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Character Actor
T.V. Commentator Paul Johnstone
T.V. Presenter VO Steve Swayne
Tanker Driver Benjamin Franklin
Adam Tate Adam Briscomb
Eric Tate Paul Mason
Sally Tate Ruth Hessey
Taxi Driver Carol Bianchino
Taxi Driver Anthony Cooke
Taxi Driver Tony Helou
Taxi Driver Peter Johnson
Taxi Driver David Kerslake
Taxi Driver David Riley
Taxi Manager Maxwell Donithorne-Sims
Taxi Manager Elwyn Edwards
Detective Taylor Simon Gratton
Jill Taylor/O'Donnel Kim Lewis
Mandy Taylor Suzanne Richards
Teenage Kid Adam Gibson
Teenage Worker Sam Jordan
Tenant Anne Phelan
Tenant Amanda Webb
Tenant No. 1 Dragon Gasic
Thelma May Howlett
Father Thomas Don Reid
Fiona Thompson Pat McDonald
Scott Thompson David Nettheim
Mr. Thurgood Kjell Nilsson
Tina Helen Flaherty
Tipsy Woman Mary Cook
Bill Todd Andrew McKaige
Nora Todd Lola Brooks
Susan Todd/Palmer/Hamilton Oriana Panozzo
Jason Tolley Anton Constantine
Tow Truck Driver's Offsider Wal Wayne
Detective Tower Steven Hutchinson
Const. Travis Guy Malcolm
Eloise Treece Lousie Cullen
Trixie Amber Jane Sterling
Troy John Miller
Truckie Ron Brewster
Truckie Bruce Venables
Colin Turner Nicholas Ryan
Denise Turner Tushka Hose
Jenny Turner/Morrell Joanne Lockwood


Character Actor
Uniformed Policeman Scott Phillips


Character Actor
Valda Kim Trayhurn
Doctor Vaughan Peter Pitcher
Vicar Michael Sommerville


Character Actor
Colonel Wainwright Barry Donnelly
Waiter Mark Morrissey
Waiter John Peters
Waiter No. 1 John Matheson
Waiter No. 2 Mark Symington
Waitress Anni Finsterer
Waitress Julie Wilder
Mr. Walker Peter Ferrari
Detective Wallace Frank Serafin
Eddie Wallace Alan Tobin
Wally Derin Seale
Dan Walsh Peter McGlore
Leo Walsh Bob Baines
May Walters Georgie Sterling
Coral Ward Bawn Blay
Warder Paul Gillett
Warder Deborah Piper
Warder (Dave) Simon Gratton
Wardress/Warder Trish Donoghue
Leanne Watson Melissa Bickerton
Wayne (as a child) Keiran Tanner
Wayne's Doctor Alan Beecher
Wayne's Man Mark Slocum
Wayne's Nurse 1 Colleen Cook
Wayne's Nurse 2 Christine James
Wayne's Nurse 3 Suzanne Dudley
Wayne's Nurse 4 Lynette Haddrick
Wayne's Specialist Don Pascoe
Wayne's Therapist Janet Foye
Arthur Webb Willie Fennel
Julie Webb Julie Nihill
Brian Webster Don Spencer
Dan Weller Paul Gittens
Detective West Clive Smither
Dennis White Matthew Crosby
Detective White Duncan Wass
Harry White Harold Jones
Michelle White Lisa Hensley
Mr. Whitelaw Colin Croft
Det. Sgt. Wilkes John Paramor
Alec Wilkins Jack Weiner
Bert Wilkins Ben Gabriel
Ruth Wilkins Faye Anderson
Tommy Wilkins Shane Wilkinson
Snr. Detective Willows Alton Harvey
Constable Wilson David Algie
Joe Wilson Gary Robertson
Michael Wilson Len Collen
Woman Gillian Axtell
Woman Adele Dreifuss
Woman Patricia Forbes
Woman Mary Haire
Woman Jean Karchma
Woman 1 Denise Roberts
Woman 2 Patricia Wellington
Woman Bus Passenger Leila Forde
Woman Customer Elena Ina
Woman in Gym Christine Hill
Mr. Wood Kevin Howard
Detective Woodcock Mark Fairall
Bill Woods Ray Marshall
Worker Luke Bracken
Worker Mark Harvey
Worker Sam Jordan
Workman Brian Hammond
Workman Robert Hensley
Workman Greg Hopping
Workman Des Mangan
Workman Trevor Prior


Character Actor
Yacht Purchaser Alister Barnes
Bernie Young Vic Rooney
Glen Young Mark Conroy
Marge Young Margaret Cruickshank
Young Boxer Grant Galea
Young Boy Michael Cudlin
Young David Rhett Walton
Young Guy Russell Mann
Young Lady Kathy Hollo
Young Patricia Jackie Woodburne


Character Actor
Zeppo Bert Bianchi


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