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Isabella with John and Charlie

Charlie's beloved dog, Isabella (pictured above, with John Palmer and Charlie), is killed by Judge, a criminal who Brett Keegan comes into contact with in late-1985. Isabella has the run of David's country house in Sunbury, but when Judge breaks in to get at Brett, she gets in the way, so he gets rid of her. (Episode 670, 1985)

Colonel Bainbridge

Colonel Bainbridge

Colonel Gerrard Bainbridge suffers a breakdown following the publication by Fiona of Barney Adams' diaries, in which Barney reveals how the Colonel was the leader of a gang of army soldiers who killed a group of peasants in Vietnam without any provocation. The Colonel is unable to live down the shame, and he blames Fiona for the psychological problems he suffers as a result of her having the diaries published. While on short-term release from the home where he's being treated, he escapes from the care of his son, Chris, and goes and digs up a gun that he's kept buried in the garden of the former Bainbridge home. He then heads to Fiona and Irene's boarding house and holds Fiona at gunpoint. Chris manages to intervene, though, and, in complete despair, the Colonel turns the gun on himself. (Episode 682, 1985)

Mike O'Brien

Mike O'Brien

After the O'Briens leave Melbourne and moves up to Brisbane, Mike sets up a small building company. However, while unwell following a bout of the 'flu, he loses his balance at work and is taken to hospital. Tests reveal a clot on his brain, and the doctors announce that it's inoperable. Mike dies towards the end of 1985. (Episode 684, 1985)

Mrs. Burns

Eve Burns with Fiona

Eve Burns (pictured above left, with Fiona) is due to have open-heart surgery, but is concerned about the welfare of her blind daughter, Kelly, while she's in hospital. Irene Fisher persuades Fiona to let Kelly stay with her while Mrs. Burns has the operation and recovers. Sadly, though, Mrs. Burns dies during surgery. (Episode 692, 1985)

Leigh Palmer

Leigh Palmer after being hit by a truck

Leigh Palmer is on trial for kidnapping Beryl and David's baby son, Robert, when she commits suicide by escaping from the police officers escorting her out of the courthouse and running towards a truck that's heading down the road. The truck hits her full-on and she dies shortly afterwards. She takes this desperate course of action after realising she faces up to ten years in jail. She had tried to persuade her boyfriend, Adam Tate, not to wait for her, but he'd insisted that he would, much to her despair; and she had worried about the fact that her own baby son, Shane, would grow up with a mother who was in prison. It all became too much for the twenty-year-old. (Episode 699, 1986)

Amanda Morrell

Amanda Morrell

Amanda Morrell is kidnapped by Bill Ashley after she overhears him plotting to defraud the residents of Woombai over the building of an abattoir. Both Amanda and Bill Ashley disappear - but several months later, Samantha Morrell spots Ashley working at the side of a road. She and Caroline pay him to reveal what happened to Amanda - and he tells them, to their horror, that she's become a drug addict and prostitute. Caroline tries to trace her, visiting a brothel and a house occupied by junkies, but all her hopes come to nothing: she's heartbroken when she learns that Amanda had died a few weeks earlier. She subsequently identifies her daughter's body in a grim Melbourne morgue. (Episode 706, 1986)

James Hamilton

James Hamilton

After James Hamilton proposes to Alison Carr - and she accepts - he returns to Quilpie to sort out his business interests. A few weeks later, a stunned Alison learns that he's been killed in an accident, having gone bush one day. Upon travelling to Quilpie to attend his funeral, she's furious to learn that he actually died after falling from a ferris wheel while trying to impress another woman. (Episode 729, 1986)

Micky Pratt

Micky Pratt after being knocked down by a car and left for dead

Micky Pratt and Ned Parker hold Janice Reid, May Walters and Neville Curtis hostage at the mansion following Ned's escape from jail. Micky's partner, Les, had also attempted to escape but was killed in the process. On the day of his funeral, Micky hails a cab to take some flowers to the cemetery. As she crosses the road, following the cab's departure, she's upset and tearful and doesn't notice a car heading straight towards her. The driver stops, but on seeing Micky lying at the side of the road, not moving, he speeds off. Micky is later pronounced dead. (Episode 758, 1986)

Bill Todd

Bill Todd

Bill Todd, in prison for the murder of Sam Selmar, is stabbed by a home-made weapon during a fight with other prisoners. He dies from his injuries. (Episode 783, 1986)

Ruby Hawkins

Ruby Hawkins looking at her killer

Ruby Hawkins is Craig Maxwell's mother. She gave Craig up when he was born because she didn't want him, and he was put into foster care, going to live with a woman called Maisie. When she died, Craig went to stay with Maisie's sister, Jean Hopkins, and her husband, Colin. It takes Craig a while before he learns that Ruby is his real mother, and he's only just started getting to know her when he discovers her dead body in a park. He immediately finds himself in the frame for murder - but it's actually Colin Hopkins who killed Ruby, to stop her extorting money from him. (Episode 836, 1986)

Mrs. Boyle

Mrs. Boyle

Mrs. Boyle runs the Bowden Nursing Home in Melbourne that Wayne buys from a bad-debt list. When he wants to convince everyone that Caroline is insane, he arranges for her to be kidnapped and taken here. Caroline refuses to give in to the harsh treatment meted out to her by Mrs. Boyle and her nurses, and when Craig - who lands himself a job as a gardener here - starts to sniff around her room, Mrs. Boyle decides on a tough course of action: making it look as though Caroline has committed suicide. She and a nurse drive Caroline to an abandoned factory, where she tries to force Caroline off the roof. Caroline manages to overpower her, however, and it's Mrs. Boyle who falls to her death. (Episode 862, 1986)

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones lying dead on the lounge room floor at the country house

Kevin Jones is a real patient at the Bowden Nursing Home. His mental problems lead him to believe he's a doctor - and Mrs. Boyle doesn't discourage him from these delusions. Caroline believes him initially when he tells her that he'll be able to help her escape - but it soon becomes clear that he's more interested in her than in getting her out of the home. Caroline stores up tranquiliser pills she's given by Mrs. Boyle and tricks Kevin into taking them while he's in her room. Once he's passed out, she attempts to escape - but is captured by Mrs. Boyle and taken to the factory (see entry above). Kevin is left unconscious in Caroline's room, where he's discovered by Doug and Craig. They take him to the country house, but after they leave him alone he takes an overdose of pills for headaches he's been suffering and is found by Debbie Halliday lying dead on the lounge room floor. (Episode 862, 1986)

Ginny Doyle

Ginny Doyle lying dead following a car accident

Wayne gets horrendously drunk after losing in quick succession his money, Tick and his father (Gordon announced that he was moving to Melbourne, following his engagement to Beryl). Alison makes things even worse for Wayne by taunting him about the fact that he has to go to an escort agency to find a woman to accompany him to a party being held at Charlie's gym. Feeling utterly humiliated, Wayne jumps into his car and races off while heavily under the influence. Fiona asks Glen to go after him, and Ginny Doyle goes along as well. A high-speed car chase ensues, but it ends in tragedy when Glen rounds a corner to find Wayne's car stopped in the road in front of him. Glen swerves to avoid hitting it, and his car rolls down a bank. The car is an open-topped model, and Ginny is thrown out and killed instantly. (Episode 887, 1987)


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