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Noosa International Hotel, Noosa

The Noosa International Hotel

Wayne and Susan Hamilton go on honeymoon to the Noosa International Hotel. While they're away, Wayne begins a campaign of revenge against David for trying to stop the wedding; this begins by him arranging for Craig Maxwell and Debbie Halliday to 'win' a holiday at the same hotel.

Young Cabin

Glen's Parents' Cabin

When Alison receives death threats - which she thinks are sent by Wayne - Glen takes her to hide in this cabin, which belongs to his parents. Caroline subsequently turns out to have been the perpetrator of the threats, and when Glen finds her here - having fallen into a trap created by Alison - he encourages her to stay for a while to sort herself out. Glen returns here with Susan after Caroline goes missing on her way to the mental hospital Wayne has arranged for her to be admitted to; he thinks she might have made her way back here.

Gym, Sydney

'Bumps & Grinds' Gym

When Wayne finds this gym on a bad-debts list he purchased, he makes the owner an offer and takes it over himself. He then tricks Charlie into signing a contract that will leave her liable for the place's debts while he rakes in the money through the use of fake invoices. Glen and Janice are both employed here. When the extent of Wayne's deception becomes clear, Glen steps in to buy the place, using money from trust accounts set up for him by his father. After Glen dies, Wayne buys the gym again, having seen that the place is now a success. He sells it on to Todd Buckley as a wedding present for his marriage to Charlie.

Bowden Nursing Home, Melbourne

Bowden Nursing Home

When Wayne decides to trick everyone into believing Caroline is loopy - to stop her interfering in his plan to rip Charlie off over the gym - he manages to convince Gordon into signing the appropriate papers to have her sectioned. He then stages events to make it look as though she's escaped from her nurses - when, in reality, he's organised for her to be kidnapped and held at this nursing home that he's purchased from the bad-debts list. She's rescued by Doug Fletcher and Craig Maxwell.

Fletcher House, Melbourne

The house bought by Doug for Caroline

After everything she's been through, Doug Fletcher wants to prove to Caroline how much he loves her - and one way in which he does this is to buy her this house in Melbourne.

Residents seen on-screen: Caroline Fletcher (formerly Morrell), Doug Fletcher, Craig Maxwell, Debbie Halliday

Park Ridge Hospital, Sydney

Park Ridge Hospital

Michael Benson is employed as a doctor here - Park Ridge hospital. This is where Tick McCarthy is treated after falling on a knife while he, Wayne, Glen and Ginny are stranded on an island.

Church, Sydney

The church where the memorial service for Susan Hamilton took place

Susan Hamilton fakes suicide at the end of 1986. While she hides-out at Beryl's house in Melbourne, a memorial service is held for her at this church in Sydney.

Block of Flats, Melbourne

The block of flats where Craig and Debbie lived

After Craig persuades Debbie to move into a flat with him, they find a place in this block in Melbourne. Also living here is neighbour Frank Porter, who ends up terrorising and kidnapping Debbie after mental illness causes him to believe she's the daughter his wife had taken away from him. He kills himself after the police turn up to rescue Debbie. Debbie and Craig move out as Debbie is unable to cope with living here anymore.

Bendala Detention Centre, Sydney

Bendala Detention Centre

When Beryl is arrested for the attempted murder of Wayne, she's held at the Bendala Detention Centre in Sydney. It's here that she meets Pamela Hudson, Alison/Patricia's identical twin sister, who's just coming to the end of a ten-year sentence for embezzlement.

Court House, Sydney

Courthouse in Sydney

It's at this courthouse in Sydney that Beryl is tried for attempting to murder Wayne and at which she confesses shockingly - after she realises that Susan was really behind the attack and she wants to protect her - that she did attempt to kill him.

Offices of Sanders Air Charter, outside Melbourne

Office of Sanders Air Charter

Bill Sanders bases his air charter operation in an office in this building at an airfield near Melbourne. Debbie Halliday works here for him and when Bill decided to expand, Doug, Gordon and Alison all pitch in expertise or funding.

Hudson House

House owned by Barry and Phyllis Hudson

Greg and Sarah Hudson grew up in this house with their father, Barry - whose first marriage was to the twins' mother, Pamela - and their stepmother, Phyllis. Both move out when Alison invites them to stay with her in Sydney and offers to help them track down their real mother.

Motel, Sydney

The motel Alison stayed in

Alison Carr is forced to stay in a room in this dingy motel after being thrown out of Charlie's house by Charlie; Wayne tricks Charlie into believing that Alison set up Charlie's fiancé, Todd Buckley, with another woman in order to break him and Charlie up. Greg Hudson stays in the same room temporarily until he learns from Charlie and Wayne that Alison had lied to him about his mother, Pamela. Alison is rescued from life here by David Palmer, who reads in a newspaper that she's been declared bankrupt and comes to help her.


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