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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Clive Fleury

Gordon walks into a restaurant. The maître d' is standing by the door and Gordon tells him, "Gordon Hamilton." The maître d' indicates a table where a businessman is sitting. Gordon walks over to him and smiles, "Ron!" Ronald Lawler stands up and shakes Gordon's hand, telling him, "Good to see you." Gordon nods, "You too." Lawler then remarks, "I think you've lost a bit of weight since the last time I saw you!" Gordon sits down and Lawler goes on, "Business must be good. I read the other day where Hamilton Industries bought into another company." Gordon, however, tells him, "I wouldn't know anything about that. I resigned from the Board; Wayne's running the company now." Looking surprised, Lawler remarks, "You've still got a financial interest?" Gordon, however, explains, "No, I've given in the lot. For various reasons I decided to make a clean break - which was fine for a while - the rest did me a world of good - but I find I'm getting a bit bored sitting at home, twiddling my thumbs - which is where you come in: I was wondering if you might have something going in your company. You always said you wanted me on the Board." Lawler, raising his eyebrows, nods, "That's true - and you always turned me down." Gordon explains, "That's why I'm here: I'm not ready to go out to pasture yet; there's a few years left in me." Lawler comments, "That's good to hear." He then suggests, "Why don't we order something and talk about it over the meal?"

Janice emerges from the main room at the gym. Andy is standing in the reception area and Janice tells him, "I'm just going to get lunch." Andy warns quickly, "Listen, you'd better watch out for your purse; I just had my wallet knocked-off." Looking shocked, Janice asks, "Where from? That takeaway place?" Andy nods, "Mmm. I was waiting to be served, and when it came to paying, I went for me wallet and found it had gone. I'm broke until payday now." Janice declares immediately, "Retribution. That's God's way of letting you know he's not happy that you took 'gifts' from your lady friends." Andy mutters, "Knock it off, Janice." Janice just asks, "Would you like me to shout you lunch?" Andy, however, retorts, "No thankyou; I'd rather choke."

At the restaurant, Gordon folds up his napkin and declares, "That was an excellent meal!" He then says to Ron Lawler, "So, do you think you might have something for me?" Lawler, however, admits, "I don't know, Gordon. I'd love to have you on the Board, but we've got a full complement at the moment. I could always have a word with my personnel manager..." Gordon tells him, "It doesn't matter what it is, really; just something to keep the old brain cells moving." Lawler says, "I'll see what I can do." He then picks up the bill and adds, "I'll fix that." Standing up, he tells Gordon, "I'll get back to you when I can." Gordon shakes his hand and says, "I look forward to hearing from you." With that, Lawler heads out. Gordon goes to follow him. As he does so, he doesn't notice Nick sitting at one of the tables he passes. Nick spots him, though, and he calls, "Gordon! Aren't you even going to say hello?" Gordon turns to him and replies apologetically, "Sorry, Nick, I didn't see you there. You were just leaving?" Nick nods, "Yes." Gordon tells him, "I was lost in a little world of my own." Nick admits, "So was I. Got my nose stuck into this book and couldn't put it down." He indicates his copy of My Sister My Love. Gordon remarks in surprise, "I didn't think you'd be the type to read rubbish like that." Nick admits, "I don't normally, but when it's based on people you know... The character based on Alison fascinates me. Is she really as black as she's painted?" Gordon gives him a look.

Alison is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at Charlie's, saying, "Yes, is Dr. Benson there? It's Alison Carr." She listens to the response before sighing, "It seems to be a very long one. Is he really out to lunch or is he just avoiding me?" She listens again before saying, "Could you tell him to call me when he gets back? Thankyou." She hangs up. Charlie, who's sitting on one of the couches, asks, "No luck?" Alison murmurs, "I don't know whether to believe her or not." Charlie suggests, "You'll just have to wait 'til he calls." Alison retorts, "If he calls. When he's finished reading the book, he probably won't even want to know me. Damn Wayne for showing it to him." Charlie points out, "There's no point worrying about it, darling; there's nothing you can do." As Alison goes to sit down next to Charlie, she brushes against Pamela's handbag, which is resting on the coffee table. It falls onto the floor and Alison goes to pick it up. Pamela, who's sitting on the other couch, stands up to help her. As Alison picks up the bag, a chequebook falls out. Alison looks at it and asks Pamela, "What's this?" Pamela retorts, "It's a chequebook." Alison asks, "With open cheques?" Pamela nods, "Yeah." Alison remarks suspiciously, "A company chequebook with open cheques. You're not thinking of embezzling some money from the agency, are you?" Looking appalled, Charlie gasps, "Alison!" Alison, however, retorts, "Charlie, real estate agencies do not hand out open cheques to their agents." Pamela says curtly, "They didn't 'hand it out'. They're very happy with my work and they trusted me enough to go to the bank and pick up a new one. There's nothing underhand about it." Alison asks, "Are you sure?" Pamela retorts, "It's the truth; I can prove it." She reaches into her handbag and takes out a sheet of paper, which she hands to Alison. She tells her, "Signed authorisation from the company accountant. Satisfied?" Alison looks at the sheet of paper and mutters, "Yes. I'm sorry. It's just that you and I are very much alike, and you know what they say about twins. If there's a shortcut to the top, you might be tempted." Pamela growls, "Thankyou for the vote of confidence." Alison just retorts, "I'm warning you: if you are thinking of getting up to something, I'll be the first to know about it." Pamela just says coldly, "Well I'm not - so you and your psychic link can rest easy. You don't know what I think, and I doubt if you ever will..."

Michael emerges from his room at the mansion, holding a pile of textbooks. As he goes to head for the front door, Fiona emerges from her room and smiles, "You having a bit of a clean-up?" Michael nods, "Those medical books I was getting rid of." Fiona asks, "What are you going to do with them?" Michael tells her, "Sell them to the second-hand bookshop at the uni." Fiona says quickly, "I can save you a trip - I know someone who wants a good set of books; probably do a deal for you." Michael exclaims, "Great if you could!" Fiona tells him, "Just leave them in the flat and I'll get to it as soon as I possibly can." Michael heads off into Fiona's room just as Gordon walks into the mansion through the front door. Fiona smiles at him, "How was lunch?" Gordon, heading for her room, replies, "Come inside and I'll tell you."

Andy is helping train a young man in the main room at the gym. The man is lifting weights with his legs and Andy is saying, "Just a bit longer and then you can take a break." The man grimaces, "I don't know if I can do much more; I shouldn't have had such a big lunch." Andy mutters, "You're lucky you had some; I missed out and I'm starving." The man comments, "I can smell barbecue chicken out there." Andy remarks, "You know what? So can I. I think I might go outside and see if I can con some. Remember: concentrate on those legs." With that, he heads out to the reception area - where he finds Charlie feeding barbecued chicken to Isabella! He gasps in astonishment, "What are you doing feeding it chicken?" Charlie corrects sternly, "'Her', not 'it'." Andy mutters, "Her, then." Charlie explains, "She's not feeling in a very good mood so I bought her one of her favourites; I thought it might cheer her up, but she's not eating it." Andy exclaims, "Do you know you spoil this thing rotten?" Charlie insists, "Why not? She's worth it." Andy says, "It's a waste, that's all." Charlie just shrugs, "That's your opinion." She then adds, "Could you take over here? I'll go and buy some chocolate truffles; we'll see if that cheers her up!" With that, Charlie heads out. Andy picks up a chicken wing and bites into it, saying to Isabella, "Cheers!"

Gordon is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion, telling her, "I should be on my feet financially in no time; I'll have that loan paid off before I know where I am." Fiona beams delightedly, "The meeting must have been a success then." Gordon says, "Let's just say that I'm confident that he'll come up with something." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Fiona stands up to answer it. She listens and then smiles, "Hello, Beryl, darling. How are you?... Yes, indeed, he's right here. I'll put him on." She hands Gordon the 'phone and he says, "Hello, Beryl." From the public 'phone in the corridor at the Bendala Detention Centre, Beryl says uncertainly, "Hello, Gordon. Er... I was wondering: could you do me a favour? Could you bring me in some toiletries: perfume... talcum powder... lipstick... and some chocolates?" She listens to Gordon's response before explaining, "Let's just say it's a peace offering to the natives." At the mansion, Gordon remarks, "I don't understand." He listens before exclaiming, "That's outrageous. You shouldn't have to buy your safety; tell one of the warders what's going on." Beryl, however, retorts, "That would only make things worse, believe me. The rules are very different in here, Gordon. Would you just do as I ask? Please?" She listens and then smiles in relief, "Thankyou." Changing the subject, she asks, "How's Robert?" Gordon tells her, "He's fine. He still has days when he frets for you, but generally speaking he's getting used to not having you around." A slight look of disappointment crosses Beryl's face. She then says, "If he's too much trouble for you and Fiona, you could send him down to Macedon, to be with mum and dad... Well, it's something to think about, anyway." She then tells Gordon, "I'll have to go, Gordon - my time's run out. Give my love to everyone." At the mansion, Gordon says mutedly, "Bye." He hangs up before turning to Fiona and saying, "She wants me to bring in a parcel of toiletries: the price she's paying for her protection." Sitting down, he murmurs in concern, "Some of those things can be terribly expensive. Everything's beginning to mount up. I just hope I get that job." Fiona sighs, "I do wish I could help, but I've just committed myself to buying Michael's books in the hope that he'll change his mind and go back to medicine." Gordon murmurs, "I'll manage somehow." Fiona then tells him, "You're very welcome to go through my bathroom: there's lots of things there that I've been given as presents over the years. I've never used them; it'll help fill up the parcel." Gordon says gratefully, "Thankyou." He still looks worried, though.

There's a sharp knock on the front door at Charlie's. Alison emerges from the lounge room to answer it. She finds Nick standing on the step. He comments, "I hear you've been trying to contact me." He steps inside as Alison replies, "Yes, I tried calling a few times. Your receptionist said you were out to lunch." In the lounge room, Pamela sips from a drink and listens as Nick replies, "I don't normally take that long, but today I became engrossed in this book and I just had to keep reading it." Alison says, "So? What do you think?" Nick tells her, "It's fascinating - the way you're portrayed, I mean: how your mind works... what you'll do to get your own way... You're one hell of a woman." Alison asks, "Do you really believe everything you read?" Nick just tells her, "How much is fact and how much is fiction, I'm not yet sure - but I'm going to enjoy finding out; in fact, I'm quite looking forward to my journey of discovery..." In the lounge room, a look of annoyance crosses Pamela's face.

A short time later, in the lounge room, Nick is telling Alison and Pamela, "The thing that got me about the book was the way it went into the psychic link between the twins." Alison asks, "Why?" Nick explains, "That was the subject I did my thesis on. I got caught up in it then and I still find it fascinating." Alison muses, "I suppose it is, rather." She then asks, "Do you have time for a cup of tea?" Nick nods, "Providing it's quick - I can hear my patients calling!" Alison stands up and heads out of the room. When she's gone, Pamela looks at Nick and asks, "Did you know Alison and I were twins?" Nick, looking astonished, replies, "No!" Pamela goes on, "I believe in all that 'psychic link' business, too; I think we share something like that." Looking impressed, Nick tells her, "I'd like to get together and talk about it some time." Pamela smiles, "Fine by me - all you have to do is say when..."

It's evening-time. Janice is standing in the hallway at the mansion. She looks at her watch, impatiently. The front door opens suddenly and Andy walks in. Janice demands immediately, "Have you just come back from the gym?" Andy nods, "Yeah." Janice snaps, "You're late." Andy sighs wearily, "I had to put some extra time in with one of my so-called ladies; she wasn't too keen to take 'no' for an answer." Janice asks, "But she did?" Andy nods, "Eventually." Janice smiles, "I'm pleased. You're making very good progress, Andy. The first day's always the hardest - it's like giving up smoking, I suppose - but before you know it, you'll be a new person." Andy mutters, "Something to look forward to." Janice beams, "I can't wait to tell Aunt Fiona how you're going." With that, she heads off into Fiona's room. Andy goes and knocks on Michael's door. Michael answers it, wearing a suit. Andy says to him, "I was wondering if you'd like some company for a meal." Michael, however, replies, "Sorry, mate - I'm just on my way to Charlie's: I'm meeting someone who might be giving me a job running a health farm." With that, he heads off down the corridor, leaving Andy standing looking deflated.

A short time later, Charlie opens her front door and says to Michael brightly, "Come in, darling." Michael tells her, "Sorry I'm late." Charlie, however, assures him, "Not to worry - Sandy's just arrived, herself. Pamela's keeping her occupied and I'm pouring the drinks." Michael asks, "Just the four of us, is there?" Charlie explains, "Alison had to go out to a business meeting. She's coming back later, but she's going out to dinner with Nick." She then lowers her voice and carries on, "Just a little quiet word before we go in: don't say too much to Sandy about the job; the main thing tonight is for you and Sandy to get to know each other." Michael replies, "OK. Does she know why I'm here?" Charlie nods, "Oh yes! Pamela told her you want a job, but just don't push it - although I'm sure she's going to be very pleased with you! Come on in!" Pamela is sitting in the lounge room with Sandy. They look up as the door opens and Charlie beams, "Here we are!" Sandy comments, "The man in question!" Pamela tells Sandy, "I'd like you to meet Michael Benson." She then adds for Michael's benefit, "Sandy Hirst." Sandy shakes Michael's hand and says, "Pleased to meet you." Charlie offers Michael a drink. He asks for something light. He then adds, "Do you mind if I use your bathroom for a moment?" Charlie smiles, "Of course not, darling." Michael heads out of the room, leaving Sandy to comment, "He seems a very nice young man!" Pamela tells her, "I thought you'd be impressed." Sandy assures her, "I am. I've got a feeling things are going to work out very well..." Pamela and Charlie glance at each other.

Andy is talking on the 'phone in the hallway at the mansion, saying curtly, "Come on, Joe, how many pizzas have I bought off you? I almost kept you in business on my own. Surely I'm good for at least one credit?... 'Til payday." He listens and then snaps, "Thanks for nothing." He slams down the 'phone just as Janice emerges from Fiona's room and smiles, "Andy! I was just coming to look for you." Andy sighs, "What is it now?" Janice tells him, "I meant what I said about being pleased with your progress today - so much so that I'm going to reward you. Come into Fiona's: she wants to be there for the presentation." Andy asks, "What's the reward?" Janice, however, tells him, "It's a surprise."

A few moments later, Janice is showing Andy a piece of framed needlework, on which has been stitched a flower and the words 'Suffer Little Children...' Janice is telling Andy, "This is of great sentimental value to me. I made it at Sunday school, when I was eight, but I'd like you to have it because I think it's very appropriate." Andy, staring at the needlework derisively, starts to say, "Listen, Janice, if it really means that much to you--" Janice interrupts and insists, "I want you to have it." Fiona, who's dishing up some dinner at the table, says, "Accept it in the spirit in which it's given Andy." Andy takes the needlework and murmurs, "Thankyou." Fiona goes on, "Janice tells me that you've come through with flying colours. Keep up the good work!" Andy murmurs, "Yeah." He then remarks, "The food smells great, it really does." Fiona asks, "You hungry?" Andy says quickly, "I'm starving. I had my wallet pinched today before I could buy any lunch and I haven't eaten since breakfast - apart from a little bit of a chicken leg." Fiona, however, cries, "I'm so sorry - I've only made enough for Janice and I and I don't think it's going to stretch any further; but I'll tell you what: you're more than welcome to make a sandwich, if that's what you'd like." Andy mutters sarcastically, "Thankyou, Fiona, you're such a lifesaver." He goes to head off to the kitchen. Fiona calls after him, "Andy, the bread's stale. Sorry!" Andy mutters, "It's food." Fiona looks at Janice and they both burst out laughing!

Pamela is sitting next to Sandy on one of the couches in the lounge room at Charlie's. Michael is sitting on the other couch. Charlie walks in from the hallway and announces, "I've just checked dinner and we'll be eating in 15 minutes. Anyone want a top-up?" Michael says, "I'm alright, thanks." Sandy says, "I won't say no." As Charlie refills her glass, Michael remarks, "I thought you'd be anti-alcohol." Sandy, however, tells him, "Darling, I run a health farm; I'm not a disciple." Michael comments, "I just thought you'd be out to set an example." Sandy just shrugs, "It's a business. Makes me a lot of money. At the moment, health farms are the in place to go." Michael looks at her and asks warily, "What do you see my role as?" Sandy replies, "A doctor, of course. You could be a very valuable asset. Once word got round that you were on our staff, the farm would have instant credibility." Michael asks, "Does that mean it doesn't now?" Sandy corrects, "I should have said it would add more credibility." Michael presses, "And with me on board, you could charge more." Sandy nods, "Probably." Michael pauses before saying, "I might be old-fashioned, but I always thought with people's health the patient came first and the money second. You seem to have the emphasis the other way round." Charlie looks at Pamela in concern. Sandy tells Michael, "Not totally, but no one likes to run a business at a loss." Michael replies, "True, but you don't seem to have much regard for your clients. I couldn't work for you." Sandy points out sharply, "I haven't even offered you the job." Michael just shrugs, "I wouldn't take it if you did." Sandy stands up and, looking at Charlie, says coolly, "Thanks for the drinks. If you don't mind, I won't stay for the meal." She then adds, "Sorry things didn't work out, Pamela; we'll talk later." Charlie murmurs, "I'll see you to your car." The two of them head out. Michael looks at Pamela and mouths, "Sorry." Pamela insists, "It's not your fault. It was worth a try." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Pamela goes to answer it. She listens and then says, "Hi. Could you you just hang on a minute?" She turns to Michael and mouths, "Would you mind? It's private." Michael stands up and leaves the room. Pamela then returns to the 'phone and says, "She's gone out for dinner; won't be back until late." The caller is Nick, who's sitting behind his desk at his office. Looking disappointed, he tells Pamela, "I'd booked a table for two at my favourite restaurant." Pamela says quickly, "No need to cancel, is there? Waste a good evening?" Nick declares, "Alright. I'll pick you up in half an hour." He listens before saying, "No, if that's what you want, I can just as easily meet you there. Bye." At Charlie's, Pamela hangs up, looking pleased with herself...

A while later, Pamela is being shown to a table at the same restaurant that Nick and Gordon ate in earlier. Pamela takes a seat opposite Nick. As she sits down, Nick says, "Tell me: was Alison's dinner engagement pre-planned or a spur-of-the-moment thing?" Pamela shrugs, "Spur-of-the-moment, I think." Nick raises his eyebrows and remarks, "You only think? I thought you'd know - considering you've both got this psychic link." Pamela smiles, "I've just sat down and you're onto this thing already!" Nick points out, "I told you: the subject fascinates me." Pamela says, "Before we get into a clinical discussion, can we order?" Nick comments, "You'd like me to order for both of us, right?" Pamela smiles, "You're the expert. Surprise me."

Charlie walks into her lounge room holding two plates of Black Forest cake. She hands one to Michael, who's still sitting on the couch, and sighs, "I'm going to pay for this indulgence in the morning, when I step on the scales!" She sits down on the other couch and adds, "Seeing as how the dinner party was reduced from four to two, there's plenty more outside, if you want it!" She then goes on, "It's a pity Sandy didn't stay; I've always found her rather nice." Michael muses, "Maybe, but she's obviously more interested in big bucks than she is in people's health. Surely you can see that?" Charlie comments, "Yes, well... I suppose the fees she charges are hardly peanuts, but, still, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you and her." Michael shrugs, "We just weren't meant to get into bed together." Charlie gives him a look. He adds quickly, "Metaphorically speaking!" Charlie smiles, "I'm glad you clarified that!" She then asks, "What are you going to do now? Go back to the hospital?" Michael, however, tells her, "No way. I'm not worried, though: something will turn up." The front door bangs suddenly and Alison walks in. Charlie smiles, "Hello, darling." Alison says to her, "Did Nick call about dinner?" Charlie, however, tells her, "Afraid not." Alison heads over to the 'phone and says, "I'll try him again." As she starts dialling, she asks, "Where's Pamela?" Charlie replies, "She went out to work; something about contracts being exchanged." Alison finishes dialling on the 'phone and waits for the call to be answered. After a few seconds, though, she comments, "No one's there. That's odd." Charlie asks in surprise, "Why?" Alison just tells her, "Something's wrong, Charlie. I don't know what, but I've got a feeling things aren't right..."

At the restaurant, a waiter removes Nick and Pamela's plates. As he walks away, Pamela smiles at Nick, "I don't believe this is really happening!" Nick asks, "What?" Pamela replies, "You and me having dinner together - alone. I knew you were interested, but you backed-off for some reason." Nick leans towards her and says, "Confession time: when we had that argument at Charlie's and you accused me of holding the fact that you'd been in jail against you, I denied it; the truth is I lied. I know it's stupid, considering I'm a psychiatrist, but I can't help it: it all goes back to when I was young: something happened that could have landed me in jail and I've been funny about jails ever since." Pamela smiles at him and remarks, "A lot of people are funny about prisons." Nick nods, "I know, but it's something I really have to get over - and I couldn't think of a nicer person to help me do it." He then adds, "That's enough about me. Let's get down to the nitty gritty." Pamela beams, "I'm surprised you managed to control yourself this long." Nick assures her, "It hasn't been easy!" He then goes on more seriously, "Now tell me: can you think of a particular instance when you knew what Alison was thinking or feeling?" Pamela pauses before replying, "Last night: you and Alison were together. It was somewhere surrounded by water... like in a bath or a jacuzzi or something." Nick exclaims, "That's amazing!" Pamela smiles triumphantly, "I knew it!" Nick looks at her and says, "I must tell Alison." Pamela, however, replies quickly, "I don't think that's such a good idea: she's not as comfortable talking about it as I am; she doesn't feel the link as strongly as I do." Nick suggests, "Then I'll just have to concentrate on you. We'll have to spend a lot more time with each other." Pamela replies, "No argument from me - but Alison gets a bit jealous; she wouldn't like it if she knew we were spending a lot of time together - especially having dinner tonight." Nick assures her, "I'll be very discreet; she won't know anything about it. It'll just be between you and me." Pamela smiles at him, broadly.

Sometime later, Pamela arrives back at Charlie's to find Alison staring out into the dark through the french windows. Pamela beams, "Hi!" Alison turns to her and remarks, "You look like you've been enjoying yourself." Pamela smiles, "I had almost forgotten what it was like! Been a long time since I've let my hair down." She sits down on the couch as Alison asks, "Who was the lucky man?" Pamela shrugs, "Just some guy from work. You wouldn't believe how those real-estate guys play up when they've made a sale: we must have sampled every cocktail on the menu - including something called a 'Brainbuster'!" She then asks, "So. What about you? Thought you were having dinner with Nick tonight." Alison retorts, "So did I. Apparently, he's lost interest. He didn't turn up; didn't even call." She marches over to the drinks cabinet. Pamela stands up and says, "I wouldn't worry about it; probably got caught up with a patient and forgot." Alison mutters, "That's almost as bad." Pamela assures her, "He'll be around with a bunch of flowers the minute he remembers. You wait." She then announces, I'm going to bed. Get the aspirins ready; I think I'm going to need them!" With that, she heads out of the room, leaving Alison standing with a drink in her hand, looking thoughtful.


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