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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Clive Fleury

A short time later, Pamela is standing in Michael's room at the mansion, saying to him, "Guess who's going to shout you dinner!" Michael, however, replies apologetically, "Guess who's just bought dinner!" He adds quickly, "So why don't we make it my shout instead?" Pamela smiles, "You've won me!" She heads across to the table and looks at a pile of plastic takeaway dishes. She asks in concern, "You sure there's enough?" Michael nods, "There's enough for four! My eyes are bigger than my tummy, as mum used to say!" Pamela looks across at a photo on the desk and she asks, "Is this your mum?" Michael replies, "Yes." Pamela remarks, "She looks nice." Michael tells her, "She is! She's your all-purpose, kind-hearted, country mum: sews, cooks, makes jam..." Pamela muses, "Lucky you. Your dad looks nice, too. You're really their son, aren't you! Nick must be a throwback!" Michael murmurs, "Every family has its black sheep." They sit down at the table and Pamela says, "So, how does it feel having nothing to do?" Michael sighs, "No alarm dragging me out of bed... no worry about my patients... Fantastic!" Pamela comments, "You're really determined for Nick to be the only doctor." Michael nods, "Yes." Pamela carries on, "Funny how things turn out, isn't it? I would've picked you as the dedicated one, not Nick. I can imagine him getting into all sorts of trouble when he was younger - especially when he discovered girls!" Michael smiles, "He thought he was a cross between Errol Flynn and Harrison Ford!" He then adds, "Why are we talking about my least-favourite subject?!" Pamela tells him, "The more you let out the aggro, the better you'll feel." Michael shrugs, "Maybe. I'll need a few glasses of wine first." Pamela picks up a bottle and smiles, "I'll keep pouring!"

Janice is standing out in the corridor when Andy brushes past her, whistling as he heads for the front door. Janice stops him quickly and says sharply, "You're not going out, are you?" Andy retorts, "What if I am?" Janice demands, "Are you sneaking off to meet one of those disgusting women?" Andy sighs pointedly, "Look, Janice, will you please get off my back?" Janice snaps, "Somebody has to be your watchdog." Andy snaps back, "Yeah, well you're not qualified; you still have to learn to be a human being!" Fiona wanders down the corridor towards them suddenly and sighs, "Alright, alright, that's enough you two." Janice retorts, "I'm only trying to sure that he keeps his part of the bargain." Turning back to Andy, she adds, "You're supposed to be on the straight-and-narrow now." Andy retorts, "And you're supposed to be loosening-up a bit." Janice points out, "You still haven't answered my original question: are you or are you not on your way to meet one of those women?" Andy looks away and doesn't respond. Janice says triumphantly, "Thought so." Fiona tells her wearily, "Forget him, Janice; he's not worth worrying about. Obviously he hasn't got the guts to carry through on a deal." Andy turns to her and snaps, "You think so? Just watch me!" Fiona mutters, "I'll believe it when I see it."

Gordon is standing in Fiona's room, looking at some books, when Fiona comes in and sighs heavily. She asks Gordon, "Do you feel like a cuppa?" Gordon, however, replies, "No, not at the moment - I haven't read Robert his bedtime story." Fiona suggests, "Let's have a drink, then. I could certainly do with one after refereeing between Andy and Janice!" Gordon muses, "Ah, the challenge!" Fiona sighs, "Not one of my better ideas." She picks up a bottle of scotch and pours two glasses. Gordon goes and sits down on the couch. As he does so, Fiona comments, "You look tired." Gordon explains, "Stave-panic time, I'm afraid: I got the barrister's bill today." Fiona murmurs, "Oh... Was it a whopper?" Gordon nods, "And then some." Fiona asks, "You going to have the money to pay for it?" She hands him his scotch and sits down as he replies, "I will have once I organise a loan." Fiona tells him, "No need to do that; Susan would be only too happy to pay for that." Gordon says sharply, "I'd rather not ask her." Looking surprised, Fiona asks, "Why on earth not?" Gordon replies, "Beryl is my wife. She's my responsibility. Besides, the income from Woombai will cover it." Fiona points out, "You're going to need that money to live on." Gordon, however, insists, "I'll get a job." Fiona chuckles, "Oh, Gordon!" Gordon just tells her, "It's as good as done. I'm having lunch tomorrow with Ron Lawler; we've done business together for years and he's always said he'd jump at the chance to have me on his Board." Fiona smiles, "You've got everything worked out, haven't you!" Gordon, however, says, "I'm not making a martyr of myself - really; I'll be glad to get back to work; I need to be occupied." Fiona says gently, "You're still worried about Beryl, aren't you?" Gordon nods his head. Fiona goes on, "There's no need to be; I'm sure there'll be no more trouble. She'll follow on Pamela's advice." Gordon just murmurs, "I'm sure she'll try - but from all accounts, she's made some bad enemies." He then stands up and sighs, "It's time for Robert's bedtime story." He heads off to his stepson's bedroom, leaving Fiona looking worried.

Beryl is sitting in her cell at the Bendala Detention Centre, writing a letter. A female voice behind her demands suddenly, "What are you writing? Your will?" Beryl looks round to find Ruth striding towards her. She has a large bruise on her face. Beryl retorts, "You think I should?" Ruth mutters, "Better to be sure than sorry, I always say." She goes to walk out again. Beryl says quickly, "Don't go - I want to talk to you." Ruth demands, "What about?" Beryl tells her, "I owe you an apology; I should never have lost my temper and hit you. I was thinking of my husband--" Ruth interrupts and growls, "Crawling won't get you out of trouble." Beryl, however, insists, "I am not crawling; I'm just trying to explain how I felt at the time." Ruth mutters, "You'll have to do better than that if you want to put me off-guard." Beryl sighs, "I don't blame you for being suspicious, but I'm really not out to challenge you. I don't want to move up in the pecking order around here; I just want to get home and be with my family." Ruth growls, "In one piece?" Beryl nods, "Yes." Ruth sneers, "Could be arranged. You see, Beryl, I can make your life difficult - or I can make it easy; it's up to you." Beryl asks quietly, "What do you mean?" Ruth goes on, "From what I've heard, some of your friends are pretty well off. They'll probably be coming here and bringing you little pressies..." She picks up a box of toiletries from Beryl's table and adds, "Like these... So, if we can come to some arrangement...: every time you get something, I do, too; you might find life that much easier." Beryl muses, "Blackmail, you mean?" Ruth retorts, "You're the one who wants to leave here in one piece, sweet-lips. So is it a deal?" Beryl nods and murmurs reluctantly, "Alright." Ruth growls, "Good. Glad you think that way." She goes to walk out. She then turns back, though, and adds, "One word of warning: don't you try to hold out on me - because you'll be sorry if you do." With that, she walks out. Beryl stands there, looking worried.

Pamela picks up a full glass of wine from the table in Michael's room at the mansion. She takes a sip and then asks Michael, "You made any plans for the future?" Michael, however, admits, "Not yet. Can't put it off too much longer, though - I'm running out of money." Pamela comments, "We can't have that. We'll have to find you some exciting job with lots of lovely money!" Michael muses, "The question is: what?" Pamela asks, "What about another branch of medicine, like Research?" Michael, though, retorts, "No way: medicine is out." Pamela asks, "Don't you miss it?" Michael just laughs, "Are you kidding?! No more long hours... no more study... I feel like a kid let out of school!" He stands up and picks up a bottle of scotch from the bookcase as he goes on, "Do you realise I spent half my life studying? HSC... uni... And when you do eventually qualify, the study still doesn't stop: there's papers to be read, new discoveries being made..." He pours two glasses of scotch as he adds, "From now on, medicine is strictly a spectator sport for me." Pamela asks, "You told your folks you're quitting?" Michael replies, "Not yet." Pamela asks, "Think they'll be upset?" Michael hands her a glass of scotch and says, "Why do you think I'm putting it off? I was supposed to be the blue-eyed boy." He sits down at the table again as Pamela asks, "What about Nick?" Michael replies, "They always knew he'd get on: he was the one with drive... ambition..." Pamela comments, "Now that he's reached the top, he's determined to stay there." Michael nods, "You'd better believe it! He loves the prestige... the status..." Looking interested, Pamela asks, "Too much to give it up for a woman?" Michael gives her an inquisitive look. Pamela carries on quickly, "Let's just say he fell in love with some woman who was real trouble; someone who could wreck his career." Michael mutters darkly, "Men like Nick don't fall in love." Pamela presses, "Yeah, but if he did?" Michael shrugs, "He'd ditch her. His career would always come first." Pamela looks at him, a nasty smile on her face...

Later that evening, Pamela is back at Charlie's. She's standing in the lounge room, and is listening to Nick and Alison standing by the front door. Nick is saying to Alison, "You look like a little kid with that wet hair!" Alison smiles, "I should never have let you talk me into your jacuzzi!" Nick asks, "Why? Scared the neighbours will send the pictures to the papers?!" Alison, however, tells him, "Don't laugh: I have to protect my lily-white reputation!" Pamela rolls her eyes. In the hallway, Nick, who has his arm round Alison, asks, "Would it help any if I told you my neighbour was short-sighted?!" Alison chuckles, "You'd say anything to get what you want." Nick looks into her eyes and says sincerely, "I had to wait years to get you." Alison asks, "Was it worth it?" Nick replies, "Why else would I have this silly grin all over my face?" He then asks, "When will I see you again?" Alison tells him, "Soon." Nick suggests, "Tomorrow night? My place?" Alison smiles, "I'll bring my water-wings!" With that, Nick gives her a soft kiss and heads out. Alison wanders slowly off to her bedroom. In the lounge room, Pamela mutters derisively, "Lily-white reputation..."

The next morning, Pamela is sitting in the lounge room, reading the newspaper, when Alison wanders in in her nightclothes, yawning. She says, "Morning!" Pamela glances up and replies brightly, "Morning. Sleep well?" Alison smiles, "Very!" Charlie walks in with Isabella and comments to Alison, "Don't we look pleased with ourselves! I can't wait to hear all the juicy details!" Alison muses, "Not in front of the dog!" Charlie presses, "Tell me: did you--" Alison interrupts and says, "Charlie, it's all happening. End of story." Charlie sighs, "That's not fair. The world's full of women who kiss and tell and I'm stuck with someone who's as silent as my telephone between men!" Alison laughs, "Just be happy for me!" Charlie insists, "You know I am, darling - even if I am just the teensiest bit jealous." She then looks at Pamela and sighs, "Couldn't you just die that she snucked him up from under our noses?" Pamela asks blankly, "Who?" Charlie retorts, "Nick, silly! Didn't you know the romance is on again?" Pamela just mutters, "I've been too busy working to catch up on all the gossip." Alison gives her a look. Charlie tells her, "Not that you missed much - it's very slim pickings around here this morning." With that, she leaves the room, saying to Isabella as she does so, "I don't know why we bothered getting out of bed early!" When she's gone, Pamela comments to Alison, "Lives in a world of her own, doesn't she!" Alison replies, "Her heart's in the right place. In fact, she's too generous for her own good." She goes and pours herself some coffee, adding as she does so, "And you shouldn't have taken advantage of it; you shouldn't have used her to get that job." Pamela exclaims in astonishment, "It was her idea!" Alison retorts, "You put the idea into her head, didn't you?" Pamela retorts, "She wanted to help; what's wrong with that?" Alison snaps, "I just don't want to see it backfire on her." Pamela gasps, "You think I'm out to rip him off, don't you?" Alison doesn't respond. Pamela assures her, "I'm not going to make the same mistake twice." Alison retorts, "Mistake? Then why did you keep quiet about doing time?" Pamela snaps, "Because he wouldn't have given me the job. I'm going to be handling large sums of money." Alison nods, "Precisely." Pamela sighs and goes on more calmly, "Look, I am not trying anything on; I've had enough of being inside to last me a lifetime." Alison retorts, "I just had to be sure. I'm very fond of Charlie; I don't want to see her hurt." Pamela mutters, "Oh - my feelings don't count." Alison tells her, "Of course they do - but it was worrying me, alright? I had to clear the air." Pamela murmurs, "You've made your point." With that, Alison heads out of the room. Pamela picks up a copy of My Sister My Love from the coffee table and mouths, "Your turn's coming..."

Janice and Andy are standing in the reception area at the gym when a woman in her forties walks in. Janice looks at Andy and growls, "Is this one of your lady friends?" Andy just looks across at the woman and smiles, "Hello, gorgeous. How are you?" Janice mutters, "I thought so. Don't weaken." Andy walks over to the woman and says, "I'm glad you turned up early: it'll give us enough time to have the gym by ourselves for a while." The woman smiles flirtatiously, "Just what I had in mind...!" She and Andy head off into the main room. Janice follows them. In there, the woman asks Andy, "What shall we do first?" Andy tells her, "Warm-ups: three minutes on the bike, then we can move onto the heavier weights." Janice marches into the room and says sharply, "Excuse me, Andy, could I have a word?" Andy tells her, "Not right now, Janice." Janice snaps, "It's important." Andy retorts, "I'm about to show Mrs. Hansen how to use the heavier weights, if you don't mind." Janice, however, looks at Mrs. Hansen and tells her, "He's not going to show you anything, anymore." Looking astonished, Andy gasps, "Janice!" Janice just goes on at Mrs. Hansen, "He doesn't want to see you anymore - outside gym hours, I'm talking about. The trouble is he just doesn't have the gumption to come right out and say so." Andy looks at Mrs. Hansen and starts to tell her, "Seriously - I can explain exactly what--" Mrs. Hansen just interrupts and retorts, "It's alright: you don't have to say anything; I get the message." With that, she marches out. Andy goes to follow her, calling, "We have to talk." Janice grabs his arm, though, and orders, "Just let her go." Andy goes to give her a shove, snapping, "Get out of the way." Janice, however, performs a martial arts move on him and pushes him to the floor. She then sits on top of him! Andy snaps furiously, "Get off me." Janice retorts, "As soon as she's off the premises." Andy snarls, "I'm warning you." Janice snaps, "I'm just trying to help you keep your word to Aunt Fiona. Imagine how silly you'd feel if you had to explain to her how you caved in so easily." Andy rolls over suddenly and pushes Janice off him. He stands up as Janice adds, "I won't let on it was touch-and-go for a while." Andy mutters, "That's very big of you." Janice goes on, "Together, we'll make short work of the others. You'll see." Andy glares at her.

Nick is standing out in the reception area when Pamela walks in. She smiles at him, "Nick! You waiting to be served?" Nick nods, "I'm after my exercise card. Is there a bell or something?" Pamela shrugs, "I don't know; let's have a look." She goes to peer over the reception desk - but as she does so, a copy of My Sister My Love that she's carrying under her arm 'accidentally' hits the edge of the desk and drops to the floor. Nick bends down quickly to pick it up. He looks at it and asks, "Fan of Angela Johns?" Pamela, however, tells him, "Hardly! No, I just wanted to see what sort of a hatchet job she'd done on Alison. Now I'm reading it, I can understand why she's so upset about the Pamela character. But you can't sue somebody for printing the truth..." Nick asks sharply, "What? The book's based on Alison's life?" Pamela gasps in 'surprise', "Didn't you know?" Nick replies, "No." Pamela murmurs, "Oh Lord... me and my big mouth!" Nick smiles, "Relax! I won't dob you in!" He then looks around and comments, "Bit slack round here, aren't they?" Pamela tells him, "I'll go and find someone." She heads off to the main room. She then peers back round the corner to find Nick glancing inside the copy of My Sister My Love...

Fiona is standing in Michael's room at the mansion, tidying up his bed, when Michael walks in, panting. Fiona smiles, "Did you have a good run?" Michael replies, "Not bad. Spotted a gorgeous blonde in the park; almost caught up with her, too!" Fiona notices a pile of literature on the desk, suddenly, and she comments, "Medical books! You having a spring cleaning?" Michael, however, tells her, "Nope! I'm going to flog them off. Getting rid of Oscar, too." Looking shocked at the skeleton's potential demise, Fiona gasps, "I never thought you'd throw him on the scrapheap." Michael just shrugs, "Why hang on to it when some student could put him to some use?" The two of them hear Gordon's voice, suddenly, calling, "Fiona?" Fiona calls back, "I'm in here." Gordon comes into the room and tells Michael, "I'm sorry to interrupt." He then turns to Fiona and says, "I have an appointment with the finance company in half an hour; it's the only time they can fit me in." Fiona says, "That's alright: I can take Robert to playschool." She then adds quickly, "Oh, no, I can't - not until after the plumber comes." Looking at Michael, she asks, "Would it be stretching the friendship a little bit too much if I asked you to take him to playschool?" Michael smiles, "Just give me time for a quick shower." He heads out of the room. When he's gone, Gordon remarks to Fiona, "I didn't know you had the plumber coming today." Fiona admits, "No, I'm not. That's a big fib - but it's all in a good cause." Gordon looks at her. Fiona explains, "You see, there is a very attractive girl who runs Robert's playschool and she is just dying for somebody like Michael to walk into her life." Gordon smiles, "You can't help matchmaking, can you!" Fiona, however, insists, "Oh no, there's more to it than that: while he's chasing her, he'll forget about wanting to sell these--" she indicates the medical books "-- and he's going to need them again when he comes to his senses and gets back to medicine." Gordon muses, "And we men kid ourselves that we run the world!"

Charlie is standing behind the reception desk at the gym, throwing some yellow cards down in disgust. Andy emerges from the main room and says, "You wanted to see me?" Charlie retorts sharply, "Yes. How come we've had four cancellations this morning?" Janice follows Andy out of the main room and declares triumphantly, "Five! You can add Mrs. Vita to the list." Charlie gasps, "But she was one of our most enthusiastic members." Janice retorts, "Only because of Andy." Andy explains to Charlie, "I make an extra effort with those people who I think need it - encouragement, I mean, like--" Janice interrupts and growls, "She didn't need any encouragement." She turns to Charlie and adds curtly, "She was just a silly woman; old enough to be Andy's mother." Looking annoyed, Charlie snaps, "I don't care how old she was. If business doesn't start picking up, I'm going to be in trouble paying the wages." With that, she marches off to the main room. When she's gone, Andy looks at Janice and says curtly, "Will you do me a favour? Whenever Charlie is around, shut your mouth." Janice mutters, "You're being a bit unreasonable, aren't you?" Andy, however, retorts, "I'd call it self-preservation, Janice. Your mouth can do more damage than a car bomb!"

Michael has arrived back at the mansion. Fiona follows him into his room and smiles, "What took you so long?" Michael replies, "She was about five foot five, very pretty, runs Robert's playschool - and I'm taking her out to dinner tomorrow night!" Fiona laughs, "You're a fast worker!" Michael replies, "Dad always told me never to let an opportunity pass you by!" Fiona then says, "Listen, how would you like to come and have some lunch with me?" Michael, however, tells her, "I've got a better idea: why don't I take you to lunch?" Fiona smiles, "Like your dad said: never let an opportunity pass you by!" She then indicates Oscar the skeleton. She's dressed him up in white T-shirt and a gorilla mask! Michael laughs, "Very fetching!" Fiona explains, "I thought he deserved to go out in style!" Michael murmurs, "Good old Oscar: I'm going to miss him; we've burnt a lot of midnight oil together." Fiona whispers quickly and conspiratorially, "Why don't you keep him? He doesn't take up much room." Michael just asks, "Why are you whispering?" Fiona replies in another whisper, "Because I don't want him to know that you're thinking of selling him!" Michael bursts out laughing, "You're as silly as a wheel - and it's catching!" He then picks up a stethoscope and, putting it around Oscar's neck, declares, "From now on, Oscar, you're the doctor in the family. Anything you need to look up, be my guest." He indicates the medical books. Fiona remarks, "I thought you were thinking of selling them." Michael shrugs, "I'll get around to it one of these days." Unnoticed by Michael, Fiona gives Oscar a knowing wink!

A few moments later, Fiona and Michael emerge from Michael's room. Fiona indicates the hall table and says to Michael, "I think there's some mail there for you. Why don't you have a look while I get into some glad rags?" She heads off to her room, leaving Michael looking through a pile of envelopes. The mansion's front door bangs suddenly and Pamela walks in. Looking at Michael, she announces, "Just the man I wanted to see!" Michael tells her, "Fiona and I are just about to go and have lunch. Why don't you join us?" Pamela, however, replies, "I'm sorry, I can't: I've got to go and close a sale in half an hour." She then asks Michael, "Would it turn you on to manage a health farm?" Michael looks at her blankly and says, "Pardon?" Pamela explains, "A friend of Charlie's has a place not far from us, and when she mentioned that Sandy was looking for someone to manage it I thought of you. Interested?" Michael nods eagerly, "Very. Who do I contact?" Pamela, however, tells him, "No one. Charlie's invited Sandy for dinner tonight, so just turn up about seven. You'll be able to convince her that you're the man for the job - if it appeals." Michael asks, "And if I don't appeal to her?" Pamela just smiles, "I'm sure you will. See you tonight!" As she goes to head out, Michael calls, "Thanks for thinking of me." Pamela calls back, "One good turn deserves another." Looking surprised, Michael asks, "What have I done for you?" Pamela just tells him enigmatically, "More than you'll ever know..."

Charlie waltzes into a restaurant - and spots Nick sitting at a table by the wall. She heads over to him and beams, "Nick, darling! What a pity I didn't see you earlier; we could have had lunch together!" She then asks, "How are you enjoying your sessions at 'Bumps and Grinds' these days?" Nick points out, "I've only been twice so far." Charlie, however, insists, "Exercise does you the world of good - but it pays to watch your diet too--" She breaks off suddenly as she spots a copy of My Sister My Love on the table. A look of horror crosses her face. She says quickly, "I must fly. Do have the slimmer's platter!" With that, she heads off, leaving look looking surprised.

Pamela arrives back at Charlie's to find Alison sitting on the couch. Alison looks at her and comments, "I thought you were working." Pamela explains, "I closed the sale in two seconds flat." She then indicates a box she's holding and adds, "I brought us a Black Forest cake for dessert." She sits down as Alison asks, "Does my piece come with or without arsenic?!" Pamela smiles, "I'd have brought some humble pie, but they didn't have any!" Alison looks at her and Pamela adds, "You were right to have a go at me about the job." Alison muses, "I probably could have used a little more tact, though." Pamela shrugs, "I could've used a little more understanding." Alison asks, "Friends again?" Pamela points out, "I brought you the cake, didn't I?!" The front door bangs suddenly and Charlie bursts in. She looks at Alison, who is standing up and heading to the drinks cabinet, and cries, "Darling, I've got terrible news." Alison muses, "You've gained six kilos!" Charlie, however, tells her, "No. Nick is reading the book." Alison stops in her tracks. Pamela asks 'innocently', "What book?" Alison sighs, "My life story." Charlie tells her, "He was about quarter of the way through when I saw him at lunch. He couldn't wait until I left so he could get back to it. He was positively devouring it." Looking annoyed, Alison snaps, "How in hell did he get hold of it? He's not the type to go out and buy a trashy novel." Pamela chips in, "Unless someone told him about it." Charlie gasps, "Who'd do such a thing?" Pamela shrugs, "I don't know... The woman who wrote it?" Alison tells her quickly, "No, no, she doesn't even know Nick's alive." Looking thoughtful, Charlie declares, "But Wayne does." Alison sighs coldly, "Yes, that would be right. Yes, he hates my guts enough to do something like that." Pamela has a smirk on her face as Alison declares, "This time he's hit the jackpot. When Nick's finished reading that book, our romance will be as dead as a dodo..."


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