect for each other. In the joys and sorrows of life, in prosperity and adversity, they share their companionship, faithfulness and strength."

Still asleep in his hospital bed, Wayne pants, "No... no..." He thinks back to the blurred image - and it suddenly all becomes clear. He stares at the person pulling the gun's trigger. It's Caroline." Wayne wakes up and sits up in bed, panting heavily.

In Melbourne, the marriage registrar is saying, "Doug and Caroline have now witnessed their mutual consent before their friends, and they have pledged their solemn word to each other, and they have confirmed it with the giving and receiving of a ring and the holding of hands. I therefore declare them husband and wife." Broad grins cross Debbie and Craig's faces and they start applauding! Doug looks at Caroline and asks, "Do I get to kiss the bride?" Caroline beams, "You'd better!" Doug pushes back her veil and starts kissing his new wife passionately. Confetti thrown by Craig and Debbie rains down upon them!

Susan is sitting listening to a horserace on the radio in Beryl's lounge room at the mansion. The horse is won by 'Felicity'; 'Sister Starlight' comes second. Susan turns off the radio, looking horrified. She then stands up, dashes over to the telephone and dials a number. When it's answered, she says cheerfully, "Ron... Susan Hamilton... Yes, it has been a long time. Er... my account still open?... Good. Um, race four, 'Idle Gossip'." She listens to the bookie before admitting, "No... no, maybe it's not such a sure thing after all. Cancel that, will you, Ron? I've changed my mind." She stands there and looks at the 'phone.

Alison is sitting with her feet up on the coffee table in the lounge room at Charlie's. Charlie walks in from the hallway. Alison sighs and asks, "What are we going to do tonight, Charlie?" Charlie, indicating some fabric on the drinks cabinet, suggests, "Some petit point?" Alison gasps, "You must be joking! I heard the other day that petit point brings on hardening of the arteries!" Charlie hands her a drink. Alison takes it and sighs, "Where have all the real men gone? Why aren't they knocking on our door like they used to?" Charlie tells her, "I don't think there are any of them left." Alison insists, "There must be." Charlie shrugs, "There's a lot of competition out there these days." Alison mutters, "It can't be too bad. If the likes of Beryl and Caroline can snare a husband, why can't we? I need a big, wonderful romance; someone to sweep me off my feet and make me feel wanted. Where is my white knight? When's he going to cross my path?"

Doug pops the cork out of a bottle of champagne in the lounge room at Caroline's. He, Caroline, Debbie and Craig burst out laughing. Doug pours Caroline a glass. As she takes it, she smiles, "You'll get me drunk; this is our third bottle!" Craig then comments, "You're not going away for the honeymoon?" Doug explains, "I want to get the T-shirt business off the ground first - then maybe we can have another go at Mexico City." Turning to Caroline, he adds, "What do you say?" Caroline, however, tells him, "I don't think so. Somehow, whenever people mention Mexico City, I always think of cheap divorces! No, I want somewhere romantic. An island." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly. Caroline stands up and heads out to answer it in the hall. She picks up the 'phone and says, "Hello?" Wayne comes on and snarls, "You think no one knows, don't you? You really thought you were going to get away with it." Caroline says in surprise, "Wayne? What are you talking about?" Wayne retorts, "You know what I'm talking about. See, I remember: you're the one who shot me. But don't think you're going to get away with it; I'm coming down there, Caroline. You and I are going to have this out." In Melbourne, Caroline hangs up the 'phone and takes a gulp of her champagne. Doug calls out, "Who was it?" He joins Caroline as she replies quickly, "No one. Just a burial plot salesman, would you believe, trying to sell me my final resting place!" Doug smiles, "Well you won't be needing that for a while, will you?" Caroline murmurs, "I certainly hope not..."

Beryl is standing staring up at the small window in one of the walls of her cell. Daphne appears in the doorway suddenly and announces, "Pam's out of solitary. She's on her way to see you. I'm the advance party." With that, she turns and heads out again. Beryl turns back to the wall and bends down to the table. She hears footsteps, suddenly, as someone else approaches. The person walking towards Beryl's cell stops just inside the doorway. Beryl turns to face her. A look of shock then crosses her face as she sees who's standing there, and she gasps, "I don't believe it!"


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