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    Written by: Boaz Stark   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Russell Webb

Alison is standing outside the bank. She looks at her watch. Susan emerges suddenly, looking downcast. Alison looks at her and says, "It's not there?" Susan shakes her head. Alison snaps, "Dammit." Susan cries, "What are we going to do?" Alison tells her, "I will find it, I promise you." Susan asks wearily, "Where we do we start looking? There's a million places Wayne could've--" She breaks off as she puts her hand to her head suddenly and begins to fall forward. Alison catches her and asks in concern, "What's the matter?" Susan murmurs, "I don't know." Alison says, "I think you'd better see a doctor." Susan, however, snaps, "No. I'm fine - really. It's just all the pressure getting on top of me. It's nothing a doctor can fix; I just need some rest." Alison sighs, "OK. Come on - I'd better take you home." Susan, however, says quickly, "No, no. I don't want Wayne seeing us together. Just drop me close-by; I'll walk it." Alison looks at her in concern.

Charlie is wearing a bring pink leotard as she exercises in her lounge room. Alison walks in and stares at her, gasping, "What on earth are you doing?! I thought you were going to a Health Farm in a couple of days!" Charlie, still exercising, says, "I am - but I don't want to arrive all out of shape!" Alison grins in amusement! She then says more seriously, "Charlie, I was wondering if you could help." Charlie, still exercising, smiles, "Anything, darling." Alison goes on, "If you were Wayne and you wanted to hide something, where would you hide it?" Charlie asks, "What have I hidden?" Alison tells her, "Some important documents you don't want anyone else to see." Charlie muses, "Oh... like the waiver he had me sign. It's not in the safe?" Alison replies, "No, no, that's too obvious." Charlie pauses, musing as she does so, "If I were Wayne... I know: I'd put it in with all my underthings!" Alison exclaims, "You call that safe?!" Charlie just asks, "Would you go poking around in there?!" Alison rolls her eyes and says, "Point taken!"

Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, reading a newspaper. He looks up as he hears a noise at the front door. Susan walks in. Wayne looks at her outfit and, standing up, smiles, "Hi! I'm glad to see you took my advice about taking an interest in yourself. You look great. What have you been up to?" Susan mutters, "I've been out walking." Wayne smirks, "You should sit down. You must be exhausted. Come and relax." Susan retorts, "I didn't go that far." Wayne walks over to her and, standing behind her, puts his hands on her shoulders as he whispers, "But the bank's miles away." He then says in a taunting tone, "If you wanted a little peak into my security box, you should've told me; I mean, I would've given you a lift. What are husbands for?" Susan, looking shocked, cries, "How did you find out?" Wayne, however, just says, "A good businessman never divulges his sources." He then tells Susan more tersely, "We had a deal, remember? You be a good girl and eventually I'll give you the gun; but breaking into my security box was not part of our arrangement. Try something like that again and I might just have to change the terms." Susan, breaking away from Wayne, cries, "What do you mean?" Wayne tells her, "Your mother's going to be a free woman if you behave yourself; but if you don't, she might have to wait a bit longer." Susan gasps, "You can't do that. You promised me she'd go free if I let you have the ba--" She breaks off suddenly as she appears to come over faint again. She begins to fall forward. Wayne runs over and catches her, looking concerned.

A short time later, Wayne has laid Susan down on the couch. She has her eyes closed, but begins to come round. Wayne says in concern, "You fainted. What's wrong?" Susan, however, cries, "Nothing. Just leave me alone." Wayne points out, "People don't pass out for no reason." Susan snaps quickly, "I'm alright." Wayne tells her, "I'm calling a doctor." Susan snaps, "No." Wayne insists, "You need to be checked over." Susan, however, snaps again, "I said no. I'll be fine if you just stop bothering me." She then sits up and says, "I'm going to go and lie down." She stands up and heads towards the hallway. Wayne calls after her, "I want you to take it easy." Susan turns to look at him and mutters, "Yes sir."

Fiona is sitting at the desk in her room at the mansion, working on the mansion's books. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Wayne pokes his head in. Fiona looks at him and snaps, "Not now, Wayne; I'm busy." Wayne just asks, "Too busy for Susan?" A look crosses Fiona's face. Wayne goes on, "I could've 'phoned, but I thought it was important enough to come over and talk to you personally." Fiona sighs, "Go on." Wayne tells her, "Something's wrong with her. We were... talking... this morning. Next thing, she fainted." Fiona asks, "What did the doctor say?" Wayne explains, "She refuses to see one. I thought you might have a word with her." Fiona looks at him and comments sourly, "You know, you're really very inconsistent, Wayne. One minute you're protecting Susan like all get-out, and the next minute you're running to me for help. What's happened? Did the big reconciliation go sour?" Wayne just asks, "Does that mean you'll help?" Fiona retorts, "Susan, yes. But not you." Wayne, accepting this, says, "She's resting right now. If she's no better by tomorrow, I'll give you a call." With that, he heads back out. Fiona sits there, looking worried.

Craig and Michelle are sitting at the kitchen table at Beryl's. Craig is testing Michelle on Machiavelli. Michelle gives him the wrong answer, though. As Craig reads out the correct answer, Michelle cries, "It's easy for you: you've got the book in front of you." Craig, however, tells her, "It makes no difference; I knew it anyway." Michelle mutters in annoyance, "I can't help it if you've got a memory and I don't. Can't we take a break? I've had it." Craig, though, says, "Sorry. Deb's going to try and take an early mark so we can see a movie - and I want to get through this--" he indicates the book "--so I don't feel guilty about taking the time off." Michelle asks, "When she's coming home?" Craig replies, "She said she'd call about three-ish if she can get off; if she doesn't, she has to work back." Michelle looks at him eagerly and says, "Would you take me instead?" Craig smiles, "Sure - if you've earned it. Let's hit these books." Michelle grins, "OK, slavedriver - I'll just go and get my notes!" With that, she heads off into the lounge room. She closes the kitchen doors behind her as she does so so that Craig doesn't notice her lifting the handset slightly off the telephone to stop it from ringing...

Debbie is sitting on her desk in the office at Sanders Air Charter. She's talking on the 'phone, saying, "Are you sure?... OK, thankyou for your help." Bill Sanders walks in as Debbie slams the 'phone down. He looks at her and says, "Hey! What's up, doc?!" Debbie explains, "I've been trying to 'phone home all day, and the 'phone's been engaged. Now I find out it's been left off the hook." Bill shrugs, "Don't worry about it; I used to leave mine off the hook all the time. What's lover-boy doing today anyway?" Debbie replies, "He's meant to be studying - with a friend..."

Sometime later, Debbie arrives back at Beryl's. She walks into the house and calls, "Craig?" There's no answer. She heads into the kitchen. The table has some books and files on it, but is otherwise empty. She then turns back into the lounge room and looks at the 'phone. Finding the handset slightly out of the cradle, she slams it back into place in annoyance, muttering as she does so, "Surprise, surprise..."

It's evening-time. Pamela is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, talking on the 'phone, saying, "I know what I said yesterday, Nick, but Alison had me on the spot. What else could I do? Why don't we have lunch tomorrow and talk about it?... Good, I'll look forward to that." She suddenly hears the sound of a car pulling up outside and she says to Nick quickly, "I have to go. I'll see you at one." She hangs up. She then switches off the lights in the room and and heads over to sit on the couch. She reaches across and turns on the film projector, which she has set up again on the coffee table. A film starts flickering, showing two babies being carried by their parents, apparently about to be christened. Out in the hallway, Charlie and Alison walk in, Charlie sighing as she does so, "I think I ate too much duck l'orange!" She suddenly hears a whirring sound, and she asks in surprise, "What's that noise?" She and Alison head into the lounge room and Alison switches on the lights. Finding Pamela sitting there, she asks, "What are you doing?" Pamela smiles, "I finally got around to watching those old movies you told me about." Alison asks suspiciously, "What brought that on?" Pamela replies, "I just wanted to see what you and I were like then - when life wasn't so complicated..." Charlie says quickly, "I think it's time I was in bed. See you both in the morning." She makes her escape. Left alone with Alison, Pamela stands up and says softly, "I want to talk to you about what happened yesterday with Nick." Alison snaps, "Again? What is there to say this time?" She goes and pours herself a drink as Pamela tells her, "I'm sorry." Alison retorts, "You've already said that - a number of times." Pamela insists, "But I mean it - and if there's anything I can do to make it up to you, you just have to say so." Alison mutters, "There isn't." Pamela asks, "And that's final?" Alison glares at her and growls, "Shouldn't it be? My own sister carrying on with the man I was seeing? Oh, I don't blame Nick - he doesn't owe me anything - but I did expect more of you. I don't think I can trust you anymore." Pamela cries, "Alison, I've just been locked up for ten years. Ten years of 'up at six, watch your tongue, do as you're told, you might get another year off your sentence...' Nick represented an opportunity for me to break the rules; to do what I wanted to do. I'm sorry that it had to be at your expense. It won't happen again." Alison, looking slightly taken aback, murmurs, "Yes, well that's very sad, but I'm afraid it doesn't wash." She goes and sits down. Pamela sits down next to her and says, "You know: when I was just watching those old movies and looking at you and I, I thought, 'We shouldn't have been separated. There is something special between us,' - and I, for one, don't want to lose that. I don't think you do, either. Come on, Alison, give us another chance. Please?" Alison looks at her, suspiciously. She then stands up and mutters, "OK." Pamela looks at her, a sly expression on her face...

Debbie is sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's, reading a magazine. She hears the front door bang, suddenly, and Craig and Michelle walk in, Craig talking enthusiastically about the film. He breaks off as he finds Debbie sitting there, and he smiles, "Hi! How was work?" Debbie just growls, "You two sound like you've had a great night." Craig tells her eagerly, "We just saw a great movie. You and I have got to go and see it together." Debbie stands up and points out curtly, "We were meant to be seeing a movie together tonight." Craig reminds her, "You said you'd call if you could get off early." Debbie snaps, "I tried to call, but the 'phone was off the hook. I wonder how that happened...?" She gives Michelle a pointed look. Craig just shrugs, "I don't know. Must have been an accident. Haven't you ever left the 'phone off the hook before?" Debbie doesn't respond. She then starts heading for the kitchen, saying, "You hungry? I've made dinner for both of us." Craig replies hesitantly, "Michelle and I, er, ate at the movies." Debbie mutters, "Great. So I've wasted my time, then." Craig just retorts, "How was I supposed to know you're coming home? I didn't fancy sitting around, eating at all hours." Michelle chips in suddenly, "I think I'd better be going." Craig tells her, "You don't have to leave because Debbie's in a bad mood." Debbie gives him a look. Michelle tells Craig, "I think you need to be alone. Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow morning?" Craig nods, "Yeah. Thanks." Michelle murmurs, "I'll see you then." She adds, "Bye, Debbie." Debbie just mutters, "Bye." With that, Michelle heads out. As she closes the front door, she has a sly grin on her face... Back inside, Craig demands of Debbie furiously, "What's the idea about being so rude to Michelle?" Debbie retorts angrily, "My one night home early and she gets to go out with you." Craig snaps, "It's not her fault. You're carrying on like she planned the whole thing." Debbie growls, "Yeah, well, I wouldn't put that past her." Craig asks, "What are you getting at?" Debbie retorts, "I just don't think I trust her, that's all." Craig sighs, "You gotta be kidding! Michelle? You say 'boo' to her and she runs a mile; you saw what just happened now." Debbie cries, "I don't care. She gets to see you more than I do. Anyone would think you were going out with her, not me." Craig laughs in disbelief before saying, "I think you're jealous." Debbie growls, "I just don't like you spending so much time with her. I think she's after you - and Caroline thinks so too." Craig snaps, "Well you can tell Caroline she's got it wrong - and she can lay off putting stupid ideas like that into your head. If it wasn't for Michelle, I'd be spending most evenings alone. You're so wrapped up in that stupid job of yours that I hardly ever get to see you. Why don't you take a good look at yourself before you start blaming other people for your problems?" Debbie gasps, "I love my job." Craig retorts sourly, "Don't I know it!" He then adds curtly, "I'll take the spare room tonight so you can have a good night's sleep - oh, and don't worry: Michelle won't come creeping through my window at midnight." With that, he turns and walks out. Debbie stands there, looking annoyed.

It's the next morning. Bill Sanders is lying asleep on a makeshift bed in the office at Sanders Air Charter. The office is in a mess, the desk covered with boxes and plates of uneaten food. Debbie walks in, picks up one of the plates and slams it down on another one. The noise wakes Bill up. He looks at Debbie and yawns, "Morning." Debbie says gruffly, "Hi. I'm glad you're awake: I've got something to tell you." Bill yawns, "What's up?" Debbie announces, "I'm quitting." Bill sits up, suddenly more alert, and asks in surprise, "What for? Have I been making too much mess?" Debbie assures him, "It's got nothing to do with the mess." Bill suggests, "I've been working you too hard..." Debbie sighs, "No." Bill asks, "Then what have you got to complain about? I let you go early yesterday, didn't I?" Debbie just tells him "It's got nothing to do with you. It's personal." Bill cries, "I need you here. You're the best worker I've ever had. Tell me what the problem is; I'll see what I can do." Debbie, however, murmurs, "I don't know what to say. I really like working here too, but I guess there are things that are more important to me." Bill asks, "Like what?" Debbie, looking suddenly upset, murmurs, "It's personal..." There's silence. Bill looks at her in disappointment.

Susan is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, wearing a thick dressing gown. Fiona walks in and sits down next to her, smiling, "Hello, love. I hear you're not feeling too well." Susan murmurs, "Oh, I'm OK." Fiona, however, tells her, "It certainly doesn't look like it to me. Now come on: you get on some clothes; we're going to see a doctor." Susan murmurs, "I don't want to." Fiona sighs, "Why not, for heaven's sake? If you can't give me a good enough reason, you're coming with me whether you want to or not - even if I have to tie you down and wheel you there in a barrow!" Susan smiles at her. Fiona just says, "I'm serious. Now go on: you go and get on some clothes." Susan stands up meekly and goes to head out of the room. Fiona sits there, looking worried.

Charlie is sitting alone with Isabella in the lounge room at her house, saying sadly, "Darling, mummy's got something to tell you: I have to go away for a while." She then cries, "Don't look at me like that! It's only going to be for two weeks. You want mummy to look her best, don't you?" The front door bangs suddenly and Alison walks in. She smiles as she sees Charlie fussing over her dog, and she comments, "I see you've broken the news to Isabella!" Charlie murmurs, "I think she's taking it quite well..." She then indicates a plastic carrier bag that Alison is holding and asks, "What's that?" Alison explains, "A peace offering for Pamela." Charlie comments in surprise, "After all that Nick business? I thought you were ready to tear her hair out." Alison, sitting down, tells her, "We had a talk last night. She seemed genuinely sorry for what happened, so I decided to give her another chance." Charlie just muses, "Let's hope you don't live to regret it." Alison murmurs, "Yes, let's..."

Pamela is sitting with Wayne in the lounge room at Dural, telling him, "So I pulled out all the stops: my 'ten years of prison repression' routine." Wayne comments, "And now she trusts you again?" Pamela smiles, "That was the objective!" Wayne asks, "Do you always get what you want?" Pamela nods, "Always. Right now, I could do with a drink." Wayne asks, "What will it be?" Pamela replies, "A small gin and tonic, I think; not too heavy on the gin." Wayne stands up and heads over to the bar. As he begins to prepare the drink, he asks, "What about Alison's quest for my gun? Any word on that?" Pamela, however, admits, "Not yet. Nothing's been said. I haven't had any time to do much digging." She stands up and joins Wayne at the bar. Wayne tells her, "Keep your ears open. It is important." He hands Pamela her drink. She asks in surprise, "You not going to join me?" Wayne replies, "No, not today. Susan's gone to the doctor's; I want to have my wits about me when she comes home." Pamela asks, "You still don't know what's wrong with her?" Wayne says, "She doesn't want to eat or drink... she's not sleeping well... Could be serious." Pamela murmurs, "I'm sorry." Wayne, however, says glumly, "For me? It's probably my fault." Pamela gives him a look. He then tells her, "Forget it." He goes and sits back down on the couch. Pamela goes and joins him, saying as she does so, "I'm a good listener." Wayne, however, retorts, "I don't want to talk. Besides, I hardly know you." Pamela points out, "All the better: I can be objective." Wayne hesitates before saying, "Susan and I aren't exactly your average married couple: she doesn't love me. She never really did. I thought it would change, but it hasn't." Pamela points out, "You're still together." Wayne, however, explains, "She left me once. I made her come back. Blackmail: if she gives me a kid, I'll let her go." Pamela raises her eyebrows. Wayne goes on wearily, "It hasn't worked. She hates me. I think I'm killing her..." He then stands up again and says, "I will have that drink..."

A few moments later, Wayne is standing behind the bar as Pamela asks, "So what are you going to do?" Wayne shrugs, "I don't know. I can't let her go." Pamela points out, "You don't seem to have much choice." She stands up and joins Wayne at the bar as she goes on, "I learned a long time ago that you can't force people to love you. The harder you try, the worse you make it for yourself." Wayne asks in surprise, "What's your story?" Pamela smiles, "It is truth time, isn't it?!" She then carries on, "I've got a couple of kids. Twins: Greg and Sarah. Haven't seen them for ten years - since I went inside." Wayne asks, "Didn't they ever visit?" Pamela murmurs, "No. Not once." She goes on, "I wrote some letters, but I never got any replies. They didn't want to know me." Wayne asks, "What about your husband?" Pamela mutters, "He couldn't wait to see the back of me. He probably tore up the letters. So, eventually, I stopped writing. I had to; I couldn't go on hoping like that. I loved him so much I had to let go." Wayne murmurs, "Just like I should let Susie go..." Pamela nods gently, "Yeah, if staying here is going to make her so unhappy." Wayne, looking downcast, mouths, "I guess I don't have any choice..." He then raises a glass of scotch and says quietly, "Here's to letting go." Pamela clinks his glass and says gently, "Cheers."

Fiona and Susan arrive back at Fiona's room at the mansion. As they head inside, Fiona says, "I know the doctor said it was only a virus, and I'm sure he told you to take it easy..." Susan nods, "Yes, he did." Fiona smiles, "Then you just make sure you do." Susan then says, "I should be getting home: Wayne will want to know that I'm OK." Fiona suggests, "'Phone him up, silly. Come on... you let your Aunt Fiona look after you for a change." Susan, however, insists, "No, really, I should be going." Fiona pleads, "Not just yet. Now that you're home and I know you're alright, I would like to have a talk." Susan asks warily, "What about?" Fiona replies, "You and Wayne." Susan tells her, "There's nothing to say. We're married, we're together, everything's the way it should be." Fiona, however, asks, "Is it?" She then puts her arms around Susan and cries, "Oh darling, I do worry about you. I don't know why you went back to Wayne, but I'm sure there's more to it than either of you are letting on. What has he got on you? I want to help; I promise." Susan pulls away suddenly, though, and snaps, "Please don't push, Fiona." She then sighs, "I don't deny that there is something going on - but I'll be alright." Fiona pleads, "Darling, what is it?" Susan just mutters, "I should be going." Fiona cries, "Susan..." Susan looks at her and snaps, "Please. Don't push." With that, she marches out. Fiona stands there, looking worried.

A short time later, Susan pulls up in her car outside the front door at Dural. Wayne comes bounding out of the house and asks Susan, as she climbs out of her car, "What took you so long?" Susan, heading for the house, retorts, "I had to drop Fiona home." Wayne asks, "You alright to drive?" Susan mutters, "Yes." Wayne goes on, "So everything's alright?" Susan sighs, "The doctor said I'm fine." Wayne murmurs, "Thank God." He then tells her, "There's something I have to talk to you about." Susan, however, replies, "It'll have to wait. I've got something important to tell you, first." She pauses before then saying, "I told Fiona I had a virus - but I don't. The doctor thinks I'm pregnant - about six weeks. I should get confirmation this afternoon. So, you finally get what you want from me: a baby of your very own." Wayne, a smile crossing his face, exclaims, "That's great news!" Susan snaps, "What about the risk of Huntington's Disease?" Wayne shrugs, "It's a risk I've decided I can live with." Susan glares at him and snarls, "I wish this pregnancy was more advanced: the sooner I have this baby, the sooner I'll get mum out of prison." Wayne asks, "Is that all this baby means to you?" Susan retorts angrily, "What do you expect after all you've done?" Wayne insists quickly, "No matter what's happened, I still love you." Susan just shakes her head in disbelief and walks off to the house. She then turns back and reminds Wayne, "You said you had something to say to me." Wayne, however, hesitates before telling her, "It doesn't matter now. Go inside and get some rest." Susan walks off again, leaving Wayne standing in the driveway, looking thoughtful.


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