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Glen Young

Glen Young lying dead in hospital

Glen Young survives the crash that kills Ginny Doyle and is taken to hospital, where it's diagnosed that he's suffered brain damage and will have a decreased quality of life if he survives. Sadly, he dies a few hours later. (Episode 887, 1987)

Frank Porter

Frank Porter

Frank Porter is a mentally-unstable guy who lives in the flat next door to the one rented by Craig and Debbie when they move in together. Frank becomes convinced that Debbie is his daughter, Amy, who had been taken away from him by the authorities when she was young. He begins by menacing Debbie on the telephone, and then, when she inadvertently discovers that he's her stalker, he kidnaps her and ties her up in his flat. When Craig, Doug and Andy work out where Debbie is, and call the police, Frank becomes increasingly desperate. He pulls a gun on Debbie - but then finds himself unable to kill her and turns the gun on himself instead. (Episode 891, 1987)

Susan Palmer

Susan Palmer laying dead on the floor at Dural

Susan Palmer fakes suicide to escape from the cruelty that her husband, Wayne, has put her through. She starts a new life on the other side of Australia, but returns to Sydney following a desperate call from Alison, who needs her help to get back at Wayne. Susan agrees to drive past a park where Alison is waiting for her with Wayne, to give Wayne a glimpse of her and show him that she's still alive and getting on with her life without him. Following this, Susan is set to leave Sydney again - but she decides to pay a discreet visit to Charlie's - where Charlie is marrying Todd Buckley - to see if she can see her mother, Beryl. Unfortunately, she's spotted by Wayne, creeping through some trees, and he catches her and drags her across to Dural, where he vows menacingly that she's never going to leave him again. Sometime later, Wayne is standing over Susan's dead body, sobbing that he didn't mean it. It is assumed that he strangled her. (Episode 972, 1987)


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