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Victoria Court, Melbourne

Victoria Court

The apartment block into which Jill Taylor moves after getting together with John Palmer and deciding to live in Melbourne. Jill moves out again after John joins the airforce and she realises she can't marry him.

Residents seen on-screen: Jill Taylor, Paul Sheppard, Margaret Dunne

Healy House, Melbourne (29 Grosvenor Drive, Doncaster)

The Healy House

The house owned by Martin Healy.

Residents seen on-screen: Martin Healy, Peter Healy, Jennifer Healy

Keegan House/'The Terrace'

Rob and Angela's House/The Terrace Coffee Shop

When Rob and Angela have to move out of Susan's because she puts the house on the market, they find this large house in the South Yarra area of Melbourne, which they turn into a coffee shop they name 'The Terrace'.

Residents seen on-screen: Rob Keegan, Angela Keegan, Lynn Palmer, Phillipe Souchon, Kevin Palmer

Church, Melbourne

A Church in Melbourne

It's at this church that Martin Healy's funeral takes place after he commits suicide.

Matt Kennedy's Psychiatric Practice (175 Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000)

Matt Kennedy's Psychiatric Practice

The apartment block where Matt Kennedy sets up his psychiatric practice.

Morrell Apartment, Sydney

The Morrell Apartment in Sydney I The Morrell Apartment in Sydney II

Stephen Morrell owns an apartment in this block in Sydney. After they marry, he and Patricia decide to split their time between this place and the Toorak mansion in Melbourne.

Residents seen on-screen: Stephen Morrell, Patricia Morrell, Wayne Hamilton, Jill O'Donnel, Brian O'Donnel, Robin Elliott, Amanda Morrell, Lynn Palmer, Andy Green, Caroline Morrell, Samantha Morrell

Following Amanda's disappearance in 1985, Caroline decides that the place holds too many bad memories and she puts it on the market.

(Two different apartment blocks were used for scene-setting shots, hence the two pictures above: the first version was used in 1983 and for most of 1984 and the second version was used from late-1984 and in 1985.)

Hansen Property

The Hansen Property

The ramshackle place near Woombai where Warren and Enid Hansen live and where they raised their adopted son, Terry.

Woombai Hospital

Woombai Hospital

The hospital at Woombai where Terry Hansen is treated initially when his eyes are damaged by explosives. This is also where David and Joe Parker are taken after the shootout at the Woombai homestead.

Green House

The Green House

Residents seen on-screen: Helen Green, Andy Green

Sydney Court House

The Court House in Sydney

The court house in Sydney where Alice Parker is tried for the murder of her husband, Joe.

O'Brien House, Melbourne

The O'Brien House

When Mike O'Brien and his wife, Heather, decide to relocate from Perth to Melbourne they buy this house next door to the Palmers.

Residents seen on-screen: Mike O'Brien, Heather O'Brien, Katie O'Brien, Jeff O'Brien, Jim O'Brien

Margaret Dunne's Apartment, Melbourne

Margaret Dunne's Apartment

After nursing David Palmer at Woombai, following his shooting by Joe Parker, Margaret Dunne decides to return to Melbourne and use some of the money she inherited from Dee Morrell to buy an apartment in this block. Patricia sells the place following Margaret's death.

Residents seen on-screen: Margaret Dunne, David Palmer, Patricia Morrell

Carlyle Apartment, Melbourne

Roger Carlyle's Apartment in Melbourne

Roger Carlyle owns an apartment in this block in Melbourne. He decides to stay here while trying to persuade his son, Luke, to return to Perth to continue his law studies.


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