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    Written by: Colin Tregenza   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Russell Webb

Sometime later, Pamela is resting on the coffee table at Charlie's, practising Wayne's signature. Alison and Caroline sit on the couch, watching. After a few goes, Pamela hands Alison two sheets of paper, one containing Wayne's real signature and one the forgery. Alison looks at the second sheet and smiles, "Yes, that should do the trick. In fact, it's perfect." Pamela declares, "Of course!" She then asks, "Does Gordon know what you're doing?" Alison, however, tells her, "No, not yet. It's a surprise." Pamela comments, "He wouldn't approve, would he?" Alison murmurs, "As long as we get a result..." Caroline adds quickly, "And he sees the bond certificate. There won't be any questions." She then stands up and announces, "I've got to go; I've got an interview for my new book this afternoon." Pamela remarks, "You're a writer?" Alison tells her sister, "She writes under the pen name Angela Johns. Does that ring any bells?" Pamela stares at Caroline and exclaims, "My Sister My Love! Well, well, well. Fascinating story! What's this one about?" Caroline explains, "It's a sequel." Pamela muses, "I'd better watch my step in case you do another one - although of course, if you include this little episode, you can forget my contribution..." Alison, however, smiles sarcastically, "Oh no, you're one of the goodies!" Pamela retorts, "It doesn't really matter if you end up in jail, does it?" Caroline says quickly, "Don't worry, I won't breathe a word. I must fly. Thanks for all your help, Pamela." Pamela tells her, "You're welcome." With that, Caroline heads off. When she's gone, Alison says to Pamela, "I might go over to Susan and tell her the good news. The sooner we get our hands on those bond certificates, the better." Pamela stands up and sighs, "I hope you know what you're doing." Alison tells her, "Relax! We're doing this for Beryl, remember?" Pamela retorts, "That's the only reason I'm doing it - and it's the last time I do you a favour..."

Susan is lying back on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne walks in, holding a file of papers. He comments to Susan, "I thought you were going to fix yourself up." Susan mutters, "I put on a dress." Wayne snaps, "What about your hair and the way you look? You're starting to get on my nerves, Susan, lying around all day, as if nothing matters. Why don't you do something - like read a book or do some cooking?" Susan turns away. Wayne snaps, "I'm talking to you." He then puts his hand round Susan's chin and turns her head to look at him. He asks coldly, "When was the last time you looked in a mirror, huh?" Susan spits, "I don't know and I don't care." Wayne snaps, "Well I do, and you're going to do something about it. Right now, you're about as attractive as a wet mop. Start acting like a normal human being, Susan, instead of a brainless blob. I'm sick of living with a zombie." Susan just growls, "Tough. Anyway, what do you expect? I can't have any friends, I can't have any fun... You haven't given me much reason for living now." Wayne retorts, "What about getting your mother our of prison? That's a pretty good reason." Susan snaps, "I'll hang on for mum, but what's it matter what I look like? No one sees me because no one's allowed to visit." Wayne snarls, "I see you." Susan snaps, "But I don't care what you think." Wayne bends down to her, suddenly, and snarls, "Let's get one thing straight: the deal was you'd be my wife, not some bombed-out pill freak. So shape up." Susan looks away. Wayne goes on angrily, "Smile, Susan. I want you to smile." Susan just keeps looking away. Wayne then says suddenly, "You're doing it deliberately. Your hair... your clothes... your face. You're trying to make yourself so revolting I won't want to touch you." Susan looks back at him and retorts, "I hadn't thought of that, but if it works it's fine by me." Wayne raises his hand, suddenly. Looking scared, Susan cries, "Don't touch me! Keep away!" She leaps up from the couch and runs towards the hallway." Wayne yells after her, "Start acting like a wife, Susan." A few seconds later, the front door bangs.

Alison is walking up the driveway to Dural when she spots Susan running out of the house. She climbs into her car, starts the engine and roars off down the driveway at high speed. Alison stands there, looking worried.

Beryl is walking along a corridor at the Bendala Detention Centre. She's holding a gift-wrapped cylinder. As she passes one of the cells, Ruth peers out and says tauntingly, "Beryl... how's my little mate?" Beryl looks at her and mutters, "Alright." She heads off into her own cell. Ruth follows her and asks lightly, "How's things?" Beryl retorts, "Fine. Thankyou." Ruth growls, "Don't look so sour, then. You know, you're a very lucky girl, getting all those visitors. Must give you a real warm glow to know you're so popular out there." Beryl retorts, "Yes it does. Now, if you'll excuse me..." Ruth, however, goes on, "And what a faithful husband. Always visiting... looking after the kid... Must be hard on him, though. I suppose he's being faithful..." Beryl just glares at her. Ruth taunts, "Nice to see you've learnt some self-control. Just thought I'd test ya." Beryl warns coldly, "Don't try it too often..."

The 'phone is ringing in the lounge room at Charlie's when Alison heads back into the house. She picks up. Caroline comes on and says, "It's Caroline here. Have you seen Susan yet?" Alison retorts, "Yes - for a few seconds. I didn't have time to chat, though: as I turned up, she drove out like a woman possessed." Caroline sighs, "She should never be driving after popping all those pills. She couldn't have gone far, though; Wayne's got too strong a hold on her. How about the mansion? She might have popped in to see Fiona." Alison, however, says, "I doubt it. She wasn't in the mood to talk. More like she was trying to escape - which isn't surprising. Damn. Where would she have gone?" Caroline suggests, "What about Glen's grave? She usually goes there when she's feeling down." Alison exclaims, "Of course! I should have known." She then says, "You're going to Brisbane later on this afternoon, aren't you?... Well call me when you get there; I'll fill you in on the latest... Right. Bye." She hangs up. She then picks up her bag and heads out.

Susan is crouching down by Glen's grave, sobbing heavily. Alison bends down next to her and says gently, "I know what you've been going through. Caroline told me everything." Susan cries, "She promised not--" Alison, however, interrupts and tells her, "It's alright, it's alright. We've got it all worked out. We're going to put an end to Wayne's blackmail once and for all..."

A while later, Susan is standing with Alison in the lounge room at Charlie's. She's looking at Wayne's forged signature and saying excitedly, "I couldn't pick it. She's got it just right. Do you think it'll work?" Alison points out, "They can't argue with that. Tomorrow, you can tell Wayne to get lost." Susan asks warily, "What about Pamela? I know she's your sister, but are you sure you can trust her?" Alison explains, "It's OK. I told her a little white lie. She thinks we're after some bond certificates that belong to Gordon so we can pay Beryl's legal fees." Susan murmurs, "Poor Gordon. He's having an awful time and it's all my fault." Alison, however, tells her, "Don't worry about Gordon yet. All in good time. The first thing we have to do is get you out of Wayne's clutches." Susan sighs, "I don't know why you're bothering with me after I was so rude to you." Alison points out, "I don't think you had much choice." Susan says sadly, "I turned all my friends away. He keeps me prisoner. He expects me to act the perfect wife. This afternoon, he said that I looked like a zombie and that he felt disgusted and that he didn't want to touch me - so I said that's fine by me. But it's all my own fault: Caroline told me not to go back - and Gordon. But I felt so guilty about mum. I thought I could grin and bear it for a year. Oh, it's so good to know I won't have to!" Her face then drops suddenly as she catches sight of herself in the mirror on the wall. She comments, "I do look awful, don't I?" Alison, however, tells her quickly, "Hey, not yet. You don't want Wayne suspecting anything. You'll only be inviting him to start mauling you again." Susan asks, "When can we get the gun?" Alison replies, "Tomorrow morning. First thing." Susan declares, "Good. One more night. I think I can make it." Alison adds quickly, "And Susan? No more pills, OK?" Susan starts to say, "I didn't want to; it was just that when I--" Alison interrupts and assures her, "I understand. You just have to have a clear head for tomorrow." She then adds, "OK, you'd better go." Susan, a smile crossing her face, says, "I'm very grateful. I feel better already!" Alison muses, "That's all very well, but you're supposed to feel like a zombie." Susan replies, "It's OK. I know. I've had plenty of practice..."

The front door opens at Dural and Susan steps inside. She pauses in the hallway to mess up her hair before heading into the lounge room. Wayne is standing behind the bar and he demands, "Where the hell have you been?" Susan mutters, "Driving." Wayne demands, "Where?" Susan shrugs, "Don't know." Wayne says curtly, "From now on when you go out I want to know exactly where you're going - even if it's around the block. Is that clear?" Susan just sits down and turns on the television. The picture appears to reveal Caroline facing an interviewer in a studio. He's saying, "...Your first book was a runaway success. It was a potent mix of power struggles, double-dealings and sex. Can we expect more of the same?" Caroline smiles at him and replies, "Dan, let's just say that the power struggles become more desperate, the double-dealings more devious and the sex is, er, hotter than ever. That's my publisher's unbiased opinion!" At Dural, Wayne remarks, "She knows how to sell; I'll give her that." The interviewer says on the TV, "Angela, some people say you sensationalise everything - but to me it still feels very real. Why's that?" Caroline tells him, "The things in my books aren't just fantasy. I know people exactly like my characters; they'll stop at nothing to get exactly what they want." Susan growls at Wayne, "She's talking about you." The interviewer asks Caroline, "Would it be accurate to say that you live in the fast lane yourself?" Caroline smiles, "I like to research my stories thoroughly." The interviewer asks, "How far do you go?" Caroline just says, "You've read my book. If you want to find out more, read the sequel!" The interviewer nods, "I will!" He then turns to the camera and says, "Well, folks, you heard the lady, and she knows what she's talking about. Thanks for coming along, Angela, and good luck with the sequel." Caroline smiles, "Thankyou." At Dural, Wayne mutters, "She puts on a great act." He switches off the TV. Susan looks at him suddenly and says, "I wonder how you'll come out of it this time. The white knight again? Huh! I doubt it. Caroline will make sure you get everything you deserve." Wayne, however, retorts, "Don't kid yourself. She's not out to take me down; it's business, pure and simple. The way Doug's got her acting like Joan Collins... they'll make a bundle out of this. Doug'll do anything to make a buck." Susan mutters, "At least he doesn't use the dirty tricks you do." Wayne retorts, "Don't go kidding yourself he's any saint. He'll probably even do business with me if the price was right." Susan snorts, "Huh! Don't make me laugh!" Wayne, looking suddenly thoughtful, comments, "There might be something in that. Maybe Doug can help dad out with a job?" Susan stands up suddenly and snaps, "Why don't you leave him alone? He doesn't want to get mixed up with you." Wayne just says, "It's a long shot, but it's worth a chance, if Doug and I can do a deal..." Susan glares at him.

Alison is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, holding an expensive-looking blue dress up against herself, when the 'phone rings. She goes and answers it. Nick comes on and smiles, "Hi, gorgeous! Have I ever told you what a sexy voice you've got?!" Alison replies, "Once or twice!" She listens before saying indignantly, "No, thankyou very much! Not on the 'phone!" Nick shrugs, "Alright. What are you wearing, then?" Alison tells him flirtatiously, "It's funny you should ask that: I'm almost wearing something you'd very definitely like!" Nick comments, "Almost? That sounds interesting..." Alison goes on, "I was thinking of wearing it tonight." She listens to the response and then says coldly, "Why not?" In his office, Nick tells her, "Because I can't make it. That's why I'm calling: we'll have to put it off." Alison demands coolly, "What is it this time? Don't tell me: one of your patients again, is it?" Nick just says, "We'll make up for it tomorrow; tomorrow night... Here's wishing I was looking at you, kid! Alright?... Bye." At Charlie's, Alison slams down the 'phone, furiously. She then flings her dress down onto the couch and mutters to herself, "You've cancelled once too often, doctor..."

Gordon is sitting opposite Beryl in a visitor's room at the Bendala Detention Centre. Beryl is saying to him, "I know it's been a hard time, and it's a strain looking after Robert, but please keep going; you give me so much strength." Gordon smiles at her as he replies, "We'll get through it - and don't you worry about Robert: we're coping." Beryl says, "Actually, I've been thinking about him a lot, and I keep coming back to my idea of sending him down to mum and dad's. I don't really like him coming here to see me and, well, you'll be working soon; you won't have time to look after him. It would be the best solution all round." Gordon says, "As long as you're sure..." Beryl insists, "I am." Gordon nods, "Right. I'll take him down to Mount Macedon myself." Beryl smiles, "Thankyou." Gordon goes on, "Now all we've got to worry about is Susan." Beryl asks in surprise, "What's wrong?" Gordon explains, "She's gone into some sort of a spiral. I've tried talking to her, Fiona's tried... we thought if maybe you might reconsider and talk to her..." Beryl, however, mutters, "What's the point? She wouldn't listen to me. She knew she was asking for trouble when she went back to Wayne. No, I've done all I can. Besides, I've got enough problems in here without adding to them. Susan's made her bed; she'll just have to lie on it." Gordon frowns at her, looking taken aback.

Alison is sitting in her open-topped car, a short distance away from the building in which Nick has his office. She watches as Nick and Pamela emerge from the building, arm-in-arm. She starts the engine of her car and drives over towards them. She then starts hooting her car horn. Nick and Pamela look across at her. A smile crosses Alison's face, suddenly, and she puts her foot down on her accelerator pedal. Her car shoots forward and into the back of Nick's car. She then reverses and roars off. Nick watches her go, looking astonished.

It's evening-time. The front door bangs at Charlie's and Alison marches into the lounge room, followed by Nick, who's snapping, "I don't think you realise the extent of the damage. It was a stupid thing to do." Alison retorts angrily, "It made me feel good. It's had the desired effect on you." Nick growls, "Rational adults usually try to talk things out before resorting to vandalism. You behaved like a juvenile delinquent." Alison retorts, "And how do we label you? 'A compulsive, two-timing liar'? All those cancelled dinners because the noble doctor had to attend to his patient." Nick starts to say, "Actually, there were a couple of--" Alison interrupts and snaps, "And how is the patient? She looks fine to me." She looks across at Pamela, who's leaning guiltily against the drinks cabinet. She goes on, "A flush of embarrassment, perhaps, and a touch of guilt around the month, but otherwise in the pique of health. Your therapy seems to have worked." Pamela chips in, "You're taking it all too seriously. It was just a bit of fun." Alison snaps, "I'm sorry I don't see it that way. How dare you go behind my back? You knew damn well I was going out with him." Pamela insists, "It was just one of those things that happened. It wasn't planned." Nick adds, "We clicked - just like you and I." Alison sighs tersely, "Oh, that must have given you a thrill: two-timing with the twins." Nick retorts, "So? We still had a good time when we went out, didn't we? I mean, I don't see what difference it makes." Alison mutters, "What you don't know doesn't hurt you. Is that right?" Nick nods, "Exactly." Alison points out curtly, "Well now I know." Nick goes on, "OK - so the situation's changed slightly. But we're three rational, intelligent human beings, enjoying a sophisticated relationship. I don't see the problem: why can't we keep things the way they are?" Alison snaps, "I'm sorry; I'm not into sharing. I'm into exclusive rights. You can't have us both." Nick stares at her.

A few moments later, Nick exclaims in surprise, "Let me see if I've got this right: you're asking me to choose between you and Pamela." Alison, however, gasps , "My God, have you got tickets on yourself. You really think I'd stand here, sweating on your answer, hoping you'll choose me? Well, I'll make it easy for you: you can't have me, so you're welcome to my sister." There's silence for several seconds. Nick then says to Alison curtly, "Well if that's the way you want it--" Alison interrupts and snaps, "It is." Nick carries on, "I think you're cutting off your nose to spite your face." Alison retorts, "You can think what you like." Nick shrugs, "Fair enough." He then looks at Pamela and says, "Coming?" Pamela hesitates a moment before replying, "I don't think so." Nick looks at her in surprise. She explains nervously, "I didn't want it to turn out like this. I'm only going to hurt Alison more if we keep seeing each other." Nick points out, "She doesn't seem to care." Pamela shrugs, "Then maybe I've just grown tired of it. It was a bit of fun and now it's over." Nick says coolly, "You're serious?" Pamela nods, "Yes." Nick mutters, "Terrific." He then adds, "Ladies..." and walks out. When he's gone, Pamela smiles at Alison, "I think he's going to need a bit of therapy himself!" Alison, however, just demands, "Why the big act? You don't give a damn about me." Pamela insists, "That's not true." Alison, ignoring this, goes on, "We talked about trespassing this morning, remember? I warned you off, but you wouldn't have a bar of it. You were going to teach me the meaning of hate if I issued any threats." Pamela murmurs, "Yeah, I know." Alison demands, "Then why the sudden about-face?" Pamela tells her, "Because I realised I was being selfish. I shouldn't have gone after Nick - I know that - but I couldn't help myself: I was attracted to him the minute I saw him. Being in prison makes you impatient and careless, and once it got started I couldn't face telling you." Alison growls, "I should throw you out." Pamela murmurs, "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry." Alison turns away from her. She then turns back and says coldly, "If that man ever sets foot in this house again..." Pamela assures her quickly, "Oh, don't worry. We're through. He's caused enough trouble."

The next morning, Susan has put on some smart clothes, and is putting in some earrings as she heads downstairs at Dural and across to the lounge room. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she calls out warily, "Who is it?" A voice calls back, "Alison." Susan goes and opens the door and smiles, "Hi! How do I look?" Alison tells her, "Much better." Susan says animatedly, "I was a zombie half an hour ago and then Wayne left. It was amazing the change that brought on!" They head into the lounge room as Alison says in concern, "You're going to have to calm down." Susan sighs, "I know: I have to act the normal, totally respectable wife of Mr. Wayne Hamilton." She then looks at the expression on Alison's face and says, "What's the matter? You seem down." Alison, however, replies, "No, no, nothing to worry about. The important thing is to get that gun. Are you ready?" Susan, picking up her handbag, nods, "Ready. All we need is the letter." Alison tells her, "Got that." She then asks, "What time's Wayne due back?" Susan shrugs, "I'm not sure. Later on this morning, I think." Alison suggests, "Let's not push our luck by wasting time. Come on - let's go." Susan smiles gleefully, "If only he knew..."

Gordon is sitting at the table in Fiona's room at the mansion when there's a knock on the door. He calls, "It's open." The door opens and Pamela heads inside, smiling, "Morning!" She then holds out a brown paper bag and says, "A couple of things for Beryl. She thought you or Fiona might be able to drop them in." Gordon takes them and murmurs, "Thankyou." Pamela, sitting down, comments, "You don't sound too chirpy this morning." Gordon sighs, "I've got a few things on my mind." Pamela asks, "Any more job interviews?" Gordon shakes his head, wearily. Pamela goes on, "I suppose Robert's still playing up, is he?" Gordon explains, "Actually, I'm taking him down to Beryl's parents this afternoon: just a quick trip there and back. She thinks he'll be better off down there - for the time being, anyway." He then asks warily, "Um, when you saw her yesterday, did you notice anything different about her?" Pamela asks, "What do you mean?" Gordon prompts, "Did you notice any change in her attitude?" Pamela says, "I think she's starting to feel the effects of being in prison. You have no idea what it's like having someone constantly watching you." Gordon, standing up to pace the floor, sighs, "She's harder; less caring." Pamela explains, "Prison has that effect on you, I'm afraid, if you're not careful. I've told her she's got to fight it. I'm sure she will." Gordon murmurs, "I hope so. If she doesn't, she's going to be a completely different person by the time she's released." Pamela stands up and says, "Would you like me to have another talk with her?" Gordon asks eagerly, "Would you do that?" Pamela replies, "I'll do my best - but don't worry too much: I'm sure everything will sort itself out soon." Gordon murmurs, "I'd like to think so. The sooner I can arrange an appeal and get her out of there, the better - but that takes money, and in this society, that is a reward for hard work, for which I no longer seem qualified." A smile crosses Pamela's face suddenly. She tells Gordon, "I probably shouldn't say anything, but I've got some news that might cheer you up a bit. I have it on good authority that you're about to get your bonds back." Gordon stares at her blankly, and asks, "What bonds?" Pamela reminds him, "The ones that someone is holding under lock and key." Gordon, however, tells her, "I'm afraid your good authority has given you the wrong information. I don't have any bonds; the last I had I sold years ago. Who told you this?" Pamela stares at him as realisation dawns. She then mouths coldly, "Someone who's going to be very sorry..."

A short time later, a cab pulls up outside Dural. Wayne is standing by the front door and he watches as a woman that looks like Patricia climbs out of the cab. She says to him, "Wayne Hamilton?" Wayne stares at her in shock. He doesn't respond. Pamela walks over to him and says, "I've got something very important to tell you and I haven't got much time." Wayne just stares at her and gasps, "I don't believe it." Ignoring this, Pamela goes on, "I have just forged your signature on a letter of authority, and your wife is about to use it to break into your safety deposit box. Now, there's something really weird going on. I don't want to get mixed up in it, but I suggest you ring the bank immediately and warn them." With that, she goes to head back to the cab. Wayne just stares at her and mouths, "Patricia...?"


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