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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

The french windows open at Charlie's and Sarah, Craig and Andy walk in from outside. Craig is saying to Sarah, "What about tennis? You play tennis, don't you?" Sarah retorts, "Of course I play tennis." Andy points out, "We can't play with three." Craig looks at him. Greg joins them and Craig says quickly, "Greg, mate, how about a quick game of tennis?" Greg, however, replies, "Sorry - my signwriting career starts in twenty minutes." He walks off again. Andy suggests to Sarah, "How about you and I have a game of singles, huh?" Sarah retorts, "How about you and Craig have a game of singles?!" Craig smiles, "Any prizes for the winner?" Sarah just smiles back, "Perhaps!" Wayne walks in, suddenly, holding a suitcase. Sarah asks quickly, "Feel like tennis?" Wayne just murmurs, "No thanks." Andy says, "Hey, what's in the bag?" Wayne tells him, "Some of Todd's things - he's moving in with me for a while." Sarah presses, "One set - how about it?" Wayne insists, "I'm sorry - I can't. I know it's boring, but I'm sure you can cope!" He glances at Andy and Craig, knowingly, before walking off again.

A short time later, Wayne is back at Dural. He has his hitlist on the bar in front of him and he's circling Sarah's name. When he's done, he puts two fingers to his lips, kisses them and then places them on her name on the sheet of paper...

Next door, Sarah is snapping at Greg, Andy and Craig, "What is this? I ask Wayne if he wants to play tennis and everyone starts acting like I'm in league with the devil." Greg retorts, "I said I don't like him, that's all. It's just an opinion." Sarah shrugs, "Well I don't mind him. He's a bit sour, but so what?" Andy chips in coolly, "There's plenty of reason for that." Greg asks, "Such as?" Andy replies, "His wife committed suicide, for one." A look of shock crosses Sarah's face and she asks, "When?" Andy tells her, "A few weeks ago. He virtually drove her to it." Craig adds, "A pretty sick story, actually." Greg mutters, "I don't think I want to hear about it." Sarah, however, says, "I do." Andy shrugs, "OK." He then goes on, "Her name was Susan. It was a mess from the beginning - I mean, she should've never married him: she loved another man - Glen Young." Craig chips in, "Who's dead too." Greg mouths, "He's dead?" Andy explains, "That was an accident, though." Greg looks at Sarah and asks, "You positive you want to hear this?" Sarah hesitates before murmuring, "Go on." Andy continues, "Glen was trying to marry Susan as well - but Wayne... he was straight out ruthless: he did everything he could to make her think Glen was a heartless mongrel. Hell, he loved her - Wayne, that is - he loved her like mad. He wanted her so badly, he got her, too. She could've asked for the world and he would've given it to her. I mean, when that guy's devoted to something, the man is serious. I always did admire that part of him." Craig takes up the story: "The problem was that Susan never stopped loving Glen." Andy carries on, "That's when things started getting nasty: even when he knew she didn't love him; even after she'd found out what he had done to badmouth Glen, he still wasn't going to let her go. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after Glen died in a car accident, Susan shot Wayne - then she jumped over a cliff." Sarah mouths, "Shot him?" Andy nods, "Yep - straight through the chest. It's obvious it didn't kill him, but it was touch and go for a while - so, like I said, Wayne's got a lot of reasons to be sour." He adds, "You know, half of me feels sorry for him. Only half, though. The bottom line is the guy's a user. He's a selfish, callous--" Greg interrupts suddenly and mutters, "Alright. I definitely don't want to hear any more." Sarah, however, looks intrigued...

A while later, Wayne opens the front door at Dural to find Sarah standing on the step. He remarks, "I thought you were playing tennis." Sarah replies, "I decided not to. You busy?" Wayne smiles, "Who wants to know?!" Before Sarah can respond, the 'phone starts ringing. Wayne goes and answers it on the hall table. He listens and says, "Michael! Hey, mate, what's happening?... Lunch? Yeah, sure, I'm not doing anything." Sarah says quietly, "You want me to go?" Wayne turns to her and nods, "I'll see you tomorrow, maybe." He then turns back to the 'phone and says, "OK, mate - I'll pick you up around noon... Great!" Sarah heads out and the front door closes. Wayne then says down the 'phone, "No worries. It fits in with my plan perfectly..."

A while later, Fiona is standing with Sarah in the hallway at the mansion, smiling, "So you're Sarah. I'm very pleased to meet you." Sarah smiles back, "So am I!" She then adds, "Thanks for the invitation to the party; it was a pity I couldn't make it." Fiona laughs, "Your loss, I'm afraid. Turned out to be quite an evening, what with one thing or another!" She then asks, "Did Greg tell you about his new job as a signwriter?" Sarah muses, "Yes... Not sure how he'll go, though." Fiona shrugs, "No worse than his efforts as a door-to-door salesman, I hope!" She then indicates her room and continues, "Come on in. I really am pushed for time this morning and I've just got to go." Sarah says, "Oh." She then asks, "Which room's Michael's?" Fiona tells her, "The next one down on the left-hand side - but he's not in at the moment; he dashed out about ten minutes ago. He said he was only going down the street, so he shouldn't be too long. Why don't you wait here in the flat for him?" Sarah smiles, "Thanks!" With that, Fiona adds, "Good. Ciao!" and heads out.

Greg emerges from a shop, saying to a man as he does so, "No worries, Mr. Frost. Just give me a couple of hours and we'll be laughing." Mr. Frost heads back into his shop and Greg looks at a clipboard he's holding. He reads aloud, "'Quality meats. Lamb grillers $3.80 a kilo... tender lamb shoulders $4 each... loin pork chops...'" before musing, "What sort of advertising's that? All ads have girls in bikinis. That's what advertising's all about!" He appears to have a brainwave, suddenly, and he mouths, "Use your initiative, Gregory! Use your initiative...!"

Craig and Andy arrive back at the mansion, arguing about their game of tennis. Janice joins them in the hallway and Andy points and Craig and snaps, "He cheated." Janice retorts, "He won, obviously." Andy then notices that Janice is holding a small crib. He asks in surprise, "What's happened?" Janice explains, "Jodie Fraser's dumped her kid with us again, so I'm delegating you dad for the day." She hands Andy the crib, adding, "I'm really sorry, but we're up to here at the crisis centre and I just can't waste time babysitting. Don't drop her. I'll see you around five." With that, she heads out, leaving Craig standing there, laughing at Andy. Andy glares at him and growls, "I happen to like this kid. It's just changing nappies I find very hard to cope with!" The two of them go and head into Fiona's room - where Sarah is still standing waiting. Andy looks at her and smiles, "Fancy bumping into you." Sarah says quickly, "Hi. I, er, thought I'd come over and meet Fiona; apologise for not getting to her party." Andy asks, "Where is she?" Sarah replies, "Gone. I'm just waiting for a taxi, that's all." She then indicates the baby and asks, "Who does she belong to?" Andy tells her, "A girl called Jodie Fraser." He adds, "Madonna, say hello to Aunty Sarah." He hands Madonna to Craig as he lays out a clean nappy on the table. He goes on, "Madonna keeps dumping her with Janice. You met Janice yet?" Sarah shakes her head. Andy tells her, "Don't worry - you'll meet her soon. She works at the crisis centre. Jodie's a bit of a crisis!" Craig hands Madonna back to Andy and asks Sarah, "Where you catching a cab to?" Sarah replies, "Just the city." She then asks, "Who won?" Craig replies, "I did." Andy growls, "He cheated." Craig asks Sarah, "What about lunch?" As Andy starts changing Madonna, he says to Craig and Sarah curtly, "This is not a floorshow. Please talk between yourselves!" Craig and Sarah take a step back and Sarah asks Craig, "What time is it?" Craig replies, "It's nearly twelve. What time's your cab getting here?" Sarah tells him, "Twelve." She turns to walk out. Craig says quickly, "Hang on - what about lunch?" Sarah, however, tells him, "Sorry - not today." Craig presses, "But I thought if I won I'd get a prize!" Sarah pointed out, "You cheated, though." Craig insists, "I didn't!" Andy says quickly, "Yes he did!" Craig sighs at Sarah, "What about tomorrow?" Sarah just says, "I'll get back to you." With that, she heads out. When she's gone, Andy indicates the nappy and says to Craig, "Um... mate... can you give me a hand for a minute, please?!"

Sarah is sitting out on the stairs in the hallway when the front door opens. Michael comes in and Sarah stands up and bounds over to him. Michael smiles, "Sarah! G'day! How have you been?" Sarah replies, "Fine. I just popped over to introduce myself to Fiona. I heard it was quite a party." Michael, going and unlocking his door, nods, "Yeah, it was from all accounts. I wasn't there." The two of them head into the room and Michael goes on, "You're looking good. Must be enjoying yourself." He starts unpacking a bag of groceries. As he does so, Sarah asks him, "What are you doing for lunch?" Michael tells her, "I was going to have lunch with Wayne, actually. What about you: anything planned?" Sarah shrugs, "Nothing really. What do most people do in Sydney on a Saturday afternoon?" Michael replies, "Some go to the races; that's what Wayne and I are doing after lunch." Sarah comments, "I've never been to the races. Must be a good day, though." Michael exclaims, "Never been?! Call yourself an Australian and you've never been to the races?!" Sarah muses, "Deprived childhood!" Michael then asks, "Would you like to come with us?" Sarah nods eagerly, "Sure - if it's alright with Wayne, of course." Wayne walks in as Michael replies, "I'm sure he won't mind." Wayne asks in a mock-suspicious voice, "Won't mind what?" Michael says, "Any objections to Sarah tagging along?" Wayne, looking at Sarah with a glint in his eye, asks, "Lunch or the track?" Michael tells him, "Both." Wayne smiles at Sarah and replies, "No worries with me..."

Greg is working on his sign outside the butcher's when a woman walks up to him and asks, "Who was your model?!" Greg smiles back, "You like it?" The woman muses, "I wish you could've covered her up!" With that, she walks off. Greg takes a step back and admires his handiwork: he's painted a cow standing on its two back hooves, wearing a bikini!

Michael is putting on a smart jacket in the lounge room at Dural. Wayne walks in and asks, "Sarah back yet?" Michael smiles, "I think you scared her off - all that talk about who we're likely to run into in the members' stand! Poor girl probably thinks anything less than Princess Di's wedding dress is too casual!" Wayne suggests, "Let's hit the road; we'll pick her up on the way." As the two of them head to the front door, Michael asks, "You got any horses running today?" Wayne nods, "Yeah - a young filly in the second." Michael asks, "How much you going to put on her?" Wayne, however, tells him, "I'm putting a jockey on her. That way, if she wins, I'll win!" He goes and opens the door - to find Sarah standing on the step, wearing a smart pink dress. She asks, "Am I late?" Michael smiles, "Just in time - and if you don't mind my saying it, you look absolutely stunning." He looks at Wayne and adds, "What do you reckon?" Wayne just says dismissively, "Yeah, nice. Lock the door and I'll bring the car round." He walks off. Looking annoyed, Sarah hisses to Michael, "Nice? Just 'nice'?"

Andy is sitting with baby Madonna at the table in Fiona's room at the mansion. He's feeding her from a bottle of milk. Craig is standing in the room, sighing, "Are you going to be stuck here all day now?" Andy nods, "Looks like it - at least until Janice gets home, anyway." He then adds, "Hey, you reckon I'm holding that at the right angle?" He indicates the bottle of milk. Craig shrugs, "Whatever's comfortable, I suppose." He then says, "I might go and see how Greg's going." Andy muses, "Oh yeah... keep in the good books with the brother, eh? Yeah, I know what you're after. You wait 'til I tell Debbie, too." Craig exclaims, "About me? I haven't done anything." Andy retorts, "Yet. Yet, mate. I warned you to stay away." Craig just retorts, "And like Todd said, it's up to Sarah to decide who she goes out with, not us." Andy asks, "Are you really serious about Sarah or are you just having a go at me?" Craig just smiles, "You're starting to sound a bit paranoid there, Andy!" Andy mutters, "I wonder..." The door to the room opens suddenly and Fiona bounces in, smiling, "Hi guys!" She then notices Andy holding Madonna and she sighs, "Oh no..." Andy retorts, "Yes. Welcome to the Andrew Green Day-care Centre - open for business." Fiona indicates the bottle of milk and says, "You make quite sure she burps after that, won't you?" Andy insists, "I know." Craig then indicates a bag that Fiona is holding and asks, "What have you bought?" Fiona smiles, "A wonderful top! I do that after parties - they have a funny effect on me: I have to go out and buy things!" Andy chips in, "As good an excuse as any!" Fiona laughs, "I was having lunch with Bunty and Thel and, walking back to the station, I passed the shop, and there was this sitting in the window, saying, 'Buy me! Buy me!' - so I did!" She then takes the top out of the bag. It's covered in multicoloured stripes! Fiona holds it up against herself and asks, "What do you think?" Andy smiles, "Definitely you!" Craig then says, "I hate to be rude but I have to take off." With that, he dashes out. Fiona turns to Andy and says, "You sure you know what you're doing?!" Andy sighs, "Why does everyone think that I don't know what I'm doing? I managed last time and I reckon I'm managing a hell of a lot better now." Fiona points out, "That was only just for one day. Wait 'til you've been doing it for a long while - then see how you cope." Andy tells her coolly, "Fiona, no one is saying that it's easy - but she chucked the towel in... she treats Janice like a free boarding school... I don't think she deserves to have a kid if she can't hack the tough times. Someone needs to shake her up and tell her to get herself together." Fiona muses, "Big words, young man..." Andy retorts, "You don't think that she should be allowed to get away with this?" Fiona insists, "Not at all - but she needs help, not criticism. With all due respect to your two days' worth of experience with children, I don't think you quite appreciate what it's like to be a mother - let alone a single mother. It's exhausting; it's totally unrelenting - and unless the support system is right there, it can turn a perfectly good girl into a mental and physical wreck." Andy murmurs, "Alright. Point taken." He then adds coolly, "Gee, I hope the guy who got her pregnant copped her, though. Guys who do this and just walk away are the pits, I reckon; they don't deserve to get anywhere."

Craig is admiring Greg's handiwork on the sign at the butcher's. He bursts out laughing! Greg laughs back, "I know - but will it make you go in and buy a couple of steaks?!" Craig chuckles, "I don't know - but it would certainly make me stop and look at it. Whose idea was it?" Greg tells him, "Mine, of course. That sort of thing takes genius, pal. Sheer genius." Craig asks, "Does the guy know?" Greg, however, admits, "I thought I'd let him sort of, er, find out for himself!" He then walks over to the shop door, pokes his head inside and calls, "Thanks a lot, Mr. Frost. We'll, um, send you an invoice!" He then rejoins Craig and the two of them make a run for it. A few seconds later, Mr. Frost emerges from his shop. He takes in the painting on the window - and a look of horror crosses his face!

It's evening-time. Janice is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion. She's holding Madonna and she asks, "How did Andy cope?" Fiona replies, "He pretended it was all very easy - but you should've seen the look of relief on his face when he saw you walk in!" Janice asks, "What about Madonna?" Fiona smiles, "She was just fine. A little confused, I think, because every time she woke up there was a different face peering at her!" Janice coos over Madonna, "Everybody loves you, though. You know that, don't you?" Fiona then asks, "Did you see Jodie today?" Janice replies, "I spent most of the afternoon with her. Andy definitely had the easier job. We talked for four hours; she's in a real mess. She's got no confidence; she doesn't know what she's living for. It's going to be a long, slow road." Fiona assures her, "You'll get through." Janice murmurs, "I hope so. We can't keep Madonna here forever."

Craig, Andy and Greg are sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, munching on some sandwiches. Andy says, "So where's Sarah?" Greg replies, "She's gone AWOL." Andy nods, "Right. When's she getting home?" Greg shrugs, "Search me." Andy presses, "And you've got no idea where she is?" Greg, however, tells him, "I've got my suspicions, of course." Andy says, "Such as?" Greg snaps suddenly, "Hey! Let's take five right here, OK? There's a trend developing to our conversations which I'm beginning to take personal offence to." Andy asks blankly, "What?" Greg retorts, "You guys come over and all we do is talk about my sister. Now you may find her vaguely interesting; frankly, she bores me stupid - and I doubt very much whether she'll come home before at least half past eleven, so let's not spend the entire evening wondering where the hell she is. It's Saturday night, dammit. I want some action. What do you say?" Andy smiles, "Well I've never said no to some action!" Craig asks Greg, "What do you want to do? A couple of drinks down the pub?" Greg, however, retorts, "Give me a break. I don't want to sit on the reserve bench; I want to be on the team. I'm talking women... Action - with a capital 'A'!" He then stands up and declares, "It just so happens that during my worldwide travels I've accumulated a few 'phone numbers - so you two guys just sit tight, eat your sandwiches and old silver-tongued Hudson will organise the evening!" He goes and picks up the 'phone. Craig laughs, "This I've got to see!" Greg takes out a little black notepad, opens it and starts dialling a number on the 'phone. When the call is answered, he says, "G'day, is that Cathy?... Greg Hudson... Yeah, yeah, that's me!... I'm great - I'm up from Melbourne, living in Sydney now. I was wondering what you're up to tonight." He listens and his face drops. He then murmurs, "Some other time... Yeah, OK. Bye." He hangs up. He looks at Craig and Andy and says, "Flu." All three of them burst out laughing!

Wayne is standing behind the bar at Dural. Sarah and Michael are the other side. They're all holding drinks. Michael asks Sarah, "Did you come out ahead?" Sarah smiles, "Broke even - just!" Wayne points out lightly, "I told you to back my horse - but no, you had to change your mind!" Sarah insists, "I didn't change my mind; I couldn't find the TAB!" Changing the subject, Michael suggests, "We ought to think about getting dinner soon." Sarah offers, "I'll cook something, if you like." Wayne, however, tells her, "It's OK - it's all organised." There's a knock on the front door and he adds, "In fact, that should be it now." He heads out to the hallway, leaving Sarah to ask Michael, "What is it: pizzas or something?" Michael shrugs, "I don't know. I didn't hear him telephone for any." They both turn towards the doors as Wayne and a waiter pull a trolley into the room. Sarah exclaims, "I don't believe it!" The trolley is laden with food and drinks. Wayne picks up a bottle of champagne and says, "1975. It was a very good year." Looking at Sarah, he adds, "Join me?" Sarah smiles at him.

On the 'phone next door, Greg is saying, "You're sick too, are you?... Yeah, no worries. Bye." Craig and Andy are in fits of laughter! As Greg hangs up, he muses, "I think it's an epidemic!" Craig suggests, "Looks like a few drinks down the pub will have to do, mate!" Greg, however, retorts, "No! I can't face it! Three guys alone on a Saturday night?!" Andy points out, "We don't have much choice, do we?!" Greg just gives him a look. An impish grin then crosses his face and he murmurs, "Yes we do. Let's try some stirring..."

Michael and Sarah are sitting at the dinner table at Dural, eating. Wayne escorts Greg, Andy and Craig in and Greg declares to his sister, "I knew you'd be here. I knew it!" Sarah stares at him coldly and growls, "Greg, do you mind?" Craig smiles, "We just dropped in for a visit." Andy looks at Wayne and adds, "I hope you don't mind, mate. Huh?" Greg looks at Sarah and says coolly, "Geez, you should see yourself. Does Alison know you're wearing her clothes?" Sarah glares at him. Wayne then says, "Righto, boys, I'm sorry, but we are in the middle of dinner." Greg grins, "No worries, mate - we've eaten!" Sarah snaps furiously, "Greg, will you just leave? Craig, please..." Wayne assures her, "It's OK, Sarah - they're going." He then picks up a bottle of champagne from the trolley and, handing it to Andy, says, "Here - on the house. Enjoy it." He adds, "I'm sorry - you've come at a bad time. If you'd called, we could've organised something." Greg glares at him and says coldly, "You think you're pretty suave, don't you?" Wayne just retorts, "You don't worry me, Greg. Sarah, do you want them to stay?" Sarah snaps, "No." She sits there looking furious. Greg, Andy and Craig head out. Wayne sits back down at the table.

A while later, Michael, Wayne and Sarah are drinking coffee. Michael puts down his cup and comments, "That ranks as the best home-delivered meal I've ever had!" Sarah smiles, "I'll second that!" Wayne assures them, "My pleasure." There's suddenly a beeping noise and Michael sighs, "I knew it was too good to last." He pulls his pager out of his pocket. Wayne asks, "You want to use the 'phone?" Michael, however, tells him, "No - they only beep me for emergencies; I'd better go straight to the hospital. I hope it's not going to be a long night." He stands up. Wayne and Sarah do likewise. Wayne shakes his hand and says, "Thanks for the day, mate." Michael replies, "Thank you." He then tells Sarah, "We'll have to stay in touch." With that, he turns and heads out. Sarah sits back down and asks Wayne, "What's next?" Wayne, however, tells her, "Er... goodnight. I think I'll stack the dishwasher and go to bed." Sarah stands up again and says, "I'll give you a hand." Wayne insists coolly, "No you won't - I can handle it." He then says more calmly, "I'm sorry, Sarah - I'm just tired. I'm glad you enjoyed dinner, though." He adds, "You can use the front door; it's not deadlocked. We'll do it again sometime." Sarah starts walking out to the hallway. She pauses suddenly, though, and a smile crosses her face...

A short time later, Wayne walks into his bedroom, undoing his tie as he does so. He switches on his bedside light - to find Sarah lying in the bed, apparently not wearing anything. She smiles seductively, "Come and slip in beside me." Wayne stares at her. He then bursts out laughing! Sarah demands indignantly, "What's so funny?" Wayne chuckles, "You're asking me?!" Sarah points out, "You're the one laughing." Wayne retorts, "That's what I was supposed to do. This is a set-up, right?" Sarah just leans towards him and teases, "Why don't you climb in and find out?" Wayne stops laughing. He murmurs, "You're not kidding..." Sarah starts stroking his shoulders as she asks, "Why would you think I was?" Wayne starts to say, "Well... let's face it, you're not exactly..." Sarah demands, "Not exactly what?" Wayne just says, "Look, why don't I go back downstairs and pour myself a drink and you can come down whenever you feel like it." He goes to stand up. Sarah, however, says curtly, "Wait a minute - I want to know what it is I'm 'not exactly'." Wayne tells her gently, "Old enough - for this - with me." Sarah stares into his eyes and asks, "How old do I have to be?" Wayne just replies quietly, "Older. See you downstairs." With that, he stands up, leaving Sarah sitting up in bed, looking annoyed.


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