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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Executive Producer: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Wayne and Sarah kiss for several seconds. Wayne finally pulls away, though, and Sarah asks in surprise, "What are you stopping for?" Wayne tells her, "Air!" Sarah asks, "Can't you breathe through your nose?!" Wayne smiles, "Yes - but I didn't want to." He then asks, "Isn't it time you were getting home?" Looking surprised, Sarah asks, "Why?" Wayne replies, "Because it's late... it's Sunday night and there's work tomorrow..." Sarah demands, "So?" Wayne says quickly, "Just slow down; you're going too fast for me." Sarah growls, "What are you talking about? Last night you organised dinner fit for a king; today we had lunch together; then you sent me a present; you just kissed me like there's no tomorrow; and now you're telling me I'm the one who's going too fast." Wayne murmurs, "The fact is you're not the only girl in town." Sarah smiles, "Give me half a chance and, as far as you're concerned, I will be. I'm a big girl. I know what I'm doing." Wayne hesitates. He then looks into her eyes and suggests softly, "Maybe we can have that nightcap?" Sarah smiles, "That's better!" With that, she turns and heads into the lounge room. A sly grin crosses Wayne's face.

Alison has arrived back at Charlie's. She calls out for Greg and Sarah, but there's no answer. She heads into the lounge room and switches on the lights. She's about to pour herself a drink when there's a knock on the front door. She heads back out to the hallway to answer it and finds Craig standing on the step. She smiles, "Hello, Craig. Come in." The two of them head into the lounge room and Craig asks, "How's Charlie?" Alison replies, "As well as can be expected. Not quite ready to face the world yet, though." Craig murmurs, "That's understandable." He then asks, "Is Sarah in?" Alison replies, "She doesn't seem to be. Any idea where she might be?" Craig admits, "No." Alison suggests, "Out with Andy?" Craig shrugs, "Could be." Alison declares, "I imagine that's it. They spend a lot of time together. He's probably taken her to a movie."

In the lounge room next door, Wayne hands Sarah a drink and sits down next to her on the couch. He then comments, "You intrigue me." Sarah smiles, "Good." Wayne adds, "You're also very young." Sarah points out, "But over 16." Wayne chuckles, "Sounds terrible!" Sarah retorts, "I don't know why you're being so cautious - there's no need to be. Seems to me you've got everything to gain and nothing to lose." Wayne grins, "You're a bold lassie, aren't you?! And what do you think Aunty Alison would have to say?" Sarah asks, "About what?" Wayne replies, "About us seeing each other; going out together." Sarah just asks, "Who's going to tell her?" A sly smile crosses Wayne's face. He then leans towards Sarah and whisper, "Tomorrow night. 7:30." Sarah nods, "I'll be here." Wayne adds, "You'll need a cover story." Sarah assures him, "I'll think of something. Don't worry." She then holds up her glass and smiles, "Sweet dreams!" Wayne takes it from her and she stands up and heads off. Wayne takes a sip from the glass and murmurs to himself, "I'm sure they will be..." When he's heard the front door close, he stands up and heads over to the bar. He takes out his hitlist and a pen and looks at Sarah's name. He smiles to himself...

Sarah arrives back at Charlie's and goes to head to her room. She passes the lounge room on the way and spots Alison sitting there, looking at some files. She comments in surprise, "You're home!" Alison replies, "Yes! You managed to cope without me?" Sarah smiles, "I think so!" She then asks, "Charlie in bed?" Alison tells her, "Probably - but not here. She wanted some more time by herself, so I left her in the mountains." Sarah murmurs, "Right." Alison then goes on, " Craig called in before, to say 'hello'. I said you were probably out with Andy." Sarah just mouths, "Oh." Alison asks, "Were you?" Sarah tells her, "No. I went over to visit a girlfriend - someone I went to school with in Melbourne. She moved up here about six months ago. It was good to see her again." Alison smiles, "Catching up on old times!" Sarah nods, "Yeah!". Alison then asks, "What about Saturday? Did you do anything exciting?" Sarah tells her, "I went to the races with Michael." Alison remarks, "Good for you!" She then adds with a frown, "I thought you didn't like him very much." Sarah shrugs, "He's alright. It was a good day. I had a very pleasant time; much better than I thought it was going to be, actually." Alison smiles, "Good! I'm glad to see you mixing with different people; enjoying life. After all, you are only 19; you don't want to tie yourself down." Sarah assures her, "I'm not. That's why I'm seeing Craig... Andy... Michael..." Alison chuckles, "I know - you're being very sensible." Sarah then announces, "It's late. I think I'll go to bed." Alison stands up and says, "I'm about to make some hot milk. Would you like to join me? Might help you to sleep." Sarah, however, muses, "I doubt I'll need anything to put me to sleep tonight. See you in the morning!"

Gordon and Beryl are sitting in the lounge room at Beryl's. Gordon is testing Beryl on her phonetic alphabet, saying, "C-D-K." Beryl replies, "Charlie-Delta-Kilo." Gordon then tests, "S-G-E." Beryl says, "Sierra-Golf... Echo." Gordon smiles, "Very good! You'll have your radio operator's licence before you know where you are!" Beryl muses, "I hope so - they won't let me fly solo until I do." Gordon comments nervously, "You're a long way from flying solo, I hope!" Beryl, however, retorts, "How do you know? Some students go after six or seven hours! Mind you, I think I'll be more like ten: mastering cross-wind landings isn't exactly easy!" Gordon just tells her, "Don't you do any solo work until you're absolutely ready." Beryl assures him, "I won't. Anyway, the instructors won't let any of the students go up by themselves until they're certain they can handle it." Gordon smiles, "Good! I worry about you, Beryl!" Beryl chuckles, "I'm not giving up; it's too important to me." Gordon nods, "I realise that." Beryl adds softly, "Being in prison and all the things that have happened since... my self-confidence has taken quite a bashing. I need a challenge... I need to win. I need to feel I'm getting on top of things again - even though the lessons are very expensive." Gordon insists, "It's OK - I'm quite prepared to pay for them." Beryl says sincerely, "Thankyou. It's a nice offer, but that's part of it: I have to do it on my own; I have to pay for them." Gordon asks, "How?" Beryl just smiles, "Oh, I've got something worked out..."

The next morning, Gordon walks into the lounge room, holding the newspaper. He heads into the kitchen, where Beryl is doing some ironing, and sits down at the table to have breakfast. Beryl asks, "Anything interesting in the paper?" Gordon just muses grimly, "The usual spate of murders and mayhem." He then looks around and remarks, "The place looks like a laundromat!" There are baskets of ironing everywhere. Beryl murmurs, "Yes, it does, doesn't it!" Gordon adds, "I don't remember us going through so many clothes!" Beryl tells him, "We didn't! It's amazing what an ad in the local paper can produce, isn't it?" Gordon looks at her in surprise and remarks, "Ah! The money for the flying lessons!" Beryl nods, "That's right!" Gordon smiles, "You're a glutton for punishment, that's all I can say!" Beryl shrugs, "A bit of washing and ironing never killed anybody." Gordon comments, "There must be a lot of people who disagree; you wouldn't have to face up to this lot if there weren't!" He then tells Beryl, "My offer of last night still stands." Beryl, however, says gently, "I know, but I want to pay my own way." She then piles some ironing in a basket and says, "I have to deliver these to Mrs. Jackson before she goes to work, so just pop the dishes in the sink and I'll do them when I get back from the airfield." Gordon queries in surprise, "You're flying again this morning?" Beryl nods, "Yes - I've got another lesson at nine o'clock. You can give me a lift if you like. I'll see you when I get back. Bye!" With that, she heads out, leaving Gordon looking slightly nonplussed!

Todd is providing instruction to a woman in the main room at the gym. Alison emerges from the changing rooms suddenly and Todd says quickly, "Alison, can we talk?" Alison goes to march out to the reception area, snapping, "No." Todd follows her and cries, "How's Charlie?" Alison turns to look at him and retorts, "As if you'd care." Michael walks in and Alison smiles, "Hello, Michael. Out to burn off the excess kilojoules?" Michael just says coolly, "Trying to." He then asks suspiciously, "Did you have anything to do with Todd being drugged?" Looking taken-aback, Alison exclaims, "I beg your pardon?" Michael retorts, "Don't give yourself time to think; a straight-out 'yes' will do." Alison tells him, "I haven't got the faintest idea what you're talking about." Michael explains frostily, "Todd didn't get drunk and take up with that girl like everyone thinks; it was set-up; someone drugged him." Alison asks, "How do you know?" Michael explains, "I ran some urine tests and there were some traces of the drug still present." Alison growls, "And you think I had something to do with it?" Michael tells her curtly, "The drug used was one I carry in my medical bag. You had access to it; it would've been dead easy for you to palm whatever you wanted." Alison glares at him and gasps, "How dare you suggest I'd do something like that?" Michael just retorts, "It's a question of knocking down the suspects, Alison. You had the motive: how many times did you try and split them up?" Alison insists, "I had nothing to do with Todd being drugged. Anyone could have ripped into your medical bag; in fact, the boarding house was full of kids at the time - one of them probably sold your precious drug and got some money on the side. All I know is it wasn't me - and I'd be careful about throwing accusations like that around, if I were you: you might find yourself in court." Michael insists, "It was a question, not an accusation." Alison, however, snaps, "It didn't sound like that to me; it sounded more like defamation." With that, she storms out. When she's gone, Todd asks Michael, "Do you think she's telling the truth?" Michael shrugs, "Possibly." Todd sighs, "If she didn't do it, who did?" Michael stands there, looking thoughtful.

A while later, Wayne is showing Todd and Michael into his lounge room, asking, "What can I do for you gentlemen?" Michael replies coolly, "We'd like to ask you a few questions." Wayne queries, "Oh yeah?" Michael goes on tersely, "Did you have anything to do with setting that woman up with Todd at the gym?" Wayne raises his eyebrows and remarks, "Talk about coming straight to the point!" Michael just retorts, "Did you?" Wayne looks at Todd and asks, "Why would I want to set you up? What reason would I have?" Todd suggests curtly, "To settle an old score with Charlie?" Wayne asks, "What score?" Michael reminds him, "When Gordon found you'd done the dirty on Charlie and ripped her off over the gym, that was it for you and your old man; you'd lost him for good. By wrecking Charlie and Todd's relationship you let her know how it feels to lose someone." Wayne doesn't respond. Todd stares at him and gasps, "Michael's right, isn't he?" Wayne insists, "No!" Todd, however, snaps, "Bull he isn't. From what I hear, that's right up your alley - and you're going to pay." With that, he lunges towards Wayne and wrestles him to the floor, where the two men start struggling with each other.

A few moments later, Michael pulls Wayne and Todd apart and helps them up. Wayne snarls at Todd, "You're lucky I don't call the cops." Todd retorts, "That might be a good idea. I might have something interesting to tell them." Michael interjects, "Come on, guys, just cool it, OK?" Looking at Todd, he adds, "Apart from anything else, we don't have any proof it was Wayne." Wayne snaps at Todd, "You should've thought about that before you started throwing accusations around." Turning to Michael, he adds angrily, "You took a hell of a lot on yourself. I thought you were supposed to be a friend." He then looks back to Todd and goes on, "I lost my wife. It hurts - believe me. Do you think I'd deliberately do that to someone else? There's no way I wanted to break up your relationship with Charlie. Wasn't I the one always giving you advice on how to make it work? I want Charlie to be happy; I want you both to be happy. I didn't set you up. You're accusing the wrong bloke." Michael murmurs, "I guess I have to believe you." Wayne nods through gritted teeth, "I'm glad we got that sorted out."

Craig is in Fiona's room at the mansion. Sarah has turned up there, and as Craig lets her in she comments, "I thought you were staying with Andy." Craig nods, "I am. Fiona's gone shopping, so I offered to watch the 'phone while I do my Tec lessons." He then asks, "Did Alison tell you I dropped in last night?" Sarah nods, "Yes. Sorry I wasn't home." Craig asks, "Out with Andy?" Sarah replies hesitantly, "No... I've met a new man." Craig smiles, "Good for you! Do you like him?" Sarah nods, "I do, so far. Don't ask me his name, because I don't want to tempt fate; however, I would like to ask a favour." She goes on, "Alison wouldn't approve of him. If she found out about it, she'd do her best to nip it in the bud. We're going out tonight and I need a cover." Craig comments, "Which is where I come in..." Sarah asks, "Would you mind?" Craig smiles, "Of course not! If anyone asks, we went to see a movie." He then adds quickly, "No, they might ask which one we saw. A rock concert; no one ever asks who's playing in a rock concert!" Sarah smiles, "Thanks."

Out in the hallway, the main front door opens and Michael comes in just as Sarah emerges from Fiona's room. Michael smiles at her, "What brings you to this neck of the woods?" Sarah tells him, "I just came across to see Craig." Michael remarks, "Lucky Craig!" He then asks, "Did you enjoy your day at the races?" Sarah nods, "Every minute of it!" Michael suggests, "Maybe we could go out together again?" Sarah smiles, "That'd be nice." Michael asks, "What about tonight?" Sarah, however, tells him, "Sorry - I'm going out with Craig, to a rock concert. It's just that he's bought the tickets and I couldn't very well say I'm not going when he's spent all that money." Michael insists, "I wouldn't expect you to - and in any case, you don't have to explain." Sarah says quickly, "I know - but I just did, that's all. Well, I'd better be going." Michael calls, "Enjoy the concert." Sarah nods, "I will. Bye." With that, she heads to the front door. She pauses and looks back at Michael as he heads for his room.

Todd is heading into the reception area at the gym when Craig catches up with him and says, "Todd! Is Andy about?" Todd nods, "He's taking an aerobics class; he should be through in about twenty minutes." Craig nods, "Good." He then adds, "Big night out, tonight: one of Andy's mates is getting hitched and we're going to the buck's party. All-night do, apparently; some bloke's backyard. Twenty pounds of prawns and an eighteen-gallon keg - and that's just to get the party started! I reckon there's going to be some sore heads in the morning!" Todd just murmurs flatly, "Right." Craig goes on, "Especially the groom's - poor bloke will probably need about three days to come round. Still, it should be fun: all the boys getting together--" Todd interrupts suddenly and snaps, "Do you mind, Craig? I don't particularly want to hear about any impending marriages, buck's turns, bachelor days or anything else connected with anyone getting married, OK?" Craig murmurs sheepishly, "Sorry, mate. I'll shut up and sit quietly in the corner." Todd, however, sighs, "No, mate. Look, I'm sorry - it's my fault, over-reacting as usual. I'm just not myself at the moment. Sorry." Craig nods, "Of course. It's understandable. Bit of bad luck." Todd, however, mutters, "Believe me, Craig, luck had nothing to do with it..."

Beryl arrives back home, holding the mail. She sits down on the couch and opens an envelope. There are a couple of sheets of paper inside, both with child's drawings on them. One shows a boat and the other a green person with a red face! Beryl stares at them, fondly.

Sometime later, Beryl is sitting with Caroline at a table in a park. She puts the drawings on the table and comments warmly, "They're lovely, aren't they?" Caroline replies, "He's a real artist, isn't he, your Robert?" Beryl smiles, "If he is, he doesn't get it from us: David and I couldn't draw to save ourselves!" She then sighs, "Oh, I miss him. I can't wait for him to get back with mum and dad from that south-Pacific cruise." She stands up and heads over to a nearby bush, where she starts fiddling with some of the leaves. Caroline walks over and joins her. She hesitates before saying, "I'm scared, Beryl." Beryl replies sympathetically, "I know you are, love." The two of them start walking as Caroline continues, "About having the baby and about having it on my own. I'm not young anymore and there are always risks when a woman my age has a child - for me and the child. You went through the same thing yourself, didn't you?" Beryl nods at her. Caroline asks, "Were you scared?" Beryl replies, "Just like you are - but I have Robert, and I wouldn't give him away for the world; and when your baby comes along, you're going to feel exactly the same." Caroline muses, "I wonder. A child needs a father. You had David; you weren't married to him, but he was there all the time. I'll have no one." Beryl tells her, "I wouldn't give up on Doug yet; he'll be back. You and he are right for each other; you always have been." Caroline murmurs, "I know what you're saying, Beryl, but I just don't know if I can believe it." Beryl insists, "Believe it. It will happen. Write today. Tell him what's happened. Tell him exactly how you feel. Tell him you want him back." Caroline hesitates before saying, "I don't know if I can." Beryl tells her, "All you have to do is pocket your pride and be honest. It's as simple as that. Write to him..." Caroline smiles, "Alright. I'll write to him. I just hope it works." Beryl assures her, "It will."

Back at home, Caroline is sitting outside, writing the letter:

'I know how I've acted at times, and it hasn't been very pretty - carrying-on like an old fishwife; I'm sorry. I want you back, Doug, because I love you - and I know you love me. Trouble is, I haven't been very loveable lately, have I? That will change - I promise. It'll have to, won't it, especially with a baby on the way! The poor child deserves more than a screaming harpie for a mother! What would you like: a boy or a girl? It doesn't really matter, does it? I'm missing you, Doug, and I need you. Whatever I've done wrong, please forgive me. And come home soon - I'll be waiting. Your loving wife, Caroline.'

Caroline then folds up the letter and places it into an envelope.

It's evening-time. Sarah is showing off a short blue dress to Alison in the lounge room at Charlie's. She spins around and asks, "What do you think of this one?" Alison replies, "It's very nice." She then adds, "Don't think it's a bit too much for a rock concert?" Sarah tells her quickly, "No! You can wear anything to rock concerts these days; no one takes any notice." Alison comments, "I hope Craig does." Sarah, however, insists, "There's nothing serious between Craig and me." Alison tells her, "I know - but it's nice to impress the man you're with. It gives you a sense of power!" Sarah smiles, "Tonight I will try to impress the man I'm with..." Alison smiles back, "Good for you! You listen to your aunt!" With that, Sarah heads out to the hallway, looking pleased with herself.

A short time later, Sarah is sitting with Wayne on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. He pours two glasses of champagne and murmurs, "A small drop of bubbly to get the evening off to a good start." He hands Sarah a glass and she proposes, "To a wonderful, exciting, exhilarating evening." Wayne smiles, "You've won me!" Sarah beams, "I'm working on it." Wayne then tells her, "You look very lovely. I'm impressed." He sips his champagne as a grin crosses Sarah's face. He asks, "What are you smiling at?" Sarah replies, "Nothing! Something Alison said." Wayne asks warily, "She doesn't know we're going out?" Sarah tells him, "She thinks I'm at a rock concert with Craig." Wayne nods, "Good." Sarah then asks, "Where are we going?" Wayne declares, "To the best restaurant in town - then on to one of the top nightspots. I'll just get my keys - I think I left them in the kitchen." He stands up and goes to head out there - just as the 'phone starts ringing. He says to Sarah, "Could you get that for me, please?" Sarah stands up and walks over to the 'phone on the bar. She picks it up and says, "The Hamilton residence... Yes he is. Who's calling?" She listens and then echoes, "Sharon. You're a friend of his, are you?" She listens again. As Wayne emerges from the kitchen, she says coolly, "I see. Well, Sharon, he's only got one girlfriend now, and we're about to go out. Bye!" With that, she hangs up. Wayne looks at her. Sarah turns to him and asks, "No objections?" Wayne just shrugs, "Who am I to object?!" He then takes Sarah's arm and they head out.

Gordon and Beryl are sitting at the dining table at Beryl's. Gordon asks, "Will she write to him?" Beryl replies, "She said she would." Gordon suggests, "Maybe we should ring Doug ourselves?" Beryl, however, tells him, "No, no, if he comes back because he thinks Caroline's asked him to, then it'll be good, but if he comes back because she thinks that we've asked him to, then she'll probably tell him to get lost again." Gordon asks, "Is she that insecure?" Beryl replies, "Unfortunately, yes. I still think he'll come back; at least, I hope he will." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Beryl gets up to answer it. She says, "Beryl Hamilton." Caroline comes on, sitting in the lounge room at her house. She says in a terse voice, "Hi, it's Caroline here. I want to thank you for your advice this afternoon. I wrote your letter. I even went so far as to go down the road to post it." Beryl asks, "Why didn't you?" Caroline retorts, "There was another one waiting for me, wasn't there. A card in my private box, saying a registered letter was waiting for me. It was from Doug's attorney in the States: confirmation of his first letter. He won't be making any property claims, but the marriage is over. Legal proceedings are about to begin." Beryl says sympathetically, "Caroline, I'm so sorry." She listens and then nods, "Yes, I know you are. I'll come over straight away... I will, I don't care what you say. You shouldn't be by yourself right now. I'll be there shortly. Bye." She hangs up. Gordon looks at her and asks, "Late night coming up?" Beryl sighs, "Yes. It could well be. Expect me when you see me." With that, she gives him a kiss on the top of his head and goes.

A short time later, Caroline is snapping at Beryl, "You had no right to do this to me, Beryl." Looking surprised, Beryl exclaims, "What did I do?" Caroline retorts, "Build up my hopes; telling me to write letters. 'He'll be back. You and Doug are suited to each other'. Oh my God, I wish I'd never met the man." Beryl tells her, "You don't mean that." Caroline, however, growls, "Like hell I don't." Beryl insists, "Think of all the good times you've had with Doug; don't they mean anything?" Caroline retorts, "Once, maybe, but not anymore. I don't want to have anything to do with the man and I certainly don't want to have anything to do with this child." Beryl tells her, "I can understand how you feel about Doug, but--" Caroline interrupts and says tersely, "I'm serious, Beryl: I don't want the child. I'm getting an abortion."


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