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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

A short time later, Wayne is sitting downstairs at the bar, pouring himself a drink. Sarah walks in slowly, fully-dressed again, and says, "I'll have one too, please - unless you've decided I'm too young for that as well." An amused smile crosses Wayne's face and he hands Sarah his drink. As she takes it, she tells him, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you - I never figured you for a moralist." Wayne chuckles and asks, "What on earth makes you think morals have anything to do with it?" Sarah just shrugs, "What else?" Wayne tells her, "I like you. I want us to be friends. Let's just pretend it didn't happen." He stands up and heads behind the bar as Sarah mutters, "How am I supposed to do that?" Wayne just smiles, "Come on... you'll find someone - more your own age." Sarah snaps suddenly, "You sound as thought you're on the pension and I'm straight out of nappies." Wayne muses, "I wouldn't agree with the first bit, but be honest - the latter part's not that far from the truth, is it?" Sarah glares at him. She then throws her drink in his face and storms off!

Greg is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, drinking a cup of coffee, when the front door slams. Sarah marches in and snaps, "You were a great help." Greg sighs, "Don't start - I'm not feeling too good." Sarah retorts, "Neither am I. You and your stupid friends ruined what could've been a very pleasant evening." Greg asks, "What were you doing over there anyway?" Sarah snaps, "I was invited." Greg warns, "Stay away from Hamilton - he's trouble." Sarah, however, growls, "I'll see whoever I like, thankyou very much." She sits down as Greg tells her, "I don't want you getting hurt, Sarah." Sarah just retorts, "I was there with Michael, if you must know; he invited me." Greg growls, "And you had to say 'yes'?" Sarah retorts, "It just so happens I like him." Greg mutters, "It's news to me." Sarah glares at him and retorts, "A lot of things about me could be news to you. There's no law saying I have to give you daily reports." Greg sighs, "Alright, I guess Michael's OK - although some people might reckon he's a bit old for you." Sarah hisses, "I'm not some stupid kid, Greg - and I don't need you making me look like a fool: you just had to tell them I was wearing Alison's gear, didn't you." Greg insists, "I was only kidding. What are you so sensitive for?" Sarah mutters, "I was trying to impress Michael. If he likes me at all after tonight, it's no thanks to you." Greg says, "I'm sorry - I didn't realise it meant so much to you." Sarah retorts, "It did - so let's drop the subject." Greg mutters, "Fine. Some coffee made, if you want some." Sarah doesn't respond. Greg sighs, "You're not going to sulk, are you?" Sarah murmurs, "No." Greg comments, "You could've fooled me." Sarah looks at him. She then asks more calmly, "How did your new job go today?" Greg muses, "You're not going to believe this: I kind of got carried away; went a bit artistic." Sarah comments wearily, "And it went down like a lead balloon, as usual." Greg replies, "That's what I thought at first - I didn't even stay around to see what the guy thought of it - but I went back later and it turned out his customers loved it! He gave me a bonus and fixed me up with another job for a mate of his." Sarah raises her eyebrows and remarks, "A bonus?" Greg nods, "Yeah! Unreal, eh?!" Sarah muses thoughtfully, "Yes, it is..."

The next morning, Sarah is out jogging in the grounds at Dural when she spots Wayne running towards her. She smiles, "Hi!" Wayne jogs on the spot next to her as he smiles, "Hi! You're out early for a Sunday!" Sarah tells him, "Felt like a run. I didn't expect to see you, though. After last night, I decided you're not into physical exercise!" They start jogging again, and Wayne comments, "You're really taking that seriously, aren't you?" Sarah just shrugs, "You managed to irritate me a bit at the time, but I can see the funny side of it now." Wayne insists, "I wasn't trying to make fun of you. I thought you were putting me on." Sarah says, "As far as I'm concerned, you're the one who missed out." They stop by a water fountain and Wayne asks, "Why are you talking to me?" Sarah tells him, "It's a great flaw in my character: I simply can't resist a challenge!" Wayne smiles, "After last night, I wonder what the follow-up's going to be." Sarah says, "Have lunch with me and you'll find out." Wayne asks, "When?" Sarah replies, "Today." Wayne, however, tells her, "I have a lunch date with an old friend." Sarah remarks, "You're not telling me you can't get out of it if you want." Wayne replies, "I don't see how it would be worth my while." Sarah assures him, "It will be!" Wayne just suggests, "Why don't I talk to my old friend and I'll get back to you?" Sarah nods, "Fine!" With that, she runs off.

Andy is standing in the hallway at the mansion, holding a baby's bottle of warm milk. Greg walks in through the main door and smiles, "Have a few drinks last night?" Andy looks at the bottle and retorts, "Very funny - it's for Madonna." Greg muses, "I'm sure you'll make somebody a wonderful little wife and mother some day!" Andy retorts, "In around about fifty years or so, maybe, but I don't have any immediate plans. I'm just looking after her until Janice gets back from church." Greg suggests, "Maybe I can pop in and say hello to Fiona for a few minutes and then when Janice gets back we can go for a swim?" Andy, however, tells him, "The thing is, I sort of, like, made plans: I promised Janice I'd take Madonna down to the park for a bit of fresh air." Greg grins at him and comments, "You really are a lost cause, aren't you! Still, whatever you say - after all: father knows best!"

Fiona is setting out a plate of tea and scones in her room when there's a knock on the door and Greg comes in. He notices the tea things and remarks, "Just in time, by the look of it!" Fiona chuckles, "I just made a fresh batch of scones, so I guess I can spare one!" Greg sits down and says, "You're a life-saver - I'm starving! Sarah was off somewhere at the crack of dawn and I was too wrecked to get myself any breakfast." Fiona muses, "Perhaps if you didn't go raging Saturday nights, you wouldn't be so wrecked Sunday mornings!" Changing the subject, she then says, "I thought I might call in on Charlie later on and see if there's any news about the wedding date yet." Greg, however, tells her, "From what I hear, it's all off." Fiona echoes in surprise, "It's off?" Greg nods, "Yeah. She walked in on him with some bird at the gym. Reckons she never wants to see him again. Sounds like she means it, too." Looking disappointed, Fiona sighs, "Oh... poor Charlie. She might be scatty, but she's generous and she's loving and she deserves to be happy. Oh darn it - I thought she'd finally found Mr. Right." Greg comments, "Guess not." Fiona growls, "You can rest assured that I'll have a word or two to say to Todd when I see him..."

Sarah is staring out through the french windows in Charlie's lounge room. She then looks over at the 'phone and sighs, "Come on - ring." It does so at that second! Sarah dashes over to answer it - but when she speaks, she says calmly, "Hello?... Oh Wayne, it's you!" In the hallway at Dural, Wayne tells her, "I had a word with that friend of mine and I've arranged to be free for lunch. What did you have in mind: hamburger on a park bench or are we really going to splurge and have fish and chips?!" Sarah just says, "Pick me up at midday and I promise I'll wipe that sarcastic smile right off your face..." With that, she hangs up, looking pleased with herself.

It's lunchtime. Sarah and Wayne are both dressed smartly. They walk across to table outside an expensive-looking restaurant and Wayne pulls Sarah's chair out for her to sit down. As he does so, he remarks, "So much for fish and chips in the park. I'd've thought this was a bit out of your range." Sarah just shrugs, "Maybe you don't know as much about me as you think." Wayne sits down himself and the two of them look at the menu. Wayne whistles in surprise. Sarah just gives him a look. Wayne goes on, "I'm glad price is no object - I've starving." Sarah rolls her eyes and murmurs, "Good." Wayne adds, "I've heard good things about this place. I've always wanted to come here, but I couldn't afford it. Are you sure this won't leave you short?" Sarah insists, "Feel free. I didn't bring you here to starve you!" Wayne suggests, "There's no hurry. Why don't we have some wine before we decide what to order? I don't get invitations like this every day; I wouldn't want to rush into it." Sarah smiles, "I'm glad you're impressed." Wayne replies, "I must admit: you do have style - for someone your age..." Sarah's face drops again.

Greg emerges from Fiona's room at the mansion, saying to her as he does so, "Charlie's gone away for a while, but if I hear anything about her plans, I'll let you know." Fiona emerges from her room as well, just as Andy wheels Madonna down the corridor towards her room. She smiles at Andy, "You going out?" Andy nods, "Yeah - I decided to take Madonna for a walk around the park." Fiona exclaims in surprise, "In the middle of the day?" Andy replies, "I want to get her back by the time Janice comes home." Fiona asks, "Has she been fed?" Andy retorts sarcastically, "No - I was going to give her takeaway pizza. What do you reckon?" Fiona says coolly, "I imagine that's supposed to be funny - but it makes me wonder just how responsible you are." Andy sighs, "Relax, Fiona - she's already had her milk, OK? See you later." As he goes to head out, Greg tells him, "I may as well join you; I've got nothing else to do." Fiona stands there looking worried.

Michael is making himself some coffee when there's a knock on the door. He calls, "Come in." The door opens and Fiona steps inside. She smiles, "Hi." She then says, "Greg was going on about some trouble between Charlie and Todd, but he was rather vague about what had happened exactly and I was wondering if you knew any more." She sits down at the table. Michael does likewise as he replies, "Not as much as I'd like to. It was the oldest ploy in the book: someone slipped him a drug and set him up with a girl for Charlie to walk in on." Fiona sighs, "That's an awful lot more sense than the way I heard it. Somehow I didn't see Todd as the type to behave like that. Is he alright?" Michael nods, "He is now. He was in pretty rocky shape yesterday morning, though - and he still can't remember what happened. When he came-to, he 'phoned Wayne and Wayne called me and we drove him over to Wayne's place and put him to bed to sleep it off." Fiona asks, "Does he have any idea who did it?" Michael tells her, "We think probably Alison." Fiona muses, "That figures; I mean, it's always been her aim to break up Charlie and Todd." Michael comments, "She doesn't have any particular 'interest' in Todd, does she?" Fiona replies, "No, no. It's Charlie she's jealous of now. Charlie - her best friend, and she's terrified of losing her to Todd. That's the sort of woman she is: she'd destroy her best friend's happiness just so she wouldn't have to share." Michael remarks, "Somewhat of a twisted woman." Fiona nods, "You could say that." She then asks, "Do you have any proof that it was she who gave him the drug?" Michael admits, "Nothing definite - but the drug was stolen from my medical bag and Alison had access to it the day before." Fiona muses, "Course, she'll never admit it." Michael sighs, "No."

Andy and Greg are walking in the park, Andy pushing Madonna, when Greg spots an attractive young woman jogging nearby. He says to Andy, "Hey! Look! If you and I had any brains, we'd have found ourselves a couple of those and we'd be swanning on a beach somewhere." Andy points out, "No one twisted your arm to come, mate." Greg, however, retorts, "My conscience did! I mean, what sort of a friend would let you wander around here being miserable by yourself?" Andy snaps, "I am not miserable. Not everyone wants to spend every minute of their life chasing women; it's nice, for a change, to do something a bit relaxing." Greg remarks, "You don't look too relaxed to me." Andy, who's looking around the pushchair, retorts, "Well I've lost something, haven't I." Greg asks, "What?" Andy explains, "Madonna's rattle." He then asks, "Would you mind her while I backtrack and try and find it?" Greg mutters, "Yeah, well hurry up." Andy walks off. The woman jogger reaches Greg and sits down on a bench next to him. Greg smiles, "Hi!" The woman looks at Madonna and comments, "Isn't she a cutie?" Greg nods, "I guess so." The woman queries, "You guess so?" Greg says quickly, "Well yeah, she is. You like babies, eh?" The woman smiles, "Of course I do; don't you?" Greg tells her, "As long as they're somebody else's; I'm just minding her for a friend." The woman starts stroking Madonna's cheek. Greg smiles, "You're very good at that." The woman tells him, "I look after a lot of my sister's kids; I love kids." Greg comments, "You don't have any of your own...?" The woman replies, "No thankyou! Not until I'm married, then maybe I'll have half a dozen or so!" Greg remarks, "I'll know who to call if I ever needed any more help - or I would if you told me your name and your 'phone number too." The woman raises her eyebrows and comments, "Would you?" Greg smiles, "Yeah! How about it?!"

Wayne is sipping his wine at the expensive restaurant. He comments, "This is very pleasant. How about dessert?" Sarah, however, tells him, "I think I'll give it a miss - I'm too full to eat another crumb. I'll just have coffee and port." Wayne, however, insists, "Come on now. Why don't you try the Bavarian Blackforest Torte?" Sarah tells him, "No. Honestly, I've had enough - but you go ahead." Wayne looks at the menu and says, "OK. I'll have the Torte and, um, grandfather port with my coffee." Sarah suggests quickly, "Why not try a half-bottle of the Austrian dessert wine instead?" Wayne looks at her intently and replies, "I'm sorry - you said price was no object." Sarah retorts, "Price has nothing to do with it. I simply assumed that since the Bavarian Torte was specifically designed to go with the Austrian wine, you might like to try the combination - but it's completely up to you. You can have sump oil for all I care." Wayne smiles at her and says, "You're right, of course. OK - recommendation accepted!" Sarah tells him coolly, "You needn't look so surprised. Don't you think I know anything?" Wayne asks, "Did I say that?" Sarah retorts, "You're forever implying it - and frankly I resent it. I'm not some under-educated child; my father happens to be a highly-successful business executive and I'm perfectly accustomed to eating in good restaurants." Wayne assures her, "I never doubted it for a minute!" Sarah goes on, "Not that he was ever in your league. You've done very well - for someone your age, of course!" Wayne smiles, "I seem to have succeeded moderately." Sarah exclaims, "Moderately?! You must be just about a millionaire - and from what I hear, you practically did it all yourself." Wayne says quickly, "In fairness, my father helped me out at the start - but these days I'm pretty much on my own." Sarah tells him, "That's what I like about you: I admire someone with strength and independence, and you obviously have both - even if you do have some rather old-fashioned ideas..." Wayne asks in surprise, "What ideas?" Sarah replies, "Your attitude towards younger women, for instance..." A smile crosses Wayne's face as he tells her, "Whatever my opinions on that subject, it seems some can still be very good company at lunch." Sarah replies flirtatiously, "Some of them can be very good company in lots of ways..."

At the park, the woman jogger says, "OK," to Greg and walks off. Andy rejoins him, holding the rattle, and says, "I hope I didn't interrupt anything." Greg smiles, "Nope - it's all fixed: I'm taking her out tonight." Andy exclaims, "How did you manage that?!" Greg indicates Madonna and replies, "With the help of this sweet child. Girls can't resist babies; I just had to let her nurse Madonna for a bit and I was in like Flynn!" Andy, looking suddenly annoyed, growls, "You let a perfect stranger hold my baby?" Greg, however, tells him, "I wouldn't say that. 9½ out of 10, maybe, but not perfect!" Andy glares at him and snaps, "You're disgusting. I suppose I'm lucky you just didn't hand her over lock, stock and barrel." Greg insists, "I'm not like that." He then says, "Now, let's get this walk over with - I want to go home and dream about tonight!"

At the restaurant, Sarah is saying to Wayne, "I think the most important thing is to know what you want from life and go for it. What other people think doesn't matter." Wayne comments, "I won't argue with that." He reaches into his trouser pocket as Sarah goes on, "Give people half a chance, they'll plan your whole life for you. My stepmother was a perf--" She breaks off as Wayne pulls a watch out of his pocket and looks at it. She then asks in an irritated tone, "You have to be somewhere?" Wayne, however, tells her, "No, no, it's fine. Go on." Sarah replies, "We've talked enough about me. Your turn." Wayne shrugs, "There's not much to say. I just get through this life the best way I can." He then spots someone approaching and he stands up and smiles, "Hi!" An older, blonde woman joins them and says to Wayne, "Sorry I'm late." Wayne insists, "No problem - Sarah's been entertaining me." He then explains to Sarah, "This is Marion - the friend I was going to have lunch with." Marion smiles, "Lovely to meet you, dear. You saved my life, stepping in at such short notice. You know, it's most inconsiderate to arrest one's clients on a Sunday!" Sarah, looking annoyed, mutters, "I'm sorry?" Wayne explains, "Marion's a solicitor - although not the type whose clients normally get arrested!" He then goes on, "Anyway, thanks for lunch. Are you sure you've got enough to pay for it?" Sarah, looking taken aback, gasps, "Are you going?" Wayne nods, "Yes. I arranged for Marion to meet me here. We'll have to do it again sometime." With that, he and Marion walk off, leaving Sarah sitting there, looking furious.

Greg and Andy arrive back at the mansion, Greg saying as they head inside, "If I can get results like that from just wheeling a baby around, I'll look at hiring her from you!" Andy laughs, "That can be arranged - at the right price!" Fiona and Michael emerge from Michael's room, suddenly, and Andy tells the two of them, "You should've seen this conman." He indicates Greg before going on, "I turned my back for ten seconds and he uses Madonna to crack onto this gorgeous-looking woman!" Fiona stares at him and says frostily, "Really? I wonder if Janice knows what she's doing, leaving the baby with you. I don't think you appreciate just what a responsibility it is." Andy retorts, "That's not fair, Fiona." Fiona just says coolly, "No, it's not fair - on Madonna." With that, she marches off to her room. Andy asks Michael in surprise, "What's her problem?" Michael explains, "I think she's worried about Charlie." Andy mutters, "Yeah, well, she shouldn't take it out on me." Greg, changing the subject, asks, "Anyone want to come to the house for a swim?" Michael nods, "I'll be in that." He heads back into his room, leaving Andy to say to Greg, "I think Fiona's going to give Janice a bit of an ear-bashing. I want to be here to put my side in." Michael emerges from his room again and he and Greg head off. Andy walks down the corridor to Fiona's room. He heads inside and demands, "What's the matter with you, Fiona? I'm giving up a lot of time to be with this kid - and all you can do is keep on knocking me." Fiona retorts, "What would you expect? From the sound of you, you're treating it all like a big game." Andy snaps, "That's not true. Aren't I even allowed to laugh occasionally?" Fiona looks at him and says coolly, "Andy, I know you too well - and I don't trust you. How can I be sure what your motives are? As far as I know, you could just be out to make Janice feel that she owes you, and the next time you're in trouble you'll come to her for help, wanting to borrow money from her." Andy glares at Fiona and retorts, "It's nice to know what your friends think of you." Fiona shrugs, "I'm sorry, but you've hurt too many of your friends over the last six months or so. Maybe you're trying to change - I hope so - but for now, I don't like the idea of a helpless little baby being left in your care; not until you prove you really can be trusted."

Sarah is laying on the sunlounger by the pool at Charlie's. Greg and Michael join her and Greg tells her, "I brought Michael over for a swim." Sarah just murmurs, "Right." Greg remarks, "You really know how to make someone feel welcome! I thought you might like some company." Sarah replies, "Sorry - I've got a few things on my mind." Michael heads across the patio to put his towel down. Greg looks at Sarah and says, "Sis, there are times when you're kind of hard to figure out. I mean, am I imagining that conversation we had last night or what?" Sarah nods wearily, "You're right. Let's have a swim."

It's evening-time. Sarah is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's when Greg and Michael walk in through the french windows. Michael suggests, "What say I whip out a get a few steaks? Then we can thrown them on the barbie by the pool... perfect finish to a perfect afternoon." Greg nods, "Yeah. I'm going out later, but I've always got time for a feed!" There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Sarah says, "I'll get it." She stands up and heads out to the hallway. She opens the door to find a delivery man standing there. He tells her, "Parcel for Sarah Hudson." Sarah replies, "That's me." She signs for the parcel and the man heads off. Sarah closes the door and then opens the padded envelope she's holding. She takes a small jewellery box out. There's an accompanying note which reads 'Should have stuck with you. Marion was boring! Wayne'. A smile crosses Sarah's face. She then opens the box to reveal a beautiful necklace. She stares at it before putting it in her dress pocket and heading back into the lounge room. Greg asks her, "Who was that?" Sarah tells him, "Just a friend. She dropped in to remind me I'm having dinner with them tonight." Michael remarks, "Lucky escape, eh?!" Sarah goes on, "I'd love to stay for dinner, but I've got to go; I'm late. See you both later."

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, reading the newspaper, when there's a knock on the front door. He gets up and goes and opens it. Sarah walks in and smiles, "Your parcel arrived - and the note. I'm glad Marion was boring. I wouldn't have been." Wayne murmurs, "I'm slowly coming to realise that." Sarah goes on, "Anyway, I just called over to thank you for the gift." She gives him a kiss on the lips and goes to head out again. Wayne, however, pushes the door shut and says gently, "I think you can do better than that." He then pulls Sarah towards him and the two of them start kissing passionately...


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